PDF The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion)

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The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard
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I'm doubtless missing important works, but add items as I find them and when notice is sent and there's a la g time. The items on this page are in the following order: 1. Recent scholarly works e. New Translations of Kierkegaard's Journals and Papers and other works 3. Book series 4. Textbooks on Kierkegaard and related topics. Rudd and Davenport, eds. Lippitt and Stokes, eds. Beach and Powell, eds.

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Carl S. The Oxford Handbook of Kierkegaard , ed. Paradiso-Michau Continuum, Dec. Kierkegaard on Sin and Salvation , by W. Glenn Kirkconnell Continuum, June Barnett Ashgate, Green Mercer University Press, Kierkegaard and Death , ed. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases.

Philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard

The Paradoxical Rationality of Soren Kierkegaard. Description Richard McCombs presents Soren Kierkegaard as an author who deliberately pretended to be irrational in many of his pseudonymous writings in order to provoke his readers to discover the hidden and paradoxical rationality of faith.

Focusing on pseudonymous works by Johannes Climacus, McCombs interprets Kierkegaardian rationality as a striving to become a self consistently unified in all its dimensions: thinking, feeling, willing, acting, and communicating. McCombs argues that Kierkegaard's strategy of feigning irrationality is sometimes brilliantly instructive, but also partly misguided. This fresh reading of Kierkegaard addresses an essential problem in the philosophy of religion-the relation between faith and reason.

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Add to basket. God, the Gift, and Postmodernism John D. Creation and the Sovereignty of God Hugh J.

God and the Other J. Kierkegaard and the Life of Faith Jeffrey A. Demythologizing Heidegger John D. Radical Theology Jeffrey W. Ethics and the Problem of Evil James P. The idea that the Socratic philosophical position i. But arising as it does from the natural condition of human existence, there must remain a conceptual boundary between it and revealed religion. The latter always requires an extra interpretive step that is not implicit in the former. This is not an inconsequential difference. However discouraging a way of life Religiousness A may sometimes appear and an earnest reader of the Postscript should probably think that , its soteriological framework will always provide worthy and legitimate existential goals to a human being.

We find the same understanding of this distinction in The Sickness Unto Death. One of the central points of this chapter is to differentiate between those truths that are accessible to human reason and those that are based on revelation and dogmatics. It is true that some people do take a more active role in their self-deception and despair, and can be held accountable for that, but accountability to Christianity is not the natural state of human existence.

To be fair, McCombs does recognize that specific knowledge of Christian content requires revelation But the point of the Climacan and Anti-Climacan texts is that this knowledge brings about a holistic change to our existential situation. It is only with this new perspective that we can review our former life and see the continuity between our prior and present condition.

The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard

It is also possible that this sort of existential evaluation pertains to any new perspective one brings. The usefulness of this book lies in these comparisons, and the intuitive chapter layout provides readers with an easy way to access important current scholarship on the subject. Existentialism as a field is undoubtedly interdisciplinary.

Although many of the thinkers popular in the heyday of European existential philosophy allied themselves with the Kierkegaardian tradition, it is not clear whether the Danish philosopher would recognize many traces of his own musings in their works. Take Jean- Paul Sartre, who cited Kierkegaard as the foundation for much of his own thought.

Related Papers. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press , pp. By Roe Fremstedal. By Andrew Torrance. Debate 4 Kierkegaard and Theology: Friend or Foe?