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So, we set up to run a big online study using the method for mobile providers in Poland. We asked ourselves two questions:. We recruited users using an online panel to participate in the study.

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The results were astonishing. First of all, people definitely knew how to write such letters. Some of them were shorter, some longer but the amount of sentiment detected created a seriously good basis for understanding where mobile providers go right and where wrong. We combined it with the overall satisfaction measurement and the intention for leave the provider.

Based on that we got a semantic map telling us what sort of vocabulary customers use if we are happy and which when they are unhappy with their provider. You take old and long-standing customers for nothing.

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One thing I regret is spending 20 years with you, wasted. I joined you a long time ago, but still I have not enough of you.

He loves me he loves me not - Wikipedia

You have a really far-reaching coverage, thanks to which I can always get through easily to anyone I want. You go to great lengths to make everyone feel with you like at home. May it never change or, if ever change, it shall only change for the better. This study gave us, for the first time ever, a chance to grasp the attention of the Management Board with respect to experience research.

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  • Although the results were in their core qualitative, the quantitative nature of data collection allowed us to compare them with the other research outcomes. Many were laughing that I came to the MB meeting with the linguistic lesson as opposed to the typical math lesson but the outcome was through its sheer quantity pretty convincing. The results were even better received on the B and operational levels. People felt that they were given a good insight into the possible directions they should develop their areas of expertise. We went as far as to print the sets of letters for people to take with them and read some juicy samples later on.

    The biggest surprise was how quickly we managed to collect the data.

    We planned the study for one week. Two and a half days in we already had the entire sample collected. Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Don't leave the guessing to a game. Options Default Title - Sold Out.

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