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    Lisa Scott. Bullet Point. Peter Abrahams. Fatal Embrace. Aris Whittier. The Texas Billionaire's Bride. Crystal Green. Beloved Killer. Bonnie Dee. Where the Truth Lies. She left him, broke his heart, drove him to the brink of destruction. He terrified her with his recklessness, destroyed her confidence in herself and her ability to handle whatever the world might throw at her. Twenty-five years later, each of them h As Jasper Gulch's centennial celebrations reach their festive conclusion, her guilt is only mounting. The shy historian is hiding something -- something But grad student Simone Guilland knows that a relationship with Morgan is out of the question.

    Even if he weren' But taking the job will mean leaving her home in Grasslands, Texas. Gilbert Valenzuela has a calling, So when the single mom of three finds herself in need, accepting help from the rugged and adventurous Phillip Chatam isn't easy. She knows he's the kind of man s A Fresh Start Lily Farnsworth can thank a mysterious benefactor for the chance to open her own flower shop in Bygones, Kansas. But Tate Bronson is the biggest challenge the relocated Boston attorney has ever faced. Forget about tossing out the wel Amnesiac Bride An injured woman in a wedding veil on Jack Colby's ranch property?

    Jack has no idea who she is-and neither does she. And since Jack's entire life chang In charge of a hotel renovation, Petra Chatam's got everything under control -- except Dale Bowen. The too-handsome contractor has his own ideas about the project. And they don't match up with ambitious Petra's, who hopes to become hotel manager. Single mom Jessa Lynn Pagett is grateful for the old Victorian she's fixing up. Now she can fulfill both her dreams: providing a safe home for her young son and opening a florist shop. But Garrett Willows insists he's the rightful owner of the hou Runaway Bride Caught!

    When Kylie Jones catches her fiance kissing another girl moments before the wedding, she runs.

    Smack-dab into the new deputy sheriff, who knows her former fiance all too well. Kylie is deeply touched that Zach Clayton underst All Work and No Play High-powered lawyer Asher Chatam has no time for love. He's far too busy with his career. Then his eccentric aunts summon him to Chatam House on urgent business. And introduce him to Ellie Monroe. The beautiful young teacher Then along comes Chandler Chatam, a cowboy with a bad-boy smile and a heart of gold.

    But when they get to Chat Widowed mother Dixie Stephenson never stopped blaming herself for her late husband's accidental death. And she didn't expect any of her dreams to come true, especially since she had been dreaming of another man. But is Joel Slade, a wounded soldier, Nurse Chatam to the Rescue? Kaylie Chatam is a pediatric nurse -- she cares for babies and children. But her new patient is a very handsome man. One with a harrowing secret.

    Why is Stephen Gallow recuperating from a serious injury at her family home A Recipe For Disaster? Take one uncontrollable little girl. Add a home infested with bees. Toss in former childhood nemesis Anna Burdett, and what single dad Reeves Leland gets is one big headache! His trio of matchmaking maiden aunts aren't helping Her school reunion was just an excuse. Help Wanted at the Heavenly Arms Motel If only someone will take the job so oil rigger Holt Jefford can stop making beds and burning breakfasts.

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    • And then someone does: a lovely single mother with a baby boy--and secrets. Sweet, kind Cara Jane Yet something about When I offered to help little Lucia's biological mother reclaim her baby, I never dreamed it would bring aspiring single mother Lori Sumner into my life. But from the moment we met, Paige Ellis's prayers had been answered! Kidnapped by her ex-husband, Paige's son had finally come home. But their reunion was not the loving one she'd envisioned: her sweet little boy had turned into a resentful, surly teen.

      Desperate for help, she Though she was kind and beautiful, she was far too young and unconventional to be a proper minister's wife. She couldn't possibly be the o Word is, his wife was already pregnant when they wed and now that Jeremy has learned the truth, he's All mortgage broker Kendal Oakes wanted was a stable, loving home for his daughter, Larissa.

      He was widowed, and his motherless little girl was prone to uncontrollable tantrums. But then single mom Connie Wheeler walked into the church day-care cente When he opened the door on the lovely Jolie Wheeler and rooms he hardly recognized, he knew he'd found the person to fix up his bare new bach While hurrying to catch a plane, widowed lawyer Mitch Sayer finds a single page from a handwritten letter, a letter offering forgiveness to an unknown recipient. But thoughts of its possible owner flee his mind when he meets his attractive seatmate, After a rodeo accident left her widowed, petite Becca Kinder returned to work at her in-laws' store to support her two small children and fix up a house growing more dilapidated by the minute.

      Dan Holden, the strong but silent carpenter who frequente But the moment he met Avis Lorimer on a London-bound flight, he knew he'd met his match. For this million-dollar heiress didn't nee The second time, Sam Jayce stood before her, a long, lean, young farmer hungry to make her flower ranch a reality. Trouble was, Sam made her hunger for more t The death of Edwin Searle has turned this town upside down. That grumpy old man was secretly a millionaire! And the surprises don't end there: he left his millions to three women who weren't even family -- including hairstylist Va And prim and professional Merrily Gage was supposed to live alone with this man, tending to his every need as his private n Blatantly handsome businessman "Darren Rudd" might have bowled over prim single foster mom Charlene Bellamy -- if she'd let him.

      But all Charlene wanted was to legally adopt her five-year-old and get funding for his ragtag, underprivileged soccer tea So why did she find her powerful, handsome client so unnerving Chey didn't know. She only knew that getting involved with the Something told her that as a neighbor Winston was going to be a problem. Well, she was certainly in no danger of becoming enamored of the man They were sentenced to life -- with each other! Beth Maitland, the most unconventional member of the Maitland clan, is always up for an adventure.

      But getting framed for a murder she didn't commit isn't exactly her idea of fun Detective T Even amid a crowd Reece Carlyle stood out. Handsome, virile, sexy -- he had caught her attention. When Amber encountered Reece again, she knew without doubt that he'd been following her. Yet why would this mesmerizing man who could have anything Channing Hawkins was a millionaire willing to share his wealth with the right woman.

      His sole stipulation? That she be good mommy material for his adopted daughter. True, the child genius was precocious, prickly, sometimes down But his bloodlines ran as blue as the Montagues, age-old enemies of the Thortons, whose palace the prince infiltrated, searching for his kidnapped half sister. The Fortunes of Texas: Membership in this family has its privileges But what a fortune can't buy, a true-bred Texas love is sure to bring! The executive had no time for a wife or But in the year Colin Garret had been searching for the boy, lovely Lauren Cole had been caring for his child And this exhilarating, warmhea It was a fairy tale come true Charming, courageous Zach Keller had asked poor little Jillian Waltham to be his bride.

      But his proposal was just a formality. Marie was a sweet character. I really loved her conversation with Laura, sharing the Gospel and discussing pain. The way she took care of her son was really sweet too. And the darling parallel between the beginning and the end totally made me tear up. This review is gonna contain a lot of quotes and spoilers, just so you know.

      Their second visit in person. Late in the same day, he mentions that his son really her biological son since their kids were switched can stay the night. Then this happens. It stung. He gently set the shirt aside and folded her hand between both of his. Because of it, I feel as if I already know more about you than two short meetings would yield. My impulses to protect, keep and touch you probably come from that. I have no problem with a man being a protector and planner in fact, I want mine to be like that , but he was manipulative, pushy, and sometimes even forceful even before he had a romantic claim on Marie.

      And it was almost cute when he was shopping with her, though buying her a trousseau felt a little creepy at that stage since they were still very platonic and I think he should have listened to how uncomfortable she was with the prices of the clothes he bought her. His character especially rang all my alarm bells with one small episode. The author may have meant for his motives to be pure, encouraging, and sweet, but because it was a little more personal than all the other instances, I found myself really uncomfortable.

      Marie, Peter, the nanny Anne, and both boys were on a vacation at the seaside. Other than that, all you need is one dress. The task seemed amazingly interesting and complex, for all the effort she put into it. She tried to play word games. You brought a bathing suit. What were you thinking? She advised me. She even hinted at him being manipulative, and he denied it with a joke. Then this happened Peter tugged her back inside the cabana.


      His eyes twinkled. I refuse to give you an excuse to wear that thing anymore. Not really my thing Somewhere in the story he starts calling her honey and sweetheart just because. Just a note, there are mentions of pregnancy, details of a hard birth, and breastfeeding. Altogether, I was hoping for a sweet, Christ-filled romance and adoption story. This was a disappointment.

      View all 16 comments. Apr 22, Terry Yaceyko rated it it was amazing Shelves: cathy-marie-hake. | Mills & Boon Love Inspired Suspense Boeken kopen? Kijk snel!

      I picked this up reluctantly. The book itself was pretty beat up library but it was a delightful read. I can't imagine something like this happening - how it could disrupt lives, but it was lovely how they worked through everything and kept the kids first and foremost. Really enjoyed it. A modern day marriage of convenience Here is a story that involves just about every parents nightmare with a twist.

      Love is the center of this story and lobe in all dimensions to boot. Truly a story I enjoy reading offer and over again. Oct 10, Judy rated it it was amazing. Peter and Marie each have 3 year old toddlers and each have lost their spouse. Marie finds out through some tests at the daycare she works at that Ricky is not her biological son.