Guide Ingenious Nonsense: Religion, Philosophy, Pseudoscience, and the Paranormal

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A Mind at Play: An Interview with Martin Gardner
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The comments are the best part, all these idiots coming to attack, not the whole diagram, but ONLY the tiny part that is their "sacred cow". Seriously LOL! Just too cute for words. And to think there are those that take it seriously, whether the diagram or the comments. Pretty sure "fault" is also a myth. OK, I'm just sore cuz I'm emotionally invested in the validity of crop circles.

Acupuncture does have some truth in it. Some recent studies have found that it activates the periaqueductal grey, the midbrain system that releases endogenous opioids pain killers. It's amazing how many people are showing up here to say "it's all bollocks except this-thing-I-believe-in, which isn't!

And would colon cleansing go with detox, or should that be its own particular brand of bollocks? My particular quibbles: The stated reasons for Feng Shui are bollocks, but the overall effect -- namely simplifying and cleaning up your space -- definitely works.

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Not because you're clarifying the energy flows, of course, but just because you're not fighting a losing battle with your stuff anymore. So I'd call that only semi-bollocks.

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Mysticism bad, organization and simplification good. Also, I'd quibble a bit about tarot reading. Again, a bunch of pieces of cardboard can't predict the future -- that's certainly bollocks -- but how one interprets those pieces of cardboard can do a remarkably job of giving the reader access to the non-verbal parts of their brain. It's kind of an interface for your intuition and subconscious. So for the reader, or a person they know well, "what's in the cards" can reveal what you know but don't know that you know. So tarot reading for a total stranger is bollocks, doing it for yourself is just a tool for introspection.

Oh, with regard to the person who wondered why non-Christian religions weren't mentioned Some such as "the Trinity" are fairly specific, but prayer, holy relics, etc. Though I would put "taboos" in there somewhere -- that covers everything from no images of living things or of certain individuals to having to smash your stove if a dead gecko falls on it. Please be aware there is a giant rift in the Chiropractic profession over these kind of issues "Straight Chiropractic" might be more appropriate to include in your chart.

In short, this branch believes that medical diagnosis is unimportant and just concern themselves with treating, essentially, backs that need cracking. Where is the atheism in there? Too biased for me. Seem there is some confusion about the acupuncture research and going to biased websites for or against acupuncture.

Just go to medline. There are some studies that show similar to placebo and some that show statistically significant results.

Ramblings on religion, superstition and pseudoscience

If you have only heard of the "same as sham acupuncture" then you have only read the highly propagated studies that came out in the media a few years ago. Acupuncture has many variables not present in conventional medicine and appropriate studies that control those variables have yet to be developed. You have to know what you are talking about and do some research if you are to make statements.

You should also consider the very known propharma bias that is present in almost every study as they are paid for by the corps. Merck has faked peer reviewed journals to promote their drugs and lie about the efficacy and they got caught. Google it. Phenfen, Vioxx, Fosamax If you believe in a study without knowing the people and the funding and without witnessing the "double blind" procedure then you have more faith than you realize. Shared with and published on The Underground Bunker blog run by Tony Ortega, and which follows the scifiology story closely.

A 'fun' and clever way to illustrate woo. There's GOLD in them thar hills!!!!!!!! Love the simple visual, and now like nearly everyone else in these comments I'm going to complicate it.

Many of those bollocks are only bollocks when they are misused or overly generalized. Exercise is applied kinesiology, and crystals really can work if you're building a homemade AM radio, so their overapplication should probably overlap with pseudoscience If acupuncture is bollocks then why does it work so well for muscular and joint problems. You cant prove its unscientific you so you make a diagram to mock people? Science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world.

I think your venn diagram is bullocks! The diagram is brilliant, but.. In Sweden parts of acupuncture and chiropractic are used in normal Medical treatment, so I think you should take them away from the diagram. Or is it too out of date? I did find this on Wikipedia: "In the US State of Michigan included phrenology in a list of personal services subject to sales tax. I like the idea a lot, but I see the same reckless statements that I see on pseudo-science. Mostly, because even when things like 'aromatherapy' may be treated as non-scientific by their practitioners, there are some other disciplines -real scientific ones, such as Psychology and cognitive sciences- that put some grey tones on the debate; just another example: homoeopathy is a scam, but not its scientific side, the placebo effect, and they are both related.

If you could include some representation of that, then it would be awesome; maybe with some references aroudn the diagram with the scientific branches of each thing. But so far, it shows all what did not come from Western's late-times discovering as 'bullshit'; with sense of humour sounds great, but not as a reference for teaching sceptic thinking. Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into specific points on the body in order to solve physical ailments, illness, and pain.

Most of this Bollocks is about men selling it to women. I wonder what the economic value of combine sales would be :. Excellent concept. However, IMO, no bollocks Venn-diagram is really complete without mentioning "high-end audio cables bollocks" somewhere - probably in the pseudo-scientific set? It's all based on belief and that the "discriminating audiophile" can hear things that the rest of us mere mortals cannot hear.

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And like most pseudo-scientific bollocks, please note the complete absence of any double-blind tests to prove Morrow's assertions. There's still space for Alcoholics Anonymous. As to where it should go, "spiritual, not religious" is just one of its many false claims.

Ok, so does anyone notice a propensity for the author to place unevidenced while completely worthy of further credible inquiry with outright rediculous items? Acupuncture and yoga with Kangen water and Urine therapy. I mean come on man, seriously? Anyone with half a brain can figure out that Kangen filters are a complete waste of money, you can buy really effective water filters at a fraction of the cost. However, Acupuncture, while not completely understood, has plenty of clinical research supporting that it does help people with certain issues.

Plus, yoga is an excellent method for our modern and highly stressed society to have a healthy means of attenuating tension. There are plenty of other shaky points made in the graph, but I do not feel like spending the rest of my night arguing about them all. Apparently, the author is as blinded by establishmentarian dogma as many of the others headed under religion.

Maybe there should be added under that heading "Jagoism". The newest version now 3. Anon people rallying for atheism to be included and removing intelligent design. The word atheist really shouldn't exist at all. How about Santa? I believe the venn diagram is wonderful and insightful. I would like to request a version without "bollocks".

The word itself doesn't offend my sensibilities, I'd just prefer something like "nonsense" or even "horseshit". Many people in the US not so much other countries would also include "Fluoride is harmful" as irrational nonsense. After all, doesn't your dentist recommend it? You need to fit economic bollocks on there somewhere. Start with Gold Standard, and Constitutional Silver.

Number 2, my guess is that you clearly haven't investigated some of these things enough. You dismiss them without actually looking into them because mainstream science and cultural norms deem these things as weird. If evidence is what you want, you need to actually LOOK at the evidence. Not just in passing, and not just on the surface either. A deep look and understanding from multiple avenues and multiple people. But that takes work and an open mind. What you're also doing is looking for diamonds buried deep in the sand with a metal detector. Many times these are right brain activities.

You can't think about right brain activities with your left brain. Our culture is very deeply ingrained in left brain activities. Which is great, it gets things moving. But once you step out of that realm, you can't use that same sort of thinking. Well, I'm not a spiritual guru nor am I highly educated in the sciences but it seems to me the forest has been lost because of the trees. They all stem from faith..

Even hard science floats on that sometimes as it quests for the truth or else it would have no direction to go in. So if you put "faith" in that diagram it would intersect all and therefore to believe in anything would be nonsense and what's left is nothing. I don't even know if what I am saying makes any sense..

I am writing a book review for Daily Kos on three first person Scientology books including Narconon on Monday. I would love to have your okay to use this as an illustration. May I? Take two biro disposable ball point pen cases and one wire coat hanger, cut up the coat hanger make two L shaped bits of wire, slot the short part of each L into a biro case. Now find a friend a large rug and a flat metallic object must be VERY flat so you can not feel it with your feet, some folded up tin foil will do , get your friend to place the metallic under the rug while you can not see where it is.

Now hold the biro cases so the wires are pointing out in front of you with your upper arms by your side and your elbows at 90 degrees, walk over the the rug with your arms fairly relaxed, see it anything happens as you walk over the rug, and does it happen over where the metallic object is hidden. This was an experiment shown on the BBC program Tomorrow World in the late 70's, when they demonstrated Dowsing working, now it may not be able to do a lot of what dowsers claim, but it is real.

Hulloa, will your CafePress store be featuring this Venn Diagram soon? My favorite skeptic has a birthday coming up. Why cope with all these diagrams? It's much better and simpler just to post this text: "I believe in the material universe as the only and ultimate reality, a universe controlled by fixed physical laws and blind chance.

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I affirm that the universe has no creator, no objective purpose, and no objective meaning or destiny. I maintain that all ideas about God or gods, supernatural beings, prophets and saviors, or other nonphysical beings or forces are superstitions and delusions. Life and consciousness are totally identical to physical processes, and arose from chance interactions of blind physical forces.

Like the rest of life, my life and consciousness have no objective purpose, meaning, or destiny. I believe that all judgments, values, and moralities, whether my own or others', are subjective, arising solely from biological determinants, personal history, and chance. Free will is an illusion. Therefore, the most rational values I can personally live by must be based on the knowledge that for me what pleases me is Good, what pains me is Bad.

Those who please me or help me avoid pain are my friends; those who pain me or keep me from my pleasures are my enemies. Rationality requires that friends and enemies be used in ways that maximize my pleasure and minimize my pain. I affirm that churches have no real use other than social support; that there are no objective sins to commit or be forgiven for; that there is no retribution for sin or reward for virtue other than that which I can arrange, directly or through others.

Virtue for me is getting what I want without being caught and punished by others. His interest in neuroscience grew as he dealt with the head and neck area of the human body, where the five senses and the brain reside. After his retirement from the practice of medicine in January , he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, where he pursued his intellectual interests.

He made use of what a great university has to offer, by auditing classes and participating in the Community Scholar program at the University of Virginia UVA. His university studies included creative writing, literature, philosophy and biology. He spends his time reading, writing, sculpting, listening to classical music, and learning to play the flute.

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