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By Jean Little, Illustrated by Jennifer Plecas
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Minnie’s Pet Horse

Section To Europeans, who will tie thee close, who will beat thee, who will render thee miserable : return with, me, my beauty, my darling, my jewel! Page 69 - He found the door closed, and the family gone to bed. He pawed at the door, till one of them, hearing the noise, arose and opened it, and to his surprise saw the horse of his friend.

No sooner was the door opened than the horse turned round, and the man suspecting there was something wrong, followed the animal, which led him directly to the spot where his master lay on the ground in a faint.

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In the first skirmish in which the young man was engaged he was killed, and the mare fell into the hands of the enemy. When the news reached the old man, he exclaimed that " life was no longer worth preserving, for he had lost both his son and his mare, and he grieved for one as much as the other ; ' and he immediately sickened Page 95 The road was a cross one, and extremely difficult to find ; however, by dint of perseverance and inquiry, he at length reached his destination. Two years afterwards, he had occasion to go the same way, and was benighted four or five miles from the end of his journey.

The night was so dark that he could scarcely see the horse's head. He had a dreary moor and common Page - His horse stood still; but after remaining patiently for some time, and not observing any disposition in his rider to get up and proceed further, he took him by the collar and shook him. This had little or no effect, for the farmer only gave a grumble of dissatisfaction at having his repose disturbed.

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During the long interval, it seems that he had never quitted the trumpeter's side, but had stood sentinel over his corpse, scaring away the birds of prey, and remaining totally heedless of his own privations. When found, he was in a sadly reduced condition, partly from loss of blood through wounds, but chiefly from want of food, of which, in the excess of his grief, he could Page 69 - A friend of mine was one dark night riding home through a wood, and had the misfortune to strike his head against the branch of a tree, and fell from his horse stunned by the blow.

Emma's Strange Pet

The horse immediately returned to the house which they had left, about a mile distant. He found the door closed, and the family gone to bed. Page - During the peninsular war, the trumpeter of a French cavalry corps had a fine charger assigned to him, of which he became passionately fond, and which, by gentleness of disposition and uniform docility, equally evinced its affection. The sound of the trumpeter's voice, the sight of his uniform, or the twang of his trumpet, was sufficient to throw this animal into a state of excitement ; and he appeared to be pleased and happy only when under the saddle of his rider.

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