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Boris Delic Hei! I have some trouble with 9. When SLAX is finnested booting it ask me for username root and passport toot. After I have type username, passport wont work and then nothing heppens. Is there solution for it? It is bit version. Cant remember to have this problem on version 9. Boris Delic nubee Thanks! Is there any way to fix GUI problem in 9. I see that ahmad raniri have same problem, and he have sold it. Millie Chillum Hello. I'm having the 9. It gets to the slax login, then root slax.

Here is where I'm lost. I can't get to the slax desktop. However, I tested the same usb on a Toshiba laptop and it goes right to the slax desktop!

Instalar Linux Ubuntu [2019]

Also tested on a couple of desktop computers and it works just fine. So, for some reason, Slax 9. Thanks for any help. Ivvan, Hello all, I used slax several years ago, and it was very useful for me, I remember that I have converted some modules to lzm, and that I could to explore and install modules from my running slax. Now I have downloaded the last version and I can find anything, obviously, I have a very bad memory, but I did not find documentation or information about installing modules that are not in the modules page.

For instance, I require to install gcc, which is not in the downloaded version. Any help is welcome about documents or any information about adding packages. Thank you in advance, best regards. Don't forget to do "apt update" first and make sure you have an internet connection Sonu Lohani Thanks for this beautiful os. I am loving it and using it as my daily driver.

Now 1 the 95 version seems only have English version. Where can I find other languages support? You mentioned 64bit in Using Slax. Am I reading right? Small changes like changing the default homepage and desktop background. Unfortunately I have almost zero linux experience. Can someone advise me as to how I could do this? I see the "savechanges" command was mentioned above, can someone explain how I can use this and then burn new ISO's?

I think some drivers for my computer are missing. Closing log file. Thank you Peter. Peter ahmad raniri Hey, how can I install xserver-xorg-video-intel? Please provide step by step instructions. Thank you. William Chacon Suggest this blog be cleaned delete slax insults and unrelated comments because negativity never beneficial. First partition has slax boot folder, slax32 folder, slax64 folder, lxpup LXDE puppy extracted folder and debian dog extracted folder with all booted from slax boot folder's edited syslinux file and then having a second data partition shared by all above OS's.

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I can simply extract an iso into a first partition folder then edit its isolinux file, then edit syslinux in slax boot folder to configure isolinux in this new extracted iso. I also have a hard drive having a boot manager partition, windows partitions, and a partition with this same slax multi boot setup as described above. My hard drive boot manager gives me a choice to boot windows or my multi boot partition or another OS partition with all sharing a fat32 data partition, booted under BIOS. Love it.

Easy to make backup copies too.

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Knowing how to edit what is the key. Phg Grue Who sucks? Vlado W The Slax 9 Series Please ask for update orders or reference to other tips.

I want use latest kernel because of security, so I've replaced slax with Devuan. It's debian based too and it's without systemd so it's fast and reliable. One question: Slax only uses 3.

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Next one: Can't find the link to the documentation want to build own Modules Kind regards. Jeroen Kramer First congratulations, another wonderful distro! Now for my troubles When i boot on my HD screen the resolution in on 4k, way too high, selecting a different one in the resolution menu does not change anything.

Tails - VirtualBox

How can i change this? Is there any way to boot Slax to command line interface, and then to use midnight commander, without starting the gui? Phg Grue Slax is nice to use in Virtualbox, but not very easy to install. Use Debian 64bit. Put the Slax. Maybe 1 is enough Start the engine. Run isomaster, go to options type at the editor setting leafpad. Save it. Then you can remove all other folders than the boot folder and save the iso as SlaxwhateverV2. If you want to install the VBoxGuestAddions.

Start the VM and open the Guest iso. Run the autorun. You will get some error messages that you should install something I have tried downloading 9. On this forum I see many open topics not being replied to. This is quite self-defeating unfortunately, which is a pity because the concept behind Slax is very interesting. Only the Volumen bar works? So I put an extra sleep in the Fluxbox startup file. Maybe it's too fast running on a SSD? Simply copy and paste the slax folder to USB stick and then run the bootinstall.

If you desire multibooting, then edit syslinux. Know not if Mac has issues doing above. I succeeded using a puppy linux on CD to 1. The nice thing about puppy linux is that it runs in Ram and allows everything which other distros may have issues with. Tomas, again repeated, desirable to have separate Know How thread that is kept clean of junk garbage comments such as slax insults as seen in this thread, and such that Tomas or another can paste related excerpts and users can enter know-how explanations.

Excerpts could be gathered from other past threads and then centralized in this separate Know How thread, such as in the making of modules. I was wondering how your new slax works. Leonardo Laporte Hi. Consider being a safety choice for your distribution.

Sitio Oficial de la Comunidad GNU/Linux de la Universidad de Santiago

I have to study the Debian installation Image. Thanks :. But i'm not shure where to put my Shell-Script to be executed at Startup without X any hints? Is there any file to edit? Clint Gaydon can't access drive just standard stuff that comes with the program can't even find text files in other directorys. Please, you could add an installer on it! However, it only runs on my original home computer that i used in order to install Slax on USB stick I mean, it will not start if i use the USB stick in question on a different computer Because all i see is the green logo of Slax and then it stops booting, as it gives me an error code stating that some [Slax] files are missing, or not found I would appreciate if you can help me to solve this issue, so i can carry my Slax USB stick with me outside home and successfully boot into any other computers, besides my home computer.

Thank you so much Tomas, the king of the kings : --Now,regarding switchingback to Slackware Algunas impresoras hp por ejemplo hp Laserjet requieren firmware para ser descargado desde el ordenador cada vez que se enciende la impresora. Si hay un problema con udev o equivalente y el estado de descarga de firmware nunca es encendido, puede experimentar este problema.

Para solucionar el problema, puede descargar manualmente el firmware a la impresora. Esto, al menos, pasa con hplip 3. El dispositivo lp aparece y luego desaparece. Consulte este mensaje en el foro. Debe devolver algo como esto:. Advierta que los espacios en blanco son permitidos en URIs, mientras se reemplazan las barras invertidas con barras diagonales.

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El error ha sido reportado y se repara por Ubuntu. El archivo. Sin embargo, el archivo. Nota: Este comportamiento no ha cambiado con cups 1.

ArchBang Linux

Para conseguir que un cliente cupsd local reconozca otras impresoras compartidas ofrecidas por un servidor cupds remoto, se necesita ejecutar una instancia del navegador cups local soporte proporcionado por cups-filters 1. Para determinar el URI correcto a usar, ejecute la orden hp-makeuri. Nota: Existe la posibilidad de que sea necesario cambiar los permisos. Hidden categories: Pages with broken package links Pages with broken section links.