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  2. Main area at Meesh - Picture of Meesh Cafe, Doha
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Don't beat yourself up for taking a long time to finally put your foot down to end uncomfortable situations! Don't get angry at yourself for blooming later than those around you! Don't worry about being perfect, just worry about being you! Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

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Always important to take care of yourself, and to make sure the people around you can help you achieve that. Azadori Featured By Owner Jul 17, The picture and the message are both beautiful and poignant. My god when I saw that I died. The amount of beauty in this image is just beyond any limits. I adore your style soo soo much. You've displayed yourself in such a beautiful light , I love the detailing , the adds of flowers and the beautiful doves.

Aaah Meesh I haven't even seen this masterpiece yet!! This turned out super pretty! Self-love IS tough!! I admire all the work you have done to help yourself though! It is honestly and inspiration and I get inspired to try and treat myself well every time I see you working so hard to do the same! This picture turned out even more beautifully than I anticipated! Thank you soooo much, you are so sweet and amazing!!!! Gemmabee Featured By Owner Mar 20, So pretty!!!

Thank you!!! Awesome portrait! It was so much fun to swim like a child, without a care in the world. In the afternoon we also got to catch a glimpse the top of the volcano. We got to catch a few of those minutes and it was absolutely breath taking, almost a bit otherworldly. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to see that. After the hike, it stops raining. Then we headed to the hot springs river, unsure of what to expect.

The bus pulls off to the side of the road and our guide announces that we are there. We are instructed to leave everything on the bus and only take ourselves.

Main area at Meesh - Picture of Meesh Cafe, Doha

So here we are on the side of the road, in the pitch black no street lights and it gets dark at 6pm , in nothing but our bathing suits. We start heading down this alley way towards the river and not going to lie things were feeling a little sketchy at this point. The trees and rocks along the river make sort of a lagoon where the water pools allowing people sit and enjoy the running warm water.

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Once in the water a man comes over and puts on a mineral face mask and our tour guide provide us with drinks yes, with alcohol. All of the sudden it felt like we had entered this really exclusive club. It was by far my favorite part of the entire trip. It was so unexpected and at first a little weird but ended up being really cool or should I say warm since it was a hot springs river??

We packed up the car Thanksgiving morning and headed for the hills. Our drive there was not without a few hiccups. Two bridges had recently collapsed causing traffic to be re-routed.

3 Doors Down - Let Me Be Myself

This proved to be more difficult than you might imagine. Roadways in Costa Rica are not like they are in the states. Luckily a motorist saw us confused and stopped to explain the situation and provide some guidance for getting around. In our re-route we encountered one of the down bridges.

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The bridge collapsed into a river while a truck was crossing. The broken bridge and the truck had fallen into the river. Locals just standing a the riverside looking at the mess. But we had to continue on. Eventually making it safe and sound to our hotel in La Fortuna, one of the towns at the base of the volcano.


Once we arrived we decided to book a hiking and hot springs tour. The group picked us up from our hotel and we headed to the Arenal National park. Because we were visiting during rainy season just as we got there the sky opened up and it started to rain. But, the hike would go on.

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With the rain it made photo taking nearly impossible, even on my go pro. I am not going to lie. Hiking in the rain for over 2 hours was not fun. I was drenched and just generally uncomfortable.

Meesh, Myself and I: Book 3: The Finale - Shelli Marie - Google книги

Being that it was Thanksgiving I tried to think what it was that I could be thankful for in this situation? How can I be thankful for anything in this situation? But how lucky I am that when it is raining I have a home to take shelter in, to keep dry, to keep warm. So it was a lesson in humility — that I take my home, a place to live, for granted so often. In retrospect, I am really glad we took that hike in the rain. We pushed ourselves, we were uncomfortable the whole time but we did it and are better for it. The rain-forest is an incredible place and offers so much to learn.

I hope so experience it again one day soon. After my not so pleasant arrival into Costa Rica thank you, but no thank you taxi men.