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From the NSA to OKCupid, 5 Algorithms That Rule Your World

  1. Books I've read in the first quarter of 2017
  2. Emilie Ducorps-Prouvost
  3. Books I've read in the first quarter of

In the second part, I also addressed the anticipated impact that AI will have on the ways of organizing work and I observed that the shift is already under way with the emergence of new work organizations telework, working more and more in a collaborative manner, etc. In this respect, our labor and employment legislation, which still primarily relies on the unity of time and place of work, must adapt accordingly.

Who will be the ideal employee in the age of artificial intelligence? This brings me to the third part of the trilogy on employment contracts lifetime: the formation of the contract, i.

Books I've read in the first quarter of 2017

In order to combat the unavoidable fear of machines gaining control over humans, humans must reaffirm their free will and make full use of their human qualities that make them, and will always make them, better than machines however sophisticated they may be. In the face of such a challenge, two projects have already been launched:.

This reflection is intended to anticipate the establishment of new career paths and to prepare in advance for the adaptation of humans to the new working world. But while humans must re-invent themselves and adapt to find their place in the new working world, collective responsibility imposes to start working as of now towards ethical AI in order to protect the most vulnerable ones.

Emilie Ducorps-Prouvost

Indeed, all these algorithms only reproduce the prejudice that already exists in the data they are supplied with. Article L. This provision seems to be quite inconsistent with a recruitment software based on AI! The EESC examines AI systems that assess the productivity of employees and those that facilitate the recruitment process. And similarly, the dataset can always reveal bias. Faced with these risks that are real and known to all stakeholders, it seems essential to integrate ethical practices into the development of artificial intelligence.

Public authorities have already taken up this topic and started setting milestones for the development of an ethical AI. At this stage, we are talking about declarations of intents rather than true safeguard measures.

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These principles take shape through 6 policy recommendations intended for both public authorities and the various components of civil society companies, citizens, etc. At the European level, the EECS made several recommendations in its aforementioned September opinion [2] , including the following:.

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Initiatives are also being launched at the level of private businesses. These US companies wish to define and develop best practices in terms of ethics.

Companies, and more generally, social partners, including at the level of business sectors, will play a key role, if only to ensure a permanent watch, to identify issues that are emerging or that were imperceptible or that went unnoticed at the beginning, etc. However, the emergence of all types of codes of ethics at all levels, e. To conclude this trilogy on labor law and the challenges of Artificial Intelligence, I would like to ask an open-ended question that we are all asking ourselves: do we think that AI will be more of a tool at the service of employees and supporting work relationships or, on the contrary, do we think that AI will direct and subject employees?

Books I've read in the first quarter of

Undoubtedly, the answer to this question will depend on the choice that will be made by the human community. As a matter of fact, two options are possible. It is up to humans to make a choice. Another book, Into the Mist , both a prequel and continuation of the story was released on September 1, It sets place after the the third book, with Alexa's uncle Roland narrating the story of his childhood. Patrick Carman has scheduled a prequel series about the childhood of Thomas and Roland Warvold, the architect and explorer who built the walls protecting the human cities from the dangers of the Dark Hills, and his brother who has sailed the Lonely Sea.

This story covers the voyages of Alexa Daley , a year-old girl in search of the truth in the Land of Elyon. She is the daughter of Thomas Warvold, the explorer of land, and the niece of Roland Warvold , the explorer of the sea. In book 1, 2, and 3, she conquers the evil in the land of elyon, also known as Abbadon. It is discovered in Stargazer that there is something outside of the land of elyon, known as the Five Stone Pillars, where the lost children of Castalia live.

Abbadon is still alive and in the form of an metallic electric sea monster, and she conquers him, saving the people on the Five Stone Pillars.

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Alexa then becomes the explorer of the sky, just like her father and uncle were the explorers of land and sea. See The Dark Hills Divide film.