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Just one more wet fantasy. Then there are the trucks etc. I suggest the politicians are as stupid as ever. They just feel it is no longer necessary to pretend they have any common sense. If they actually had to pay, their behavior would soon stop. Somehow We the People have to learn how to tell them NO and make it stick. Otherwise, the stupidity will continue until there is nothing left worth having. It could be much more than dollars if interest rates were higher.

The Climate Communication prize should have been awarded to me, instead of Michael Man. Completely Incomprehensible CC. If the panels were built using the electricity they produce then the entire world economy would be devoted to just producing energy. At this point in their development solar panels are an unrenewable technology; meaning they cannot produce enough energy in their lifetime to enabling them to be replicated at end of life.

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It clearly states their assumptions. Of the authors I have met Martin Thomas who is a very knowledgeable electric engineer and was a partner in an engineering consulting company. He has given talks on Nuclear energy and has visited nuclear power stations overseas. So the author panel is weighted towards nuclear.

I admit would like to see some nuclear power stations here. It is my belief from reading about nuclear technology in Finland and South Korea that the cost of nuclear power is exaggerated. In Finland a nuclear power stations has been more than doubled in capacity with relatively minor modifications eg increasing the pressure in the boilers, adding additional steam turbines, better instrumentation and computer control.

Other relative teams

This has reduced the capital cost per unit of output. Further, they have obtained licence to extend the life to 60 years and may extend the life further. This will substantially lower capital costs. However, the graphs are wrong to have emissions on one of the scales. CO2 is not a pollutant and the production of CO2 should not be considered an emission. It seems to me that none of the authors understands the climate scam. If the priority on renewables is removed, subsidies are removed and contracts take in account reliablity of supply eg penalise wind and solar if they can not meet contracted supply over one hour or one day for large industrial customers then coal fired power stations will be more viable and investment on upgrading existing stations or building new ones can be made.

Liddell power station is hindered by poor quality coal mills which operate below the original design capacity. If the Finns can increase the pressure capability of boilers at Nuclear plants it could be possible to uprate some of the existing older coal boiler units and replace turbines. There are older coal fired power stations that have had lives over 80 years. The present systems giving priority for wind and solar has meant no investment on existing stations, a run down of maintenance, more break downs and reduced life.

Like your car, if you do not keep up maintenance eg the breaks, engine oil, tyres etc there will be a major break down which could be the end costing more than expected. AGL is doing that at Liddell. They may even have an insurance policy hoping that something like an explosion or fire will help their short term bottom line and give management a bonus. It is one of three English-language daily newspapers in South Korea….

Landslides have exposed the steel frame of the structure. This solar facility, carved into the ridges of a mountain overlooking farmland, is two months away from opening. Hundreds of solar panels are installed…. Rainwater streaming down the mountainside carved pits and ravines in the slopes, and in some places, steel frames that were sunk some 1. A two-meter pit has formed by the construction site, while runoff water from the slopes has inundated farmland below…. On Aug.

Subsidies for the current mix are cruelling people, businesses and taking business offshore because of the cost of power. When this occurs the system is unworkable. Plus, there will be no jobs industry will have left the land of Qz. When will the craziness be realized? These engineers and modellers are failing to realize the fatal flaws in their ponderings and wanderings. Indeed, the report speculates that the findings serve as proof that smart electric heat can provide enough flexibility to enable green generation from wind and solar alone, displacing the need for nuclear generation and carbon capture and storage CCS.

Indeed, the cost of generating energy from wind and solar in the UK is expected to halve by , with the expected future power system volatility set to create more economic opportunities for flexible energy sources and storage capacity. I, being perhaps somewhat masochistic, spend some time at the Fairfax comments sites.

Ableism in Sex: Queering Your Kink and Fetishes | Eruditorum Press

It is a sobering experience reading the comments on climate change articles — the sheer blinkered stupidity of many there is staggering. They believe that AGW is solely the reason for climate change and that it is catastrophic. They believe that solar and wind are the answer and that both are reliable, economic and environmentally friendly. They believe that solar and wind are cheaper than coal — but they still argue for subsidies for renewables and penalties for coal. They refuse to believe anything about the failing wind and solar markets in Germany and China. So as to the question, when will we escape this period of peak stupid?

The Greens in whatever form are frantically trying to keep momentum going. They represent a small but incredibly noisy group trying to influence the majority. If most people believed the Fairfax press why has its circulation dropped to the point where it was sold off? Coal is disupted by renewables so its costs go up to the benefit of the renewables suppliers only.

The tide is turning; Trump has switched the USA towards reliable methods with a few States holding out , Both England and Germany have reduced subsidies, so has Spain and China, Canada is switching with Ontario and Altona telling the Trudeau boy to get lost. Even our Federal Govt. The longer Bill Shorten keeps sprouting nonsense about renewables being cheaper, the less likely he is to win the next election. The public are noticing that renewables and price rises go together.

All true but I wonder how representative rabid greenie Fairfax commentors are of the general population. I think BS detectors have been going off now for a while in the general population.

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  • Engineers warn 55% renewables will add $1400 to electricity bills in Australia.
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Maybe I am being overly optimistic. When the power goes off, the ignorant who know nothing about using their brains to survive basic survival skills, camping skills, bushcraft will die first. How far away are we from the tipping point for peak stupidity. Once we reach it, there will be catastrophic economic damage from which we will not recover.

Probably will occur once Liddel closes down. If labor gets in, the next election, it will be locked in. William, remember that those comments are filtered.


Before they are published they must be approved by the moderators. Magic dust is sprinkled over most studies these days. What is wrong with these old-fashioned engineers? All right, but apart from mechanisation, electrification, construction, sanitation, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and all the rest of the infrastructure…what have the engineers ever done for us?

Industrial scale Beer production? Battery storage? Hydro storage? Where did the numbers come from? The idea is to get the surfs used to being up when the sun rises and going to bed when it goes down. The dystopian future for our children is being built now and the plebs do nothing about it. George I also have doubts about htdro storage. Makes perfect sense to the Greens, and our previous Prime Minister. Basically it made up rainbows and unicorns stuff. They talk about stuff as though it exists when it doesnt, they lie so long and so completly that they believe it themselves.

There is no widely deployable storage system. Not saying their arent sweet spots where it can work, but its not a global solution now or in a useful timescale. The warmists and Greens are hellbent, In charging every last cent, From sun and windmills, On electrical bills, With renewable mindless intent. I saw this on the GWPF site. Will this change the discussion? That is interesting. Get them out of the Pilliga and Bowen. And people actually vote these creeps. The article was published in the Australian yesterday.

I am not sure if others will be able to read it. Usually the content in the Australian has a pay wall. Adam Creighton, the journalist does not give the title, nor a reference to the actual study. It was apparently sent to some politicians. This is where they occasionally bury Graham Walsh if they anticipate too many trolls. There are also Graeme 4, myself un-numbered and at least one other, probably 2, Graemes. I have chipped Peter on several occasions about making up his figures but without effect. Obviously young and naive, but can afford The Australian subscription and has close to full time use of a computer, so not at High School or unemployed.

I assume a public servant or academic neglecting his duties. Does anybody know anything? They also have a few songs that are just them, and they used to be a twin unit before joining MG 4. Besides their idol job, the twins are hardly ever seen without each other, and usually work together on projects. A common trope in pre-Columbian America involves twins doing this. Classical Mythology abounds in this. Some examples: Brothers Hades, Poseidon and Zeus rule the world together under the leadership of the youngest, Zeus.

The Raven Room

They drew lots to decide who gets what apart from the Earth: Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the underworld. Zeus also forms a God Couple with his sister Hera. Twins Artemis and Apollo children of Zeus and Leto frequently work together, for instance as death deities — Apollo targeting men with his arrows, Artemis women. Later, Artemis became goddess of the Moon and Apollo god of the Sun. Apollo's son Asclepius, the god of healing, had several children by different wives. Most of his sons became famous healers, while his five daughters — Hygieia, Panacea, Aceso, Iaso and Aglaea — are all personifications of aspects of healing and good health.

Arts and sciences were the province of the nine Muses daughters of Zeus and the Titaness Mnemosyne and their half-brother Apollo. Their sister Eos is better known as Rose-Fingered Dawn. The Fates are conventionally described as three sisters Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos , although the myths are far from unanimous as to their parentage. Castor and Polydeuces, twin half-brothers. Eventually turned into the Greek version of the constellation Gemini.

Amphion and Zethos, twin sons of Zeus and Antiope.

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Idas and Lynceus, inseparable sons of Aphareus of Messene and his wife Arene, although it was believed that Idas' real father was Poseidon. Heracles and his nephew Iolaos. It did not end well. Pro Wrestling. The gimmick of identical twins who can win matches because they look so much alike they can switch places in the ring without their opponent, or more appropriately, the referee realizing it is a very common one.

The Bella Twins , Nikki and Brie. Shu and Kei Sato, two Japanese wrestlers whose gimmick changed from pop singing sailors to Hindu occultists. The Samoan Soldiers, perhaps better known as The Usos. Incidentally, their father Rikishi also has a twin brother in the business. Dory Funk Jr. Raymond and Jacques Rougeau. The Steiner Brothers Rick and Scott. Bret and Owen Hart who had a short lived, but memorable tag team run.

Sometimes their other brother, CK Jackson, joins in on the fun too. Tabletop Games. Games Workshop games: Warhammer : Naestra and Arahan are a pair of mystically separated aspects of the same elf, rather than sisters, but they behave like twins for all intents and purposes. The pair always fight together from the back of their mighty forest dragon Ceithin-Har.

The High Elf identical twins Tyrion and Teclis often fight together, especially in times of great peril, but just as often operate apart. In Blood Bowl , the Swift Brothers, Lucien and Valen, are a pair of Elven twins who, since reconciling with each other after a long running feud, have refused to play for any team individually. Warhammer 40, : The pilot and gunner of Eldar Viper Jetbike teams consist of psychically-linked twin-sibling teams for better coordination. An Eldar Wraithknight is a very special case of this, as it is piloted by a team consisting of identical twins, one living and the other dead.

Primarchs Alpharius and Omegon led the Alpha Legion of Space Marines together throughout the Great Crusade and might still be in charge despite one or the other being declared dead multiple times. J'zall was their tribe's leader and strongest warrior, and Ajani's special brand of magic could make him even stronger. TCG are anthropomorphic weasel brothers with a kamaitachi theme. Video Games. Lorian is crippled and mute thanks to the curse borne by Lothric, but he's willing to protect his ill younger brother regardless. Should you defeat Lorian, Lothric will revive him and they will both fight alongside against you.

Mario and Luigi, the Super Mario Bros. And their Evil Counterparts Wario and Waluigi, though it's ambiguous if those two are actually brothers. David "Hesh" Walker and Sgt. Logan Walker from Call of Duty: Ghosts. Their father also serves as their commanding officer at times, making them a The McCall brothers from Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood : adventurers and robbers. Terry and Andy , the Bogard Brothers. Neither has been seen since. The same game introduced the Magus Sisters, a trio of sisters who serve as Barbariccia's minions. They made a few reapearrances in some form in several other games since, most notably as a bonus summon in Final Fantasy X.

Royal siblings, no less. Having them in the same team together is only mandatory for one very brief period, but their most significant scenes involve both of them. Amusingly, while Sabin can be recruited before Edgar in the World of Ruin , but because he's optional, the mandatory scenes for Edgar's recruitment leave him mostly silent.

You'd think he'd have some comments about his brother's Paper-Thin Disguise , but no. For most of the game the siblings are separated by the dimensional rift, but they can all potentially be on the same team in the endgame. Billy and Jimmy Lee, the Double Dragons. In the arcade version of Double Dragon 3 , this trope is invoked literally by having the playable characters divided into four groups of different sibling teams the Lee Bros. Oscar and Emile Bielert from Valkyria Chronicles , both snipers.

The Great Giana Sisters features twin sisters, however Giana's twin is missing in one game and is the Damsel in Distress in another. The Blue Bomber and his red brother from the Mega Man series, made an actual team as of Faylen and Faylon from Suikoden V. Twins Kat and Ana from the WarioWare series are child ninjas who are always together. It's implied Dante and Vergil have even done this before as they skillfully switch swords with each other mid-fight. Dragon Age II : Hawke and his or her twin siblings are quite capable in battle, and the surviving twin will always have a class that compliments Hawke's, also making them Sword and Sorcerer.

Xenoblade : Dunban and Fiora. A Super Mario Thing and its spin-offs have Demo and Iris, the two cycloptic demon sisters and main characters. Some of the trainer classes you can encounter throughout the series are also siblings, like the Twins, Sis and Bro, and the Mysterious Sisters. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten : Fuka and Desco, though the former isn't initially happy with the idea of a demon she just met calling her a sister.

She does warm up to her and the idea over time, though, and they end up forming a proper team in short time. The protagonists of Telepath Tactics , Emma and Sabrina Strider, who work together to free their father from slavery. There is also the Brother-Sister Team Gavrielle and Farasat Hashmal, who are similarly trying to rescue their enslaved brother.

Sans and Papyrus from Undertale , often referred by fans as " the bone bros ". Fire Emblem Gaiden has the above-mentioned Palla, Catria, and Est return, while the remake Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Celica fight alongside her long-lost and presumed-dead older brother Conrad. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War has Sigurd fight alongside Ethlyn in the first generation, and almost every playable character in the second generation has a playable sibling. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones stars the royal siblings of Renais, Eirika and Ephraim who double subvert this in that they don't spend much time fighting alongside each other until halfway through the game.

In addition, the royalty of Frelia, Innes and Tana, fight together, as well as Tethys and her brother Ewan. Fire Emblem Awakening : Ylissean royalty Chrom can be this with his younger sister Lissa, taking advantage of the same Pair Up mechanic that originated in this game and passed on to Fates. Any of the second generation children can form a Paired Up team with their sister Lucina or their sister Morgan, if their father is Chrom or a male Avatar, respectively.

The members of the Hoshidan royal family Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi and Sakura and the Avatar can act as this with each other on the Birthright and Revelation paths using the Pair Up mechanic, though it's subverted in the Avatar's case, as he or she is Not Blood Siblings with the Hoshidan royals. Likewise, the Nohrian royal family Xander, Camilla, Leo, and Elise can team up although it's downplayed here; they are paternal half-siblings, and the Avatar is adopted.

As in Awakening , any of the second-generation children can Pair Up with their brother Kana or their brother Shigure, as long as their mother is a female Avatar or Azura, respectively. The Shitodo siblings Aoji, Hooaka, and Kuroji from the Len'en series where the first game they appeared as stage bosses and by the fourth game, they become a playable team. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End sees series protagonist Nathan Drake team up with his long-lost and presumed-dead older brother Sam. One chapter explaining their backstory is even called "The Brothers Drake". A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky : Mint and Ivy are sisters who start out with only each other, fighting monsters, but gain companions on their journey.

Chantelise : Chante and Elise are sisters, on a journey to free Chante from the curse that transformed her into a fairy. It turns out that the witch's curse does this to a pair of sisters every few years, at least, until Chante and Elise stop the Vicious Cycle. Visual Novels. Or at least that's how it was supposed to go, if Junko hadn't executed Mukuro for fun. For what it's worth, they were still probably this leading up to the killing game , when they engineered The Tragedy. Ace Attorney : Apollo Justice and his half-sister Trucy Wright , though this isn't revealed until the end of the fourth game and the two of them aren't even aware of it.

Web Animation. Red vs. Blue has the Freelancers North- and South Dakota, who are twins and, according to South, always put together on a team, explicitly to figure out if this trope could give them an advantage. Until South sets him up to be killed. As we learn in season 10, the Director has all kinds of relationship issues, putting experiments like this in a whole different light. There's also the Malachite twins. The Branwen Siblings during their Academy days.

Web Comics. From Widdershins , we have Edie and Gladys Shaw. Bill and Barry Heterodyne from the backstory of Girl Genius. The eponymous heroes of Nip and Tuck are implied to be this, especially here. Kavra and Khevresh from Wayfarers Moon. This does not end well when Khevresh is killed by Iri and Kavra goes for revenge. Taffe and Larima from Pacificators. They're awfully protective of each other, as they're the only family they have left. Emi and Feng, a couple of fire-wielding trouble-makers in Skyvein. Web Original. Leraje and Ronove Thanadar were this too until Leraje betrayed Ronove.

Hamper and Damper are twin brothers with different psychic powers in the Whateley Universe. One can cloud minds, the other can suppress powers. He's still credited, mentioned and even shown a couple of times in the videos. John and Hank of VlogBrothers are a real-life sibling team. The former two also now produce the web-video series Monster Factory at Polygon. The Paul brothers Logan and Jake are siblings that have collaborated with each other countless times on the internet and did a fake argument with each other through music.

Western Animation. The new Jonny Quest has the Daughters of Zim. Taz-Mania had the Platypus Brothers: general contractors. The Powerpuff Girls are a set of triplets who fight crime. Sonic Underground had a version of Sonic who had a sister and a brother, all on a quest to find their mother. Sunstreaker and Sideswipe of Transformers: Generation 1. Twins Jetfire and Jetstorm in Transformers Animated. Lifty and Shifty from Happy Tree Friends. At least until Shego became a villain The Trix in Winx Club are a villainous version, though whether they are actually blood related is left ambiguous.

They're actually prototypes of Jenny herself, but possess independent personalities and abilities. Lin and Suyin Beifong, once they settle their Sibling Rivalry. Lester: "Thanks everybody, but I couldn't have done all this without the help of my brainy sister Eliza. Real Life.

Strugatsky Brothers : the most popular Soviet sci-fi authors. The Coen Brothers. The Wayans Brothers. Saints Cyril and Methodius , the creators of the Cyrillic Alphabet , were the youngest and the oldest among seven children their parents had. Cyril was a Teen Genius , Methodius was a military general.

The James brothers seem to have made a habit out of working with sets of brothers as well. That didn't work out so well for Jesse though or, for that matter, the Fords. The Kelly Gang consisting of brothers Ned and Dan and two other close friends of the family were part of an Australian outlaw gang referred to as 'bushrangers'. Unfortunately Dan tends to get the Second Banana status while Ned was immortalised as a hero who stood up to police corruption. The Wright Brothers. The Marx Brothers.

Director Sam Raimi , who often casts his brother Ted Raimi in his films. But especially on educational matters, significant overlaps can exist. In Howard County, public libraries also make special efforts to issue children library cards as soon as possible, and they work closely with school libraries. We need both kinds. Paula Wyatt, K library relations director for LibraryEndowment.

Gross, in her book, seems respectful of K librarians even if her real focus is on the public variety. I need to acknowledge that Ms. Gross warns against libraries simply being treated as not-quite-essential places for charitable handouts. On the positive side, I see an important overlap in visions. She talks about renaming key functions e. The proposed endowment could, as mentioned, embed in-context mentions in mass media of specific titles and services available and position libraries as places for self education and other kinds of learning, just as Ms. Gross wants. Among the main arguments of anti-library forces is that no one goes to libraries.

National stats show otherwise. But keep in mind the need to draw people there not just to see videos but engage in education, other self-improvement and community activities. The challenge of library attendance is a Catch Imagine the kick-start that the endowment could give poor communities, in tandem with the efforts of an advocacy-related spin-off undertaking political campaigns. Perhaps you should give a squat, even if you live in a coastal city far from the heart of Trump Country.


Like it or not, rural voters command a disproportionate influence in our political system through the Electoral College. But reference desks should be resolute on matters of scientific fact such as climate change, the existence of which Fox commentators have so often questioned. We are not talking about Soviet-style political indoctrination; rather, factual knowledge or at least traditional nonpartisan consensus among liberals and conservatives alike.

Some apparently interpreted this routine civic exercise as propaganda against the President or thought a spammer had hacked the NPR account. While Fox is a popular target for us info-literacy types, the problem actually is worse. But, yes, a major information gap exists between rural and urban regions. They said Manafort could get a fairer trial in a rural area of Virginia with less broadband and fewer media outlets available.

If so many Americans are out of touch with reality, then how can they vote intelligently? No need for them to absorb all the details of the Declaration, but they should at least grasp the spirit of the document. So, please, librarians, start caring about the know-nothings of all political beliefs. Perhaps the library endowment could help fund both legacy media and nonpartisan media startups, on the Web and even broadcast radio, to encourage well-informed discussion of local issues by people of all political beliefs.

The same media could promote local and national library offerings. A partnership possibility with National Public Radio or a similar organization, or perhaps the Knight Foundation? In a related vein, librarians could join educators in teaching genuine critical thinking and information literacy so students and other library-goers would be less vulnerable to malarkey from demagogues and their cults, whether left- or right-wingers. Of course, full media literacy cannot happen without the imparting of traditional literacy—the very forte of librarians.

More importantly, we need to care about the rural and the poor as people with needs—so, so scandalously neglected by the American elite. FDR and his people considered rural Tennessee and surrounding areas to be important enough to create the Tennessee Valley Administration. Ideally librarians and donors receptive to the endowment idea can show similar vision. Then consider that an endowment could make more books and more services available to all in a cost-efficient way, leveraging technology. While the endowment would give heavy attention to the needs of underserved areas, it could still award innovation-related grants and others to libraries in well-off districts.

Come up with the right idea, Beverly Hills, and you, too, could end up with a grant. Just as with Harvard, the idea of the endowment would not be to siphon donations away from libraries in Beverly Hills or elsewhere which were already well-funded. Quite clearly the super rich as a group have enough money to fund the endowment many times over without imperiling their other charitable spending or noticeably slowing down meaningful investments in their businesses. We just want more geographical and other kinds of fairness. Remember, too, that these figures are at least four years old.

Both institutions are probably still richer. No anti-New York sentiment here. Not to remind the more conscientious billionaires of their national obligations would reflect badly on ALA officials as professionals dedicated to the commonweal. Please note that the study does not include academic libraries, but if they were counted, almost surely the elite colleagues like Harvard would account for an outsized percentage of the total.

First off, the endowment would focus on a very select group of donors, the super rich, the billionaire class, so as not to drain off local donations. Second, endowment could use matching grants to preserve and even increase local fundraising incentives. Third, just as the advocacy spin-off aided pro-library lobbying at federal and state levels, the endowment in one way or another could help local Friends-style groups refine their fundraising techniques and expand their activities. Especially helpful would be the presence of representatives from the Council of State Library Administrators.

Harvard would one of the better choices for a conference site because of a chance to build on the existing work of the DPLA, founded there. Also, the super rich would be more likely to participate in a conference at an elite university. On top of that, a conference and follow-ups at Harvard could use a cross-disciplinary approach, with heavy participation not only by the law school but also the school of education, the Kennedy School of Government, the business school and the ethics center.

Harvard, though, should act as a facilitator rather than as an overlord, especially on matters affecting public and school libraries. Whoever hosted the conference, attendees should begin with a discussion of needs and other basics. Issues like family literacy and the digital divide are worlds apart from the concerns of typical academic librarians. Academics could still be godsends to public and school librarians in such areas as content and technical assistance.

But let public and K librarians control their own destinies. Furthermore, academics need to appreciate better the differences in missions, governance and priorities between 1 public and K libraries and 2 academic and special libraries. The former two are answerable to the taxpayers and cater to mass tastes or needs. By contrast, academic libraries primarily serve the cause of knowledge and come with their own aesthetic and cultural sensibilities.

They care less about the popular fiction that comforts and entertains rather than challenging. And special libraries? There are also software and other vendor-related issues. But those products may not always be the best for public library user—hence, a built-in conflict of interest. A separate public system, while tapping the expertise of experts within the academic system, could make its own decisions on ebook-reading apps and others. Of course, the ideal situation would be an entirely open approach, under which individual users could choose from a number of readers.

May the library world reach that goal in time! Some other software-related concerns arise. Public library patrons above all may appreciate an easy-to-use electronic catalog, while academic go for a more complex but more powerful interface. Among the other topics discussed at the conference or follow-ups might be the possibility of using some communities in Puerto Rico as a major testbed. I could not immediately find more recent data, but undoubtedly the figure is still shockingly low.

Rather than ALA and other library groups just sending some cash donations, they could encourage the endowment to help Puerto Rico reinvent its public libraries for the ebook era—with digital divide issues addressed along the way. In her talk, she focused on the need for libraries to transform themselves for the new ethnic America.

I was very pleased to see her positive references to social media and to ebooks, which, after all, can be a very cost-effective way to serve diverse needs. But to do the job right—to multiply the amount of good Spanish-language content from libraries on the U. Resistance to far more tax money for libraries will be strong from some elderly white voters and politicians hateful toward the new demographics. And that battle must go on.

But a national library endowment could also help—in fact, not just brown-skinned newcomers to the U. Corrections and suggestions welcome email drothman libraryendowment. Also, bear in mind that my personal essay does not necessarily reflect the opinions of all participants in LibraryEndowment. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. By David H. Rothman Cofounder, LibraryEndowment. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. A K librarian on the urgent need for a national library endowment.

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