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I learned a couple of things from this experience. I remember the disappointment I felt when my agent came back with an offer from the publisher that was not very different from the offer for the first contract. I assumed that I had paid my dues with that first contract, and now as a published author, I would be compensated accordingly. Not so. Quite a few make less and many make more.

I know some of you are crying about now because you had dreams of getting rich, quitting your day job and buying a new house from the advance for selling your first book. I started out writing romance, genre fiction, where big, fat advances are not very common. As I recommended in an earlier post, you really need to sell well with the first book because that book determines the floor and in many ways, the ceiling for subsequent advances.

Not impossible, but highly unlikely. But there is the reality of publishing. Good agents know the price that a book should bring and they fight for that price. Typically, an advance is based on the expected first year sales of the book. Some publishers, like Harlequin , tend to pay a standard advance rate but their first year earnings typically exceed that amount. With this book, I learned some tough, but valuable, publishing lessons. I got the idea from my cousin who had recently lost her job.

For All Time tells the story of a young middle-class couple whose marriage is challenged when the husband loses his job at the same time that the wife gets a promotion on hers. I had a lot of fun writing this story and I was excited about it being even better than my first book, Bands of Gold. Hey, I had a writing career to build and I was serious about building it. Then reality publishing happened. The general process from manuscript to book takes a few stages.

First, the author completes the mansuscript and sends it to the editor for approval. The editor reads the manscript and issues the author a revision letter with questions, comments and recommendations. I was fortunate in that my editorial letters always resulted in a better, tighter, stronger story. So the author receives the letter, reviews it and, after considering how to address all the listed items, makes a call to editor to clarify any concerns and to let the editor know how she plans to handle the items outlined in the letter. Note that the writer is not obliged to do everything the editor requested, but she is obliged to consider each item.

During this phone call, the editor and author go back and forth a bit and finally agree, in broad terms, on how the manuscript will change or not change. The author then makes the changes, and any other changes she thinks will make the story stronger. Many authors, me included, appreciate this final opportunity to make changes in the manuscript and use it as a opportunity to improve the story. Once the changes are completed, the author sends the revised manuscript back to the editor. If all goes well, the author gets a phone call from the editor a few weeks later saying that the manuscript is accepted and any associated advance money is being sent to the author.

At this point, the author celebrates. A few months later, the author receives galleys in mail. Typically, the author gets a few days to do this. If everything in the publication process is working well, the author may have a few typos to correct and a few missing words to insert. If things are not working well, the author may realize that book that is being published is quite different from the book she submitted. The latter is what happened to me with For All Time. Thanks for taking a step back in time with me.

This post picks up with my return home after that conference. Anyway, I attended my first meeting, where there was only one other black person, Carla Fredd , also a beginning writer attending her first meeting. I distinctly remember that because I working full-time, I wrote on the weekends. When I think about our early critique meetings, I have to laugh. We were excellent examples of the blind leading the blind. We had no clue what we were doing. We figured out point-of-view together; we struggled together with active and passive voice.

Mostly, we supported and encouraged each other. That was the upside to being in a critique group. The downside was that sometimes our comments went too far. I think I was first one in the group to make a sale because I was the first to figure out that comments from others were merely points to consider, not requests that had to be heeded.

It took me about a year to write that first book, which I titled Dreams. I started querying agents and publishers after I had a good first three chapters and a synopsis, figuring that any interest would be a great motivator to finish the book. But I could and I did.

Finally, a few people asked to see my manuscript. And more rejections piled up. More wondering if I could bear the rejection. More learning that I could. The last post in the Taking Back the Past series ended with my decision to write Christian fiction. I think this is fitting given that Harlequin is re-issuing my first three books in a volume in April. I promise to continue that story after I take you through those first three books.

I had planned to continue this conversation earlier in the week, but life and my day job took precedence. In that post, I told you what was going on around the time my first Silhouette title, A Family Wedding , was first published in In this post, I want to tell you about the time around the publication of my second Silhouette title, Second Chance Dad.

I have to tell you that I was flying pretty high at this point. Remember that I had given myself three years to make a living wage from my writting. At this point, I had finished the first book of my third two-book contract with Arabesque and, with Second Chance Dad , I was writing what my editor and I planned would be the first in my three-book series on the Bell brothers. Second Chance Dad was a Christmas book, meaning that it was released around December By the way, I had four books published that year — two for Silhouette and two for Arabesque.

Okay, back to the Bell brothers. Get it—Bell brothers, Christmas bells? When the book was first published there was a family tree in the front done up as Christmas bells. This is the indication that there were going to be more books about the Bell brothers.

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Literally, nothing came. No outline, no anything. As promised, this is the first post in my Take Back the Past series. I pray that you find some encouragement from sharing this backward journey with me. I probably went to contract on the story in , since the interval from contract to manuscript delivery is typically about a year as well. Anyway, I remember this being a very happy time for me. I had signed a contract to write my fifth and sixth novels with Arabesque and now I had a second contract with the major romance publishing house.

I had accomplished a major feat. At the time, there were not many authors writing African-American romance for Harlequin so I considered myself a pioneer. I posted a while back about being concerned about my upcoming re-issues from Harlequin.

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A lot of my concern stemmed from confusing readers who have certain expectations for my work now that I write Christian fiction. He did exactly that. I just saw the cover for my latest re-issue and I laughed out loud. You know why? And when I think about it, even the title, Sweet Passion , suggests that the story is not Christian fiction. So now I rest easy. Actually, I started resting easy a while back after reading something that Anne Rice said about not being ashamed of her earlier books.

How fitting is it then that my past is now staring me in the face? You see, I wrote these books before I started writing Christian fiction and they contain explicit sex scenes that I would not put in a book today. The explicit scenes are only symptoms of the problem that I have with those books; my problem is that the characters in those books have no faith life.

You never see them balance their life decisions with the tenets of their faith. How do you think adding or, developing a faith life element for the main characters would have changed the stories? Would they have been better, worse, or just different? Let me know what you think. Next up, Francis Ray. Thanks, Francis! Next up, Beverly Jenkins. Thanks, Beverly! Is her husband really ok with this? I gather this another book to come but Amazon only has a short taster of it so I will have to wait for the next book. Right from the very start I was gripped, it was creepy "you are willing, Jacqueline.

You just don't know it yet". I was continually changing my mind between who was the good guy and who was the bad guy and I still don't know if I'm right. There is a sequel being written the authors website says, 'A Stranger's Touch' and it can't come soon enough as I need answers! May 14, Daria rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-books-i-have. Jacqulien and Nathan, not bad A mixture of mystery, passion and a love forgot.

Jackie has been taken from her husband, at the beginning.. Of course Jackie just smirked because she knew beyond a doubt, she didnt want her jailors touch. After two weeks she finds herself trying to convince herself of just that.. It is just one you will have to read to understand. Enjoy Tangled Rose by Abby Weeks - Reviewed Youre not going to be able to feel anger for Rose, or the need to want to help her, when she is kidnapped by a biker gang. Rose is physically abused, mentally tortured.. This was for the most part a good read, dark and dirty I do have to say a few times I felt the need to take a shower to get the ooze off.

May 14, Karinosa rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley-reads. Ok, this is my second attempt to this review. So, let's just get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

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This boxed set was a good read. I enjoyed the stories. The last two in this series were not my cup of tea. I found myself skipping through pages and then just skipping the story entirely. These authors that are in this set I have never heard of. I enjoyed the stories and enjoyed the characters. Some of the stories ended well as a short novella should. Then, with some of the stories I told myself "What Ok, this is my second attempt to this review. Then, with some of the stories I told myself "What just happened?

Yes, there is some dark romance and I did enjoy those parts, but the fact that they are dark is what makes it good! I think I may go and check out to see if I can find how certain stories ended. The only complaint I think I have is that the authors should have written in the ending of their novellas "To see more in this series" "To find out more of this author" and place links because honestly I would have checked some of them out.

Thank You, Net Galley. May 07, Aryana rated it really liked it Shelves: dark , anthologies , read , reviewed , goodreads-r2r. It took me a few days to read this anthology, I read one or 2 stories and then read another book in between. There are some stories that I really enjoyed, others were ok. I will not be mentioning any specific stories because I've decided to review this book as a whole and overall I really enjoyed them all. There are a few authors that I will be looking out for and will definitely be reading the continuation of some of these stories as I want to find out what happens to some of the characters int It took me a few days to read this anthology, I read one or 2 stories and then read another book in between.

There are a few authors that I will be looking out for and will definitely be reading the continuation of some of these stories as I want to find out what happens to some of the characters introduced here. And I will be reading other works by some of the authors also as I can see potential in them. This is a great collection of dark romance, although some stories are darker than others.


So even if one of the genres is not your cup of tea there are others who will be. I must say I was pleasantly surprised of how much I enjoyed these. May 18, bjhix rated it it was amazing Shelves: done-review. Highly recommend. May 16, Sheryl rated it it was amazing. This is a 10 book collection and I am giving an honest review for the authors. This box set has just about something for everyone and for every taste in books. All these book have some sort of darkness to them and their story lines. Each author has brought his or her own spin on the darker side of romance books.

I must say that a few of these books had me at the edge of my seat they were so good. I do not know all of the authors but with this box set I have met some new authors to add to my readin This is a 10 book collection and I am giving an honest review for the authors. I do not know all of the authors but with this box set I have met some new authors to add to my reading collections. This collection is not for everyone so if you are not into dark romance stories then I suggest you skip over this set but if you are a mature reader over 17 because of the sexual content of the books and like the dark side of romance books then you will want to pick this set up for the price.

May 08, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: dark-romance.

Dark Passions by Elixa Everett

I've recently been hooked on dark erotic romances, and this collection includes some really steamy examples of the genre. There's a little something for everyone here--capture fantasy, kinky relationships, rough-tough bikers, demonic fantasy lovers, etc. All alpha and all hot.

Most of these authors are pretty new to me, but I will definitely be reading more of their work. I particularly enjoyed Terry Towers' Elixa Everett romance about what a woman would be willing to agree to if she had only o I've recently been hooked on dark erotic romances, and this collection includes some really steamy examples of the genre.

I particularly enjoyed Terry Towers' Elixa Everett romance about what a woman would be willing to agree to if she had only one chance to save her dying son. Emilie Criss' capture fantasy romance took an unexpected and unique twist that I loved. And Cheri Verset's biker romance shows what happens to a girl who longs for adventure when she rides off with the exciting stranger who comes to town. The other stories are all great, too. Highly recommended for folks who like their romance on the dark and edgy side. May 15, Kaila rated it really liked it.

Oct 12, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-books. I conjure thee Wow I was surprised and seriously enjoyed this one. I was expecting just sex and not much more to a story. However i was wrong and I'll admit it. Clarissa will do anything to save her son including summoning a Djinn. What she doesn't expect to get is something else entirely. For the chance to save her son Tony knows she will do anything I enjoyed the story and really wish there was more too it because I didn't want it to end.

Sex Research This book is similar to two other books with the similar synopsis just different character names. Anyways it was okay. It could have been so much more. Between Courage and Benton and the mix in of Jacob, his wife and Shauna it can get very confusing and hard to read. First a girl doing what she has to to make ends meet is fine. But the whole scenario on how she meets Master Patrick just sort of ticked me off. Like really? I would have kicked him and the old guy in the balls.

Once you get passed that it's a good read. Kathryn has been exposed to strippers and BDSM a lot through the last year Well it would be nice to be warned about the storylines you are going to be reading. For some reason i have no problem wiht it but the quick switch bothers me. I have no problem with that. However I just wish the author could make up her mind what exactly Kathryn is. Vanilla, Submissive, Dominant, or just one of many. If he has a house full of women Seriously crappy ending.

I mean whats the point of the build up to let it drop like that? I can forgive a lot but not that. It wasn't a five star book but it was a quick fun read. Tangled Rose Tangled Rose is the beginning of the Darkness trilogy. Rose was part of an MC club when she was younger or at least her dad was. So many years ago Wars started and she has been left alone.

Now she has been taken and this is her story of how they kidnapped her, abused her, and made her into what she is now. Preparing her for her new life. These books are not for everyone, but they are still good reads. Savage Bikers Lust Life isn't always better on the other side and Madden learns that the hard way.

Tired of living in her trailer, being a waitress and having a good guy wanting her. She leaves with the first bad boy she can find. Curtis isn't good. I didn't like this one that much because it was so I have no idea. I mean seriously she knows she made a mistake and goes for teh one who was there all along. Like we didn't see that coming. The Queen Slave Not what I was expecting at all. Neenah is Queen of her planet and is a virgin. As another race attacks and takes her captive she knows she'll be auctioned off and made a sex slave for the price she'll fetch being a virgin.

What she doesn't expect is Max. Her buyer to be who he is. During her training and life as a slave she meets two new friends, and finds out the real reason to why her planet was attacked. From there the story takes a turn you really dont expect. One Night Three Hearts Rose has a secret from her husband.

The best man at her wedding, her husband's best friend and her share something that she keeps it secret. Now after years of trying, Jason and Rose are not pregnant, they can't afford much and their relationship is suffering. Enter Matt. ITs hot and makes you want to read the rest to know what exactly happens.

Outcast Outcast is about four bandits on the constant move to keep themselves away from those who would willingly turn them in for the bounty on their heads. Elin is half demon and sneered upon by the others except their leader. It's a fun read, different, and leaves you wanting more. Taken by the Ogre tribe One person, Maria, the captain of the guard. Doesn't realize what she's up against when it comes ot the ogres but this time she can't escape. She's there prisoner. It was okay. May 18, Kimberley rated it did not like it.

I know going in to the "bundle specials" that And I now know why these got put together, because nobody would buy them alone! I Conjur Thee Her First Submission Kathryn's Training Poorly written Tangled Rose I really don't enjoy biker stories and this just RE-affirmed it. It's gross. I won't be buying the next one. Savage Bikers Lust Another biker disaster I would give this one 0 stars. And that is as far as I got. Hopefully this has curbed any desire to buy bundles. They are most definitely a disappointment. The men are everything a woman could want and the woman are exactly what the men need.

These stories were definitely different. Some of them were more tame than others, while others bordered on XXX Rated. I liked the first book "I Conjure Thee. Believe it or not it bordered on a wholesome relationship. The second book was "One Night, Three Hearts. Each one of these Ten books were predictable. Some of them were brutal and very hard to read.

Some of the authors wrote with a professional flair and others seemed to be stunted. I kept thinking maybe the next one Maybe the next one will be better This box set was awful. I Conjure Thee wasn't bad but the rest I love the dark genre. What I do have a problem with are boring plots and this anthology is full of them.

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On top of that, I did finally read something that even I can't stomach. One of the books goes into consensual incest- brother and sister getting off with eachother- I kept thinking maybe the next one Maybe the next one will be better One of the books goes into consensual incest- brother and sister getting off with eachother--in graphic detail.

Not step-siblings, full blooded brother and sister. I can read almost anything see list above but this grossed me out, especially because it was mutually consensual. I wish I could give this zero stars. I received it in exchange of an honest review! Honestly for all kind of tastes! Some were great read, well written and full of heat!

I actually discovered 3 new authors and bought more of their work! The others not so much! Maybe it was me, but i had a hard time finishing some of them! Slow, not built enough to be really interesting or a little confusing because the story had several main focus characters and they were not entwined in a smooth way! It was a little chaotic! Fairly, t I received it in exchange of an honest review! Fairly, they all had a creative topic and some could have been so much better! My overall experience wasn't an amazing one but the 3 books that i did enjoy were worth it!!!

Aug 10, Aimee Dennis rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the diversity woven between each story and the opportunity to experience different authors I have not had the pleasure of absorbing before. I would definitely recommend this method as a good way to expose a yourself to the naughty pleasures offered by different genres. May 09, Brittany rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish , erotic. This is a review for sex research by Skye eagleday. I did not like this at all. It was very hard to follow and just plain did not make sense. I was confused most of the book because of the abrupt changes between characters and different times.

This is a review for the rest of the novellas. This was just too heavy bdsm for me. I can handle light bdsm but this was way too dark for me. I could not finish it. May 29, Mariel Hoss rated it did not like it. The first story read like a complete novella and I enjoyed it. Then I went on and I just got creeped out more and more…I am glad I went for this sample…it highlighted the fact that this genre is NOT for me. Too out there.

Too dark. Not my idea of love or romance. May 27, Nerdy Chic rated it did not like it Shelves: book-challenge. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Unfortunately labeled as edgy, the stories did nothing for me. Great short story and felt like a complete story.

Sexy, sweet, romantic and erotic.