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His companion, Deathfang, was one of the greatest Dragons that the Princes of Caledor could still wake from their deep slumber.


Asarnil commanded them in battle, and it was because of him that Caledor was not overrun during those dark times. Once the Dragon Princes arrived, the combined forces of Lothern and Caledor was able to destroy the last major Dark Elven invasion force still left within Ulthuan. Under the command of Asarnil, an entire flight of Dragonriders sped back through the skies to protect their homeland.

In a brilliant assault, the Dragonriders of Caledor swept the Dark Elves to the sea, and Caledor was saved from conquest. Triumphant, Asarnil headed back towards the rendezvous with the Phoenix King, confident that great rewards and honour awaited him upon his arrival. On hearing that his orders had been disobeyed, Phoenix King Finubar became enraged.

If his troops had come under attack without the support of the Dragon Princes, they would have faced total destruction. Instead, Asarnil was summoned before the Phoenix King to account for his actions. Enraged that the Phoenix King would accuse him for saving his homeland from destruction, Asarnil declined and swore that he was no longer a subject of the crown of Ulthuan.

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The response from Finubar the Seafarer was quick and harsh. To help them, the Fraternity has recruited an evil mage who has plans of his own that go beyond the simple scheming of the Fraternity. In the midst of all this intrigue, Linden discovers his soultwin. Bertin has made an amazing start with The Last Dragonlord.

The whole book is filled with a richness of detail that makes you want to know more. The character development is wonderful. Linden Rathan comes alive in the book, as do some of the other characters. When Linden finds his soultwin and is forced to distance himself from her in order to protect her, you feel his joy and his pain. His sense of compassion, and anger, become apparent when he discovers how the young prince has been treated.

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His sense of duty and responsibility get him into trouble more than once. And, though he has incredible powers, most of the time you get the feeling that he is just a lonely man, searching for companionship and comfort. There are humourous moments as well, especially in the events surrounding Linden meeting his soultwin. In contrast to the warmth and goodness of the Dragonlords and their friends, we are also treated to the malice and deviousness of their enemies. The Fraternity uses blackmail, coercion, and magic to get what it wants, and their web of evil spreads from the prince's nanny to the Lord Steward of the Realm.

A particularly good character is Sherrine, a beautiful young women who sets out to seduce Linden for the Fraternity. Her volatile relationship with her mother, her calculated plotting, and her jealous rage all add to the richness of the story. The Last Dragonlord promises to be the first of several novels from Joanne Bertin about the Dragonlords. Fengguan means "phoenix crown", a name that originates from its adornments: phoenixes made of inlaid kingfisher feathers, as well as gold dragons, beaded pheasants, pearls, and other gemstones.

One of the earliest phoenix crowns that has been excavated belonged to Empress Xiao of the Sui dynasty. Design Kingfisher feathers were extremely rare during the Ming Dynasty and were potentially sourced from Cambodia. For example, the phoenix crown of Ming Empress Xiaoduanxian has 6 dragons, 3 phoenixes, 5, pearls, 71 rubies, and 57 sapphires. A qilin statue in Beijing's Summer Palace. A Ming-era painting of a tribute giraffe, which was thought to be a Qilin by court officials, from Bengal Qilin with Rider, c. Japanese dragon myths amalgamate native legends with imported stories about dragons from China, Korea and Vietnam.

The style of the dragon was heavily influenced by the Chinese dragon. Like these other East Asian dragons, most Japanese ones are water deities associated with rainfall and bodies of water, and are typically depicted as large, wingless, serpentine creatures with clawed feet. Chinese dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles and fish, but are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs.

They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial strength and power. Portrait of the Yongle Emperor wearing a dragon robe In Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon, while incapable people with no achievements are compared to other, disesteemed creatures, such as a worm.

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A number of Chinese prover. The Last Dragonlord is the first in a series of books written by Joanne Bertin. The Last Dragonlord refers to a central character of the book, Linden Rathan, so called because he is the last dragonlord to have been "born" in more than years. He is also the only dragonlord without a soultwin, which is the other half of his dragon and human souls.

The Last Dragonlord was published in It was followed by a sequel, Dragon and Phoenix. External links Review of the Last Dragonlord at futurefiction. Satine Phoenix born May 22, [1][2] is a Filipino American comic book illustrator, painter, cosplayer, model, actress, and former adult entertainer living in Los Angeles, California. In , she revived her art and gaming career at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, California by starting DrawMelt a life drawing class with cosplay models and DnDMelt a gaming community focused around Dungeons and Dragons. She owns the entertainment company Gilding Light.

She was raised in Sacramento, California. With its first game published in , there are eleven main-series games, along with numerous spin-off games. In addition, there have been numerous manga, anime and novels published under the franchise, with nearly every game in the main series having a related adaptation. The series has had a significant impact on the development of console role-playing games, and introduced a number of features to the genre.

Installments of the series have appeared on various computers, consoles, handheld devices, and mobile phones. Early in the series, the Dragon Quest games were released under the title Dragon Warrior in North America to avoid trademark conflict with the u. It was based on the ancient Chinese symbols of the Twelve Ornaments. History The Empire of China during the Manchu-led Qing dynasty did not have an official state emblem, but the flag featured the azure dragon on a plain yellow field with a red sun of the three-legged crow in the upper left corner.

It became the first national flag of China and is usually referred to as the Yellow Dragon Flag. Following the end of Manchu rule, new national symbols were deemed necessary by the leaders to represent the changed circumstances. It was presented on August 28, and was adopted as national emblem in February President-Emperor Yuan Shikai cont. Phoenix Games was an American game company that produced role-playing games and game supplements.

History Phoenix Games was a partnership between Dan Bress and Phil Edgren, and was a successor to the company Little Soldier Games, to which Bress and Edgren had both contributed before it was shut down. The Dragon Prince is a fantasy computer-animated television series created for Netflix by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond[1] and produced by Wonderstorm.

The first season premiered on September 14, A second season was released on February 15, However, the humans - who could not utilize primal magic - discovered the use of dark magic, which is fueled by the life essence of animals and magical creatures.

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The Breach, the border between the two halves of the continent, was guarded by Thunder, the king of dragons. Now, after humans k. Plot introduction The book covers the story of Raven Redhawkson and Bard Leet separately on their journeys that converge at the Balyaranna Fair - the finest horse festival in the Five Kingdoms. Raven is there as a partner to his aunt's horse trade, while Bard Leet is there to avenge the death of a family member. When one of Shima's new acquaintances reveals a particularly nasty secret about one of the Fair's other attendees, events begin to spiral out of control, as Leet's thirst for vengeance becomes a burning hunger with a surprisi.

He is regarded as the dispenser of rain as well as the zoomorphic representation of the yang masculine power of generation. One of his epithets is Dragon King of Wells and Springs. The dragon king gets his orders from the Jade Emperor. Besides being a water deity, the Dragon God frequently also serves as a territorial tutela. Initially wearing a ski mask to intervene in a public assault, Fodor later developed a full costume and adopted "Phoenix Jones" as a pseudonym.


From until its dissolution in , Jones was the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a Seattle, Washington based citizen patrol group that described itself as a crime prevention brigade. They are known to be one of daytime's most popular supercouples. On December 1, , Miller's character was revealed to be Jason's identical twin brother, Andrew Cain, conditioned to believe he was Jason and assume Jason's identity.

Sam is portrayed by Kelly Monaco. First meeting in , their relationship was described as "an uneasy alliance that first blossomed into a friendship. The Phoenix Force is a fictional entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The entity has bonded with other characters, and often used the alias Phoenix while bonded. Fictional character biography The Phoenix Force is an immortal and immutable manifestation of the universal force of life and passion. Born of the void between states of being, the Phoenix Force is a child of the universe. It is the nexus of all psionic energy which does, has, and ever will exist in all realities of the multiverse, the Guardian of Creation, and o.

Shenmue[a] is an action-adventure game series created, produced and directed by Yu Suzuki. The Shenmue games consist of open-world 3D environments interspersed with brawler battles and quick time events. They include elements of role-playing, life simulation and social simulation games, such as a day-and-night system, variable weather effects, non-player characters with daily schedules, and interactive elements such as vending machines, arcades, and minigames. The story follows the teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki as he travels through s Japan and China in pursuit of his father's killer.

Pergamon Museum Inv. Very few animal-style carpets still exist today, and most of them are in a fragmentary state. Animal carpets were frequently depicted by Western European painters of the 14th—16th century. By comparison of the few surviving carpets with their painted counterparts, these paintings helped to establish a timeline of their product. The center of the event is the procession of a dragon, created by first-year architecture students at the Cornell University College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.

The construction is funded by selling Dragon Day t-shirts. Origins and evolution The first event was in Believing that there should be a "College of Architecture Day," student Willard Straight of the class of led a group of architecture students around campus carrying a model dragon. This was partly inspired by the legend of St. Patrick driving all the snakes and serpents from Ireland. Lincoln Hall, which housed the College of Architecture at the time, was decorated with orange and green banners, shamrocks, and themed decorations.

In the s, the event evolved into its current form, with an actual constructed dragon.