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The scientists said natives reported that the task of cutting up the animal was difficult because the creature had such a long neck and tail. This Awareness indicates that this as relate d to the storage of eggs in the area which, by changing conditions,--temperature and locations of these eggs- brought about a hatching. This Awareness indicates this appears to have occurred approximately 50 year s ago This Awareness indicates that this as related to similar reports whereby frogs have been found in a dormen t state of suspended animation within the concrete blocks of buildings which have been torn down some 5 0 years after having been built, wherein no possible entry or exit for the frogs could occur, except when th e building was torn down.

This Awareness indicates that the reptilian-type of energy is such that it, throug h eggs, or in some cases, through suspended animation, can live and last in states which would appear to be impossible to the normal consciousness of entities. This Awareness indicates that seeds found in the pyramid , dating back several thousand years, have also been shown to still be vital and capable of growing. This Awareness indicates that likewise, these dinosaur eggs, having been capable of storage, may show up in various places,.

This Awareness indicates that likewise , some creatures in states of suspended animation are capable of returning to life after having appeared to b e extinct for many years. This Awareness indicates there are also creatures of a similar natur e under water which occasionally manifest and show themselves on the surface. This Awareness indicates tha t these being of a different type of creature, but of the type which has been assumed to be extinct.

This Awareness indicates that this such as the Loch Ness monster and others in various places of the world. This Awareness indicates that much of the cause of these creatures reappearing is related to changes of the density o f certain forces upon this planet ; the temperature changes being in part an influence.

This Awareness indicates that also, there are still within the inner parts of this planet, certain areas where these creatures still remai n and, on occasion, have the opportunity for surfacing, particularly as eggs or as small creatures which may b e brought to the surface by carriers of natural or artificial means.

This Awareness indicates that, for example, an underground stream may carry the eggs of unusual under ground creatures and this could, in some instances, surface to the outer surface of the planet. This Awarenes s indicates those of the area of Africa, however, appear to have been in a state of storage whereby condition s changed to allow for hatching of these entities into the revitalized creatures. This Awareness indicates there also , of course, are those hallucinations which entities often see at certain times and during certain states of mind.

This Awareness indicates that many reports of the various lake monsters are nothing more than hallucinations or the imaginations of entities while in certain states of mind. This Awareness indicates these may also be termed as astral projections or elemental energies of a non-physical nature. This Awareness indicates however, that there are also the true physical creaturesthese being more rarely seen. Thisfall, scientists will continue searching for a living specimen of a prehistoric beast. Two satellites and sophisticated surveillance equipment will assist them in their quest.

Pygmies in the s are said to have speared, killed and eaten a hippopotamus-size beast that may well have been a dinosaur. The creature had tried to break through a wooden barricade erected to keep it out of a lake in the area used by fishermen. Illustration from article of June Science Digest, P. Box , Des Moines, Iowa. However, this article went on to say that pygmies speared one of thes e creatures, cut it up and ate it. All those who partook of its flesh were said to have died a short time thereafter.

This fall a n expedition, led by veteran tracker of elusive animals, Roy Mackal, is going to attempt to locate these monsters, using sona r and video cameras, and will keep a precise account of their position by means of a radio link with the navigation satellit e NAVSTAR. For more information on prehistoric creatures, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No.

Reading, March 21, ]. One of them puts it this way : "Recently I sensed that the killing o f the some black children in Atlanta, Ga. Now the mysterious "Broder " in the Village Voice newspaper has said the same thing. Would Awarenes s comment on these mysterious killings of black children in Atlanta an d whether it is a CIA operation?

This Awareness indicates that this appears to be something whic h shall surface within a few weeks ; that more information will be availabl e then. This Awareness indicates however, that there are many forces work throughout this planet in ways which require deep understanding and observation and which are kept generally well hidden from the masses. This Awareness does not wish at this time to comment on this particula r situation, as it needs to surface through other means.

ED's Note : shortly after this reading, "New solidarity " newspaper did an article indicating these killings were a conspirac y designed to create polarity between whites and blacks in this country. Could Awareness indicate one thing about this : whether it is the work of one person, ten people, or a cul t of peoplewhich are three different theories which have come out of the Atlanta police department? This Awareness indicates this as a kind of trial experiment, or test experiment by Luciferian Force s to determine the readiness of entities to be manipulated into civil chaos for future purposes of these forces.

Awareness indicated previously It would not give information on this, that this would surface shortly. It hasn't surfaced yet, but M. It appeared in a newspaper, by a reporter named Mike Royal. Its a long article, but distilled down, it says that the ex-comedian Dick Gregory, who now writes books and lecture s at colleges, has been telling his listeners on his route that this is indeed a conspiracy that 's going on.

The article says it was during a recent talk in Los Angeles that Gregory unveiled his theory. It goes this way : An amazing cure for cancer has been discovered. It cures even the most severe cases. However, it is tremendousl y expensive to produce and it requires a very special substance--the blood of black youths. As Gregory tells it, the key to the cure is that black people have something called sickle-cells in their blood, and the sickle-cell s are what makes the anti-cancer serum effective.

He says nature provided black people with the sickle-cell s because they ward off malaria, thus blacks survived in Africa. Now Gregory's plot thickens. The federa l government wants to produce this miraculous serum. Gregory didn't say who would be cured of cancer, bu t the implication is that rich, important white people would benefit.

But to make the serum, it needs the blood of black youths, so the government decided to kindap blac k youths and take their blood. That, he says, is what has been happening to the Atlanta children : they have been snatched by the federal government agents, and their blood drained. But what about the remains of al l those murdered youths who have been found? Gregory has an answer for this too.

The government has had them stashed so it could substitute them for the bodie s of the missing black children. This Awareness indicates there i s energy on this which is highly volatile and disrupts clarity for the Interpreter ; therefore, this not presentl y available through this Interpreter.

This Awareness suggests this question be re-asked it a later time ; that a t present the energies are such as to block clarity. This Awareness indicates that this and similar questions often can assist in openin gup energy fields to allow greater clarity to emerge. This Awareness indicates that these areas being higly volatile and charge d with much emotion are similar to a radiator in an automobile, wherein the steam as under pressure, prevent s the opening of the cap ; and when opened, must be done with great care so as to prevent great discortifort i n the discharge of the pressures within.

This Awareness suggests that further questions be asked, but that thi s may not be sufficient for release of this pressure. She wanted to know if before these childre n were born into this time of earthly life, was this event programmed into their life? In other words, did the y know about it beforehand, or is it just an accident of circumstance? This Awareness indicates that to some degree, there can be variations as to the peculiarities of the effect.

Dark side of the Force

It is not th e exact circumstances of the effect which are caused by the karma, but rather the energies which are effecte d that draw in the experiences in their peculiarities. This Awareness indicates in different terms, an entity does not simply have a karmic obligation to be, for example, murdered by a particular method at a particular age or a particular place ; rather, the entity may have an energy field present in the entity 's aura which draws i n certain circumstantial experiences, and these energy fields create the experience or effect of the peculia r karmic experience.

This Awareness indicates that the recent example brought to public attention in regards to a realizatio n from certain psychological observations that victims of rape have a peculiar walk, different from those o f others ; wherein a rapist generally would bypass nine out of ten entities, but choose the tenth entity as th e victim.

This Awareness indicates that it is the energy around the victim which creates a peculiar imbalanc e that draws in the probability or likelikhood or the energy of the rapist and his imbalance, to bring about tha t karmic situation. This Awareness indicates that likewise, the energies which entities carry in their aura, tend often to pu t them in positions or in circumstances where they are endangered. This may be simply a desire, a subconscious desire for danger, or a feeling of guilt or some other attitude which makes them feel a need for punishmen t or violation.

This Awareness indicates that these energies are in the consciousness of the entities, but reflec t in external mannerisms and behavior which make them prone, both physically and psychically, to becom e victimized by others who are in the opposite mental state of seeking a victim of prey. This Awareness indicates that forgiveness, grace, alchemical understanding, wisdom, awarenessan y of these terms wherein an entity becomes enlightened, can overcome the effect of these karmic imbalances. This Awareness indicates that treatment through psychology, through the love of a friend, through religiou s experiences, or through any other action which affects the consciousness of an entity to bring the entity 's consciousness into harmonious balance, will resolve any karmic tendencies, which are nothing other tha n psychic imbalances.

This Awareness indicates this is why some entities in certain cultures can destroy the life of another an d feel proud, receiving perhaps a medal of honor, and not suffer karmic repercussions for the actions ; whereas another entity in killing, will suffer great pangs of guilt and remorse and great psychic imbalance for the aetioa :. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, the act does not create the karma ; the attitude about the act is that which creates the karma. This Awareness indicates that the children involved in this ex p eriment in Atlant c are no more "due" the experience for karmic punishment than would be most average children of this nation.

This Awareness indicatee4 that this action which has been occurring in Atlanta as that which is, in part, a tes t or experiment into the study of violence on a society. This Awareness indicates that during the past many years, violence on television has been created to brin g about greater and more explicit imagery ; that the emotional charge has been reduced, while the imagery ha s been accented. This Awareness indicates that obviously, if the actions are to continue having effect on the masses and i f entities wish to continue creating greater immunity to emotional shocks over violence, then it must eventuall y leave the screen and occur in society itself, and on a regular basis, whereby entities do not see it as simply bein g haphazard or normal, but whereby they become accustomed to the regimental, regulated murder of member s of the society and accept this by continued repetition, so that the immunity, in terms of the emotional shoc k and uproar, begins to increase and the emotional uproar in the society begins to fade and diminish, whic h then allows for the next step to occur, whereby the society accepts still further violations to itself throug h other types of wholesale murder.

This Awareness indicates that the experiment which is occurring in Atlanta, is that which is being computerized for long-term projections to understand social behavior and to formulate future programs. This Awareness will say nothing more in this regard as any further statements would jeopardize entitie s involved in releasing this information, end would be pointing fingers at those involved.

This Awareness indicate: however, that entities can well imagine what forces are at work behind this circumstance. Most of these films follow the same gory pattern : the stalking and pursuit of teenage girls or young wome n by a maniac, wherein knives and axes and similar instruments are used to torture, mutilate and eventually kill these entities. For more information on rape, please refer to Revelations of Awareness No.

For more information on mind-control, please refer to No. For related information o n terrorism , please refer to No. Write for details and subscriptio n rates. This Awareness indicates that the human race as being on the threshold of great changes ; so great, that at present time they are not and cannot be fully comprehended, and will not be understood for approximatel y fifty years, when entities can look back and recognize when and where certain changes began.

Pox , Olympia, Washington to non-profit organization. Subscription rates are available upon request,. Dear Avaton—I just got into that Spotlight magazine and read the articles on the Zionists. Here's what apparently Is happening : the Dark Force is making an all-out, last-ditch grab for world takeover, and is energizing Israel to do it now, by making th e Israelis take over the U. Before, the Dark Force tried to use the Bolsheviks and then the Skoptsis t o take over, and that effort was defused by the Light Fora last December the New York crisis. The Skoptsis ploy to take ove r the world and de-nut everybody was foiled and used by the Light Force for good in spite of the Skoptsis intention.

It dc-energize the Bolsheviks and their planned Electronic Funds dictatorship. This is an example of transmuting the Dark Force into Ligh t in spite of itself.

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Now the Monists' ploy is going to be transmuted into Light in spite of itself, too—just watch and see. Th e Luciferians"trump card' is going to show its hand. There is a martial art known as Aikido. It is the art of non-attacking, of non-resistance. It employs the cosmic principle o f "resisting not", as taught by Awareness and the Bible. Aikido disarms the opponent's attack harmlessly and graciously, and al l the opponent's energy is transmuted and dissipated.

And both parties can be reconciled in friendship, with a spiritual bond tha t wasn't there before. Aikido, I believe, grew out of Korean Buddhism ; and it practices the Cosmic law of non-violence, non-hating , which is essentially the Law of Conditionless Love, or the Law of the One. It transmutes dark into light, hate into love, in spite of the opponent's intention.

Like the Immaculate Concept, it acknowledges only the positive and the spiritual, and energize s only from that frame of reference-. It is like Jesus said, "If my kingdom my consciousness were of this world', then there would be a fight", But Jesus' action of not resisting, not counter-attacking, became a tremendous victory for the Light Force. It "resists not", attacks not, and acknowledges only the Immaculate Concept or pure outcome for all events in the earth. Reagan, in his action of cozying up to the Israelis, is actually doing what he believes is good. In his conscience, at his level of comprehension, he is responding to Light and doing good as he understands it.

SmIsrael pact to be of benefit to all parties. Reagan has a conscience , and that's the thing that really matters. The Light Force must continue pouring Light and Love into Washington, into Israel, into all the robots and puppets, and th e whole scenario will be transmuted into Light. We don't have to attack anything or hate anything.

And we don't have to figur e out just how the mechanics of it work.

Disney Characters That Should Be In the Star Wars Movies | The SparkNotes Blog

That's not important. When you want to walk, you don't think about all the mechanica l processes involved. You just do it. It all boils down to the simple purity expressed by those Avatars who told us "Al! Now is the time to heal and forgive and restore, and phase out the old karmic system and Hierarchy's jurisdiction. That battle was against the spell of maya, the illusion that keeps the soul bound in karma and rebirth.

The Risen Consciousness, the Law of' the One, will light this Cosmos with a new star—the Freedom Star--and the Hierarchy will loo k up and marvel at For this was the lowly earth, now the brightest light in the firmament, where the Sons and Daughters o f God fought the darkest enemy in all the Cosmos, and won. And that enemy was maya, the sense of a selfhood apart from God. This is the New Heaven and the New Earth. Yours truly, r'. You probably better hold off any further mailings, I'mon the road again and will let you know as socn as I get a ne w address.

Note : Although Dr. Beter has revealed in his Audio Letter No. Another case of the 'divine allegory' turning what i s negative into something which is positive and beneficial. Sometimes peopl e begin to associate 'Cosmic Awareness' with one particular channel, despite that channel's admonishing them that the cup is no t the water and the channeler is not the Awareness. Cosmic Awareness is not one man's channel, but many. Cosmic Awareness is Holistic Awareness.

It is the Aggregate, the Collective, the totally compatible Consciousness of the One expressing through many channels. Sometimes contradictions com e up between channels, or at least it appears so to the 'rational mind'. But when you take the different channelings all togethe r holistically, let them blend, let them meld, and look at the Grand Overview of all the channelings together, you see that the y actually complement and fill in, and add to one another.

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They produce a picture that is 'synergistic', that is, greater than merel y the additive effect. There is that 10 to 20 percent error-rate in any one channel operating by itself. This 10 to 20 percent error is chiefly the resul t of the channeler's mental vehicle interjecting opinions of its own to explain or clarify the channelings.

But when two or more channels pool their material, these errors , re resolved. Far from contradicting, the result is a much greater understanding of 'wha t is". So Cosmic Awareness is the Light that shines through many windows, clarifying and illumining, and nullifying any distortio n or error that might be present in a single window. This channel Sheppard has made errors, incomplete assessments, that were clarified by Paul Shockley's channel. And th e reverse is also true. But the aim is not to gloat over correcting an error, but to glorify Truth and reality.

This was the. Children should naturally be taught to feet good about : themselves. But they should be taught to feel self-worth only as the y manifest the Mind and Spirit of God, The only way to feel good is to love others and to serve others, even at expense to oneself. The second part of the Great Law said, "Ye shalt love thy neighbor as thy self". And who is 'thy self'? Why, it is the Self of al l people, animals, and things. It is the Great Self of the Universe, the Christ , The only way to teach a child self-worth is to teach him to esteem the Self of all his brother-creatures as God.

It is a grav e mistake to rear a child in the false ego of separation from God. Verified Purchase. I don't usually read science fiction, so i wasn't sure if I was going to like this book when I started it. However, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely buy the sequel. Christopher Walker is a good writer who has crafted a story that is fast paced. It has plot twists and character developments that keep you guessing what's going to happen next!

You aren't sure who are the good guys or the bad guys until the very end. I don't know about you, but good suspense and multi-dimensional characters are what I am looking for in a good read. The Lightforce Rebellion has both. Not the genre I typically read, but a delightful read. Thought all was wrapped up until I read the epilogue! Will there be a sequel? I first heard about The Lightforce Rebellion from my husband, who happens to be friends with the author. However, that was all the encouragement I needed to search for and immediately buy it from Amazon's Kindle store - and I'm so glad that I did.

This book is one that will keep you guessing until the very end. It's full of characters that are well-developed, unique, and entertaining. Sid, for example, is one of the characters in the book who is incredibly entertaining. He is the kind of guy who, no matter what the situation is, will always be able to make you laugh.

Throughout the entire book, Sid is constantly cracking jokes, even while he tries to help Zach, the main character, on his quest to save the world and get back home. Sid reminds me of that goofy uncle who doesn't seem to have a serious bone in his body, and he immediately became one of my favorite characters because of that. Not only that, but the characters themselves are ones that you can easily relate to, making them seem more like real people. Zach, for example, is nothing like the typical hero that you see in many other books.

You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to wish list. Use the force and save the rebellion as you are their last hope, or bring the might of the Imperial forces to crush the rebel scum in a galaxy far, far away! Star Was Living Card Game brings fans of this epic saga together to alter the fate of the galaxy and re-live their favourite scenes from the films famous moments, such as Luke Skywalker destroying the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin.

As the final Force Pack from the Echoes of the Force cycle, this pack includes 10 new objective sets that can either place you in the battleground of an Imperial Navy fighter, impersonate an idol for exchange of native support or offer the appeal of a Sith cult. With plenty of thrilling new decks and discovering new strategies, this Force Pack gives you the cards to expand your game play. This pack includes Objective Sets