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His books are very smart and you will definitely love them. He began his writing career back in , when he published his pioneer book.

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These are some of his first books and many more came after these. The Knights Templar Mysteries Series by Michael Jecks have about thirty-two books that are all available online where you can always read or buy a copy of the book. It was published in and currently has 24 editions. This was published in and has about 17 editions. These two books are the same books that mark the beginning of his journey as a writer. The novel has pages and was published in March It currently has 24 editions and readily available online. The protagonist character of the book is known Simon Puttock.


The story is all about Simon Puttock and his brother who has joined in taking vows of obedience, poverty and chastity. This is because they were warrior monks who were to protect the pilgrims in the Holy land. Despite their dedication, an avaricious king is very determined in destroying them in order to grab the wealth for himself. The king has therefore decided to destroy them, but luckily, Simon Puttock was able to survive.

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Even though he survived, he suffered to see his dear brother suffer a brutal death. He has therefore not been a bailiff of the Lydford Castle for quite long. This is in the year of Despite not being a member for such long duration of time, he is called in order to examine a cottage that has burnt out and also a dead body that was in the cottage.

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Sir Baldwin Furnshill, who is the newly arrived Knight has completely discerned that the deceased was not part of the mishap tragic. It is therefore clear that he was assassinated before the blaze started out. To get better services, Simon has called for assistance from the astute despite being a haunted and secretive stranger.

Belladonna at Belstone - Book 8

They, therefore, come to an agreement that this peaceful place needs to be sated after the fatal burning. This is because such evil activities show that the place has got some harsh evils that are ready to finish their people.

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As the winter of descends upon a windswept chapel on the edge of Dartmoor, who could blame the young priest, Father Mark, for seeking affection from Mary, the miller's daughter? But when Mary, and her unborn child, are found dead, Mark is the obvious suspect. Could one of Mary's many admirers have murdered her in a fit of jealousy? Or might it be someone even closer to home?

Forty years ago, Exeter's Cathedral Close was the scene of a vicious ambush.

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Afterwards, the bodies left lying in their blood bore witness to the conflicts tearing at the heart of the cathedral itself. Today, in , murder is again polluting the Cathedral Close - but this killer is not so easily caught. The victim, Henry Potell, was feared and hated; he held secrets that some wished to keep hidden It seems that Hugh must have perished in a dreadful accident - but appearances can be deceptive. Knights Templar 32 books in series. The Merchant's Partner Publisher's Summary. Book 1. Not Available on Audible.

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Overview St. About the Author Michael Jecks gave up a career in the computer industry to concentrate on writing and the study of medieval history. Table of Contents. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Plague of Heretics. During his year career, During his year career, he performed over 25, autopsies and was involved in many high-profile cases. The author of numerous non-fiction books, he has written fourteen novels in the View Product. Blood on the Sand. The thrilling second novel in a The thrilling second novel in a new series for master of the historical adventure, Michael Jecks, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden.

Calais, Berenger Fripper and his men The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker.

Part of the Knight Templar Adventure series, repackaged for a new generation of fans. Simon and Baldwin are rewarded for their efforts by summons to Exeter over the Christmas period to receive gloves from the Boy-Bishop.