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However, that would be like digging into the main entree without bothering about the appetizers and forsaking the ambiance and companionship of those with whom we have the pleasure of dining. To continue the metaphor, the main course will be best enjoyed when it is placed in its proper place. Thus, preplanning a Courageous Conversation with a design team and an introductory lesson just to build relationships might seem like a lot of additional work, but your efforts here will be highly rewarded! Conversations with the amount of passion and anxiety that they are likely to produce will result in indigestion if proper attention has not been given to the full context.

These conversations require planning so that participants are in postures of learning and are not combative.

Example Sentences

Use diligence and care to ensure that learning and fruitful dialogue are the result and not further friction, division, or worse. The outline is presented in sessions. This gives the flexibility to have one longer event with four sessions to be completed over one or two days; or a church may complete the four sessions over a four-week or longer period.

If other plans become available, using the template of sessions two to four, it would be easy to add additional sessions as needed. All the sessions are based on a minute time frame, with the exception of session four, which is approximately minutes. It includes an additional question and Communion. The hymns are not included in the time frame given. While they are optional and there should be enough time flexibility to fit the hymns into the time frame, it is recommended that the group members sing together.


As United Methodists, we sing our faith because singing together is a powerful reminder that all we do, we do in the presence of God. There is an accompanying PowerPoint presentation for those who would like to use it. It is only a template. Please add prayers, covenants, and so on for the unique needs of your church. Session 1 PowerPoint pptx. It is recommended that the burden for planning this event or series of events should be shared among a small group of participants.

This group design team will be responsible for designing the event to achieve named outcomes and the best environment for a Courageous Conversation to take place. This group should consider:. For this group to be cohesive and as a model to future participants, this planning group can have its own round of Courageous Conversations. This will serve as a model and can help catch any potential glitches. Set up the room with tables round tables are preferable with no more than six chairs per table.

As participants enter the room, have them choose a number from a basket. Invite them to sit at the table marked with the number that matches the number they have drawn. The following resources are not an endorsement of any particular viewpoint. Rather, these are some of many potential resources that could benefit those looking for more information or in help to broaden perspectives. Introduction This sample outline could easily have skipped the first session and limited the conversation to discussing the three plans submitted by the Way Forward Commission.

Sessions The outline is presented in sessions. PowerPoint There is an accompanying PowerPoint presentation for those who would like to use it. This group should consider: Outcomes What specific outcome s would we like to see as a result? Learning from one another Building trust and deepening relationships What follow up needs to happen after the event? What guidelines or covenant will we use? How can we make this event inviting and hospitable? How will the event be advertised?

How will the pastor be involved? How can we be sure the environment promotes courage? Are there audiovisual needs to be considered? Microphones, projector, laptops, etc. How many conversations will the event include?

The Way Forward Plan

Who is likely to show up? How many people? Relationship to the church? Is this conversation for church leaders or the whole church body?

What should the room environment include? Round tables? Snacks or meal? Space for personal reflection? Will small-group facilitators be needed? How will they be trained? Who will train them? How many will be needed? Miscellaneous How will we know when someone is out of line?

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) - Commissioners overwhelmingly approve Way Forward plan

What will our process be for handling those who are out of line? How will participants engage in the information? Will videos be shown during the event or links emailed ahead of time? Will articles be read ahead of time or at the event? Should we explore having these conversations with a nearby United Methodist Church? This can be helpful if your local church is unanimous or near unanimous in its perspective. It might also help in sharing the cost of printing the PDFs of the petitions.

Setting for a Courageous Environment: Set up the room with tables round tables are preferable with no more than six chairs per table. Adjust as needed. This time of silence is important to center yourselves and mark the space and time as unique.

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Have a copy of the prayer for everyone to follow along or participate in the prayer. This requires you to travel through the The Prison, and into the The Prisoner's Gate , where the quest will be updated upon witnessing the closing of the road. Silk : The road? It runs east and west of here. But you say it is now blocked?

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I have seen a strange thing in the rock by the south pass. You should go look at it. What has been closed might be opened again.

Commissioners overwhelmingly approve Way Forward plan

Once you reach the Western Forest in Act 2, you can follow the road to the blocked exit. Use the emblem on the Thaumetic Seal , opening the way to the Prisoner's Gate. Talk to Bestel in Lioneye's Watch to receive your reward. Knew it, from the first time I saw those sharp peepers of yours. Praites nothwithstanding, I thank you on behalf of all the fall brethren of the waves.

Bestel : There, thought you deserved one of my finest poems, written to commemorate such a mighty feat. Oh, and this. Been keeping it for a very special occasion. Consider yourself just such an occasion.

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