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  1. Photography Explained From Capture to Presentation by Ken Duncan. for sale online | eBay
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How to master the power of light.

Photography Explained From Capture to Presentation by Ken Duncan. for sale online | eBay

The secrets of shooting raw. How to make light work for you - instead of you chasing it. Aperture explained in plain English. The right and wrong way to use shutter. How to choose ISO sensitivity 3 points to check, plus a simple 5 level comparison chart to help you get it right. Your camera's controls demystified - NO jargon! And few warnings about them.

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A simple way to determine the ideal exposure. Understand light meter patterns. How to 'harmonise' your camera with your object - so you almost can't fail. How to capture the magic of light. Why most photos lose the WOW factor when moving from computer to print And how to make sure yours have it. A simple way to multiply your chances of success - before you leave home with your gear. How to 'paint with light' like an award winning pro. A photographer's cheat sheet: what to shoot in different light. Tips on how to capture the real beauty of sunrise and sunset the real secret to winning awards and admiration.

1. Why capture a soul?

How to work with mist, rain, beaches - and pelicans. The timeless principles of perspective. People and animals - how your camera can record their real beauty. How to compose award-winning shots like National Geographic photographers we both have been published there many times. More on composition. Classic 'can't fail scenes' Pages 34 - Camera file formats: what to use and when.

How to use flash: 2 easy tricks to stack the odds in your favour.

10 Tips For Capturing What You See

Our shutter rule of thumb for when you shoot hand-held. Your tripod can be your secret weapon or worst enemy. My quick image download method for when you're on the road. The ugly truth about backups. What do you want your audience to gain, feel, or do as a result of the story? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? When crafted and delivered well, rhetorical questions influence an audience to believe in the position of the speaker.

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