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  2. Confession, the Sacrament of Divine Mercy
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Before confession: Pray to the Holy Spirit for self-knowledge and trust in the mercy of God.

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Examine your conscience. Resolve to amend your life and avoid the occasion of sin. During Confession : Begin with the Sign of the Cross. Then listen to the priest for whatever counsel he may judge appropriate. If you have any question about the faith, how to grow in holiness, or whether something is a sin, feel free to ask him. Then the priest will assign you a penance which you must assent to. Listen as the priest absolves you of your sins and enjoy the fact that God has truly freed you from all your sins.

See a Problem?

Complete the penance the priest assigned you. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the graces received! Is it fear of facing your sin?

Is it fear of facing the priest? Fear should never be a factor.

Confession, the Sacrament of Divine Mercy

Let go of any fear you have by putting your eyes on the end result. That end result is freedom and union with God. This is a Mercy you need and will never regret receiving. Lord, please free me from the fear of this glorious Sacrament.

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The Pharisees were horrified when Jesus claimed the authority to forgive sins, because He was essentially equating himself with Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Such a claim intimated the fantastic idea that God would deign to take on crude flesh to live in our grit and grime and walk among us. Hours before we were married, my wife and I went to Confession separately, wanting to enter into marriage as free as we could be.

Confession | St Michael & All Angels Church

On our wedding day, we wanted to come together without any reservation of our past and be intimately one. The hint of spousal love is not accidental; it is exactly the point. God wants us to be present with Him in each moment with that level of spousal unity. Confession is the rightful movement back to the Divine Lover, who longs for our return. Time and time again, the Hebrew people forgot the goodness of the Lord, and yet God stood steadfast as only a lover could.

Through the imperfect priest, we are given access to the Perfect Lover of our souls. I know that I experienced shame and frustration with having to return to the sacrament week after week for issues of lust in my college years. I would go to different parishes, worried that the priests would start remembering me. Of course, I was missing the point that I needed to be held accountable and that God was always, always waiting there in the priest to receive me back into that intimate relationship with Him.

My anger with them lasts but a moment, and in the next instant, I try to console, reconcile and shower love on them.

Western Region

God the Father sees us with such infinite love that no sin we ever commit can separate us from Him. The answer to the moral crises of our time is to live in holiness. In every time of trial for the Church, great saints have risen to lead the response, souls humble enough to admit that they are sinners in need of a Savior.

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At the end of each confession, we say an Act of Contrition, in which we assert our intent to avoid whatever leads us into sin. There is a danger of treating Confession as a quick car wash when we frequent the sacrament without committing to changing problematic behaviors and habits. This cheapens the divine mercy God offers us through the blood of Christ. How serious are we about living this call to repentance?

I installed software on my computer years ago to help me overcome pornography use and hold me accountable, for the sake of my soul and my future vocation. But through our examining the origins of our scars, God is glorified and we can be transformed. Behaviors can be corrected and wholeness can be achieved with the assistance of the Divine Healer.

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God did not send His only Son so that we might have more rules and live in fearful, neurotic guilt, but that we might have life in abundance John