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  1. Faris, Valerie [WorldCat Identities]
  2. AKA: Hearty Beef Vegetable Bavarian Sausage Soup and May is Lentils Month
  3. Lentil as anything

Their creations bring to mind true couture and are definitely something special — like this beige one, for example. In order to take part in all the dancing and beer-jug-holding that is involved at the Oktoberfest, you should probably keep your hands free. Available on QVC. The Austrian brand Lena Hoschek stands for traditional yet contemporary fashion and the designer puts a special emphasis on interesting dirndls in her collection. This season, she has also designed a shoe collection with the traditional outdoor and lifestyle shoe brand Dachstein — and these gorgeous shoes are one of the results of that collaboration.

They will be a hit at any Oktoberfest. Why not complement your dirndl with a stylish felt hat this year? This one, designed from THOM by Thomas Rath, comes in a beautiful bordeaux colour and guarantees the perfect fit through an elastic cord inside it. This necklace in gold-plated brass with a deer head pendant will round off any Oktoberfest outfit beautifully. Wear it on top of a dirndl or create a stylish Oktoberfest look with jeans and hiking boots.

Wie frei sind diese bei der Auswahl ihres individuellen Traumpullovers? Neugierig geworden? Traditional Alpine fashion with a modern twist The Austrian-German fashion brand Juli by CS creates beautiful dirndl dresses and Alpine fashion for modern women — with a nod to tradition as well as urban style.

Susanne and Christian Struz founded the label after moving to Salzburg, where they find inspiration in traditional craftsmanship, the surrounding mountains and nature. The main fabrics are loden, silk, cotton and. Susanne Struz has always been inspired by fashion.

German Kitchen Vocabulary - Super Easy German (11)

For 25 years, she has worked as buyer and purchasing manager for large fashion retailers. Left: Sarah Wiener in Tostmann Trachten. For those people out there who are still searching for the perfect dirndl, we spoke to Tostmann Trachten. The awardwinning, Austrian third-generation family business has a lot to offer their customers. Since Jochen and Marlen Tostmann begun producing dirndls with an old sewing machine in , the tradition-steeped family business has grown substantially. This individual mix of tradition and modernity is also appreciated internationally.

For example, in autumn , designs were shown at Paris Fashion Week which were a result of a collaboration with Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, and were manufactured by Tostmann. Furthermore, a museum at the headquarters in Seewalchen at the Attersee lake explains more about the company and the history of traditional costumes. Together with her sister, Victoria Kalinowski, she founded the fashion label in My Herzallerliebst brings two collections to the market each year and also a special edition cardigan for the Munich Oktoberfest.

My Herzallerliebst sells its cashmere collection not only online, but also in renowned shops in Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland. Dedicated to Design… The goal of Lagom, a Swedish lifestyle trend, is to find balance and to be happy through simplicity. Thus, we put focus on the essential and place importance on quality over quantity. Here, we show you how to create a cosy atmosphere with chunky knit blankets and Lyngby vases, and put special emphasis on sustainability and functionality — just like Lagom does.

This velvety-soft knitted blanket is made out of merino wool and will ensure that you will not want to leave the sofa at all this autumn. Complement it with the cute Knotty Knot cushion and your wellness oasis is perfect. Both designed by adorist. The Danish design label Mojoo designs beautiful and long-lasting living accessories. Their handmade lacquer trays come in different sizes and pose as great storage options for decorative arrangements on coffee tables, sideboards, bathrooms and more.

Available on desiary. Whether on its own or in various sizes in a group; the design object is always a true eye-catcher thanks to its ribbed structure. Impressing with its simplicity and its multifunctionality, this blown glass bowl by LSA will be your new kitchen favourite. Serve salad in it or use it for storing nibbles — whatever the use, it is going to make its contents that much more appealing!

They are made out of leather and also double-up as a great present idea. Set of six. Dragon is a new game by Bruno Faidutti. Dice Town and Room 25 Ultimate, on the other hand, are both new editions with revised and improved rules. Dragons is a tactical game for the whole family. As board game enthusiasts, he and his wife Swetlana are very proud of the cooperation with Matagot.

In Dice Town, set in the Wild West, players can navigate through various ways to gain points and therefore win. Three extensions to the game will be published in Das zweite Spiel Dice Town ist eines seiner Lieblingsspiele. Two German extensions are also under development for the third game, Room 25 Ultimate. The idea for Room 25 is to some extent based on the s film The Cube. Through flexible plates and different characters, the game has various levels of difficulty.

But players may well we left facing the consequences of one of them becoming a traitor! Accessories with a wooden twist The German slow-fashion label BeWooden shows that sustainability can be incredibly trendy. Their wooden bow-tie is a statement-piece like no other. And from necklaces to wallets, there truly is the right wooden item of individuality for everyone.

BeWooden was born out of the understanding that the world needs more sustainable companies. The founders knew that the textile industry is the second largest industry that causes pollution to our environment, and change was needed. Here, slow fashion is not just a trendy term but lived daily with a focus on upcycling and sustainability.

In this regard, individualisation is an important aspect, hence our cus-. With creativity and a passion for sustainability, the team behind BeWooden shows what the future can look like: trendy with a clean conscience. We want to revive the beauty of traditional craftsmanship in our products and stand out from the crowd with our unique design.

Bringing art and furniture together A combination of conceptual design and handicraft. The statement of a piece of art meets a diverse and practical use. Its name is Yama. It could be interpreted as a desk, but who actually decides what a desk has to look like? Why not put it in the middle of a room as a piece of art? We continue working on this idea until we can create a prototype, which is the transmission of. One idea results in 11 different pieces of furniture. Thus, one of their designs is also named Sol, a console table which can be placed in any kind of room. They believe that the conflation of art and functionality in an object should give every behol-.

The designers do not want to reveal too much about it just yet. But design fans can look forward to new materials and forms, as well as smaller objects that are an eye-catcher in smaller spaces. Dabei entwickelt Meyer neue Verarbeitungsmethoden und verbindet sie mit der traditionellen Schmuckherstellung. Auch eine Herrenkollektion ist in Planung.

Since , the Basel fashion brand kleinbasel has created timeless and feminine dresses, bags and accessories using natural, fine materials. Comfortable to wear, but with a great design, they quickly and easily become the favourite pieces of many a wardrobe. The bags are all per cent Swiss made and the dresses are designed in Switzerland and fabricated in Europe under fair conditions. Designer Tanja Klein finds inspiration in art, films and nature, but also in.

That is why the right interior design and furniture choices are crucial factors to each space. Find out more in the following special theme. The long back also offers the perfect support for larger or taller people, and gives the new office chair a sophisticated silhouette. It is located centrally in the backrest and allows for noticeable spine relief.

The quality comfort-padding supports relaxed sitting without fatigue. Whether it is architecture, interior design or a reinterpretation of everyday objects, Starck always aims at improving the lives of as many people as possible. Each design is based on several elements and offers almost unlimited combination possibilities for sophisticated images on the ground. Due to its waterproof vinyl side, FLOTEX is qualified for wet cleaning and is slip resistant under dry and wet conditions. Furthermore, the high acoustic impact reduction supports silence and concentration in the room.

Born in , Milan decided to do a theatre carpenter apprenticeship at the German State Opera in Berlin after finishing school. I believe that this experience grounds me and this in turn benefits the credibility of my acting. However, his love for acting and the theatre were a part of him from much earlier on in his life.

When I went home, I told my mum that I wanted to become an actor. She then organised a spot in a theatre group for children and teenagers — and my love for the theatre was born. Not only did he receive a lot of critical acclaim for this role, but he also received the Bavarian and the German Film Award as Best Leading Actor.

During filming, Til, Samuel and I really did become friends — from the very first moment, the chemistry was right. Klassentreffen 1. In particular, the 80s in East Berlin were a very special time. First of all, I became a man in this period and was also significantly coined by the changes. And having such important experiences in one place turns a place of residence into a home. But my favourite place will always be my home — the place where my family is. Rental fees have gone up dramatically and gentrification has become omnipresent. The fact that capitalism has so much influence in this wonderfully free and chaotic city makes me quite sad and turns.

Berlin into a different place than it was 20 years ago. But, on the other hand, why should it be any different here than in the rest of the world? But what else can we look forward to from the actor? However, my biggest wish would be a fairer world in which all people have the same chances to become happy and that we all become smarter and stop destroying our planet.

Personally, we look forward to it! PURS — an excellent melange of culinary art, design and ambiance Some hotels and restaurants defy any attempt at a description. The quality of their cuisine, the wine on offer, the design and interior, the service — in short: the entire package — speaks for itself. However, we will still attempt a description for you! Hotel and restaurant PURS opened in spring In the internationally acclaimed art collector, antiquary and interior designer Axel Vervoordt, we have found an artistic genius who has helped us to elevate our project PURS to an entirely new level with incredible sensitivity.

The hotel and restaurant PURS is the first public space the Belgian Vervoordt has designed as an overall project — and it is safe to say that he truly outdid himself. Our rooms appeal through their very own stylistic and formal idiom which easily connects history to modernity. The quality of his. Wir versuchen trotzdem eine Beschreibung. He then freshly prepares each menu individually and with only the best ingredients. At the moment, we have more than options on offer and each one is in a class of its very own.

I put a pronounced focus on the authenticity of each wine. On 10 October, for example, the hosts invite you to a tasting session of wines from the highly acclaimed Spanish vineyard Terroir al Limit, and a menu especially created by Christian Eckhardt for this occasion. On 5 December, guests can enjoy the inviting ambiance with delicious truffle creations from the Piemont, and award-winning wine. Gourmets who like to plan long-term will also be pleased to hear about the special Christmas menu that Christian Eckhardt and his team are going to offer between 25 and 29 December.

Another unique culinary experience to look forward to from PURS. Am Dezember serviert. High-quality Swiss chocolate with an individual taste The Beantobar products by Taucherli, the premium swiss chocolate GmbH, are a true taste experience: The visionary founder Kay Keusen loves to demonstrate just how varied the taste of chocolate can actually be. The company is responsible for the whole production process — from the growing of the beans to the actual chocolate — thus ensuring an outstanding quality across the board.

Beantobar is also the name of a new Taucherli product line. Therefore, not the artful form nor the look are the most important factors, but rather, the original produce that is used. The movement has its origins in America and was the response of many small producers to a growing pressure from the chocolate industry. In Switzerland alone — a country famous for its chocolate — 99 per cent of the confectioners do not produce their own chocolate, but buy the raw ingredients instead.

Producers and confectioners on the other hand, who follow the bean to. When the premium swiss chocolate GmbH started out three years ago, it did so in the same way as most of the other confectioners do: Buying the coverture, the raw chocolate of the highest Swiss industrial quality, instead of growing the beans themselves. This is something the company has now started to change step by step.

Table of contents

Kay Keusen had the idea of producing every element of the chocolate-making process during one of his travels, where he also met a now close friend, a Vietnamese cocoa farmer. For Keusen, bean to bar was a completely new challenge, but he wanted to show what chocolate was really capable of, in terms of quality and flavour.

It took him two years to develop the chocolate and to save the money needed to create the necessary infrastructure in his small factory. But since the bean to bar movement has started, a few companies have specialised in building smaller machinery. This also meant we had to buy. The Vietnamese farmer has found various Criollo trees, which — next to Forastero and Trinitario — produce the most exclusive beans. Everything here is grown organically. The second plantation is situated in the Mekong delta: The Vietnamese beans are grown after the same principles.

Faris, Valerie [WorldCat Identities]

The bean, how it is grown and fermented, the roasting process and the conching, all influence how the end product tastes. Of course, the Swiss chocolate industry famously knows how to make beauti-. That taste in turn demonstrates whether or not everything has been done right during the production process.

For example, there are differences between various vintages or sites. All of the important information is printed on the packaging, so that people can learn what truly makes the difference to the flavour sensations that they are experiencing as a result. Soaring wine export figures If you have ever visited Vienna, you have probably noticed the large amount of vineyards surrounding the city. And if you were lucky enough to visit one of those vineyards, you will know first-hand how tasty the local wine really is. With a sharp increase of the export value to ,6 million euros, the million-euros mark was cracked for the first time.

Additionally, the average price of 3,39 euros per litre reached an all-time high. As expected, the small grape harvest of led to a decrease of the export volume of Austrian wine in 46,8 million litres means a decrease of 3. However, this dampener has been counteracted by a remarkable increase in the export val-. Especially positive export developments were recorded in the Scandinavian and Benelux countries, as well as in the United Kingdom. China, Canada and Russia had remarkable shares of the impressive export figures as well — besides showing an absolute increase in value, they were also able to show an increase of the average price per litre.

The extraordinary increase of the average price was also backed by the price-sensitive export market of Germany, with a historic 2,60 euros per litre. After the record-breaking wine year of , the chances are high that Austria will also achieve new milestones in If you are interested in trying some tasty Austrian wine, be sure to read the following special theme on Austrian wines and wine estates to get you inspired!

Roman and Adelheid Pfaffl passed on the love for viticulture to their children Roman Josef Pfaffl and Heidi Fischer, and today, the family is a prime example of superb cross-generational teamwork. This passion is also evident in the Pfaffl wines, which are of top quality and continue to receive awards every year.

Hence, the vineyard of hectares is now known far beyond the Austrian borders and distributes its wines in no less than 30 countries. The Pfaffls were the very first Austrian winery to receive this award. The winery in South Styria is a family business throughout. The family has been working together for many decades and their excellent Sauvignon blanc from the Hochgrassnitzberg reed is a true highlight.

Gemeinsam wird seit vielen Jahrzehnten Weinbau betrieben und der exzellente Sauvignon blanc der Ried Hochgrassnitzberg sticht hier besonders hervor. The wine tradition of the Polz family started in at Grassnitzberg. Over the decades, the focus shifted from a mix of fruit growing and viticulture to exclusively harvesting grapes.

At the end of the s, Erich and Walter Polz took over and specialised even more in the diversity and quality of wines. Since , Christoph Polz has been the winemaker, and he gives the wines his unique signature. Die Weinbautradition der Familie Polz begann am Grassnitzberg. A highlight in the range of wines by the Polz family is their Sauvignon blanc from the Hochgrassnitzberg reed. Fermentation and the aging process take place in big, used wooden barrels and the wine makes its way into the bottle after 18 months at the earliest.

The best way to get to know the Polz wines is, of course, at their winery and in selected wine houses across Europe. Or, additionally, you can find them via their online shop. This winery, where every single grape is harvested by hand, produces one of the best Pinot Noirs in the country. Auf dem Weingut, wo jede einzelne Traube handverlesen wird, entsteht einer der besten Pinot Noirs des Landes.

I also use screen prints rather than paper tags, to label my bottles. Wenn es um Wein geht, ist Pinot Noir sein Liebling. Er passt perfekt in diese Region, weil er sehr vom speziellen Klima im Kamptal profitiert. So bekommt er den unvergleichlichen Geschmack. Der Bodensee ist eigentlich eine eher beschaulichere Weinbaugegend und sicherlich nicht die offenkundigste Wahl, eher ein Geheimtipp. Da freut es die Winzer um so mehr, dass ihr Wein so hohen internationalen Anklang findet.

Links: Top-Weinberg Goldbach. In unserer Toplage Goldbach wachsen die Reben auf Sand. You were born in Brazil and moved to Germany as a child. In what sense do your Brazilian roots still shape you today? The majority of my family lives there and no day passes without me missing something or someone there. As time goes by, you get used to this constant longing and I fly to Brazil once a year. In my everyday life, small things are coined by my roots. I love to watch Brazilian TV, for example, listen to Brazilian music and often cook dishes from my home.

And as weird as it might sound, social media also helps a bit to bridge the distance. Do you have any particular travel tips for those that want to visit Brazil? The culture is so diverse, the landscapes so unique. My heart beats for the north-east of Brazil. You currently live in Berlin. Why is this city your chosen home?

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What makes it special to you? I then. Is actress your dream profession or did others ever exist? The new season can currently be seen on Amazon Prime and the next season has been commissioned. Why has the series been so successful in your opinion? Of course, the incredibly powerful scripts help as we can entirely let go. How do you prepare for different roles? Do you have certain rituals? I create playlists with music, search for a suitable perfume for the role and think about the costume and make-up. The other part of the work is less exciting and done at the desk: organising scenes, marking text passages, learning by heart.

Everything else then happens at set.

AKA: Hearty Beef Vegetable Bavarian Sausage Soup and May is Lentils Month

What else can we look forward to from you in ? What other wishes and dreams do you still have? It would be great if I could continue to work as diversely as now and I wish for more courage to listen to my heart and do the things that I really want to do — with the people I like. Something for everyone For those who are currently on the hunt for the perfect wedding or meeting venue, we suggest checking out the following offerings in Switzerland, as the country has a vast variety of locations to choose from. Furthermore, the Alpine country is also well-known for playing host to many different events catering to every taste.

Moritz, swiss-image. Sheep descent, Leukerbad 10 September If you are on the hunt for a traditional event, do not miss the annual sheep descent from Gemmi to Leukerbad. On 10 September, around 1, sheep get rounded up, before being driven down the steep Gemmi path to Leukerbad. In total, the sheep and the shepherd will descend over 1, metres. While it is a sight not to be missed on its own, visitors can also look forward to regional cuisine, a barbecue and musical entertainment. Zurich Film Festival 27 September - 7 October First held in October , the Zurich Film Festival has established itself as a prime festival that is committed to offering a platform for the most promising filmmakers from around the world.

Visitors can thus look forward to gaining an insight into the work of young, emerging filmmakers. With custom and tradition at its heart, it offers many great events and workshops for visitors. The actual event then sees a torchlight procession of over 1, marchers in historical costumes.

It is a sight not to be missed for tourists and locals alike. Villa Boveri in Swiss Baden radiates a very particular flair. It is the perfect venue for a great variety of encounters ranging from workshops to seminars, celebrations or cultural occasions. Five conference rooms, each equipped for eight to 12 people, and the seminar rooms for between eight to 20 people, are ideal for successful events. A restaurant, the fine music chamber, the garden hall for up to people, as well as the large terrace, complete the picture.

Villa Boveri offers a variety of additional possibilities, thus serving a lot of purposes. Regardless of the occasion, hosts may choose from a vast pool of services and therefore design their event according to their own ideas and needs. Mit verschiedensten Zusatzangeboten bleibt kaum ein Wunsch offen.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, visitors can get pampered by the best DJs and visit various concerts and cultural events on two floors. The stage is inspired by the original cinema from and the walls were transformed into an urban jungle with birds of paradise by a famous artist.

Event highlights are the monthly burlesque show Ohh! La La!

Lentil as anything

A burlesque striptease show every first Saturday of the month, from 6 October and the monthly Open Mic Show every last Wednesday of the month, from 31 October. Event-Highlights sind die monatliche Burlesque Show Ohh! Galler Festspiele oder die St. Zurich offers many different meeting rooms — but finding that extra special one often seems difficult. In the former factory area between Heinrich and Josef Street in Zurich-West, old brick masonry meets modern, timeless architecture. Both of the high-ceiling rooms with their large windows have an inspiring effect and impress with their central location, their comprehensive equipment inch screen, tool boxes with working materials, flipcharts, magnetic board , a flexible table arrangement and the beautiful interior with design classics and selected vintage objects.

Und weil es bis dahin gar nicht mehr so lange dauert, lohnt es sich, gleich Karten zu sichern, um diese einzigartige Vorstellung nicht zu verpassen. Schweiz und wurde mit dem Swiss Location Award ausgezeichnet. Tickets gibt es unter: www. The beautiful restaurant Villa Sunneschy invites guests to linger and indulge in fabulous food.

The listed building from is one of the best locations in Switzerland and received the Swiss Location Award — ideal for events! Historical architecture, culinary delights and a summer terrace right by Lake Zurich — that is what guests at Villa Sunneschy can look forward to. Restaurant Villa Sunneschy is ideal for events of any kind. Every year, they have around private events such as weddings, birthdays or seminars. Villa Sunneschy offers seven lovely and very different rooms with various capacities of up to people that can be booked for an event. The enchanting location right by the lake is genuinely hard to top.

That also attracts the romantics, of course, and Villa Sunneschy offers a wonderful romantic dinner for two. Candle light, lake view and a delicious four-course meal — what more do you need for an exceptional evening out? And there is one clever animal which has it figured out perfectly: the squirrel. So why not follow its lead and look at the world from high above? From climbing trees as children to having little houses built up there — trees have always been a source of fascination to us humans. So why not change perspective and go for a proper walk across leafy branches?

It has been made possible thanks to many professional tree-top trails which have sprung up recently. Baumwipfelpfad Bayern One of the larger options in Germany is the tree-top walkway in the Bavarian National Forest, with spectacular views. Between eight to 25 metres above the ground, the elevated path is fun for the entire family and is 1, metres long. Like the majority of tree-top walkways, this one is accessible for prams and wheelchairs with its highlight being the metre-high treetop tower and its stunning architecture.

On a clear day, visitors can even see the Northern edge of the Alps. It also has a fabulous tree-top trail offering. The area includes forest, open habitats and wetlands, giving it a distinctively different atmosphere. An environmental education centre completes the experience, especially for kids. Beautiful tree-top hotels allow guests to stay overnight and bring back childhood memories of treehouse camping.

Another highlight is the new escape room located in the tower. The world of the Brothers Grimm invites teams to solve riddles in order to get their freedom back, all amongst treetops 40 metres above ground. During the snowy season, there is even a Christmas market. The way the skywalk is incorporated into nature has been recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly methods and the architecture has won an award for it.

With a visitor centre and playgrounds, this is an excellent choice for families. Baumwipfelpfad Neckertal This brand-new tree-top walk near St. Gallen is the very first in Switzerland and features metres of walkway with a platform 55 metres above the ground. The top-notch playground leaves no wishes ungranted and promises a fun. The bridge is metres long and offers grand views of the valley. Steps, towers, little bridges and platforms keep this trail interesting throughout. All it takes is some general fitness and a good pair of shoes.

The rest is provided by the park. Lift your spirits and explore forest life up close. Die Lage des Wellness- und Designhotels direkt am Hopfensee ist schlichtweg einzigartig. Spa mit Panoramablick Der brandneue Spa mit seinem unverbaubaren Blick auf das atemberaubende Bergpanorama der Alpen mit dem malerischen.

Hopfensee im Vordergrund sucht seinesgleichen. Und nach dem Spa? Bekannterweise macht Wellness hungrig. Auch hier punktet das Designhotel mit einem. Sie sind neugierig geworden auf das Angebot des Wellness- und Designhotels am Hopfensee? Dann sehen Sie sich am besten auf der Homepage des Hotels um und lassen sich von den Angeboten zu Ihrem individuellen Wellnessaufenthalt in der malerischen Alpenkulisse am Hopfensee inspirieren. Der Hopfensee mit atemberaubendem Bergpanorama. In addition to 16 hotel rooms in the historic inn, the owner recently built a four-star addition with 34 modern rooms.

The new building was the chance to develop her own design concept. On the wall above the bed, for example, two maps illustrate how the coast changed through land reclamation between the 15th and 17th centuries. The rooms with 24 to 34 square metres offer space and comfort for couples of all ages. Having a sofa bed in them, some of the rooms can accommodate families as well. Contact: Harz Mountains Tourist Board. Church of St. Servatius Servatius in. Marketing Meusel GmbH, J. Today, guests can look forward to a s atmosphere with a modern Art Deco style. The Hotel am Steinplatz in the heart of Charlottenburg impresses with timeless elegance and passion.

The awardwinning interior design by Tassilo Bost, which runs through 68 rooms, 16 junior suites and three suites, creates a unique vibe of luxurious homeliness. Culinary delights also await the guests. Guests experience a unique drinking culture here. For those looking for relaxation, the Hotel am Steinplatz is an excellent choice too, due to its squaremetre spa-area with sauna and stunning views of Berlin.

Offering 5 luxurious suites only, the small, yet exclusive Chalet guarantees privacy and a personal, full service offering. For many hikers, crossing such a bridge for the first time is not an easy feat. However, once managed, it is a great feeling and a real high. Some of the trees here are more than 1, years old, making the Aletsch Forest one of the oldest of its kind. But back to the Bel Alp and Rieder Alp suspension bridge.

Looking at it alone might make you a bit weak in the knees and cause your pulse rate to go up. But why? Why this fear? Can you overcome this fear and not only make it over the bridge but also actually enjoy it while you are up there? What is happening within us and our bodies when we are faced with the prospect of crossing a suspension bridge so high up? With the right tips and tricks, there is no need to fear vertigo. In fact, consciously facing this primal fear can help one to cope better with stress and fears in everyday life.

The suspension bridge connecting Bel Alp and Rieder Alp seems to float at dizzy heights above the Massa Gorge: At metres in length and between two steep mountain faces, it will most certainly take your breath away at first sight. The tour consists of six different legs, each one lasting between 2. The trail then takes you high above the Aletsch Glacier through an enchanting landscape of gorgeous, colourful Alpine meadows, with views on the pe-.

Your head knows that. However, your body does not really trust your head. What a lot of us experience in such moments is vertigo, a kind of swirling sensation when at a high altitude. This means that when we are looking own, an impulse to move downwards automatically follows. Therefore, the brain receives conflicting information from the sensory organs, suggesting a danger of falling down. Having that kind of background knowledge helps when faced with crossing a suspension bridge.

Obviously though, there is still likely to be a certain element of fear mixed with the allure of a thrilling experience ahead. Once you are off on your way, you might even experience something resembling flying, a certain elation, a real rush of adrenaline and feelings of happiness. The view and experience are incredible. And then you have made it to the other side, feeling the mountain beneath your feet, legs maybe a bit wobbly, but on a real high. You made it! Such an adventure can actually have a profound effect on your life.

It also creates a bond between people and a feeling of having experienced something together, no matter if it is only two people or a whole group. This alone has a lasting effect. This can generally be treated with different methods that influence your mind positively, or with relaxation and breathing techniques. For instance, the Massa bridge is 40 metres long, the Goms one runs over metres and the Aspi-Titter is metres high — so there should be something for every taste. Five highlights, five options to test your courage and, as we know now, your adventure can even have a therapeutic effect.

Left: Robert Blaschke: founder raumbau architekten. Poetic ground contact raumbau architekten serve the human being in both a functional and aesthetic way, while keeping an expert eye on the economic framework. As a building is never an end in itself, but rather forms a vibrant addition to the surrounding landscape, the architects strongly believe in adaptive individuality.

Due to this flexible approach, no raumbau building resembles the other. Adapting to the surrounding landscape while at the same time creating an individual appearance is a balancing act that raumbau architekten enjoy. Thus, a building structure that follows both functional and poetic prerequisites becomes a key challenge. Additional qualifications as property trustee and developer resulted in the new emphasis on economic expertise, which has earned raumbau many national and international clients in the field of project development.

At this point in time, raumbau architekten are internationally present, with projects ranging from hotels to private clinics to villas in Spain, Germany and Austria. Durch diesen flexiblen und adaptiven Ansatz gleicht kein raumbau-Objekt dem anderen. Safety first! From smart alarm systems to customised personal protection, the following pages explore security made in Germany at its best, and show you the current trends. Wodan Security made in Germany Wodan Security made in Germany Wodan Security is the only German internationally certified company that exclusively employs those with a police or military special unit background.

Hence, Wodan Security follows a very high international standard. Thanks to vast experience, modern technology and a global network of experts, you can be assured that you are playing it safe with Wodan Security. Wodan Security raises the protection level of companies and in- Wodan Security steigert das Schutzniveau von Unternehmen und Schutzdividuals significantly. Training units are carried out under real- personen signifikant.

Currently, Wodan Security is also preparing the MA of the wird. Private security - Travel security ing security awareness for their - Individual private security - Security training worldwide - Expert service deployment in crisis areas. Vom 5. So landen Tresore im Keller, im Kleiderschrank oder an anderen Stellen, wo sie nicht sichtbar sind. Auch bei den Einbruch- und Feuersicherheitsklassen gibt es Unterschiede. For the ultimate event ask… Planning, organising and executing events that are simply unforgettable is an art in itself.

Congresses, incentives, corporate events and the like are an important part of the daily routine of businesses of all sizes. So it is all the better if there is someone available to expertly take care of the arrangement of these perfect occasions. Our customers highly value the fact that their projects are always assigned to the same contact person. By maintaining that personal relationship, we gain profound.

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After it had been forgotten for 30 years, the camera has now been back in action since The still youthful mathematics professor had imagined life after university a little differently, because it takes a lot of strength and time to care constantly for a person who forgets everything. Wants to go home even though she is at home. Refuses to co-operate and prefers to stay in bed.

The son moves back home for a few weeks with a small film crew to relieve his father and document daily life with a dementia patient from up close.