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Warren Wells: Traversing Time. Wesleyan University Press. The Independent. Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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    Johnston, Berg, 9 May , pages 24— Some of the examples are given by this book. The essential science fiction television reader.

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      Retrieved 7 June The series had lots of interesting devices that marveled us back in the 60s. In episode one, we see wife Jane doing exercises in front of a flatscreen television. In another episode, we see George Jetson reading the newspaper on a screen. Can anyone say computer? In another, Boss Spacely tells George to fix something called a "computer virus. There is a robot vacuum cleaner, foretelling the arrival of the iRobot Roomba vacuum. There was also a tanning bed used in an episode, a product that wasn't introduced to North America until And while flying space cars that have yet to land in our lives, the Jetsons show had moving sidewalks like we now have in airports, treadmills that didn't hit the consumer market until , and they had a repairman who had a piece of technology called The Economist.

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      Oxford University Press. Loved his novels and followed him into science fiction and love it so he made a convert. Mulitple planets, huge space battles in multiple star systems, culture vs. And characters you really care about. A very influencial novel series that is highly popular in german speaking countries, but not so in the US is Perry Rhodan. The series started out in the late 50ies and they had a physicist on board as well as a bunch of awesome writers. The series is still very popular now 50 years later they now have thousands of novels in the series and tons of spin offs, etc.

      Basic story is Perry Rhodan becomes the first man on the moon in and meets the stranded Arkonides an advanced, but degenerated species. Perry Rhodan uses their tech to preent a nuclear war and unite mankind. A few years later he meets a superintelligence called ES and becomes relatively immortal as in can be killed by weapons and certain illnesses but does not age.

      This allows him to lead mankind to become the most important power in the galaxy solar empire. Now they are like years later or something. So if you are looking for Space opera that certainly should get a mentioning if not a space in the ranks. They also have space battles a plenty with s of m to m diameter spherical ships clashing with each other,or other races ships. Especially in the beginning they had some believable technology as well well at least for the time.

      They even had him launch with chemical engines to avoid radioactive contamination. The rocket also was almost the same size as a saturn V. Pretty good guessing in my book. Some things that I first saw mentioned there: Transmitters basically star treks beaming technology. Impulse Engines even with theoretical descriptions on how these things work. Hyperspace jumps like in BSG actually. Defense shields. All sorts of ray guns etc. The super species of Cosmocrats order, but static and no development, evolution and Anarchs chaos, war but in favor of evolution fighting over the control of the universe and the humans are cought in the middle I saw that later in B5.

      The mutan corps people with psi abilities like telekinesis, teleportation and telepathi, among others. I dont quite like that, but it is very popular in sci fi until this day even. More realistic space physics no up and down, no air-plane- like flying, etc. This series definitely belongs on this list. I have always enjoyed the Star Wars saga and Babylon 5. Star Wars in particular had a great way of weaving so many interesting planets and cultures together. In defence of his argument, he claimed that s military sf by the likes of David Weber was actually space opera.

      A better pair of anthologies, with a higher space opera hit rate, would be his Galactic Empires Vol 1 and Vol 2, although they include a lot of old, creaky and not very well written space operas. It was the longest 10 years of my life waiting for the finale!

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      No mention on the very first space opera of all time, John Carter of Mars? For shame…. Great characters. Ridiculously convoluted plots. I think James H. Many of Samuel R. Like Stephen, I have always considered Dune to be more of a planetary romance than space opera. The Foundation is not rubbish, it simply is not space opera. This makes it more like hard Sci-Fi than space opera. Simmons really pushes the boundaries of what can be done with human-only space opera. Vance is the grand master, and simply cannot be ignored.

      If you add video games, Mass Effect should be strongly considered. Its a by walter jhon williams, Best political space opera ive ever read.