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  4. Imaginary space landscape with two planets in a purple nebula.

Simon shows racing machines in impeccable detail, accompanied by heroic drivers and epic tales.

Episode 2 and more products are planned. Entirely designed by Simon from fabric choice to packaging, it features vehicles and logos from the imaginary racing team Masucci.

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Be aware — an occasional distressed look is part of the game! Only available at The Curb Shop.

BEST Epic Space Music: COSMOS Most Beautiful Inspiring & Emotional Soundtracks 2016

More tees to come—directly from Southern California. All rights reserved.

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Amazon U. Karter Mycroft is an LA-based writer, musician, ocean scientist, and at long last, a podcaster.

Imaginary dodecahedron

He writes horror and fantasy stories, often with nautical and environmental themes, and edits a spooky zine called Murder Park After Dark. Sometimes he games. Jane is a writer, game designer, researcher, and educator. She writes fiction about imaginary places and futures. She writes non-fiction about games , culture, and technology. She teaches game design and interactive media at the University of Southern California. She was born in Tokyo, Japan and now lives in Santa Monica, California, with her partner and a little dog named Bowie.

She is a graduate of Clarion Thayer is a speculative fiction author with a love for epic fantasy and cosmic horror. He is currently working on Rat , a dark fantasy novel rife with monsters and grit. There is some order in the great depth of space where humans may just have grown from the seed of a Mother of Creation Tree.

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage - Wikipedia

Humans have spent a fortune seeking sentient forms of life. It is possible that alien beings are already here. Perhaps they have been educating earthlings and re releasing them into society. He is an international lecturer. He is open to all invitations to speak about his past work but especially about his books.

Imaginary space landscape with two planets in a purple nebula.

He lives in Ontario Canada and has a family of 2 grown up daughters and his wife of 42 years. He is currently a Consultant and HR Administrator for businesses. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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