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Therefore the texts are not considered as a unified "ecriture" but as a progressing approximation to his experiences in Buchenwald. This becomes vitally important after his dissociation from communism and enables him to speak extensively about his experiences with death. It is rather intended to function within a literary field: Only the intensive use of intertextuality allowes Semprun to comprehend Buchenwald finally as the centre of his life and as the origin of his own identity as well as to communicate his "truth" to the reader.

This influence continues to be felt in many countries of origin and exile without being adequately reflected in collective consciousness. This volume makes a substantive contribution to the search for traces of German-speaking Jewish culture in the wake of emigration. Export citation Choose an application Reference Manager EndNote RefWorks Direct export to RefWorks Abstract Based upon the description of the psychoanalytic subtext in the work of Victor Turner, his concept of structure and antistructure is submitted to a fundamental revision.

However, until now there has been no single work to compile and evaluate this body of literary work.

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This Handbook successfully fulfills this need. A historical section addresses the course of German-Jewish literature since the beginning of the Enlightenment, and a systematic section is devoted to the presentation of specific genres.

It includes a comparative and theoretical survey of Muslim tribal societies and a detailed empirical case-study. A separate identity within wider political and cultural communities is one of the most characteristic aspects of Middle Eastern tribes. It is typically expressed in tribal striving for political autonomy - an autonomy practically realized in varying degrees according to historical conditions.

The book examines cultural dimensions and practical manifestations of tribal identity in this tension between local particularism and wider belonging. A critical discussion of the anthropological notion of tribe serves as an introduction to the theoretical part of the book. The insight that the most important common traits of Muslim tribes are located in the cultural and ideological sphere leads on to an examination of the general characteristics of Middle Eastern tribal societies.

Max Frisch

Then specific cultural models of tribal identity, such as the ideological and practical role of kinship and marriage relations, are examined, and the highly variable practical manifestations of tribal organization are outlined. The first part of the book is concluded by a critical appraisal of competing theoretical approaches to the phenomenon of tribal identity, which forms the basis for the empirical case study.

In the second part, the theoretical approach elaborated in the first part is applied to a case study of a specific tribal society, a central Moroccan Berber tribe. First, the historical and geographical conditions are analyzed. Then the history of the tribe and the various kinds of sources for its understanding are discussed. Further chapters are devoted to the traditional political and legal institutions and their transformations in the course of the 20th century. The hierarchically ordered local status categories and the segmentary structure of the tribe are analyzed in detail.

Finally, an investigation of orally transmitted historical knowledge shows that the local discourse about the past is a privileged domain for the study of the ideologies and cultural conceptions that constitute local tribal identity but also contribute to limiting and transcending it. An important methodological principle followed throughout is that ruptures and contradictions should not be ignored or explained away.

Theses on a related topic

The oral historical discourse not only provides an insight into the meaning of tribal identity. It also shows how covertly the dominant ideological models are called into question time and again. Even on the cultural and ideological level, tribal identity can only be understood in its interrelations with the wider identity relating to the Muslim state - interrelations that must be explained as historically conditioned and variable.

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De Gruyter 3. Chronos Verlag 1.

Sämtliche Stücke

Turia und Kant 1. University of Tartu Press 1. Vittorio Klostermann GmbH 1. This is the frightening experience of this period of remand: I have no language for my reality.

Stiller by Max Frisch (1 star ratings)

I have replaced the preceding pages with a concrete block. Language is like cement, a story can be like concrete. Maybe that is so, because such a shape of story touches us deeply. It transmits an experience across the limits of the pronounceable. The book out of which a story grows and greens will be part of a new installation that I am working on.

The hand sewn net with paper circles will get longer still and it will climb up the wall. I have changed the constitution of the GDR. I cut out all the dead and abstract words. Only few words still had life inside, sometimes just one or two words per page would still speak. I gave them hold with a red thread.

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Now the text is in an almost transparent constitution, even the bondage of the thoughts within is exposed. The roots of the new text continue to be visible on the backside of the remaining words. Here is the poem of the amended constitution. Every line represents a page. Life directly independent — bound being listened to the decision to turn The constitution changed in power. Before I altered the complete constitution I had ripped out some pages and changed them separately.

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