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Also managed to get some blocking operations out of the main loop, which should fix many of the seemingly random stalls some people were seeing. Those are already in 3. Feel free to say hi or find Wally, whatever comes first. Doing so would not only make Chromium a more manageable project from a source code-related point of view and create better and more stable interfaces to embed chromium from different projects, but should also enable teams to experiment with new features by combining these services in different ways, as well as to ship different products based in Chromium without having to bundle the whole world just to provide a particular set of features.

In my particular case, that stage was a very short ride since such migration was nearly done by the time I joined Igalia, but still something worth mentioning due to the impact it had in the project, for extra context. And this is it for now, I think. Y nos sigue faltando gente, OjO. Yo mismo fui promotor, colaborador u organizador de aquellos encuentros. Personalmente creo que ya no es adecuado ni conveniente:. Last week I finally found some time to add the automation mode to Epiphany , that allows to run automated tests using WebDriver.

For that reason, the automation mode is incompatible with a primary user profile. There are a few other things affected by the auotmation mode:. So, how can I write tests to be run in Epiphany? First, you need to install a recently enough selenium. For now, only the python API is supported. A few comments about the example:. Processed Then there were some fixes here and there as usual, and quite so many updates to the translations this time, including a brand new translation to Icelandic!

Yesterday 2. After multiple attempts and failures at implementing property paths, I convinced myself this was the way forward. The main difference is that the previous parser was more of a serializer to SQL, just minimal state was preserved across the operation. This allows some sweet things:. This is a long sought protection for injections. The object is cacheable and can service multiple cursors asynchronously, so it will also be an improvement for frequent queries. This also got the ideas churning towards future plans, the trend being a generic triple store as much sparql1. An eye was kept on memory usage too mostly unrealized ideas from the performance hackfest earlier this year , tracker-store has been made to automatically shutdown when unneeded ideally most of the time, since it just takes care of updates and the unruly apps that use the bus connection , and tracker-miner-fs took over the functionality of tracker-miner-apps.

I want a lot to write more in this blog. So now I can say the project blueprint has been approved by the university. In my system obviously I can install all rpm packages using DNF. For different distros look for the equivalent packages. Download EPFC and xulrunner and extract each one in the path of your choice. I had to write the full system path for the -Dorg. I had success running the Windows EPF version using Wine and I can do some work with it, but at some point the program gets inestable and needs to reboot.

I plan to practice a lot modeling with EPF Composer in the coming weeks. As part of my job at Igalia, I have been attending events per year. My role mostly as a Chromium stack engineer is not usually much demanding regarding conference trips, but they are quite important as an opportunity to meet collaborators and project mates.

It was mostly because I got involved in the discussions for the web runtime implementation being developed by Igalia for AGL. One of the goals for next months at AGL is providing an efficient web runtime. So my team did a proof of concept in May and it was succesful. And, as we expected, it was quite beneficial to unblock tasks like AGL app framework security integration, and the support of AGL latest official release, Funky Flounder. Julie Kim from Igalia attended the event too, and presented an update on the progress of the Ozone Wayland port. Igalia has been organizing this event since It is a cross-web-engine event, where engineers of Mozilla, Chromium and WebKit have been meeting yearly to do some hacking, and discuss the future of the web.

This time my main interest was participating in the discussions about the effort by Igalia and Google to support Wayland natively in Chromium. It was also great to know the work for improving GPU performance reducing the number of copies required for painting web contents. Other topics of my interest: — We did a follow-up of the discussion in last BlinkOn about the barriers for Chromium embedders, sharing the experiences maintaining a downstream Chromium tree. As usual, the organization was great.

We had 70 people in the event, and it was awesome to see all the activity in the office, and so many talented engineers in the same place. Thanks Igalia! We also had a booth showcasing that work, but also our lightweight WebKit port WPE that was, as usual, attracting interest with its 60fps video playback performance in a Raspberry Pi 2.

The project is progressing and Igalia should be landing soon the first results of the work. It was great to meet all this people, and discuss in person the architecture proposal for the web runtime, unblocking several tasks and offering more detailed planning for next months. Great choice by the organization. I can only thank Igalia for sponsoring my attendance to these events. They are quite important for keeping things moving forward.

But also, it is also really nice to meet friends and collaborators. You can compare details with the official info. PD: After some reports about male nudity this post has been edited to remove the portrait of my back. Laporte and Alain April. The book is provided for free download at the publisher website as separated files. Download the full book. It defines ways to assess the effectiveness of how one approaches software quality across key industry sectors such as telecommunications, transport, defense, and aerospace.

Claude Y. Thanks Benjamin Berg for helping to collect the data. Collecting the data took to me more time I really wished. The source of this data is directly from the Wacom driver and is extracted with this C program Carlos provided:. To me has been annoying to find out which size is for each model.

The reason for looking only for Wacoms is because these days seem to be very well supported in Linux, at least the old models you can get second hand. PD: This post has been obsoleted by a new entry. Winds of Change. One of my favourite songs ever and one that comes to my mind now that me and my family are going through quite some important changes, once again. This was an idea we had been thinking about for a while already at that time, and our current situation back then suggested that it could be the right moment to try it out… so we did.

It was kind of a long process though: I first arrived alone in January to make sure I would have time to figure things out and find a permanent place for us to live in, and then my family joined me later in May, once everything was ready. And that alone would have been a good reason to justify the move already, but it turns out we also have plenty of other reasons as we all have evolved and enjoyed the ride quite a lot as well, made many new friends, knew many new places, worked on different things… a truly enriching experience indeed!

And looking backwards, it seems clear to me that it was the right time to do it.

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Besides, it will hopefully be also useful for us to have enough time, once in Spain, to re-organize our lives there, settle properly and even have some extra weeks of true holidays before the kids start school and we start working again in September. Open Source, Free Software and not so technical e.

After that, I expect a few days of crazy unpacking and bureaucracy to properly settle in Galicia and then hopefully a few weeks to rest and get our batteries recharged for our new adventure, starting soon in September yet not too soon! But in any case, please wish us good luck. Hay que empaparse algo sobre estos temas para resolver el nivel.

Y es precisamente lo que hay que intentar resolver. Al pulsar el play se visualizan 26 segundos. Bueno, eso lo veremos enseguida… Vayamos por partes. Lo primero es solucionar el sudoku. Entramos en sudoku-solutions. Para no perder tiempo tecleando cada una de ellas, podemos automatizar el proceso. Abrimos la consola JavaScript y tecleamos:. Bien, todo preparado. Pulsamos play y vemos que pasamos del segundo Hay una serie de fotogramas que muestran pixels distorsionados. Abrimos main. En e tendremos la clave. Y analizando la salida de strings, veremos la clave para el siguiente nivel.

Pero eso lo dejo para que la gente de W0pr, navarparty o Barcelona92 nos lo cuenten en los comentarios. Nos pasan una captura. Vemos en los primeros paquetes UDP que el dispositivo Ya tenemos todo preparado para extraer los datos que forman la imagen. Si ejecutamos el script :.


Y resolver. Nos gusta comentar las pruebas una vez que termina el deadline. Cuando tienes sed por aprender. Prueba 1 del HackIt.

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  • La variable c lleva el contador de condiciones que se cumplen. Y con un console. From time to time I pretend to do practical work with EPF Composer and alwys my first handicap is to get it running natively in Linux but for one reason or another I always got stucked with the provided linux build. It worked. These are the installing instructions:. For some reasons changing resolution and font sizes with winecfg gaves some weird results. We are pleased to announce that registration for guadec is now open!

    See you there! There was plenty of activity, clear skies, and pub evenings. For the other remaining path I started looking into at least being able to deinitialize it. The leak deserves investigation, but I thought my time could be better invested on other things than learning yet another codebase. Overall, it was a nice and productive event. Note that the production of this video is far from high quality unsurprisingly , but the feedback I got so far is that it has been apparently very useful to explain to less technically inclined people what doing a rebase of this characteristics means, and with that in mind I woke up this morning realizing that it might be good to give it its own entry in my personal blog, so here it is.

    Pro-tip : Enable video subtitles to see contextual info. Future Ozone Wayland backend is still not ready for shipping. So we are announcing the release of an updated Ozone Wayland backend for Chromium, based on the implementation provided by Intel. It is rebased on top of latest stable Chromium release and you can find it in my team Github. Hope you will appreciate it. Linux desktop is progressively migrating to use Wayland as the display server. As is, now, Chromium browser for Linux desktop support is based on X This means it will natively interact with an X server and with its XDG extensions for displaying the contents and receiving user events.

    But, as said, next generation of Linux desktop will be using Wayland display servers instead of X How is it working?

    See a Problem?

    Using XWayland server, a full X11 server built on top of Wayland protocol. Ok, but that has an impact on performance. Chromium needs to communicate and paint to X11 provided buffers, and then, those buffers need to be shared with Wayland display server. And the user events will need to be proxied from the Wayland display server through the XWayland server and X11 protocol.

    And it adds more latency to the communication. But it provides abstractions for porting it to other platforms. The set of abstractions is named Ozone more info here. It allows to implement one or more platform components with the hooks for properly integrating with a platform that is in the set of officially supported targets.

    Even if Wayland was not used on Linux desktop, a bunch of embedded devices have been using Wayland for their display server for quite some time. In the last 4 years, Intel has been providing an implementation of Ozone abstractions for Wayland. It was an amazing work that allowed running Chromium browser on top of a Wayland compositor. This backend has been the de facto standard for running Chromium browser on all these Wayland-enabled embedded devices.

    But the development of this implementation has mostly stopped around Chromium 49 though rebases on top of Chromium 51 and 53 have been provided. Since the end of , Igalia has been involved on several initiatives to allow Chromium to run natively in Wayland. Even if this work is based on the original Ozone Wayland backend by Intel, it is mostly a rewrite and adaptation to the future graphics architecture in Chromium Viz and Mus.

    This is being developed in the Igalia GitHub, downstream, though it is expected to be landed upstream progressively. Hopefully, at some point in , this new backend will be fully ready for shipping products with it. But we are still not there. Ok, so new Wayland backend is still not ready in some cases, and the old one is unmaintained.

    For that reason, LG is announcing the release of an updated legacy Ozone Wayland backend. It is essentially the original Intel backend, but ported to current Chromium stable. Because we want to provide a migration path to the future Ozone Wayland backend. And because we want to share this effort with other developers, willing to run Chromium in Wayland immediately, or that are still using the old backend and cannot immediately migrate to the new one.

    WARNING If you are starting development for a product that is going to happen in years… Very likely your best option is already migrating now to the new Ozone Wayland backend and help with the missing bits. We will stop maintaining it ourselves once new Ozone Wayland backend lands upstream and covers all our needs. What does this port include? Todos ellos son direcciones Gmail. Por otro lado, hay al menos un par de errores gramaticales de bulto en el abstract.

    Por supuesto, sin citar, ni refrasear, ni entrecomillar, ni gaitas. Copia literal sin citar al autor. Con un par. Also, simplicity is what helped the most successful brands win our hearts. PD: al paper plagiador se le fue de las manos. Yeah… blog posts. I wrote this message in StackOverflow and just before clicking the Send button I stumbled upon the solution. First, publish the question and later tomorrow? Here we go! I can use [1,2]. And it seems that ES6 has a problem with Maps if you are trying to use them with object keys.

    A solution that WorksForMe was proposed in that same StackOverflow thread, using an ad-hoc built HashMap class, that takes a hash function as parameter to properly store and use object keys specifically, for my problem, array keys.

    Snippet: Cookbook covers (2018)

    I have used it as follows note that JSON. I plan to attend to the beer event as soon I arrive to Brussels. Cosas que pasan. Hoy ha sido el torneo provincial de la First Lego League y han competido 14 equipos de la provincia. Hasta ahora en estas tierras no hemos estado muy acostumbrados a tanto movimiento. No me apetece entrar en las razones. Simplemente me ha apetecido reflejar el choque emocional del descubrimiento. Im opening this issue just to thankyou for the tool you wrote. Hope this bring a litte bit of endorphines dose to those people who, with their effort, are building the infraestructure of the digital society.

    Think about it. Finally, if a performance receives votes in both lead and supporting or if an actor receives multiple votes for multiple roles in the same category , the nomination goes to whichever category the actor qualifies in first. The person you see giving the speech for the foreign film Oscar is almost always the film's director, and that's the person who will almost always take the prize home. But technically, the award goes to the film's country of origin. Every country that's not the United States is allowed to choose one film from its local film industry to submit for Academy consideration, provided the film is not in English and was released in its country of origin between October 1 and September The foreign film calendar is slightly earlier than the Academy calendar.

    Thus, the United Kingdom is unlikely to win this award, but could if it submitted a film in Welsh. Foreign films are eligible for all other Oscars, but only provided they meet the Oscars' general eligibility requirements playing in at least one theater in Los Angeles Country for a week within the calendar year being awarded. If they don't, then nominated foreign films are ineligible for any further Oscars at future awards. Technically and to be incredibly pedantic about it , it's the ability to manipulate light to create images within film cameras.

    But functionally, the award is for much more than that. A cinematographer is usually known as a "director of photography," and that name may be easier to immediately grasp. Within the industry, cinematography usually is understood to mean everything having to do with the camera — its movement, the images it captures, the light it receives, etc. That's how the last several awards Gravity , Life of Pi , Hugo have gone to impressive camera feats that, while beautiful, were created in computers.

    This is to take nothing away from the cinematographers who created those images, simply to say that they're often not as "pure" as they might appear. This year's award might very well go to Birdman , which is all about the restless movement of the camera and appears to take place in one long shot. Clever edits mask the cuts. The cinematographer and director often work closely together to create the images you see, but the Oscar for cinematography is usually one meant to express a film's visual beauty or, occasionally, its movement and momentum.

    In the s and '90s, the award went to films with beautiful exterior landscapes; now, it goes to the creation of painterly images within computer-assisted visual effects. This one is simple — the film editor takes all of the footage shot and assembles it into the movie you see. They determine the rhythm of scenes, when you see certain camera angles, and what stays in or gets cut.

    They, too, work closely with the director, but instead of doing so on set as the cinematographer does , they're present throughout the post-production process. Many directors with long-trusted editors — like, say, Martin Scorsese and editor Thelma Schoonmaker — will have those editors assembling footage into rough cuts even while filming continues. Ultimately, the decision of final cut rests with the director or studio executives usually the latter , but the editor is the person with the technical know-how to make that final cut happen.

    And they often have ideas of their own to contribute to this process. This used to be called "Best Art Direction — Set Decoration," and that second term should tip you off. This is an award given to the sets you see in movies. The production designer or art director can be better understood as a "set designer" even if she doesn't always build the actual sets herself , while the set decorator places props and other items upon those sets to make them come to life. The category was originally called "Best Interior Decoration," and that's another good hint as to what's being rewarded here.

    biscayenne (biscayenne) on Pinterest

    The Academy, as mentioned, is extra-judicious in what it rewards. So why are there two seemingly interchangeable awards for sound design? The answer is that they reward two completely different things, weird as that might seem. The award for sound mixing used to just be called Best Sound. It rewards the overall soundscape — or soundtrack — of the film.

    In short, everything you hear in the film has to be mixed together and set to certain levels, to the director's specifications, and that job falls to the sound mixers. The nomination for Interstellar here has proved somewhat controversial, because that film's dialogue was famously difficult to understand, due to the booming noise from other parts of the soundtrack. Sound editing, meanwhile, used to be called "sound effects editing," and that's a good clue as to what this award is given for. All of the sound effects you hear in a film have to be created, of course, and this prize goes to the best created sound effects.

    The award for original song and original score is just what it sounds like — music written for the film specifically, rather than for something else. For instance, Jennifer Lawrence's performance of "The Hanging Tree" from the latest Hunger Games movie was ineligible, because its lyrics were written by Suzanne Collins for the book series. The music was original, but that's not enough. Original songs also have to be important to the film they appear in. They must appear within the movie itself, or as the first song over the closing credits. And that "important" clause often means that songs by prominent artists are nevertheless snubbed, because they don't play in a major montage or musical number within the film.

    Indeed, the recent trend in the category has been to move away from songs that play over the closing credits. That said, ironically, this year's award will probably be won by "Glory" from Selma — the first song that plays over the film's closing credits. We'll tackle the first question first, because it's the easiest. A short film is 40 minutes or less, including credits.

    The award used to be split up by how many reels of film it used, with awards for "short subject — one reel" and "short subject — two reel," but those were collapsed into the two awards for animated and live-action shorts we now have. The Documentary Short Subject also has a running time of 40 minutes or less, but that award is administered by the documentary branch of the Academy. The three shorts categories are often the ones suggested for elimination when questions of how to reduce the running time of the overall show are suggested.

    It's also been floated that the awards be given at a separate ceremony. And to be sure, the fact that the Oscars have awards for shorts is somewhat archaic. The prizes stem from the days when going to the movies meant seeing a short or two before the main feature, something that rapidly died out with the advent of television. But short films are still an important way for up-and-coming filmmakers to break into the industry.

    Indeed, there's a clause in the Academy's regulations for these prizes that allow for award-winning student films to compete. So long as this remains true, the short film awards are unlikely to go anywhere. Como mexicanos, estamos acostumbrados al picante, y siempre que tenemos oportunidad, agregamos un poco de chile a nuestros platillos. Sin embargo, hace un par de meses fue sustituido por el chile conocido como Dragon Breath Chili con 2, , SHU un habanero, se cataloga entre , y , unidades Scoville. Tiene una textura corrugada y un color rojo intenso. Su lugar de origen es Trinidad y Tobago.

    El origen de sus nombres es bastante original. El nombre de Chocolate 7 Pot, se refiere a su capacidad de darle picor a siete ollas de guisado; y la palabra Douglah, es utilizada en Trinidad y Tobago para hacer referencia a las personas de raza mixta. Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre la pimienta. Lead singer of Rubella Ballet, Zillah Minx presents us with the well needed story of the women in punk. The women involved explain how punk evolved into what it is today and their experiences of growing up in the time.

    The women involved just tell it like it is and the way they do it is absolutely brilliant. There is no fancy timelines or dramatically storyline needed to enhance this brilliant tale. You can watch the documentary here. All words by Sophie Sparham. Tinder is " stupid and harmful because it only makes romantic human connection harder.

    But I've now come to realize that even though all of the press around Tinder focuses on its popularity with twentysomethings, it's actually the perfect app for someone in their thirties, or older, to find love. As people age, they naturally grow less inclined to seek out relationships that are more casual. For one thing, it's exhausting.

    After you turn 33 or so, staying out past 10 on a school night becomes much more rare. Also, as we age, the pool of eligible people shrinks, and with it so do the number of opportunities to meet people in the ways people met people in their twenties well, before Tinder existed : through friends, at parties, at bars, at work, in grad school, wherever. There's something really comforting to know that, in fact, there are actually tons of people out there who are age-appropriate and are looking for the same thing you are.

    Because much of the criticism of Tinder seems to actually be, implicitly, a criticism of the machinations of dating, and the ways in which dating causes people to, sometimes, show their worst, judgmental, passive aggressive selves instead of their best selves.

    My co-worker Tamerra recently asked me, "Do people think that the app will relieve people of the responsibility of being sincere, projecting themselves honestly, and communicating what they're looking for in a relationship the same way they would IRL? But Tinder doesn't make it easier to fall in love just because it makes it easier to be exposed to hundreds, or thousands, of potential dates. To fall in love means you need to really know yourself, and be secure and happy enough that you want to share yourself with someone else, and to be vulnerable.

    Tinder doesn't get rid of those steps, and it's unrealistic to think that it would. I agree with the psychology professor Eli J. Finkel, who recently defended Tinder as "the best option available now" for "open-minded singles There are, of course, exceptions to every single rule, but I found that the people on Tinder in their thirties were, generally , more receptive to the idea of being in a relationship than you would expect.

    Including me. I spent most of my twenties in a series of relatively short-lived monogamous relationships. I didn't "date," per se; I ended up with boyfriends who clearly weren't right for me, but I was so comfortable with companionship that I didn't mind. And this was the early aughts, in the early days of online dating: I was briefly on Nerve , and went on a few dates, but it felt unnatural and weird, and I didn't know anyone else doing it. Or if they did, they were keeping it a secret, like me.

    So my boyfriends were guys I met in grad school, or at work, or through friends, or, once, at the optician. He fixed my glasses. It wasn't until the last couple of years, when I was already well into my thirties, that I began to date date, and I quickly learned that the only people who truly like dating — and by dating I mean the numbing dance of texting, and not hearing back, and then finally hearing back, and then making plans, and changing plans, and finally meeting and deciding within 30 seconds that this is not your Person, and then doing it all over again — are generally either sociopaths or masochists.

    So I do want to be clear that the mostly bad things people say about Tinder were also mostly true and bad for me for the year or so that I was on and off it. I got the addictive rush when I matched with someone, and another one when a match would text me, and another when we would make plans. I felt a momentary dejection when someone I was convinced was a match, based on his photos and the briefest of descriptions, didn't match with me. Or if I went a couple of days without a match, I despaired: Was it possible I had exhausted the entire population of age-appropriate men in Los Angeles, and none of them was interested in me?

    But no. There were always more matches to be had. I Tindered on work trips and vacation, meeting up a couple times with people in New York — just to see , I told myself — and became fascinated with the differences among the photos of guys in Norway lots of skiing , Boston lots of Red Sox caps , and Israel lots of shirtless pics. I started taking my phone to bed with me, which had been a longtime taboo, so that I could swipe, swipe, swipe late into the night. I Tindered at bars; I Tindered in the bathroom. When it started feeling like it was taking over my life, I deleted it from my phone, took a break of a few days or a few weeks, and started again.

    02 de July de 12222

    My profile stayed essentially unchanged over the year or so I was on and off Tinder, and everything I wrote on it was true. I was in "digital media," I was from Boston, I was relatively new to L. I had around five photos up, showing me in various environments and outfits and hairstyles. What I think I was trying to say was that I was approachable but not desperate, reasonably but not intimidatingly attractive, funny but not someone who did it for a living this felt important since there were so many stand-up comedians in L.

    I was finally over obsessing about not being "that girl " — that is, the girl who is vocal about wanting to be in a relationship, who is actually confident enough in herself to be upfront about her own needs. So I was also very conscious of wanting to communicate that I wanted a relationship without explicitly coming out and saying it in the profile, which seemed like a bit much for an opening gambit.

    But while my profile stayed mostly the same, my experience on Tinder shifted each time I left and got back on, as though the breaks I took were also opportunities for the app itself to catch up with me. When I started using it in the spring of , most of the guys on it were in their early twenties — way too young for me — and seemed to be only looking for a hookup. I messaged with a few of them out of boredom, but the novelty quickly wore off.

    When it came down to it, was I really going to go over to a year-old bartender's apartment at 10 p. No, the days when that would've been appealing — if ever — had long passed. But gradually the average age of my matches crept up, and I soon noticed a very real shift in the ways in which I engaged with people on the app — and that they were responding more sincerely to the message I was sending with my profile. And soon, I realized that all of this Tindering was doing for me was making me feel more empowered.

    I got to make the decision about whether we went out again. I had been so conditioned to believe that I wasn't in the driver's seat when it came to dating thanks, New York that I had become way too passive; I was so obsessed with wondering whether someone liked me that I forgot about the part that was just as important: whether I actually liked them.

    And going out with so many different people — in fact, simply encountering so many different people, even just on the app — had the effect of, also, helping me refine what it really was I was looking for. First it helped me figure out what I wasn't looking for. And that might not be what you're not looking for, and that's fine!

    That's the beauty of Tinder, and the world; there are lots of different kinds of people for everyone. But for me, that became: anyone whose first profile photo was of them holding a beer; anyone whose first profile photo was of them shirtless in an upside-down yoga pose granted, this might be an L. It turns out we can intuit a lot of things about people just from a few pictures. I liked men who were funny and smart and did something creative with their lives. I liked men who were kind. So this isn't going to be one of those stories, mostly because I'm old enough now to know that there is never a happily ever after, that "ever afters" mean a million different things, and besides, an asteroid might kill us all tomorrow anyway.

    But I will end with this: that after a year on Tinder, and many matches but many, many misses, I matched with someone last March. We texted for pretty much 24 hours straight, and then talked on the phone for an hour and a half, and then had the best first date I'd ever had, where we talked about nothing and everything and I told him that smoking was a deal breaker and he agreed to quit on the spot.

    He is smart and funny and handsome and most of all, kind and thoughtful in ways that make me more mindful of how I treat other people. And the other night, when I wasn't feeling well, he drove 25 minutes each way to pick up chicken soup from the Vietnamese place I like. Sometimes we talk about what would've happened if we hadn't swiped right. I'm just happy we both did. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, more palatable to a younger generation. And the record came out sounding just like it, so good. Touring with NMO is going to be the perfect way to celebrate our friendship and musical connection.

    In other words, this is big, burly blues whose heart belongs at home. Justo antes de Navidad, la genuina temporada del viejunismo culinario, Ana hizo un llamamiento mundial para que le enviaran muestras caseras de cocina anticuada para el concurso; ahora conocemos por fin los finalistas y la ganadora, y vive Dior que no defraudan. Se le atribuye al maestro Arzak, o por lo menos eso dicen mi madre y sus amigas". Lo que ahora los modernos llaman trampantojo era en su momento montar algo con forma de pez y ojos de aceituna en una bandeja salmonera".

    Dos elementos se repiten entre los primores enviados por los finalistas: el abuso indiscriminado de la merluza y las decoraciones con gambas. Entre ellos estaban los pescados, fundamentalmente merluza, el pollo o el marisco. Seguramente todos los grandes chefs empezaron en su momento haciendo flores de rabanito y galantinas, porque era lo que se llevaba, igual que todos lucimos hombreras y cardados en su momento.

    La cocina viejuna es sonrojante pero divertida a la vez". The official origin story of the board game Monopoly was that Charles Darrow invented it in the s. The game was actually conceived by Elizabeth Magie, who filed a patent for her game in She created two sets of rules for her game: an anti-monopolist set in which all were rewarded when wealth was created, and a monopolist set in which the goal was to create monopolies and crush opponents. Her dualistic approach was a teaching tool meant to demonstrate that the first set of rules was morally superior.

    And yet it was the monopolist version of the game that caught on, with Darrow claiming a version of it as his own and selling it to Parker Brothers. Long-time Neatorama readers knew this, as we posted about it in Sure, you might learn about contrasting economic systems, but it was more fun to crush your opponents and see them driven before you. She was a single woman who supported herself and owned her own property even before women had the right to vote. She made national headlines for a stunt she pulled to mock the institution of marriage.

    And it was only in that her role in the creation of Monopoly was uncovered. Read about Magie and her game at the New York Times. It has been republished with permission. No excuses. Seriously, even Peter Mayhew himself rides in this geek parade. It is now even more officially official then the last time I officially officiated my official statement. All -Hail pic. Wikipedia explains krewes best :. Criteria for krewe membership varies similarly, ranging from exclusive organizations largely limited to relatives of previous members to other organizations open to anyone able to pay the membership fee.

    You pay your dues, throw on a costume, show up, and march. According to their website:. We also have a special place for Fantasy fandom within the Krewe under the auspicies of the Mystic Krewe of P. The Mystic Krewe of P. Humans have a tendency to clump together based on common interests, and Chewbacchus is no exception. Sub-krewes can be highly organized and independent entities who exist year-round often doing charity work, throwing their own events, and participating in conventions like the Doctor Who themed Krewe du Who , or remain loose gatherings of people who simply come together for Mardi Gras and march in the parade in themed costumes, like E.

    He means it, too. One of the other sub-krewes new to Chewbacchus this year is the Krewe of Sharknadeaux. I cannot make this shit up, people. This is where a lot of the parade contraptions are housed and worked on. There are a lot of bicycles, tricycles, rickshaws and shopping carts being re-purposed as nerdy people movers, floats, and the all important beer dispensaries. Other stuff to look out for:. This is just a tiny portion of a huge contraption that will be lighting up the streets and assimilating the masses. I mentioned earlier that Chewbacchus has an almost cult-like following.

    Several members have been ordained and will be performing several wedding ceremonies and vow renewals at their ball on Saturday after the parade. Some people may be taken aback by the idea of a parade krewe becoming an official religious organization, but when you get to know the people of Chewbacchus and get to know their in some cases obsession with this krewe, you realize that it really was part of the natural progression of the organization.

    This ever-growing shrine is a permanent fixture in the den and houses throws and props of old with idols that have been mailed to the krewe over the years. Yep, you read that right. They have a full sized, working, sensory deprivation chamber in their den. Top that, Rex!

    Just like their contraptions and costumes, all the throws from Chewbacchus are handmade by the krewe members. Every single thing you walk away from this parade with was made by someone in the parade, and these are some insanely creative nerds!