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1. Walk in the Spirit (Rom. 8:4)
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For some details on how the Spirit is sent by Christ to continue Christ's work, see John The Spirit shows us what we can't otherwise know about Christ. The followers of Christ have been described James as being the first fruit of the new order, the Kingdom.

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The first fruits were a waive offering in the temple talk of the Hebrew Scriptures , related to the Jewish day of Pentecost. The gift of the Holy Spirit the indwelt presence of God was first given to the church at the Christian Pentecost, but had been seen before that: the prophets prophesied from that Spirit, and it is said of Christ that "he had the spirit without measure. A theology of the Spirit was the furthest thing from their minds. They had their hands full coping with the Spirit's presence and activity in their lives, and having every believer experience this activity.

There has been no repeat of Pentecost -- there is nothing quite like the first time -- but from that moment on the Holy Spirit would be giving people mini-Pentecosts, filling them and showing them what to do with it. In Acts ; ; , the Spirit comes with the beginning of faith within the person, and with the action of being baptized. Indeed, that's what Peter promised in Acts Repent, be baptized, receive the Spirit. Notice that the Spirit has a different timetable than the apostles or anyone else. That's because God rules, and can choose to be in the house and in effect at any time.

7 Steps to Walking the Spiritual Walk | Crossway Articles

Back To Top. It appears from what Jesus says in John 16 that the presence of the Holy Spirit is something better, at least in some ways, than having Jesus alive in our midst, even in a resurrected form. At first blush, such talk sounds like the ramblings of a venerable mystic, but then, Spirit-talk always runs that risk.

Another saying that heads off in a similar direction is John , in that those who have not seen Jesus like us! My guess at this mysterious saying goes like this. When Jesus walked the earth, it was a 'you hadda be there' experience. But it was a 'you hadda be there' kind of thing in another way: if you were anywhere else than where Jesus was, you were not in the presence of the second person of the Trinity.

He took on the limits of being a human being, including those of time and space, with the eventual reality of death. These limits go with being ' incarnate ' being a body-being. There are some advantages to being just a spirit. The Spirit has no limit of time or space. The Spirit is able to work within minds and through people's activities, in the everyday realm everywhere, throughout the centuries. Jesus does what could only be done by a bodily being who is in the Spirit, while the Holy Spirit does what a bodily being can't do by itself. Whatever the task is, all of God's Persons are at work in the task somehow.

The Spirit draws us into the presence of Christ, even to the point of creating a relationship between us and Jesus Christ that can be so close that to speak of being in union with Him does not have to be blasphemous. The bond between us and the risen Jesus Christ is a bond sewn by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit won't live in someone who chooses to sin in spite of conscience, or who has no love in them.

The Spirit is not found where sin has its way. When people say God is dead or is a remote being who has fled the scene, God says otherwise in Jesus the Christ, a bodily being in full solidarity with us. It may not be ideal, but it is the situation. God knows this, and God wants you to prosper, according to what His definition of prospering is for you as an individual.

Remember, that may look different than what He wants for someone else.

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God has an individual plan for your finances, and He will reveal this to you through the leading of the Holy Spirit. We deal with multiple relationships every day. All of these relationships, and more, are important parts of your life that can be influenced by your choices, your words and your actions. God may have great plans for you that involve specific relationships in your life.

When you are being led of the Holy Spirit, you will be guided in how to speak to the people you interact with, how to handle conflicts, times to show kindness and compassion, times to withdraw and a thousand other important little things that will slowly and surely guide you along the path God has intended for you. When you are not being led by the Holy Spirit in your relationships, you can cause irreparable damage in areas that never should have been damaged.

You may never know what God had intended for that relationship. As you spend more and more time connected with the Holy Spirit, you will start to recognize the feeling of being guided. You will begin trusting that feeling, following through and ultimately seeing the Providential blessings that will follow as a result of your obedience. You simply must give the Holy Spirit a chance and see for yourself.

Understanding the Holy Spirit

The word of God tells us that our body is to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Not only do most people ignore the Holy Spirit all together, but in addition to that they also care little for the temple. Our society has a certain idea about bodies that could not be farther from the truth of God.

These bodies were created in the image of God. Think about that for a moment. How much care and security and investment of time and money surrounds the original Mona Lisa painting? It is prized as one of the most precious pieces of art on the planet. But what is it? It is valuable not because of who the girl was, but because of who the artist was. It is an inanimate object, created by another human being. Our bodies, however, are also images, works of art which were created by God, but not only created by God, but also created in the image of God. We are living breathing works of art, so beautiful and so sacred that God deemed them worthy to become the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now if the Mona Lisa deserves all the care and security it receives, how much more care should our bodies receive? And yet, most Christians rarely consider their health an extension of their spirituality at all.

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The truth is the health of our bodies can elevate our spirituality tremendously. If you have never experienced elevated spirituality through physical health, you have most likely experienced crashing spirituality through illness.

Images of the Unseen Spirit

When we are sick or injured, we are usually very low spiritually. The opposite is also true, though. As our health and wellness increase so can our spirituality. When we are receiving the rest, nutrition, hydration and exercise we need we think more clearly so that we can better connect with the Holy Spirit.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

We have more energy and motivation to follow through with the things we are being led in. We have a more positive out look which makes it easier to handle our relationships and circumstances. All of these things work together to create a unified, abundant spiritual life. These practical areas of life are rarely incorporated into spiritual life. This result in a segmented existence that does not have true peace and coherency.

If you desire to obtain this wholeness, the first step is to realize that God intends for every single aspect of our lives to flow together seamlessly. This is accomplished when we make time to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It happens when we acknowledge that the Holy Spirit can guide us into all truth concerning every little decision of our lives, even those that seem the most mundane.

It happens when we quit grasping and striving in our own human strength and listen to and obey the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Read below or add a comment This is a true account of how I leave with the inner person in me the holy spirit. About Us All Our Articles. By: Michael Bradley. Last updated on: June 24, In John we read: But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

He always leads us through his written Word, which was revealed to the prophets by the Holy Spirit 2 Pet. We are to prayerfully, carefully, and humbly apply broad biblical wisdom to the situations we face in our lives. Sometimes the Holy Spirit leads us directly. The Holy Spirit can choose to act in any way and according to any timetable that he wishes; we do not dictate to him how or when he will move.

Since the Bible gives many examples of him acting more specifically, we should anticipate that he will sometimes choose to lead us directly if we are open and available to his guidance. Without the Holy Spirit, we would never know our freedom and identity as God's adoptive children. Thankfully, God has freely given us his Holy Spirit, and these verses from Romans 8 display three amazing things the Spirit does:. He acts as the go-between who takes us out of a place of slavery and fear and brings us into a place of adoption and acceptance.

The biblical concept represented by the English word hope is so strong that it is almost a synonym for "eager expectation. Includes discussion questions. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in all this? Rom says: "We ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.

In this passage, it is precisely the presence of the Spirit within you that causes you to feel this particular kind of suffering—the longing for final redemption in the midst of a fallen world. In this way, the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives reminds us of the stark contrast between the wonderful things God has prepared for us who believe and this fallen world that is so full of sin, suffering, and futility.


We learn that we are weak when we come to prayer. We often don't know what to pray for in any given situation. The concern is not about the manner of prayer the "how" , but rather the content of our prayers—what do we actually pray about? We learn that the Spirit joins to help us when we are struggling to know how to pray by interceding for us with wordless groaning.

It is not, as some propose, that we should just pray whatever we want since we don't have any idea how to pray, and that the Spirit fixes them up and prays on our behalf to the Father. Rather, the verb often translated as "helps" has a preposition attached to the front of it, which suggests that it really means "joins to help.