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  1. Islamic Legal Rules of Fasting
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Islamic Legal Rules of Fasting

That is for him whoso folk are not present at the Inviolable Place of Worship '. Observe your duty to Allah, and know that Allah is severe in punishment. Kill no wild game while ye are on the pilgrimage. Allah forgiveth whatever of this kind may have happened in the past, but whoso relapseth, Allah will take retribution from him.

Allah is Mighty, Able to Requite the wrong. Such of you as put away your wives by saying they are as their mothers They are not their mothers; none are their mothers except those who gave them birth--they indeed utter an ill word and a lie. And lo!

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Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Unto this ye are exhorted; and Allah is informed of what ye do. And he who findeth not the wherewithal , let him fast for two successive months before they touch one another; and for him who is unable to do so the penance is the feeding of sixty needy ones. Such are the limits imposed by Allah ; and for disbelievers is a painful doom. Muslims are prohibited from eating or drinking from dawn fajr to dusk maghrib. It is considered time to begin fasting when a person standing outside can tell a white thread from a black thread, i.

It is essential to have the intention the night before, night by night, in Ramadaan. Throughout the duration of the fast itself, Muslims will abstain from certain provisions that the Quran has otherwise allowed; namely eating, drinking and sexual intercourse. Without observing this standard obligation, sawm is rendered useless and is seen simply as an act of starvation.

The fasting should be a motive to be more benevolent to the fellow-creatures. Charity to the poor and needy in this month is one of the most rewardable worships. If one is sick, nursing or travelling, one is considered exempt from fasting. Any fasts broken or missed due to sickness, nursing or travelling must be made up whenever the person is able before the next month of Ramadan.

According to the Quran , for all other cases, not fasting is only permitted when the act is potentially dangerous to one's health - for example, those who are sick, elderly, or on a journey, and women who are menstruating, pregnant, or nursing are permitted to break the fast, but this must be made up by paying a fidyah which is essentially the iftaar and suhur for a fasting person who requires such financial help.

Muslim scholars have stated that observing the fast is forbidden for menstruating women. However, when a woman's period has ceased, she must bathe and continue fasting.

Any fasts broken or missed due to menstruation must be made up whenever she can before the next month of Ramadan. Women must fast at times when not menstruating, as the Quran indicates that all religious duties are ordained for both men and women. The reason for this is because the Quran refers to menstruation as "Say: It is a discomfort Menstruation " According to Nouman Ali Khan an Islamic speaker in the United States the reason for this prohibition is because of the pain associated with it.

A Muslim woman may still do dhikr remembrance of Allah and make dua supplication to Allah during this time. Fasting is obligatory for a person if they fulfill five conditions: [1]. During Ramadan, if one unintentionally breaks the fast by eating or drinking then they must continue for the rest of the day and the fast remains valid. For those who intentionally break the fast by eating or drinking they have to make up for that by fasting another day. For breaking fast by having sexual intercourse, the consequences are:. During voluntary fasts, if one unintentionally breaks the fast then they may continue for the rest of the day and the fast remains valid.

If one intentionally breaks the fast there is no sin on them because it is only voluntary. If an oath is given and circumstances dictate that it must be broken or if the one giving the oath deliberately breaks it , one must offer expiation kaffara by freeing a slave, or feeding or clothing ten needy people with the average of what is needed for one's own family, or if neither of those can be done then a fast for three days is prescribed instead.

In accordance with traditions handed down from Muhammad , Muslims eat a pre-dawn meal called suhur.

Information About the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan

All eating and drinking must be finished before the adhan for fajr , the pre-dawn call to prayer. These range from when the center of the sun is 12 to 21 degrees below the horizon [10] which equates to about 40 to 60 minutes before civil dawn. There are no restrictions on the morning meal other than those of Islamic dietary laws. After completing the suhur, Muslims recite the fajr prayer. No food or beverage can be taken after suhur.

Praying For Muslims during Ramadan - SAWM (Fasting)

Water can enter the mouth, but not be swallowed, during wudu. The meal eaten to end the fast is known as iftar. Muslims break the fast with dates and water before maghrib prayer, after which they might eat a more wholesome meal. Fasting is one of the alternatives proved to reduce the DPP-4 level and activate the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors and so, prevent osteoporosis. On the other hand, the circadian rhythm has a direct relationship with osteoporosis.

This has been found by the biochemical markers , indicating that fasting at certain hours of the day, especially during those hours of the day which are recommended as part of the Muslim tradition Islamic fasting , is very effective in reducing the effects of osteoporosis. If we do not abstain from bad words while fasting as well as sins and bad inward statements, then our fasting has not achieved one of its most important purposes.

Whoever does not give up false speech and evil deeds while fasting, then Allah is not in need of his leaving food and drink.

Sawm (Fasting)

Fasting is not merely from food and drink. Rather, it is from lies, falsehood, vain talk, and swearing. Fasting generates will power within the heart that can be transferred to other situations in which we need to overcome temptation. If one of you is invited to a meal while he is fasting, then let him say: Indeed, I am fasting.

If we can turn down a delicious meal and refreshing drink when we are hungry and thirsty, then we can strengthen our will power to overcome other desires as well. For this reason, the Prophet told young men who could not get married to fast in order to control their natural urges. O young men, if you are able to support a wife, then get married.

Verily, it restrains the eyes and protects the private parts. Fasting should also be a means of developing control over our anger. True strength is in the ability of a person to control his or her mind and behavior while they are being provoked to anger. The strong are not the best wrestlers. Verily, the strong are only those who control themselves when they are angry. Moreover, fasting is a means for compassion for the poor and gratitude for the favors of Allah.

When we feel the the pain of hunger, we have to remember that many people in the world go hungry without choosing to do so. We should empathize with their pain and act within our capabilities to help them.

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Reflecting on the situation of those in need will also generate gratitude and contentment for the blessings in our lives. Look to those lower than you and do not look to those above you, lest you view the favors of Allah as trivial. Verily, Allah has people he redeems at the time of breaking fast, and that is during every night.

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  4. Being baligh is not a condition of validity of fast; if a child keeps fast, it would be all right. But fast is not obligatory on a 'minor' ghayr-baligh. The following persons are exempted from fasting: 1. Old men and women, when owing to their old age and weakness a it is not possible for them to keep fast, or b it is very difficult to fast. A person who has got a disease in which he remains ever thirsty and a it is not possible, or b is very difficult, for him to keep fast.

    The expectant mother who is afraid a about her own health or b the health of the unborn child. The woman who breast-feeds a child her own or another woman's and is afraid that the fast a would endanger her health or b the health of the child. All these 5 types of persons are exempted from fasting on the following conditions:- 1.

    In cases of a they are not required to pay any Kaffarah ; but it is highly recommended. Pregnant woman, or the nursing mother will have to fast in qadha after delivery or after weaning the child, as the case may be.