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World War II and Grand Strategy

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Hearts of Iron 4 - Japan - Part 21 - Mediterranean Midway

Interestingly, advances in American power were made within the framework of U. With the Mediterranean, or at least the Western Mediterranean, clearly assigned to the American sphere, Moscow made sure that the powerful local communist parties under its influence contained the angry popular uprisings that followed years of war, economic dislocation, and fascist rule. Without this assistance, it is hard to see how American forces could have avoided violent confrontations with the popular partisan forces in both Italy and France.

OVERLORD Versus the Mediterranean

This arrangement was critically important to American policymakers; you have to remember that for them the insurrections that had followed World War One in Russia, Germany, and elsewhere, were recent events. American hegemony in the Mediterranean was consolidated in the immediate postwar period with the proclamation of the Truman Doctrine and the entry of the U.

At the same time American business interests expanded their engagement with countries throughout the region.

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By the early s the United States was the hegemonic power, and the Mediterranean was indeed an American Lake. Nevertheless—and as in other parts of the world—American hegemony did not long go unchallenged.

Books by Andrew N. Buchanan

In the Mediterranean, nationalist revolts shook the Arab world from Morocco to Egypt; during the war Washington had carefully reinforced French colonial rule in North Africa, and that policy now came under increasing pressure. At the same time, the United States was unable to either assimilate or to overthrow the Tito government in Yugoslavia.

So there were certainly qualifications to American hegemony; despite them, however, the United States remains the predominant power in the region.

I have written several articles on aspects of the war in the Mediterranean, including a cultural study of American perceptions of Italianness and their influence on the shaping of occupation policy. In future, I plan to study some aspects of the American occupation of Italy in more detail.

WWII in the Mediterranean

There was a fine line between being read to by my dad and reading for myself. We still have real winters up here, and for several months of the year I work huddled by a woodstove with my laptop on my knees and my books and papers spread out in an arc around my feet. My writing process is pretty simple: detailed handwritten notes, writing directly onto the laptop, and then hours of rearranging and polishing. Or noodling around, depending on how you look at it!

Why World War Two Still Matters

Keep up with the latest from Cambridge University Press on our social media accounts. Share this Article today Tweet. What led you to pursue these arguments? At the end of World War II, the Mediterranean has been seen as an American lake so would it be right to assume then that the Washington strategy was a success?

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And if so, how can one measure that success? At the end of the war, how far reaching was the American influence in this region, geographically, politically and economically? And for how long did that influence last? How does this book fit with your wider academic interests and research? Remember to clear the cache and close the browser window.

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Buchanan, Andrew, Andrew Buchanan argues that the United States was far from being a reluctant participant in a "peripheral" theater, and that Washington had a major grand-strategic interest in the region. By the end of the war the Mediterranean was essentially an American lake, and the United States had substantial political and economic interests extending from North Africa, via Italy and the Balkans, to the Middle East. This book examines the military, diplomatic, and economic processes by which this hegemonic position was assembled and consolidated.

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It discusses the changing character of the Anglo-American alliance, the establishment of post-war spheres of influence, the nature of presidential leadership, and the common interest of all the leaders of the "Grand Alliance" in blocking the development of potentially revolutionary movements emerging from the chaos of war, occupation, and economic breakdown". World War, -- Mediterranean Region. World War, -- Campaigns -- Mediterranean Region.