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Horror Thriller. The Strangeness Swamp Thing Horror Sci-Fi. Psycho Cop Returns Drama Horror Thriller. Psychopath cop decides to kill everyone who he thinks has broken the law.

The Little Orange House {Halloween Storytelling Activity}

Stars: Robert R. Shafer, Barbara Niven, Rod Sweitzer. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: James W.

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Tony Vincente Kathleen Bailey Whitney O'Shay Judy Tatum Agnes Goldberg Rob Zapple Felix Goldberg Jack W. Murphy Clyde Talley II Levi Jackson Hal Havins Elwin Linnea Quigley Ginger Kowowski Kevin Tenney Devon Lauder as Kevin S. Tenney J. Avery Lauter Richard Fraga Amazing Azimov Lynn McRee Secretary Greg Lewolt Bartender Virginia Miller Edit Storyline Parapsychologists try to make an inn haunted by an evil witch's ghost safe for guests.

Language: English.

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Runtime: 92 min. Sound Mix: Dolby. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

  1. Lana J. Chandler (Author of When Winty Witch Tried To Stop Halloween).
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  4. Goofs In the opening scene, when the guy falls over the balcony, in the first shot, he is holding onto the railing when he flips over, but in all subsequent shots he is sailing over a good five or six inches from the railing. Quotes Tony Vincenti : Who the hell are you kidding?

    You're going up there to take on Casper the fucking ghost. You don't need a detective Crazy Credits Opening credits say "This is not a sequel to "Witchboard. Alternate Versions A few gory scenes were shortened to avoid an "X" rating: The scene where Ginger's throat is pierced by the shower head. The close up of Elwin's brains being blown out. A longer shot of Felix's head exploding. An actual view of Levi's head being run over by the possessed car.

    A not so scary Halloween: 3 tips to save money

    Add the first question. Was this review helpful to you? Yes, some interesting costumes can come out of making the best of a tight budget! Money Life Entrepreneur Travel Courses. Tip 1: Borrow from your friends.

    Tip 2: Get creative. Pin This. Comments Ha ha ha! They can get quite comical too. Looking for something? Load More Follow on Instagram. Luna is a mother now, and she admits the parents at her child's school are intrigued by what she does. I find it endearing. GH: I think Hermione [Granger from the Harry Potter series] is pretty amazing as far as working hard and honing your craft.

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    AQ: Elphaba in Wicked is surprisingly relatable! Green skin aside, she struggles with the same things modern-day witches face. BL: Kris Jenner. She has to be a witch. Have you ever seen her infomercials? She endorsed ritual manifestation candles at one point in her career.

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    You have to Google it. And as far as covens go, there's a high priestess and a high priest, not a supreme. Witches do have gifts, but the powers aren't defined like [they are in AHS ]. I was just annoyed by the incest and rape and the fact that the clothing was so "witchy" that I stopped watching it. I'm probably angrier at the plot more than anything else. BL: Just about every film to date on witches. The hit show American Horror Story: Coven really rubbed me the wrong way.

    They were beyond disrespectful in their portrayal of the iconic voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau.

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    She created a legacy of magick and healing, especially for black people. This show portrayed her as a nasty, spiteful monster that killed children, which is so far from the truth. It was really disappointing; they had a great wardrobe, but other than that, it was awful. GH: As far as Neo-Paganism and Wicca, The Craft actually get some stuff right as far as rituals go, calling the quarters, and casting the circles.

    The folklore in this film runs deep and is spot on. GH: That witches honor Satan. Energy just is—black repels and white absorbs.

    DIY Floating Witch Hat Luminaries; Halloween Witch Decorations

    Saying one is good and one is bad is wrong and inherently racist. Also, witch gender is neutral. Men can be witches! Everyone has the potential to be a witch.