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  1. What to Do if You Think Your Dog Ate a Sock
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  3. Dogs Love Socks!
  4. Dog Eating Socks Symptoms
  5. My Dog Ate A Sock - What To Do And What Happens Next

Just had a similar experience. I and my foster dog visited a friend, he ate a cat toy! Saw him grab it, i ran across the room and gulp! Damn it! Ugh, cat toys! I know the feeling. Hope your foster dog is OK! BIL had mini schnauzer who ate a knee high stocking. Omg that had to have been one of the most frustrating days of your life!!! I have no story, yet lol, I will long remember this story about your Remy though lmbo!!

Bless you girl, love all your articles and information. I have a long, long list of items our Ridgeback ate as a puppy. Most of which we had no idea was missing, until he puked it up a couple of days later. We also had to remove all plush toys from his crate, instead of allowing him to have them to sleep with. Flat plush toys with no stuffing? Out of the question. Plush brown fabric toy, all rolled up…. Many months later, thinking he was finally over this penchant for swallowing toys, I hung a few miniature stockings as Christmas decorations.

He seems happy enough with those. At least it all came out, every time. This story is my life! Peroxide is our friend when I catch him in the act!! Nobody has helped me keep the house picked up more than my dog.

What to Do if You Think Your Dog Ate a Sock

She loves grabbing all sorts of things off the floor and counters to eat or just destroy. OH NO!! I thought as he grew up it would improve. Now you tell me that my 11 month old Weim. Now each time he does something I find myself looking to the heavens and saying did you see that one Mom? Guess he will be my source of connection to her. Thanks for always sharing your stories so I know I am not alone. Just hoping for improvement some day. He is almost 10 years old. Lately he has just been tearing and chewing his blanket to shreds. We have never made him throw up. He has always passed pieces in stools.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. That Mutt is a partner of MightyPaw. I recommend you try to get him to throw up. More on that below. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Lynn on June 3, at am. Lindsay Stordahl on June 3, at am. Jane Ritchuk on June 3, at am.

Dogs Love Socks!

Oh my gosh, haha. Sue on June 4, at am.

Psychostick - Dogs Like Socks [official music video] "I'm a dog and I like socks"

Bless you girl, love all your articles and information Reply. Jennifer on June 4, at am. One may think that a dog with pica may be interested in eating just about anything, but generally dogs affected by pica exhibit a certain selectivity over the items to ingest. These behaviors are not normal and can become sufficiently intense that the dog disregards other activities. Karen Overall.

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  6. Is Your Dog Eating Socks?.

What happens when a dog eats socks depends on the size of the dog, the amount of socks eaten and several other factors. A sock can easily cause an intestinal blockage in a small dog.

Dog Eating Socks Symptoms

What dog eating socks symptoms should one expect? Our vet also sometimes suggested to feed a high fiber diet in the meantime to help the dog pass the sock. If the dog was on the smaller side though, we would caution the owner about the risks for blockages and told them it was best to bring their dog in so he could be x-rayed and possibly undergo an endoscopy to get the sock out, which is less invasive than an actual surgery! And of course, the third option when all these things failed, was surgery. Usually when a dog is obstructed from ingestion of an item such as a sock the dog will experience vomiting or diarrhea.

So, if you are seeing these signs then it becomes suspicious it is obstructed and you are going to have to get her seen. If not, my one suggestion is to feed her a high fiber diet…use canned pumpkin added to a canned diet we need the moisture of a canned diet. Warning: never try to make your dog throw up using your fingers!

Stopping a Dog From Eating Socks.

My Dog Ate A Sock - What To Do And What Happens Next

Stopping a dog from eating socks is important so to prevent a dog from getting sick or having surgery, and owners of dogs who are die-hard sock eaters must consider that with repeated surgeries things get more critical each time. But how can one stop a dog from eating socks? While dogs have shown the capability of making a connection between a behavior and a consequence, this does not happen with ingesting socks because there is a too long delay between eating socks and the development of a belly ache and the discomfort associated with the surgery. Providing the sock-eating dog with plenty of activities such as walks, play and interactive games can help keep his mind off of socks.

Leave around plenty of fun toys that can be stuffed with treats and goodies, so that socks are less appealing. An environmental management plan means that you keep those socks always out of reach. Skip the laundry basket as Rover can easily fetch socks from there if you happen to leave it around.