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Ralliement de la FSSPX à Rome

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Globalement, il est plus rare. Bien au contraire. On peut transposer au domaine religieux ce que J. En Afrique de l'Ouest, E. Un autre professeur de l'Institut catholique d'Afrique de l'Ouest I. Discours ou engagement?

News from GRAIN’s blog about global land grab.

B - Vieux-Waleffe, Henri Derroitte,. Mgr J.

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Prenez une paroisse comme Nlong. Quelle est encore la paroisse qui peut fournir cela? Barrett, L'an 2. St-Paul-Afrique, , p. Luneau, Laisse aller mon peuple! Paulines, Shorter, Eucharistie Famine in Africa, dans African ecclesiastical review, t.

Revue en ligne de sciences humaines et sociales

Le colloque de Lisieux s'est tenu du 28 au 30 avril On se pose un tas de questions sur les motivations profondes. Kasanda Lumembu,. Elle est reprise ici par O. Bimwenyi Kweshi.

Le missiologue J. Penoukou, Eglises d'Afrique - Propositions Ela, Ma foi d'Africain, Paris, Karthala, , p. Pour sa part, O.

Religion : Bouaké accueille la 108e conférence épiscopale

Mages a, About Zairian Authenticity, dans African ecclesiastical review, 17, , p. Arnold, Actes du Colloque de Bologne 22 - 25 octobre coll. Voir aussi R. Vi chiedo di pregare per il Sinodo sulla Famiglia, e di essere testimoni della presenza costante di Dio nel mondo attraverso la vostra vita famigliare. Dio vi benedica tutti! God bless you all! E os filhos, por sua vez, logo que chegam ao mundo, esperam ver confirmada esta promessa de amor; esperam-no em todos os cantos do mundo e de um modo total, confiante e inofensivo.

Santo Padre :. Carissimi pellegrini di lingua portoghese, vi saluto cordialmente tutti, in particolare i fedeli brasiliani di Bom Despacho, Mogi das Cruzes, Montenegro e Santo Amaro, e vi chiedo di accompagnare con la preghiera il Sinodo in corso. Pregate anche per me! Dio vi benedica!

Cardinal Arinze to Africa : Be informed and pray for Synod. However, knowledge alone is not enough. The Cardinal emeritus emphasised that Synods work with the Holy Father and under his direction in an expression of collegiality. He is entirely free to act on the recommendations as he will judge best. He says the developed world should not be afraid of migrants. As countries built on Christian traditions, these nations should instead help migrant families live Christian lives in the best way possible. African families, very religious… they come to Europe and they find a lot of materialism, a lot of indifference, relativism and that is a big challenge for our families.

With regard to the challenges of families being discussed during the first week of the Synod of Bishops, the Archbishop of Asmara said he believes that the family as an institution needs protection so that members would be empowered to preserve their faith and make good decisions in their daily lives -decisions that maintain the cohesiveness of the family unit. The Archbishop of Asmara says that he feels encouraged so far that there seems to be willingness among Bishops at the Synod to listen and possibly lend their solidarity to issues facing African migrants and their families.

If your radio station has not yet received a copy of this album, please write to africa vatiradio. Also, we have a limited number of copies for our listeners who may also send their requests to the above email address. Cliquez sur "j'aime" pour interagir. Please note that you can follow our programmes at all times, day and night the world over. Just go to www. Also you can follow a live video coverage of Papal events by clicking on the video player on the website. Pope Francis has shown interest in us, in the Central African Republic.

We hope that everything will work well and the Pope can come to CAR. He says that, in general terms, the security situation in Bangui is much improved compared to last year. According to him, people are trying to get on with their lives in spite of the significant setback to peace that took place towards the end of September, when six days of fighting took a heavy toll on lives and displaced many.

It all started when a motorbike taxi driver from the Muslim community was killed. This led to residents of the largely Muslim area in the 5th district PK5 to rally towards the 3rd district of Bangui said to have more Christian residents. In the process, communities and militia groups engaged in reprisal killings; a Pentecostal Church, houses, properties were set on fire and a Muslim NGO was ransacked. Yesterday, Fr. Mortiol Demele, without diminishing the seriousness of what happened in September, was not keen to describe the crisis in Bangui as that between Christians and Muslims.

The biggest challenge now, in CAR they say, is that there has not been any effective disarmament of the various militia groups.

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In a way, this is because the transitional government in CAR is not capable of disarming the militias. The international peacekeepers stationed in CAR are few and can barely cope with protecting citizens. Mortiol Demele Tuesday in Rome, explained that in Bangui it does not take much for tempers to flare up in the city.

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According to him, any small confrontation, even a petty thief caught at a public market can spark serious tensions in the city involving entire communities. For a country that is awash with various militias and criminal gangs things can and do sometimes get out of hand. CAR Analysts have also mentioned the fact that although both Seleka and the Anti-Balaka militias have signed-up to uphold peace, they are loose coalitions of militia groups and individuals that lack centralised top-down command structures. As a result, no one person has the authority to agree to a peace treaty or has the power to enforce one.

He expressed his desire for the violence in CAR to give way to dialogue. Pope Francis also spoke of his wish that every citizen, regardless of ethnicity or religion, would contribute towards the re-building of CAR. They are sure that the Apostolic visit will bring good tidings to CAR.

Interestingly, they are not the only ones.

Histoire de l'Afrique du Sud de 1948 à 1994

According to Fr. Ikaga, when they told some Muslim leaders last week that they were coming to Rome and did they have a message for the Vatican? We have nothing to say. We wait for him and we will listen to him. And so for Fr. Describing the Holy Father as an inspiring personification of humility, love, prayer and care for creation, Bishop Muheria said this visit will bring more Kenyans back to the Church. He invited them also to come in large numbers, to pray and to see the Pope.

The National Eucharistic congress was attended by 18 Kenyan Bishops, hundreds of consecrated men and women and more than twenty thousand faithful from different Dioceses of the country. Catholic lay faithful need to transform politics in Zambia. You have a role to play in the transformation of how we do our politics from character assassination to issue-based politics and from politics of insults and violence to politics that inspire. As laity you should be the first ones to speak out when national resources are being misused even by any government in which you are serving.

Here is when St. Godin et Y. Le grand retour de la mission? Fort de ces convictions, le catholicisme se met en ordre de marche missionnaire. La succession de crises qui touchent l'ensemble des mouvements de jeunesse traduit cette mutation majeure. Il touche aussi la vie associative, le monde des travailleurs sociaux, la vie culturelle.

Pour sortir de l'impasse, un mouvement se dessine alors en faveur d'un renouvellement du vocabulaire, des conceptions et des pratiques de la mission. Non sans crises. Les discours pontificaux, dont les Linea- menta L. Le mot d'ordre romain de mobilisation en vue d'une nouvelle evangelisation dicte certes la ligne commune. La mission devient ici une exigence qui.