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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. Can true love truly conquer all? Kauey and Tyler put their love to the test when Gregorio tries to perform a ritual that will make him infinite. And what does he call for? He needs only three ingredients: the horn of a unicorn, the wings of an angel, and the Key to Time.

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When everything and everyone is trying to make you fail, how can you succeed? The Five have come. New friends old enemies one death. Who will it be? Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Nicky Drayden. Only The Stars Know. Shannon A. The Black Knight: Sin of the Fathers. Sean Christopher Allen. Gears and Spears. John Macallen Davis. Grace Simmons. A War to Come. Catherine Forbes. Hero's Moment. Alycia Christine. Patricia S Bowne.

In Pieces. KJ Kabza. Carolyn Chambers Clark. The Fixer. Annie Reed. Guardians of the Gate City. Lisa Williamson. H Jason Schulz. Trouble At Witchtown. Alex Stoutwood. The Horde Returns. Gil C. The Bar. June Faramore. Vladimir Duran. Guardian of Auzeria. Jennifer Trias Swenson. Child of Fire. Ela Lourenco. The Inner Kingdom Dragon Quest 1. Lies of the Old World. Brett P. Curse of the Necromancer. Anna Brio. Wrath of the Goddess. How to write a great review. Charmed : As a series about witchcraft, these pop up semi-frequently. The most notable instance was when Phoebe began receiving Past-Life Memories , coupled with physical manifestations of said past life attacking her.

Throughout the episode, she comes to the revelation that her past self was evil, and a curse was put on her soul by past Prue and past Piper, no less , dooming her and all reincarnations of her soul to die at the exact age Phoebe currently is. Through taking control of her past self's body , Phoebe herself is able to counter the curse, dodging her own demise. Alestorm 's "Captain Morgan's Revenge" has its title character pronouncing a dying curse upon the mutinous crew who have made him Walk the Plank : And as he fell down to the depths, he swore a deadly curse: "As sure as Hell's my final fate, you'll all soon die or worse!

Classical Mythology had quite a run of these, setting up the tragic events of many a story: Oedipus, maltreated by his sons, cursed them to kill each other. Leading to the events of Seven Against Thebes. Theseus, believing what his wife Phaedra had claimed about his son Hippolytus , cursed him, resulting in Hippolytus's death.

After Hecuba avenged the murder of her son by killing Polymestor's sons in front of him and then blinding him, Polymestor himself curses Hecuba - or maybe simply foresees her doom — to go insane and drown herself. Laios, King of Thebes, for some reason tries to kidnap Pelops' son. Pelops curses him, saying, "May your own son kill you, Theban!

Pelops' other sons are Atreus and Thyestes.

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Atreus catches Thyestes in bed with his Atreus' wife. Atreus butchers Thyestes' children and serves them up to their father at a banquet. Thyestes curses Atreus' line. Thyestes' curse is fulfilled by Helen, wife of Atreus' son Menelaos, who runs off with Paris of Troy, and by Clytemnestra, wife of Atreus' other son Agamemnon, who consorts with a son of Thyestes and murders her husband.

Norse Mythology : Andvari's cursed ring Andvarinaut caused the deaths of several people before it eventually lead to the destruction of an entire tribe. In Gautrek's Saga , Thor curses Starkad to never have children, to never own land, to be wounded in every battle he fights, to never remember his own poems, and to commit three great crimes in his life. Newspaper Comics. The Far Side : A couple is looking at their vacation slides, with the husband chuckling over the peasant woman who threatened to put a curse on him if he took her picture..

A mummy to the trio of archaeologists who have just cracked open his sarcophagus: "Well, that's a curse on you, and a curse on you, and a curse on you! Pro Wrestling. The Super Indy Chamionship, a tournament of the International Wrestling Cartel, had a curse on it that a champion would always lose a belt upon entering, primarily the belt of the previous Super Indy Champion. This curse was eventually defeated by RJ City. Raw had a short run of a curse, The Curse of the Undertaker.

Eddie Guerrero was involved in a storyline with Taker that ended in him buried alive. Two days before its North American release A game later, Undertaker said "Your grieving family will have no-one but you to blame when the inevitable occurs. A year after that, Randy Orton was injured after an in game feud with Taker. Athletes and sports fans are often a superstitious bunch, so if there's a long drought of success or a string of near-misses especially those under odd circumstances , sports curses often come about.

Philadelphia's City Hall is topped by a statue of William Penn the founder of both the city and the entire colony-now-state of Pennsylvania , and for many decades there was a gentleman's agreement in place that didn't allow any building in the city to be higher than it. This agreement was broken in March by the opening of One Liberty Place three blocks away. The Flyers had won back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in and '75, as well as appearing in the Finals in '76, '80, and ' Once the new skyscraper opened and the statue of Penn was overshadowed, none of these teams won a championship despite some close calls: The Phillies lost the World Series in six games to the Toronto Blue Jays on Joe Carter's three-run walkoff homer.

The 76ers lost to the Lakers in in five games admittedly, they were big underdogs in that series. The and NFC Championship Game losses came with the Eagles at home - since the NFL started giving playoff home-field advantage to teams with better records, no other team has ever lost back-to-back Conference Championship games where they hosted.

They also got swept by the Detroit Red Wings in after cruising through the first three rounds that year. They also made the Conference Finals five times , , , , before losing - especially stands out because the Flyers were up in the best-of-seven series before dropping Games 5, 6, and 7 to the New Jersey Devils.

How did this end? In June the final beam of the new Comcast Center in downtown Philadelphia was erected, becoming the tallest building in the city. Workers planted a two-foot-high figure of William Penn to that beam, along with a tree and an old-school American flag.

The figurine got stolen, and a replacement figurine was provided — sports in Philadelphia is a very big deal. Layne was a quarterback who spent 8 seasons with the Lions in the 's, leading them to several NFL championships in that time. In the 50 years since: Not only did the Lions not win or even appear in another NFL championship or Super Bowl the only other team to go so long without one is the Cleveland Browns , they had the worst winning percentage of all teams. They had a total of ten postseason appearances, of which they won one playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys. The losing was so bad that Barry Sanders, probably the best Lion in recent memory, who played for the team in the 90's and during which the Lions had five of the said ten playoff appearances, retired while in peak physical form because he couldn't stand the losing culture and front office mismanagement.

Curse of the Necromancer: Book Three in the Hejate Trilogy by Anna Brio - FictionDB

The Lions were later joined by the Cleveland Browns. The " Madden Curse :" It's said that the athlete who is featured on the cover of the Madden NFL is doomed to misfortune, either a bad season, failing to meet expectations, or even being sidelined due to injury. This, however, is usually dismissed, simply being chalked up to athletes being featured when they're at the top, and having nowhere to go but down. The NFL Championship game saw the Pottsville Maroons Pottsville is a small coal-mining town in rural Pennsylvania defeat the Chicago Cardinals , but the Maroons were stripped of their NFL championship after later playing in a supposedly unauthorized exhibition game in Philadelphia both sides have disputed evidence on whether the game was sanctioned by the NFL.

The Cardinals took credit for the title starting in under then-new owner Charles Bidwell the Cardinals' owner in , Chris O'Brien, actually refused to claim the title at the time because he felt his team didn't deserve to take the title from a team that beat them fairly , an act that angered many Pottsville citizens. Legend says that the angered citizens cast a curse on the Cardinals that will deny the franchise a title until the championship is given back to Pottsville and returned to the proper shade of red.

Given that the impetus began with the Cardinals' claiming of the championship after they were purchased by Charles Bidwell and the team remains in the hands of his son Bill, some versions of the story direct the curse at the owners rather than the franchise itself. The NFL revisited the matter in but the vote among the owners was in favor of continuing to recognize the Cardinals as champions; the two who voted against were Chicago Bears owner George Halas and Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney.

The matter was brought up again in , but the owners decided against reopening the case; the two who voted in favor of reopening were the Pittsburgh Steelers again and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cleveland Browns seem to be cursed and it may very well be to the shoddy treatment of Paul Brown - who they were named after. Basically Art Modell fired Brown in and the last championship for the city of Cleveland in any major sport happened the year afterward.

Brown would go on to found the Cincinnati Bengals whose stadium is named after him who have been much more successful. When the Browns finally got a halfway decent team in , Art Modell moved them to Baltimore. The Browns were re-founded in but have not regained from recurring crumminess. Well two Super Bowl titles God hates Cleveland, apparently Association Football The Socceroos Australia's national soccer team and their witch doctor curse. According to team captain Johnny Warren's autobiography, for the deciding game some team members consulted a local witch doctor, who proceeded to bury bones near the goal posts and place a curse on Rhodesia.

Australia won to proceed to the final round against Israel, but they couldn't come up with the fee the witch doctor requested, so the witch doctor hexed them as well. Australia did qualify for the World Cup, but didn't score a goal in three games and finished last in Group 1. Australia then failed to qualify for the next seven World Cups despite close calls in several of those qualifying campaigns especially , , and The first game in Tehran ended , and in the second half of the second game in Melbourne Australia held a lead until Iran scored goals in the 71st and 75th minute to earn the draw and qualify for the final spot on away goals.

How it ended: two years after Warren's autobiography was published, John Safran read about it and travelled to Mozambique and hired a new witch doctor to lift the curse. In , despite having won the premiership the previous year, he was controversially sacked, and subsequently claimed the club would never win another premiership. They didn't make the finals again until , and as of are still yet to win the premiership again, with their closest attempts being grand final appearances in and Auto Racing The "Andretti Curse" is the affliction of bad luck to the Andretti dynasty in the Indianapolis since Mario Andretti won the race in Despite there being five Andrettis Mario, Michael, Jeff, John and Marco to have raced at Indy since then, as of none have won another as a driver Michael Andretti won in , , and as a car owner.

Some of the most notable examples of "Andretti luck" include Mario Andretti's finishing second after Bobby Unser was disqualified and then-reinstated as winner in , finishing second behind Danny Sullivan who spun his car but saved it earlier in the race , his engine blowing in after leading most of the race. Michael Andretti led most of the race but his engine failed ten laps from the finish. Marco Andretti was passed by Sam Hornish on the run to the finish line in Prior to this, the Red Sox had a great deal of success, winning the World Series in , , and ; the Yankees, meanwhile, had been terrible since their inception.

From through , the Yankees won twenty-six World Series championships at least one in every decade except the 's and the Red Sox won zero. The curse finally ended in , when the Red Sox won the World Series in a four-game sweep against the St. Louis Cardinals after coming back from a series deficit in the ALCS against the Yankees, the only time such a comeback has ever happened in baseball.

They've won another 3 World Series since then. Highlights in between: The season. On July 18th, the Red Sox had a seemingly-insurmountable 14 game lead in the AL East before the Yankees got hot and managed to tie Boston in the standings on September 10th after a four-game sweep at Fenway Park by a combined score of , which fans took to calling the "Boston Massacre". Boston had a lead in the top of the 7th before light-hitting Bucky Dent who managed a total of 40 home runs in an year career got a 3-run homer over the Green Monster. The curse gained media prominence in the World Series, where the Red Sox had a series lead against the New York Mets going into Game 6 and getting a lead with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th inning before losing that game capped off by an error by first baseman Bill Buckner that let the winning run in and Game 7.

This led to George Vecsey's articles that posited the existence of the curse in national media. It got played again in , when the Red Sox and Yankees met in the ALCS - Game 7 was at Yankee Stadium, where the Red Sox held a lead with one out in the 8th inning before the Yankees tied it and eventually forced extra innings, where a pinch-hitting journeyman Aaron Boone hit a walkoff homer in the 11th.

The Red Sox would get their revenge the next year. As the story goes, during Game 4 of the World Series a bar owner named Billy Sianis brought his pet goat named Murphy to the game at Wrigley Field even purchasing a separate ticket , but was kicked out because the goat's odor was bothering others. Sianis was infuriated and declared, "Them Cubs, they ain't gonna win no more. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat. The Cubs also hold the record for longest World Series drought - until their World Series victory, they hadn't won a championship since Highlights since: The season.

The Cubs then collapsed while the Mets went on a tear, ending with the Mets finishing first in the division with an 8-game lead over the Cubs. As if to drive home the point, a black cat had walked by Cubs captain Ron Santo while he was in the on-deck circle at Shea Stadium on September 9th - the next day the Mets took over first place in the division.

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  4. The NLCS. The Cubs won the first two games at Wrigley, and fans could smell a return to the World Series. Then the Padres won Games 3 and 4 in San Diego. Then the deciding Game 5 - the Cubs had a lead after two innings and still led going into the bottom of the 7th. With a runner on second and one out, Tim Flannery of the Padres hit a grounder that went through the legs of Cubs first baseman Leon Durham, allowing San Diego to tie the game.

    Then the next batter Tony Gwynn doubles in two more runs to give the Padres a lead which they would not relinquish. The Cubs had a series lead on the Florida Marlins and were up with 1 out in the top of the 8th inning at Wrigley. Then a high foul ball towards the left field was hit, and a Cubs fan named Steve Bartman among others reached for it, knocking the ball into the stands, ruining any chance of making it the second out.

    The Cubs pleaded for fan interference but didn't get it. The Marlins then scored eight unanswered runs before the inning was over, winning that game as well as Game 7. In , the Cubs had one of the strongest teams in the major leagues and won a playoff series for the first time since They made it to the NLCS In , the Cubs would not only finally win the Pennant by beating the Dodgers in 6 games, but at long last win a World Series in a nail-biter against the Cleveland Indians.

    The latter was an especially tense victory, considering the Cubs were at one point down three games to one before they rallied back to win Games 5 and 6, and then in Game 7 took a lead into the bottom of the 8th before the Indians tied it, and then the game finished the regulation nine innings tied at 6 when a rain delay set in, making it seem like their curse wasn't quite done with them or the Indians, who at that time had the second-longest World Series championship drought and had been dogged with curse talk of their own yet.

    It was believed that the Tigers would never win another championship until the statue was recovered, but they've kept losing since it was found in Some attribute this to the fact that the glasses and left hand are still missing. Management celebrated by burning the mortgage document in the Cup itself - this was said to invoke the curse, and the Rangers did not win the Cup again for 54 years a Stanley Cup drought record that still stands. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals gets special mention because it seemed like the Curse would not die - the Rangers had a lead in the closing seconds before Valeri Zelepukin of the Devils scored the tying goal with 7.

    It could just be that the early 90's in general was when the Curse was vicious - the ''92 season saw the Rangers play well, winning the Presidents Trophy best regular season record before losing to eventual champ Pittsburgh in the Patrick Division Finals during which goalie Mike Richter let in a goal from a shot from the blue line. The next season things started out looking good, but then defenseman Brian Leetch suffered a neck injury during a game in December and later broke his ankle; the Rangers finished last in the division that year.

    Curse of the Necromancer: Book Three in the Hejate Trilogy

    And how did Leetch break his ankle? He took a taxi from the Garden after a game against the San Jose Sharks, stepped out, and slipped on an ice patch in the street. No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since the Montreal Canadiens in , by far the longest such stretch in the Cup's history. However injuries plagued the team later on costing them a spot in the playoffs. In fact none of the seven Canadian teams made the Stanley Cup Playoffs that season - the only other Stanley Cup Playoffs without a Canadian entrant was , when only two the Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs existed.

    The season once again started off for the Habs, but they were shutout in a historic loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Frequently Invoked by godmodders in the Destroy the Godmodder series. Sometimes, the players actually become vulnerable. Tabletop Games. Cursed items can have such fun effects as changing your species , gender , alignment or making your hair grow longer Fourth edition brings us the Warlock class power Warlocks's Curse, which allows you to curse one foe as a minor action, who then takes more damage from any Warlock power you use on them, once per round.

    They aren't guaranteed to work, though. Thaumatology has Doom, for days worse and worse things happen to the target until something really horrible finally strikes. Changeling: The Lost includes both Contracts that count as curses impairing performance, affecting one's behavior, etc. For instance, the afflicted may be the center of a contagious Hate Plague or other suitable emotion Passion , have every mechanical object he tries to handle explode in his hands Industrial , have nature turn against him Primeval , become burdened by some unknown weight and unable to sleep Grave-Dirt , or unable to communicate with anyone Stillness.

    Hecate: Goddess of Witchcraft & Necromancy - (Greek Mythology Explained)

    Vampire: The Masquerade : Once upon a time, Caine saw that his brother Abel had produced a better sacrifice, and murdered him. God cursed him from this crime, and this is why we have vampires. Vampire: The Requiem : Once upon a time, a Roman legionary stabbed the crucified son of God and was drenched by the spilled divine blood. For his treachery, he was turned into a vampire. At least that's what the Lancea et Sanctum tells everyone. Mage: The Awakening : Curses are in the purview of the Fate arcana.

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    It's hard to make a curse that is lasting , unless you clearly state to the victim the means to foil it. Mummy: The Curse : See the title. But when it comes to hurling curses, the Arisen have several Utterances that have the "Curse" descriptor — and on top of that, if they're killed temporarily, that is , they have the option to unleash such curses reflexively on the person who slew them.

    An integral part of the setting and mechanics of Exalted. With their dying breaths, the defeated Primordials enacted the Great Curse upon the victorious Exalted Host. The exact effects of the curse vary by Exalt type, with the effects being more severe the more powerful the type, but generally revolve around With Great Power Comes Great Insanity. The baronets in Gilbert and Sullivan 's Ruddigore. The Nutcracker : The title character was cursed to be a In The Book of Mormon , Elder Cunningham is reading the part of the Book where the Lord becomes displeased with the Laminites and turns their skin black, and then stops when he realizes that it's probably not the best part to be reading to Africans.

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    The version of the Book that the Africans finally learn from Cunningham is somewhat different, including a story about God punishing Brigham Young for cutting off his daughter's clitoris by changing his nose into one. Video Games. It is also a legend that Ninetales will put a year curse on anyone foolish enough to touch one of its tails.

    It turns out that Gengar was the human who left Gardevoir to take the heat. The characters Salabesh the Onyx and Jumble Murdersense in Planescape: Torment : the former overheard someone defining him as a kind person, and cursed him to defecate from his mouth and speak through his anus ; even the usually unfazed main character reacts to that with a Big "WHAT?! The latter cursed Reekwind to a life of uncontrollable flatulence and B. You can then give him a taste of his own medicine by learning and using one that silences him, preventing him from countering with one of his own. Some have pointed out an interesting pattern with the game Eversion.

    Blind Lets Plays of this game seem to botch the recording on world five, forcing the letsplayer to redo it while not blind to that stage anymore. The game may actually be cursed. Which doesn't explain why Link turns into a bunny. The seven maidens sent into the Dark World to break the seal on it are cursed to turn into crystals.

    Carrying a special pearl allows Link to ward off the curse. In the Nintendo Power comic version , people who enter the Dark Realm change into monsters when they lose control of their emotions, and those who can't control them turn into monsters permanently. Link eventually gets his under control and it stops affecting him, but he meets an archer named Roam who eventually succumbs. A tiny demon curses Link to only use half of his magic power per spell.

    In other words, the demon's "curse" turns out to be extremely beneficial. Later, he is cursed to turn into a wolf by Zant, even when in the World of Light. Zant is fond of curses. Midna herself used to be a Twili, but was cursed into the form of an imp by Zant. If he touches a Blue Bubble in Majora's Mask , he is "jinxed" to be unable to draw his sword for a period of time. Link has to go through a subquest to get them back together.