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We encourage the parents and other family members to review what the children learn each day in camp. Going over the colors of the Italian flag, verde, bianco e rosso, is one of the many ways to get yourselves involved and help the children learn about this beautiful language and culture. Friday was our last day of Italian Camp in Yorktown Heights. So we decided to have a celebration — an Italian Carnevale celebration to be more specific.

In Italia children celebrate Carnevale usually held in February right before Lent by dressing up in costumi costumes and maschere masks much like American children do for Halloween. Although our campers did not come to camp in costume, they did make masks and painted pictures of pagliacci clowns. All the bambine girls were fate fairies and the bambini boys were conigli bunnies. For merenda snack we had special dolci from the pasticceria bakery. We had biscotti cookies in the shape of dinosauri, pulcini, and farfalle dinosaurs, chicks, butterflies.

Each day during Italian camp the bambini had time to giocare fuori play outside in the parco giochi playground where there was opportunity to get wet under the spruzzatore sprinkler and play in the sabbia — sandbox. Our counselors did a great job too! Grazie alla Andrea, Camilla, and Anna. They were the perfect addition to a great two weeks at Italian Camp. Carol and Jennifer were extremely accomodating and molto gentili! Grazie mille! Today marked the first day of the second session of the Italian Camp, this time set in La Piazza di Carolina in Yonkers.

It was exciting to have a new group of children eager to begin learning the Italian language. This group is younger- the children are all between 2 and 4 years old so we are modifying the lessons as we go along to make sure they are at an appropriate level for the children.

A few had already been exposed to the language and had taken various classes offered by La Piazza di Carolina so I was interested to see what they had retained from those experiences. We started the day off by decorating red and green folders with pictures and stamps of places and famous buildings all around Italy. We had the campers choose uova or bastoncini types of maracas to use as they sang. There were various colors of the instruments to choose from so the children learned the different colors in Italian: rosso, verde, blu, azzurro, rosa, and viola.

Inspired by the torrential rain we had today, we decided to focus the lesson on la pioggia and other words associated with this theme. We did an activity where we placed il cielo a blue tablecloth on the floor and had the children place le nuvole, la pioggia, la neve, il sole, la luna, and un arcobaleno onto il cielo. We then had craft time. Each child painted a paper plate with yellow paint and placed due occhi neri and una bocca rossa on the plate to make il sole. Luckily the rain eventually let up so after la merenda the children played outside in the spruzzatore and piscina.

The children were very enthusiastic today and I am eager to see the progress they will make over the course of the next two weeks! Il piccolo ragnetto va sul rubinetto viene la pioggia e il ragnetto se ne va… Poi ritorna il sole guarda cosa fa: il piccolo ragnetto di nuovo arriver. Se conoscete altre canzone per bambini che si trattono degli insetti, per piacere raccontatecele pure! Wednesday we talked about la frutta!

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The children started off by doing a coloring page of pictures of fruits labeled with its name in Italian. Then we passed around plastic fruit toys and had each child repeat the name of the fruit in Italian. Additionally we would ask the children to say the color of the piece of fruit as well. Doing this exercise, the children learned that in the Italian language an adjective must agree with the noun it describes.

For example, una fragola is rossa, as opposed to rosso, because la fragola is femminile and not maschile. Learning this very important aspect of the language brought up a different question pertaining to pronunciation. Rosa is pronounced as if the s was a soft z. The campers also learned the difference between arancia the fruit, orange and arancione the color, orange. We then read a few books about la frutta and had the children recognize and say the names of the different pieces of fruit in the stories. Our merenda was, you guessed it, la frutta!

We also passed out some grissini breadsticks which the children enjoy very much. They always ask for ancora! The craft dealt with la frutta, naturally. Each child colored in various pieces of fruit and then pasted them, along with little decorative flowers, onto a yellow-painted piattino. The finished product was a cappellino di frutta. We tied these cute fruit hats to their heads using decorative ribbon and they all looked adorable! Monday marked the start of the second week of the Italian Camp. The campers followed the gestures we made pertaining to the sea animals and water vessels.

We then played a memory card game using the words heard in the song. For example, if a child picked up a granchio , he or she would have to find the other one to make a pair, AND say the word in Italiano. For our merenda one of our assistant teachers, Andrea, made blue jello with Swedish Fish inside.

It was exciting for the kids to find pesci in their snack! They used onde, pesci, e conchiglie to make their pictures come to life, and then finished it off with sparkly glue. We read a book about the ice cream truck to the children and then learned the gusti such as cioccolato, vaniglia, fragola, e menta.

What a wonderful birthday it was! I wanted to show my husband every inch of it but we had to choose sigh, yell, fit throw so in the end, we chose to see Rome because it is my favorite and it was one of the must see cities for my husband. We spent the rest of our time in Puglia. This trip was unforgettable in so many ways but one of the big ones was that I knew how to speak so much more Italian…something that made my heart so happy.

In every way, this trip blew me away! We were finally having this adventure together after so much talk of it and so much struggle in our lives. I had missed my sweet Italy so much. It had been way too long. I soaked in every word, sound, smell, and taste that came my way. It was perfect….. Away we went. When we returned home this time there was something different about me.

My hopes and dreams for Italy had changed over the years but now I was more determined than ever to have it in my life. It told me that I needed to do things differently. That I needed Italy in a real way and not just a vacation. There were a few little things we needed to do in life that took up our time….

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I was sick for my entire pregnancy…. This one was so much worse than my first pregnancy though and I really thought it would be better…. Thank goodness I did and thank goodness there was a lovely, perfect beyond words, a gift at the end of it all. In January my daughter was born. She is pure joy and I am so thankful for her!

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I was back at work in a few weeks with consultations and a few weddings. After the wedding, it was time to start packing and get moved. We had a short amount of time to get our personal things and a business completely moved and set up before the next wedding season really took off. It was so much! And now I had cakes, two kids, and a million other things. The summer and life, in general, was seriously crazy! My birthday in the fall finally brought some relief, good times and plans for a spring trip to Italy: Thank the lord above!

A break and I get to plan Italy!! I was so so excited, but I have to be honest, I felt a deep ache in my heart the moment we decided to book the trip because I knew I would have to say goodbye to Italy again. Sometimes it is almost better to live without something than to have to say goodbye again.

Just getting to Italy proved to be quite challenging not just because of the kids but once we finally made it, it was amazing. We felt so welcomed and loved everywhere we went. It was wonderful to see Italians chatting with my son and him understanding what they were saying. I was so proud of him.

I had always just talked with him and he listened to it and I knew that he understood a lot. I loved hearing him speak it and it truly showed me just how far we had come. On this trip, we flew into Rome and spent a few days there. It was extra exciting to see the Trevi fountain as well because it was under construction when we were in Rome before. We walked and walked and walked and loved every second of it. After Rome, we traveled to northern Lazio and southern Tuscany. Some of the places we visited were Viterbo, Civita di Bagnoreggio, the thermal baths at Saturnia and Montepulciano.

Everything was pretty perfect! After all that we made our way to Florence and spent a few days there. It was right at the base of Piazza Michelangelo…. To experience the people and piazzas, the language and the food. To just be a family together….. After Florence, we headed back to Rome for a few days before heading home. I am home….. I have become a little more obsessed with dreams and passions and coffee. I have become a little bit more the person I feel I am supposed to be. I love her so dearly for showing me ME. After the last time in Italy with the family, I finally decided to start a blog about my love for my dream.

Some way to express my passion. Some way to make Italy more apart of my daily life not like the cafe…hahah. Some way to share all her beauty. Finally, it was time! The Blog — Lifelemonsitaly. The blog — something I have loved more than I ever thought I could. The blog — my first time writing ever ever ever in my life for other people to see this includes all those school years and it includes a long story which was a big step for me in many ways.

The blog — my Italian creation. The blog — my creative happiness. The blog — my future……maybe!?! It has been full of kids and cakes. Homeschooling and home remodel. And one very big loss. I would love more than anything to be writing these things….. As I look and think back to how my love and dream for Italy has evolved, it has really been amazing and it really has needed time.

Finding Italy has truly been a life adventure for me. A learning, growing, maddening and incredibly beautiful adventure. It is clear now. I hope if anyone takes anything from this story is that you should have the courage to go for what makes you happy! I have felt like a fool so many times for having dreams bigger than me. So, take that first step. Make that hard decision. Start that cafe or that business. Have those babies and buy that house. And now I am going to try and have some patience and take my own advice….

The sweetest man in the world. The sweetest man that I had to say goodbye to in March. The sweetest man that bought me that first plane ticket to Italy as a birthday gift that started all of this. Just the sweetest man in the world. Join us in Arezzo in September to live and love Italy and learn the language.

New Language Homestay in Rome with Emma. Homestay Language Vacation with Carmela in Rome. Mentre facevo ricerca per il libro e ho scoperto che dava uno show a Las Vegas in cui raccontava la sua vita, sapevo che dovevo trovare modo per incontrarla. Se non fossi stata coinvolta nella scrittura del libro non avrei mai avuto il coraggio di farlo. Abbiamo anche fatto una foto insieme.

While doing my research and I learned she was giving a one-woman show in Las Vegas in which she spoke about her life, I knew I had to find a way to meet her. Had I not been involved in writing the book I would never have had the courage to do so. After her show, in a private reception, I had the opportunity to speak with her in Italian, kiss her on both cheeks and tell her about my novel.

We also had a photo taken together. Durante il nostro breve incontro, ho trovato Miss Loren affasciante e molto carino. Era anche autoironica e incredibilmente gentile. Fallo e basta. During our brief encounter, I found Miss Loren to be warm and charming. She was also self-deprecating and incredibly gracious. That evening there were two things she said that resonated with me. Just do it. I liked the idea, but I was also a hesitant and felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect. A questo punto, tutti quanti voi state dicendo: Melissa? La nostra Studentessa Matta?

At this point, you are all saying — Melissa? Our Studentessa Matta? I know…I know…yet it is true! Ma…ogni volta che ho incontrato Gloria, continuava a tormentarmi di scrivere questa lettera e mandare a Sophia i libri. Volevo solo ringraziarla. So, finally at the end of February, I did! In the end, I realized it was very important to me to reach and thank her for being an inspiration, not only for the character in my book but to me personally as well. Because of my enthusiasm for Italy, I have been brought to the point where I am now — connected to so many wonderful people with opportunities I never thought possible.

I just wanted to thank her. Recently when I went to the mailbox and as I sorted through the envelopes and came across a small one that was hand printed on heavy cream stock and saw the postmark was from Switzerland — I knew in that instant Sophia had written me back. Carissima, grazie di cuore per la sua bellissima lettera!

Dearest, thank you from the heart for your beautiful letter. Infinite wishes for your work! Happiness — Sophia. It is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling that my work has the blessings and encouragement of Sophia Loren! It really is a magical feeling. Melissa meets Sophia Loren! Paola and Melissa invite you to join them in Arezzo fall for Language learning and fun! Ecco con nuovo guest post di Debora Bresciani! Non ci sono mai andata e dopo aver letto quello che Debora ha scritto ho imparato alcune cose interessanti che non sapevo prima.

Adesso ho la voglia di andarci! Here is a new guest post by Debora Bresciani. Now I want to go there!! Here I am back to talk about my city, but this time we move a little outside of Arezzo about 45 km away to visit the Parish Church of Romena and the small town of Stia.

The back side of the apse is very striking, and you will recognize it right away as you approach it along the road. The Parish stands in the quiet landscape that is so typical of Tuscany in all its beauty. The Parish Church of San Pietro was built in , as the inscription on one of its columns states.

The interior of the church welcomes us with the light that streams in through the mullioned windows and with its profound silence. It is also characterized by the series of columns with capital depicting scenes from the life of Saint Peter, the four evangelists and other human and animal representations.

The remains of the actual 8th church can be seen in the excavations below, over which the rises the current church. Also, considering Italian literature, in this area resided to great poets: Dante lived here during his exile from Florence after being kicked out of the city due to political differences. He was a guest of Count Guidi in a nearby castle. At this point, after visiting the church, it is a great idea to take a break to sample the products of Casentino, before continuing our site seeing.

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Rimanendo sempre nel Casentino a pochi chilometri dalla Pieve di Romena arriviamo nel paese Stia , borgo immerso nella foresta casentinese. Per il panno del Casentino, il tortello di patate e il tortello alla lastra…per menzionare solo alcune cose. Just a few kilometers from Pieve di Romena is the village of Stia, that is surrounded by the Casentino forest. What is Stia known best for? Well, to mention just a few things, it is known for its Casentino cloth, the tortello made with potato and the tortello alla lasta see the picture yum! Piazza Tanucci, il centro del paese, ha una struttura irregolare e leggermente in salita.

Piazza Tanucci, in the center of the village, has an irregular and slightly uphill structure. It is surrounded by porticoes, balconies and decorated windows and the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta, where you can admire a beautiful della Robbia ceramics of the Madonna and Child, lots of different capitals and one even shows a Virgin and Child from the thirteenth century.

The center of the square is dominated by a monumental nineteenth-century stone fountain. Il panno casentinese ha origine nel La sua apparenza volutamente grezza lo ha reso in un certo senso raffinato e apprezzato da personaggi illustri come Bettino Ricasoli, Giuseppe Verdi e Giacomo Puccini e lo ricordiamo anche indossato da Audrey Hepburn nel film Colazione da Tiffany. The cloth that originated in Casentino originated in It is recognizable by its characteristic curls and felted look. It is a very resistant wool that is warm and waterproof.

Despite the various colors, the traditional and typical ones are orange and green. Today, where the former wool mill was built, it is possible to visit the Museum of Wool Art, dedicated to wool and the history of its manufacture. Per quanto riguarda i tortelli di patate o alla lastra…. As for the tortelli di patate o alla lastra…after you take a stroll, you must stop and taste them here in this charming town! Things the Arentini like best about their city. She is a fantastic poet who lives near to me here in California.

Io sono andata ad incontrare le donne per fare una piccola presentazione. The first time that I met her was at a Book Club meeting. I went to meet the women and to make a small presentation after they had reviewed and talked about it amongst themselves. During the talk afterward, Meera asked me many questions and I realized right away that we share a poetic sensibility and have many things in common.

Le ho chiesto se fosse possibile per me condividere una delle sue poesie che ha scritto per la festa delle donne con i lettori del blog e subito lei mi ha dato permesso…quindi qui sotto troverete la sua poesia scritta in inglese con la mia traduzione in italiano. But first…Here is a little bit about Meera: she is a freelance writer, poet, community organizer and activist.

She likes to take on causes close to her heart, to make a meaningful impact on the community around her. Dear Woman Your beauty lies, Not in your eyeshadow But the sparkle in your eyes. Cara donna la tua bellezza sta non nelle tue deliziose fossette ma nel calore del tuo sorriso. Dear Woman Your beauty lies, Not in your lovely dimples But in the warmth of your smile. You are not defined By the bag on your shoulder But the responsibility you tote As you gracefully grow older.

Cara donna la tua bellezza sta non nelle tue unghie lucidate ma nelle tue mani utili. Dear Woman Your beauty stands, Not in your polished nails But in your helpful hands. Woman, you are incredible Not because you are a pretty face For your beauty is your strength And your strength, your very grace. Dreaming Sophia on Amazon. Waking Isabella on Amazon. Novels about Italy by Melissa Muldoon. People come into your life for a reason — a poem by Alda Merina. Sleeping Man — The giant who sleeps in the mountains near Lucca. Lei insieme a Silvia Celli e gli altri insegnanti della scuola mi aiuteranno a dirigere il mio gruppo di studenti di lingua il prossimo giugno.

I am so pleased to introduce you all to Sara Chierchini who is a teacher at Il Sasso Language school in Montepulciano. She along with Silvia Celli and the other teachers at the school will be helping me with my group of language students this coming June! Sono anche molto contenta di dirvi che il programma a Montepulciano sia completamente prenotato! Avremo studenti che parteciparanno da ogni parte degli Stati Uniti.

Ci saranno anche TRE studenti che si ripetono il programma. Si sono divertiti molto con me negli anni passati! I am also very thrilled to tell you that the program in Montepulciano is completely booked! We will have students participating from all over the U. E in fatti, tranne una persona, tutti hanno scelto di rimanere per tutto il tempo a Montepucliano. It turns out that everyone except one person has opted to stay the full length of time in Montepulciano.

E addeso inizia il conto alla rovescia. Quindi…sta attenta Montepulciano! And now the countdown begins. So, look out Montepulciano!

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We are about to hit town to work on our language skills, discover more of your charms, drink wonderful wines made in the area and make Montepulciano our home away from home too! Now…to get us all in the mood…I asked Sara to tell us a little more about herself, the School Il Sasso and what she enjoys most about teaching. Montepulciano is the place that has always been important to me since I live in another village a few kilometers from here.

Starting in high school Liceo Classico that I attended here in the historic center, the Poliziano Theater where my class and my teacher put on theatrical performances and the Civic Museum where with my professor of art history we went from time to time to admire the local works of art. After obtaining my degree with a specialization in teaching foreign students I had experiences teaching in Siena, where I attended university, but it was here where I would never have thought of returning, that I found my true path at Il Sasso School. It is a professional school, but with an intimate feel, full of cultural initiatives, set in a landscape of dreams where it is possible to participate not only Italian language classes, but also art history lessons — and that is my grand passion!

Every week I come in contact with students from all over the world. It is very gratifying to observe their progress, step by step, to enjoy with them the fun games and the songs that we usually do during the last hour of class, which help to transmit the artistic aspects of the city, as well as cultural elements.

And then to end with a farewell lunch in which we celebrate the last day of classes, during which there are many hugs and sometimes tears, and we also set an appointment for the next year! Grazie Sara! I hope to see you there too! Click this link for more information on the Fall Arezzo Program. Three things the folks in Montepulciano like about their city. Paola Testi of Cultura Italiana Italian language school Arezzo invites you to join us this fall If this is within your budget, please continue with your homestay request.

When would you like to have your Italian Homestay? These dates can change - we just need an idea of when, for now. You can select more than one city or teacher and we will check the availability for each one of your choices. I would like to present my friend Mari who is an Italian language teacher who lives in Catania in Sicilia. Recently we discovered one another and became great friends and so we decided to work together! Now through the Studentessa Matta site it is also possible to organize a Homestay with her in Sicilia.

Catania ha molti tesori artistici, musei ecclesiastici e rovine romane degne di essere visitate. Mari has a wonderful Italian language homestay to offer you in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy — Catania! It is a city that lies between the Ionian Sea and the steep slopes of Mount Etna. It is also connected to the archaeological sites of Agrigento.

The Cathedral, dedicated to St. Durante una permanenza in famiglia con Mari, vivrete nel suo appartamento appena ristrutturato, nella vostra suite privata, con camera da letto, bagno privato e cucina. I hold degrees in foreign languages and have taught privately as an online tutor and one-to-one tuition for a couple of years now. Before I became a teacher, I worked in other business fields for some years in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Teaching foreign languages has always been my passion and now this dream has taken shape because I have been teaching Italian with great enthusiasm and success to German students as well as German to Italian students.

I encourage and develop confidence within the students, particularly in areas where they may struggle. I take my tutoring work very seriously and pride myself on detailed and encouraging feedback in order to help students progress and develop to the very best of their ability. Concerning my hobbies, in my spare time, I love swimming, having long walks, cooking, and reading.

I am very much an advocate of saving our natural resources and the beauty one finds in Sicilia and the area around Catania. From my apartment, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Etna in northern direction and the Ionian Sea in southern direction. I have a cozy luminous furnished apartment to offer you, with air conditioning and Wi-Fi connection. It is located on the fourth floor that is accessed by a lift. It consists of two bedrooms, one of with a double bed.

It also includes a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a laundry room. In each room, there are separate balconies with a partial sea view plus a small terrace outside the kitchen for outside lunch or dinner. Ranked Top Language Lovers Bab. Click here to Subscribe News in Slow Italian! Melissa StudentessaMatta. Visit Italy Magazine Page. Studentessa Matta YouTube. Matta Podcast. Sites that inspire me! Learn Italian in Italy! Italian language learning on a post it note Cyber Italian : Online bab. Wednesday , May 23 rd ,