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As you might expect, Allegro was pretty much vilified by Christians for his theory, and criticized and discredited by academics and theologians alike. Christian author John C. Scientists, nevertheless, have long thought they may have a medicinal use that we do not fully understand, and one day they may be used to treat depression, eradicate mental illness, and improve cognition. According to their research, the active component psilocybin, which is found within psychedelic mushrooms, is able to grow new brain cells—potentially offering treatment for mental illness and improving cognition.

One study, published in Experimental Brain Research , says psilocybin is able to bind to special receptors in the brain that stimulate healing and growth and promotes new brain cell growth. In their experiments with mice, the researchers found psilocybin to actually help repair damaged brain cells and cure or relieve the symptoms of PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Psilocybin, they believe, has numerous functions in the brain that can improve hippocampus health, which is the part of the brain responsible for learning as well as converting short-term memory to long-term memory. New brain cells in the hippocampus from the introduction of psilocybin translates into a healthier and sharper brain overall. A third verse comes and reconciles the two.

Night Flight is a registered trademark of Digital Download Inc. Night Flight Store. Some say that Soma could have been a psychedelic mushroom, maybe the A manita mushroom — R.

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Gordon Wasson held this opinion. Terence Mckenna in Food of the Gods says that a more likely candidate for Soma, due to its better efficacy at inducing psychedelic states, is the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom. This mushroom can grow in cow dung in certain climates, which may explain why the cow has gained such a sacred status in the Hindu tradition.

In addition, the blue lotus flower was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians and it is now known to have some psychoactive properties. The Eleusinian Mysteries were initiation ceremonies held every year for the cult of Demeter and Persephone in ancient Greece. A drink called kykeon was consumed which the Illiad says was made up of barley, water, herbs and goats cheese. In the Odyssey , however, the character Circe adds a magic potion to it. Some speculate that the barley used in this drink was parasitized by ergot a fungus and that the psychoactive properties of the fungus were responsible for the intense experiences that people reported at Eleusis.

In addition, frescoes from central Mexico dated to AD show signs of mushroom worship. Professor of anthropology John A. He draws on these examples of art as pieces of evidence. Rush also elaborates the argument for a hallucinogenic basis of Christianity, by highlighting — in a Da Vinci Code -esque manner — the secretive nature of this knowledge. But as Psychedelic Press UK state in its review of the book:.

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As with any art interpretation, it can be extremely difficult to take symbology out of its cultural context and this is perhaps the most challenging point of this project. Has Rush succeeded? Typically, yes and no. Yes, because Rush has demonstrated that the mushroom does play a particular role in Christian art, something hitherto ignored by religious scholars in the main.

But no, because the groundwork for the reinterpretation of the symbology is based on an, as yet, still scantily evidenced theory, and the idea that knowledge of the mushroom has remained in secret with an elite priest class within the Church all this time, really needs more evidence than the art itself.

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  • Jesus Christ as a crimson‐spotted fungus.
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Just because mushrooms have been depicted in Christian art, it does not follow that Christianity is based on the use of magic mushrooms. It may also be a leap to say that these examples of mushrooms depicted in Christian art necessarily mean that the religion is based on the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. In the case of the Aztecs, on the other hand, the evidence of magic mushroom consumption is far more clear.

Having read Allegro's book in the 70's and doing some follow up on mushrooms over the years. You can thank me for the Canterbury Psalter image……I have a few thousand other ones too. It explains how paid writers discredit topics to confuse people searching for truth on the internet. In working on the scrolls with religious colleagues, Allegro came into sharp disagreement and strong conflict with them over dissemination of study findings and results. As their differences deepened, Allegro came to resent and despise their tradition and belief system Christianity — on which opposition to his views stood.

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

It seems he thus realized a 'stealth motive," revenge — to smear Christian belief, damage it by equating it with — dirtbag druggie, the 'hippie' movement he like many held in contempt. Too bad he isn't still around, to comment on what he hath wrought — considering his purpose backfired, he ends up adopted by the 'poor doggies' of psychedelia. It'd be something else just to see the look on his face — much less get his remark on what a tangled web some weave, from first practice to deceive.

I'm sure he had views — but not necessarily as advertised. More likely he kept them 'down low' — and only reflect in his "theorizing" story about the unsavory, drug-infested True Origins of Christianity its "Secret History" as he scandalized it. I'm sure Allegro meant his 'theory' to be taken at face value in its own terms — but its not plausible for one of his education — and there's ulterior motive galore, in light of 'Dead Sea scroll circumstances.

His book and "theory' resemble a Modus Operandi.

Jesus Christ as a crimson‐spotted fungus - The New York Times

Allegro didn't bother — suspicious avoidance. Instead he ends up 'theorizing' beyond his competence of his expertise. Allegro ends up helplessly adopted as a hero by — the very subculture he rhetorically maneuvered to exploit, as a bad reflection on Christianity. It almost seems ironic — his very purpose of using dirtbag hippies to tarnish churchies backfired.

Poetic justice? Is it any wonder, looking around, to see — Allegro's "theory" inherits the wind? The foundation on which he built it was a moonbeam in a jar — his supposed 'discovery' as he heralds it of hitherto unknown 'relationship' he 'discovered' — between Semitic languages he'd studied, and — the Unsolved Mystery language Sumerian, in which he was no expert — but thought he'd try "playing one on TV. Why else would his "theory" end up facing oblivion — or worse?

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Now championed and chummed over by uneducated attention-seekers of the fringe …. So let me get this straight, the church picks a team of four experts to study the dead sea scrolls, and Allegro was one of them. Yet here you are Joe Blow on the internet claiming he was out of his league. You're the one who's out of his league fool. Nothing you wrote is congruent with the historical facts of Allegro's life.

terence mckenna on jesus

Allegro never said anything about Christians being hippies or being dirty. He said nothing at all on the topic. No more. You know the routine, as you show and tell. Quite a show, as staged — and seeing the meltdown with all that radioactive hissing — lemme give you a friendly warning, to help you keep yourself in that comfy cozy dark, lest a ray of light penetrate.

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