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Fehler vermeiden bei Planung, Installation und Betrieb

This event aims to highlight potentials, business models and applications of large scale heat pump systems. Surrounded by a scientific frame, several implemented projects of industrial, service or domestic architecture areas will be presented.

"Wärmepumpe" English translation

Technical solutions, factors of success, as well as financial, political and regulatory framework will be discussed. Further embodiments of the invention are the subject of the dependent claims. Embodiments of the invention are described with reference to the drawings in more detail. Durch das Vorsehen der beiden Umschaltventile By the provision of the two switching valves 50 50 ,.

Die beiden Umschaltventile The two switching valves 50 50 ,. The two switching valves are preferably designed as a way diverter valve.

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Durch die Anordnung der beiden Umschaltventile By the arrangement of two change-over valves 50 50 ,. According to the first embodiment, the heat pump device is connected in a heating operation. In der Heizbetriebsart sind die beiden Umschaltventile In the heating mode, the two switching valves 50 50 ,.

  1. Wärmepumpen (Kälte-Wärme-Klima aktuell) (German Edition).
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Thus, the cooling circuit has been divided into two separate circuits. The Kreisumkehrabtauung is to de-ice the energetically more efficient form, air-applied evaporator with respect to the hot gas defrost, since proportionately heat is used for defrosting, which was produced by a power number greater than 1.

betriebsbereit : German » English | PONS

This heat is z. Critical is the condition when the water is cooled to near the freezing point at the Kreisumkehrabtauung. In this case, the defrosting must be stopped. Die Abtauung wird vorrangig durch die Kreisumkehr vorgenommen.

Defrosting is carried out primarily by the circular reverse. To apply both by the possibility Defrosting can arise when operating states during the Kreisumkehrabtauung in which the condenser evaporator during defrosting threatens freezing, defrosting the evaporator air-operated during defrosting condenser are continued by the hot gas defrost.

In order for a trouble-free and energy efficient defrosting is guaranteed.

Synonyms and antonyms of Wärmepumpe in the German dictionary of synonyms

Project execution Fraunhofer ISE. Research project "Heat Pump Efficiency".

LAD - Duale Luft/Wasser-Wärmepumpe (Funktionsanimation)

Research project "WP Monitor". Publications Themeninfos German and Swiss design consultants report. German and Swiss design consultants report.


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