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An examination of Asian international students' perceptions of stress situation and helpful responses. Lawton, L. Affection, social contact and geographical distance between adult children and their parents. Journal of Marriage and the Family , 56 , 57— Lesser, E.

Putting Judgment on Hold

Predicting adjustment to college: A comparison between international and American students. Mills, T. When grandchildren grow up: Role transition and family solidarity among baby boomer grandchildren and their grandparents. Journal of Aging Studies , 13 2 , — Roberto, K. Grandfathers' perceptions and expectations of relationships with their adult grandchildren. Interactions with grandparents and great-grandparents: A comparison of activities, influences and relationships. International Journal of Aging and Human Development , 43 2 , — Grandchildren and grandparents: Roles, influences and relationships.

International Journal of Aging and Human Development , 34 3 , — Robertson, J. Significance of grandparents: Perceptions of young children. Gerontologist , 16 , — Spitze, G. Gender variations. Szinovacz, M. Research on grandparenting: Needed refinements in concepts, theories, and methods. Tomlin, A. Grandparents' influences on grandchildren. Uhlenberg, P. Frequency of grandparent contact with grandchild sets: Six factors that make a difference. The Gerontologist , 38 , — Van Ranst, N. The meaning of grandparents as viewed by adolescent grandchildren: An empirical study in Belgium.

International Journal of Aging and Human Development , 41 4 , — Williams, N. Grandparenthood among Hispanics. Wood, V. The significance of grandparenthood. Gubrium Ed. New York: Behavioral Publications. Seoul National University Seoul Korea. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher. No material herein may be reproduced without the permission of the Editor. Island Grandparent is distributed free in selected areas.

Photo by Darshan Alexander Photography, darshanphotography. Along with the standard grandparent name variations—Nana, Papa, Granny and Pop—Witkin lists over alternatives, dividing them by gender into three categories: Traditional, Trendy and Playful. Not keen on Granny? How about Gitchie, Gadget or Jamagramma? Pops not quite playful enough? According to a poll at Grandparents.

A name is a name.

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And we may not claim the senior discount at the movie theatre. Chances are, your new grandbaby will add a slight twist of his or her own. Sue Fast hope this issue of Island Grandparent adds to your stores of hard-won wisdom. Just like the time you spend with your grandchildren, we hope you enjoy every minute—and every page—of Island Grandparent.

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An entire life stage had somehow slipped through my fingers without notice. My daughters are grown women now, and the two oldest have children of their own. But as I get caught up in the busyness of daily life, I still find it too easy to take the little things for granted.

A friend of mine inadvertently reminded me how fortunate I am. Her own children are both in their thirties, but there are no grandchildren on the immediate horizon. My friend is dating a man who does have grandkids, however, and the youngest one recently presented her with a lovely drawing. My friend gave the drawing pride of place on the front of her refrigerator and drew attention to it at our last visit.

Point taken. I returned home that evening with a new appreciation for the knee-level handprints on my sliding glass door and the plastic dinosaurs lurking behind the couch—evidence of the three-year-old in my life. It was initially a way to cope with grief, but it became much more. Through the lens of gratitude—a discipline that can be cultivated—I discovered that I was surrounded with gifts, both big and small.

Some were obvious, while some required more intentional observation. Our grandchildren are certainly gifts, simply by their existence. What could be more primally fulfilling than knowing that life goes on into the next generation? The impossible softness of newborn skin. The trusting grip of little fingers. The proud grin that follows a soccer goal or a well-executed gymnastics routine. Gratitude and the practice of mindfulness seem to go hand-in-hand.

When practiced formally, mindfulness is also known as meditation—time set aside to clear the mind of distraction, to get quiet and centred while anchored in an awareness of the breath. Practiced informally, mindfulness is about fully entering the present moment, focusing the attention on one thing, at one time, without judgement. While mindfulness is rooted in Buddhist tradition, western medical professionals are increasingly recognizing its benefits to mental and physical well-being.

How do we practice mindfulness with our grandkids? We put aside our phones in their company. We focus on one thing at a time. We invite them to join us in our work in the garden or at the kitchen counter. We learn to respond rather than to react. This kind of moment-by-moment presence should be easier to practice with our grandkids than it was when we were parenting their moms and dads. Most of us have less responsibility as grandparents, less need to multitask or to control outcomes.

We can afford to slow down, to appreciate each life stage before it slips past. But it does take intention. Rachel Dunstan Muller through them. Being mindful of even the little things can help us to see our grandchildren fully and love them unconditionally. Her previous articles can be found at islandparent. Visual Ways of Storytelling 1.

See a Problem?

Make a family photo album and share it with your grandkids. Create a family history picture compendium online. Perhaps you can even get some computer tips from your grandchildren for this one. Fill in a family calendar with important dates for your family and discuss it periodically weekly, monthly, seasonally, etc. You can assign bonus points if they recount facts about the pictures on the cards.

Are you are a grandparent raising your grandchildren? You are not alone. To talk with someone about resources and programs that you may not be aware of, call the province-wide GRG Information Line toll free at You can also find out about programs on the Island that provide opportunities to meet with other grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, along with information, support and activities.

Find out more by visiting parentsupportbc. This trend can positively impact families, since healthy grandparents can have a higher capacity to contribute to family life and help younger generations manage family responsibilities such as child care and household finances. James S. Bates, who studies the effects of grandfathers on their families, divides the kind of activities they do with their grandchildren into seven categories which apply to grandmas too : 1. Efforts to teach and pass on practical skills and knowledge. Offering comfort, encouragement and advice. Efforts to organize, facilitate, and participate in leisure activities with grandchildren.

Family identity. Efforts to encourage strong family relationships and appropriate interpersonal behaviors among family members. Investment work. Assisting grandchildren in becoming financially self-reliant in adulthood. Remember you are the grandparent, and not the parent.

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The responsibility feels even greater than when you were a parent. When you were younger and driving your kids from place to place, you did not think twice about it. But now, these are not your own kids. Learn to zip your mouth. This is a hard and steadfast rule that must be followed. If you are the parent of a son, you learn this rule right away. But, as the mother of a daughter, the boundaries may be less stringent. There are times when you want to step in and express your opinion. Wait until you are asked!

And then, tread lightly. More importantly, practice self-control even when you know the answer. Yes, they have their own set of rules that are established in the dynamics of their family. And the child rearing guidelines are always evolving. We had our chance to be the parents. Make your own life a priority. Do not sit and wait all the time to be directed and contacted. You need to continue to create your own daily fulfillment and if you are not…well, we suggest you start.

Take care of you. Enjoy your time, your spouse, and all the life experiences you can create. This is a hard one.

Reading With Your Grandchildren | Reading Rockets

We like to do, and go, and buy. Enjoy the moments. Be present. Be mindful of what you are doing now. This is not a good example any child will benefit from. From Are there Grandparent Rules? This age-old role offers an innovative ideal from which schools need to learn. Children no longer roam and discover the world away from adults. What if school time was spent cultivating that ready-made desire to learn that lights up the faces of children?

Creative and critical thinking, essential skills for the 21st century, require a school culture where mistake-making is encouraged. Mistake-making is how we learn. Grandparents know the power of trying and failing and intuitively supporting this. Perhaps the greatest gift given to a child is that of being witnessed— seen, heard, validated.

Connecting with our children for a more compassionate world.

This is one of the super-powers that grandparents possess. Observing my parents with my children allowed me to integrate the connections between my personal and professional worlds. The mentoring role is essential for ensuring kids thrive. The reality is, this is not doable in traditional school settings where most kids wait hours, days or weeks to get a fraction of the one-on-one time they need. Kids spend an average of 11, hours in classrooms from K One thing that grandparents know in spades—time is irreplaceable, and often the most exceptional lessons take place outside the four walls of the school.

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The Grandparents Handbook

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The bristles are worn. Thirty seconds of dead silence. They moved away in the summer. A career opportunity for Dad.

Friendship Starter Set

Their mom calls. Exit, Far Right Dad goes downstairs to start the porridge. Chess club after school today; he always. Feed the birds! Guinea pig! And what time is your game? Gabe flies by. She touches on the news, injustices. Saturday morning daughter stays in bed even longer and chats with me while awaiting her waffles. Ditto Sunday. Oh here comes my orange juice. Mum what were you saying? I finished knitting the baby sweater and sent it off. I said out you little monkey! Exit doing cartwheels Did you say something Mom?

For now, packages fly up with books and magazines and must-reads from Tanners, cushioned with balls of yarn and knitted scarves. And then there are the phone calls back and forth several times a day. But his clothes beyond proficient at multitasking. And you need to brush your teeth ready for Act One, Scene One, maybe even and…do you even have underwear on? Close graduating to Skype this time around. Two bus stops.

None Galiano Island Books and spends a lot of time these days in bookstores in Sidney. Some pack balanced lunches. And look—she has brought her six-year old daughter to keep me company! No bouncing! What would you like to do first, Gwamma? I think, wistfully. She is full of ideas.

Thanks for all the great ideas. Relationships with children are much like plants, they need constant nourishing. When you are living close, this type of nourishment comes easily through the activities and time spent with your grandchildren. However, when you are not living close this becomes more difficult to accomplish. We know how hectic life can be in the middle of the week. Sometimes the last thing on your mind is nurturing the relationships with your children who are at a distance.

This is why we are offering a free e-mail reminding service. Each week we will send you a quick reminder to do one of the long distance activities that day for your child. In addition, we will send a suggestion or two that usually takes 5 minutes or less to complete.