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The sound of the ocean, the calming touch of an ocean breeze, the colourful sights of this beautiful tropical island and of course the Fijian hospitality add to the mouthwatering aromas and tastes of the renowned Castaway creative island cuisine. You will be spoilt for choice with delicious meals, no matter your tastebuds. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, y our culinary journey awaits! Whether on sand, land, in or under water, the Fiji Islands offers a vast array of activities and things to do. Castaway is situated in the heart of the Mamanuca Islands group and can cater for all active or more sedentary pursuits.

Whether it is surfing at Cloudbreak, drifting off during a blissful massage, or simply enjoying our pristine coastline, there truly is something for everyone! Family-friendly fun for everyone! Castaway has visitors returning year after year with their families and extended family members to their island home.

This stunning private island resort is perfect for couples seeking time-out from the real word to relax, rekindle and reacquaint. The island provides time for the nurturing love and attention you both deserve. Email Address. Bula and welcome to Castaway Island, Fiji! The island is neither dirty, polluted nor crowded.

Maybe your bf was just sick of you complaining. We were just there June 22 You will not have as much time as you think. We ate breakfast on the ship, got off immediately afterward. Took tram to Island oceaneers club and left our 2 boys there 5 and 9 for 2 hours while BH and I hoofed it to Pelican plunge to get our area saved for later.

Met our group of 8 for lunch at Cookies 1 and then got kids out of club. Walked back to pelican plunge area, rode slide once, swam as a family for maybe an hour and then people were telling us to start heading to the trams. Hi Stacey — Towels are provided for the beach. My family will be returning for the 4th time on Disney cruise! I think Disney just wants to provide a quiet, mellow place for people to escape little ones.


The Bike Rental is a must! I also did the 5K! You can also put fruit or ice in them for the beach. Double ZipLoc them! Get one of those lanyard waterproof zip cases to wear around your neck. Oh…and they surprised us by picking up the tabs at the end of the cruise! We are about to head out for our second disney cruise…. Ooh…I have no idea. Personally, I would think that plastic gold coins left in the sand might be a bad idea for the environment or could pose a choking hazard to young beach goers.

What travelers are saying

What activities are free on Castaway Cay water slides? Have a toddler any good activies for them? Hi Liz — Lots of things are free on Castaway Cay! The splash fountains are super fun for toddlers. I also recommend renting or buying an inner tube for your little one for a small fee. You need to watch your kiddo the whole time, of course, but that inner tube provided so much fun for my little guy to play with in the shallow water while I relaxed on the beach.

Have fun! Your on a family vacation. Spend time with your kids. And for heavens sake, if you only have to go up or down one deck, take the stairs!!!! Judgemental much? Every family does vacations their way. No harm, no foul if everyone is enjoying themselves.

If you are going to take the time to spew a comment judging others on how they choose to spend their family vacation, do take the extra 5 seconds to check your grammar. So much great information thank you! If you bring your own inner tube, balls, etc. We are going on a Disney cruise in January with our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson who is 5 years old. Is snorkeling and parasailing for 5 year olds permitted.

This trip is all about him. He is a very mature 5 year old. Have a fantastic time! It includes bicycling, a high-speed boat ride and snorkeling. There were definitely some teens on the waterslides at Pelican Plunge as well. If your daughter likes playing sports, she might appreciate a visit to Sports Beach for volleyball and tetherball. Or you could rent a fishing boat, a glass-bottom boat or catamaran. Have a fab time! I just came back from a cruise on the Disney Magic that went to Castaway Cay this past weekend. My family had an amazing time.

We are leaving in 7 days to hop aboard the Disney dream, we want to go snorkeling at castaway cay, but we are worried about it being a little chilly. Would you recommend a wetsuit? Brooklyn — According to Weather. You have given some great tips for Castaway Cay! It is one of the highlights of a Disney cruise. It is a great idea to take the tram as it can be a long walk, particularly in the heat if you have young children. Thanks for your comment! Please advise Thank you.

Heidi — There are plenty of umbrellas and beach chairs available if you want shade. Alternatively, you could rent a cabana but those are pretty expensive. Enjoy Castaway Cay! Are you allowed to swim in the water off the adult beach, Serenity Bay? Are there Lifeguards present? Katie — Yes, you are more than welcome to swim at the adult beach. Castaway Cay is the highlight of a Disney Cruise.

This is a great collection of tips so that you make the most of your time on the island. Alison — Thank you for your comment! We are leaving in 2 weeks heading to Castaway Cay. Any advice on this? Hi Ces — I am sure you can bring your own snorkel and floating devices since they sell them at stores in addition to renting them.

Life jackets are provided on Castaway Cay and on the ship. See the pic of my son floating in the inner-tube sporting a life vest above at the beach by Pelican Plunge. There was not a huge drop off at any of the beaches, that I remember anyway. Flotation vests are available for children and adults at the Pelican Plunge water-play area on Castaway Cay. However, these vests are for use only at this site and may not be used at the beaches.

I called and they said we can bring everything, but the floating device. Thanks again! For me, one day at Castaway Cay per trip would be enough. But, if you happen to get one dreary weather day you may be wishing for another day to make up for it. Some people are absolute Castaway Cay fanatics and would tell you to go for two. Up to you! Also curious if I should bring puddle jumpers or arm band floats for my 5-year-old if we are on the beach? Enjoy your Disney Cruise! Rented kayaks last time, and went quite far out by myself. I realized no one was watching from shore and felt uneasy about this.

I know that the family beach is protected from sharks, but I doubt the kayaking area is. Does anyone have any info on this?

CAST AWAY - Movies Endings Explained (2000) Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis

Planning to go soon. Planning our first ever Disney cruise for February and hopefully, it will be the first of many. Question: will the snorkeling activity be free, as in, there is a designated snorkeling area and we go there on our own, or is this an organized activity? The reason I ask is because on the DCL website, there are listed activities we can avail of at Castaway Cay but are operated by a non Disney party. Some of those include the snorkeling, stingray and dolphin adventures. Hi Gisela — You can bring your own snorkeling equipment and snorkel for free off of Castaway Cay.

They do require you to wear a free life vest, though. Hi Michelle — Cabana availability varies depending on your cruise. Try logging in to your DCL account and booking your cabana in advance. Once on board, check at the Port Adventures desk for any cancellations. Good luck! There is just one dock and we do not tender at Castaway Cay. Hi, Probably already answered but are towels provided on castaway cay? Do I need cash or do things like Alcohol get charged back to the room like the ship? Hi James — You can charge things to your room on Castaway Cay, similar to how you would charge something on the ship.

Are you allowed to walk on and or off the ship with an alcoholic beverage from a bar on the ship or at castaway cay? I will be cruising on the fantasy in November with 4 under 4 and we were thinking about renting a cabana. I was wondering if they are too far away to keep an eye on the little ones at the same time? Will it be worth the money if they are playing in the water? It is hard to tell how far they are from the shore. Hi Barefoot cruising — There is a bit of a distance between the cabana and the water, with the beach in between. But you can pull your included, cushioned loungers down to the water if you like.

We are looking to book a cruise with either a one day or two day at Castaway. We are two families with year olds. Would two days at Castaway get boring for us? Have never been to Nassau Bahamas, but there are options to stop in Nassau as well if you have any recommendations. Becky — It really depends on how your family likes to vacation. For a lot of Disney fanatics, their favorite day of the cruise is at Castaway Cay. Personally, if I had never been to Nassau, I would choose that over another day on Castaway Cay because I love exploring new things. You can buy or rent floatation devices like innertubes or arm floaties, or bring your own.

His brother is almost 8 and litlle fellow thinks that he can do everything that older brother dies. I want this to be fun for everyone, if you will. You can rent bicycles for the whole family and put the baby in a child seat. The family beach is fun for all ages of course, too! Thank you for the advice!!!

Castaway Island (Halong Bay) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

Looking to get my hands on the Passporters you mentioned the edition , I looked online but only place I can find a PDF file is on their website. Anyway to get my hands on a hard copy? The good news is that the online version, according to their website, is always up-to-date! Thank you for this detail-filled post, Colleen! We are looking into trying something new next year and eyeing on the Disney Cruise as one of the things to choose from. It looks like we may be heading for the Disney Cruise after reading your post. We are really excited for this trip and could not have been happier to come by your article.

How exciting, Elizabeth! I hope you have an incredible time on your Disney Cruise! Our son is recently turned 4, my husband and I are very keen on snorkelling, my excursions are not available to book until next week but I was wondering if anyone knew if it would allow us book the snorkelling for our son, or will the system stop him as he is under 5? Also can you book the kids club in advance?

You could bring along your own snorkeling equipment but beware that the sunken boats are very far from shore so you should probably plan to stick close to shore instead. You can sign your son up for the youth club in advance. Since you are first-timer, that will be 75 days prior to your cruise.

Is there anywhere on castaway to fish from shore, or is it allowed? Any advice would be appreciated. There are, however, a couple of fishing excursions that you might enjoy. Hope you have a great time no matter what you decide to do on the island! All the cabanas are sold out for castaway cat during our port stop in April Can we be wait listed for cancellations?

HI Jeannette — I did some research on cruise discussion boards and there appear to be a couple of ways to score a cabana, even if they are sold out for your cruise. One cruiser recommended calling Disney Cruise Line every day leading up to your cruise to nab any cancellations. A few other vacationers suggested visiting or calling Guest Services the minute you board to be placed on a waitlist for a cabana. Omgoodness, what a phenomenal review! Thinking this will be an ideal 13th birthday present. Thanks so very much! Wow Colleen, I am truly amazed at your blog here. It is not only informative but beautiful to look at as well as wonderfully written.

This is the first one I have read all the way through. Great job my cuzie. Love you. Hi, I am taking the family to Cozumel on our first Disney Cruise. Can you tell me why no one is booking the Cozumel and Jamaica excursions? Thank you for the kind words, Michele! Cruisers might be more interested in exploring on their own in some ports or booking excursions directly with local providers. The nice thing about booking through DCL, though, is that if your excursion is delayed for any reason — the ship will wait for you if you book through them.

Otherwise, you may miss the all aboard time. If you leave it sitting on the beach for a very long time, though, it might blow away or be picked up by a Disney cast member, or I suppose by a fellow cruiser. You might want to just wait until the race is over. Couple of things: leaving cash on ship is a little incorrect. If u buy a postcard or a sand bottle thing and u want a cc postmark, u MUST have cash to buy the stamps.

Otherwise u buy stamp on the boat and at some other stop at cc they will mail it. Once mine was postmarked 2 weeks later. Cabanas: go on your cruises Facebook page and see if anyone wants to share one. And adult only ones for sure. If u have no kids. Water in January has been too cold for us on 6 of our 7 trips. Wait, nov Jan feb trips. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi there!

What travellers are saying

I'm Colleen Lanin, the founder of Travel Mamas. I launched this family travel blog in to help parents and their children connect with each other and the world around them through travel and beyond. I love traveling with my family, swimming in fabulous hotel pools, hiking in nature, and doing Pilates so I can eat lots of gluten-free dessert. Click on the pic to learn more about moi! Table of Contents.

Photo credit: Colleen Lanin. Take time to relax Photo credit: Disney. Save these Castaway Cay tips! Have you ever been to Castaway Cay? Share your comments and questions below! You might also like:. Comments Nikki Vaughan says. January 12, at pm. Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says. January 22, at pm. Frances M. January 13, at am. How warm is it at Castaway in Feb? Lesli says. January 13, at pm. Steve Sexauer says.

February 17, at pm. Jenny says. February 15, at am. Also is there lockers at castaway? Should we still bring our passport? Penny says. March 21, at pm. Michelle says. March 5, at pm. March 7, at pm. Leanne LaLonde says. March 23, at am. March 23, at pm. Renae says. April 1, at pm. Christie says. September 12, at pm. Runner says. April 13, at pm. April 14, at pm. Nilda says. May 16, at pm. Oh my, Nilda! Jody says. July 27, at am. Jennifer says.

January 30, at pm. Momma Joe Jr says. June 14, at am. Whatchalookin'at says. August 10, at pm. Jennifer Duffy says. July 18, at pm. July 19, at pm. Stacey Stezoski says. August 4, at pm. Are towels provided for the beach? Any info or tips for doing the 5K? August 8, at am.

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    September 11, at am. CAS says. September 19, at am. Can you bring things like plastic gold coins that you can bury in the sand for others to find? September 21, at pm. October 5, at pm. Liz says. October 12, at am.