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Monday Musings - Feeling totally knackered and trying to get ready for the week - TRINNY

For instance, air and space form the Vata Dosha, the principle of movement which is light, dry, rough and irregular. Fire and water combine to form the Pitta Dosha, the principle of transformation which is hot and sharp. Earth and water make the Kapha Dosha, the principle of structure which is heavy, cool, slow and stable. These principles apply to all of nature and the celestial cycles can either increase or decrease the qualities of the doshas within your body. Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet, making some activities optimal and others best left for tomorrow.

In a Western context, our weekly schedule is likely dictated by what we do for a living, but knowing which planets and doshas influence you on each day, can allow you to make small changes to your schedule. DO: Take advantage of your increased energy and run, hike, bike, dance or enjoy a strong yoga practice.

Your digestive power will be high, so enjoy Sunday brunch with friends!

Monday Musings: The Art of Pilgrimage

Monday is governed by the Moon, which is celebrated for its cooling, soothing and nourishing properties, so Kapha and Vata predominate. Even though Monday is seen as a day to rev up your engines after the excesses of the weekend, from an Ayurvedic perspective this is actually the day to take extra rest and meditation. DO: Eat a light diet. DO: Set aside this day for challenging tasks and difficult conversations requiring you to summon courage and strength. Things can really escalate quickly on Tuesdays! Goodhart's law is an adage named after economist Charles Goodhart: "When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

The law states that once a social or economic measure is turned into a target for policy, it will lose any information content that had qualified it to play such a role in the first place. Soviet factories were given targets on the basis of numbers of nails produced many tiny useless nails and when given targets on basis of weight produced a few giant nails. Numbers and weight both correlated well in a pre-central plan scenario.

After they are made targets in different times and periods , they lose that value.

Monday Musings: The Art of Pilgrimage - A Sacred Journey

Hospitals in Britain were taking too long to admit patients, so a penalty was instituted for wait times longer than 4 hours. So, some hospitals had ambulances stall and drive longer to shorten in-hospital wait time, perverted very function of the institution. Collectively, all those transistors consume more electricity than the state of California. Zander is also an outstanding writer.

Monday Musings by David Perell Subscribe. About Archive Sign in. But it strikes me that Putin has played a weak hand well, whereas U. Is this progress? Overall, Russia has learned or been forced to limit its foreign burdens, whereas the U. I wonder if Russia joined by China spends just enough on its military to present a threat to the U. The national security state seizes on any move by China or Russia as dangerous, destabilizing, and as justification for yet more military spending. The result is a hollowing out of the U. There are complicated forces at work here.

War, gun violence, and other forms of killing have become the background noise to our lives, so much so that we barely perceive the latest mass killing, or the latest overseas bombing gone wrong.

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We in America have this notion that, in one form or another, a heavily armed cavalry will ride to the rescue and save us from savage Indians, violent immigrants, etc. Think of his threats against immigrants — and his promises to build a wall to keep them out — and his threats to torture terrorists and even to kill their families. Christ is not bringing peace but a sword to smite all the evildoers.

For people who suffer toil and trouble daily, such apocalyptic visions are a powerful distraction and may serve as a potent reactionary tonic. I think all nations through all time have a desire for blood. The desire rises and falls but is always there. In any case the lust for the blood of enemies, external or internal is shared by many. Like Like.

So well said. Admittedly, there are plenty of examples of christians working quietly without fanfare to do the right thing but are they the norm or the exceptions to the norm? Christ as a reformer is absent. Well said. Scores of Americans regularly coming home in body bags or bombing raids on American cities and UAV strikes on picnickers might make butter look more appealing than the gun. I remember reading about a high school class that communicated over the internet with a middle-class Iraqi girl in Mosul during the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.

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She documented her thoughts and feelings about the war and the students could comment on them and ask her questions. At first she was hopeful that life after Saddam would be freer and less restrictive and that the fighting would be short lived. But as the invasion ground on and the number of civilians being shot dead by the American occupiers steadily increased, her mood and attitude began to change. She was particularly incensed by the reckless and disrespectful attitude of the US troops. Everyone had stories of relatives and friends being killed while going about their daily lives.

After her grandfather was shot and killed because a soldier thought he had a gun she remarked on how depressed she had become and wished the Americans would just pack up and go home.

Only people who have no reference points for what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a war could be this tone-deaf and unable to empathize with someone who is. Like Liked by 2 people. Boobie Theology from Fernando Po, U. The Christians, Jews, and Muslims found A way to test their wits These Boobies hung themselves on poles Or threw themselves in pits To slash and stab and stone themselves In atavistic fits.

The priests and kings would love it, though. They always have and will. Mike: The so-called Prosperity Gospel is something to behold. Jesus favors His elect by showering them with money and worldly goods!