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Warned Off

Anyway, they are now available on Kindle and we are steadily publishing them too in Amazon's Createspace paperback range. Warned Off is currently at the audition stage in its audio book creation. It's well worth bearing in mind that, although there are used versions of our titles available from resellers, we are certain that the rewritten versions, all bearing the same background cover, are much more enjoyable. The reviews reflect this and increase our confidence in that claim. In at least two of the new versions, 20, words or more have been removed from the originals, new characters added and plotlines altered.

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Feel free to buy whichever version you choose, but please bear in mind that our reviews are based on the rewritten books. All books can be read as stand-alone stories, so you can join the series at any point. We feel this gives added insight for the reader who hears at first hand what it is like to ride half a ton of highly charged muscle and bone over tough fences in the most competitive country in the world for steeplechasing.

Richard was a top jockey in the s, winning some of the most famous races and suffering defeat in the shadow of the post in what many believe was the greatest Grand National ever run - In that race, Richard rode the huge black Australian horse, Crisp, carrying a leg-buckling weight over those 30 majestic fences only to be caught, after leading throughout, by the greatest Grand National horse of them all, Red Rum.

In YouTube, type "Horse Racing Grand National" to see the finish Dick Francis fans will find Eddie's world a familiar place, and many reviewers have mentioned this. We did not set out to copy Dick Francis. Richard knew the great man very well. Joe grew up reading Dick's books again and again so it's inevitable that some of the Francis style will have crept in. But Eddie Malloy is a much less gentle character than most of the DF heroes.

Eddie Malloy Series in Order - Joe McNally; Richard Pitman - FictionDB

Eddie's hatred of injustice stems from his experiences as a child and as a budding jockey. He does stupid things in anger, incapable of looking at himself with any objectivity. Frankie Houlihan makes his first appearance in For Your Sins. Frankie is a gentle character whose life is turned cataclysmically upside down in the first part of the book. The key question after that is how will he cope with what has happened.

Lacking Eddie's manic savvy and fiery ambition, Frankie is a soul cast adrift in the world for the first time. Crazy as it might sound, authors often have no clue what will happen when characters meet, but reader reaction to Bet Your Life was most encouraging and there will be more Eddie and Frankie stories after the three 'Dead' novels which feature Eddie in his early thirties. As for us authors, we're based in the UK where our novels are set.

Richard, who you see in the picture above, lives in the south of England close to the famous racing village of Lambourn, which features so strongly in our stories. Joe lives in his native Scotland.

Eddie Malloy Series

We first met when we worked for racing broadcaster SiS, although Joe had been an avid teenage follower of Richard's riding career. Richard doesn't use social media much, but Joe is an avid tweeter - at least during the UK National Hunt season - under the twitter handle steeplechasing. We have a dedicated twitter feed for the books pitmacbooks and our website is pitmacbooks.

One of the joys of Amazon is being able to read reviews and discover what readers feel about the stories and about Eddie and Frankie.

The Eddie Malloy Series

Your feedback helps shape future stories. Feel free to email us hello pitmacbooks. If you've read any of our books - thank you. The money from sales helps, of course, but we're delighted that more people are following the lives of our characters; that's why we write. If you haven't yet read one, please do. We hope you'll enjoy them - Warned Off alone has had close to , downloads. There is some cursing in some of our books, all of it, we believe, in character and none of it gratuitous. We don't do sex; mainly because neither of us can write it worth a damn!

There is violence in most of our books, most of it perpetrated by 'imaginative' criminals, none of it, we hope, off-putting, although it is mentioned in reviews from time to time. That's something we'll bear in mind for future stories. On the right of this page you'll see some short video clips, which give some vivid flavour to Eddie's world. Back to top. Get to Know Us. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field.

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