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The more I think about this, the more I like the idea. Anyone want to volunteer?? What a great looking station! Isaiah says. May 19, at am. He is on vacation right now, so it will be a few weeks before he responds -Isaiah a Future Ham. May 19, at pm. July 1, at am. Despite what I said back in , I do indeed have an Extra Class study guide now.

See above. Jack KZ3Z says. March 26, at pm. March 28, at am. March 28, at pm. Hi, Jack— Thanks for the great feedback on my study guide. April 21, at am. Dan, Your study guides seem to have garnered much praise. Ed Culbertson says. July 4, at am. July 4, at pm. Jay says. October 22, at pm. Thanks again, this will save me a ton time. October 23, at am.

October 25, at pm. Thanks Dan We we give it a Whirl. And nope, we are not charging for the class, never have and never will. Thanks again, Jay. Brian says. October 28, at pm. I am now studying for the General test and I am using your guide once again. Thanks, Brian. November 11, at pm. Thanks for putting this together and offering it up for folks to use. November 12, at am. Robert Fridell says. December 14, at pm. I would like to thank you for the selfstudy guide that I downloaded…Thanks. Thanks again.. December 15, at am. March 29, at pm.

April 15, at am. Anyway thanks for the guides, much appreciated! April 15, at pm. October 13, at am. Now for a question, when are you going to have an Extra Study Guide? Congratulations on the excellent results. John says. January 5, at am. Dave H says. February 7, at am. February 7, at pm. Tyler says. February 9, at am. Thanks so much, I am planning to study your General manual and take the test next week. February 15, at am. Dan, Thank you very much for these two study guides.

February 17, at pm. Don says. March 8, at am. James says. March 20, at pm. Timothy J. Cregan says. April 18, at pm. Luca W6LDM says. April 23, at pm. Thank you Luca. Gail N7BXX says. June 20, at pm. Gail N7BXX. Phil says. July 12, at pm. Larry says. August 8, at pm. Thanks for the great study guides, going to take my test soon Im hoping to pass. August 13, at pm. Well took the tech test yesterday and passed, Thanks for the great guides. August 25, at am. Bill says. September 2, at am. Now…on to General Class! Thanks again, Bill. Ron P says. November 10, at pm. Melaine says. November 14, at pm.

Joe says. March 10, at am. Technician & General License Course

Chris says. March 18, at pm. Sarah says. April 16, at pm. Alan says. April 17, at am. Thank you for the Study Guides. I downloaded the Technician Class guide and passed. I downloaded the General guide and passed. Please tell me the Extra Class Study Guide is coming soon! Krusher says. April 25, at pm. Saturday I passed my Element 3 test with 2 wrong answers. Joseph Carter says. June 27, at am. Scott Johnson says.

Greetings, hope all is well. Mike AE6ZC says. September 4, at pm. I will let you know as more of them take their exams. Thanks for making this available. September 5, at pm. Thanks for the update, and congratulations to those who passed. Nick says. September 20, at am.

September 20, at pm. Thanks for the comment, Nick. Bev says. September 27, at am. Thanks so much. September 27, at pm. Jim WD7W says. October 5, at am. Franz Miller says. October 17, at pm. JoshRitt says. October 29, at pm. November 4, at pm. Dan, Thank you for your study guide. Zeke says. November 20, at am. November 21, at pm. November 22, at pm. November 30, at am. Joey says. December 2, at pm.

December 4, at am. Way to go, Joey! Would love to talk to you sometime on the air. KB1VEZ says. December 27, at am. January 22, at am. Caryn says. February 28, at am. Thanks again Caryn. Michael E. Moore says. March 7, at pm. March 8, at pm. Tim says. March 19, at pm. Thanks for the study guide. Joshua says. April 7, at pm. Jeff says. April 20, at pm. Dan, Thank you so much for making this study guide available. Keith Wood says.

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April 28, at pm. Tony says. May 17, at am. Dan, Would just like to echo and add my own thanks for your Tech and General guides. Mike Davis says. May 20, at am. June 1, at pm. June 18, at pm. The new tests are due out. Do you have an extra guide? If so, pricing? Joe Suttie says. June 19, at pm. Thanks, Joe. Thanks for your donation, too. July 3, at am. Riley W0TBW says. July 9, at pm. July 29, at pm. August 11, at pm. Dear Dan, Many thanks for your guides. August 29, at pm. These are really well written, thanks a lot!

Looking forward to the Extra guide : Will happily donate to the worthy cause. Thanks, Yoni! Ben says. September 17, at pm. Hi Dan, Thanks for your books! Bob says. October 15, at pm. October 24, at am. October 24, at pm. October 26, at am. Charles Bernholz says. October 26, at pm. KF7YWP says. November 4, at am. Miles says. Vic Neshyba says. Bruce says. December 17, at pm. December 19, at pm. January 15, at pm. Ron says. March 12, at am. March 12, at pm. Thanks Dan, that will help a lot. March 13, at pm. Thanks for the ham cram link. It answered my questions and really helped a lot.

Chet says. April 6, at pm. Thanks, Chet. Barry Brown says. June 17, at pm. Jon says. August 21, at pm. September 2, at pm. Dan, Wonder full stuff you have here. September 12, at pm. September 14, at pm. Suz says.

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September 22, at am. Robert Leonard says. October 23, at pm. Dan, Thank you for the exams study guides. Our local amateur club in Naples Florida was a great help and a great group. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Jason says. November 12, at pm. Dan, I just wanted to thank you for your Technician study guide. Thanks again, Jason. Are there any recommended sites to take the tests online? If You offer testing, just let me know. I would choose that! Thanks Dan and understood. I was indeed asking if the actual, license-producing, test was available online.

Hello again Dan. Just checking for me and other noob readers. Again, just checking — are the PDFs current against the current tests? December 19, at am. January 5, at pm. Thanks for your help.

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Brian Jones says. January 11, at pm. Dan: Used your study guide to get my Technician Class license today. James Gorman says. January 22, at pm. January 23, at pm. Lisa says. May 7, at pm. Dan; May I download your study guides and possibly print a version for my personal use to learn…. May 8, at pm. Of course, Lisa.

W5YI Group Amateur Radio License Study Guides

Not only that, you can e-mail me if you have any questions about any of the material. May 15, at pm. Norm says. May 18, at pm. Roger K5YKO says. May 24, at pm. Andrew Koenig says. June 18, at am. Kevin Hooke says. June 24, at pm. Anna says. June 30, at am. Ron Kotula says. July 2, at am. Mark says. Alfredo Huerta says. September 1, at pm. Richard Paczkowski says. Michael Hardy Sr. January 7, at am. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Bill Now I need to print and start studying for my No-nonsense Extra. Maxmillion Gregor says. January 15, at am. Shelby says. January 19, at am. Dante LoCicero says. February 15, at pm. February 16, at am. Michael says. March 16, at pm. March 25, at pm. March 26, at am. Ryan AF7PI says. April 2, at pm. Thanks for the feedback, Ryan! April 8, at pm. Thank you for providing an exceptionally good resource. April 13, at pm. Jules Bartow JulesBartow says. May 1, at am. Gracias Amigo! Paul says.

Full text of "No Nonsense General Class Study Guide"

May 23, at pm. Dan, I am a technician who will be taking the extra class exam in a couple of months. Thanks very much! May 25, at am. Mike kf7vzz says. June 21, at pm. Thanks for a superior work. June 28, at pm. Not in the near future Thanks again. Sid says. July 6, at pm. Radio Free says.

July 10, at pm. July 13, at pm. Passed the Technicians exam after using your study guide. Only missed one question! Am currently studying the General study guide, Gonna test tomorrow evening. Thanks sooooo much! July 15, at am. Passed the General exam! Noe the fun begins! Mark Richards says. This abbreviation is widely known to amateurs. When choosing a transmitting frequency in order to comply with good amateur practice, you should do the following.

You should make sure that the frequency and mode selected are within your license class privileges. Amateur operators or control operators may transmit communications when a pecuniary or money interest is involved. This practice is permitted when other amateurs are being notified of the sale of apparatus normally used in an amateur station and such activity is not done on a regular basis. This activity is known as an amateur radio swap meet. The 40 meter band has some excellent swap meets. After you pass your exam, check them out. The FCC requires amateur stations to be operated concerning aspects that are not covered by part 97 rules by operating your station in conformance with good engineering and good amateur practice.

The FCC will determine good operating practice not covered by the amateur radio rules. What is the maximum height above ground to which an antenna structure may be erected without requiring notification to the FAA and registration with the FCC, provided it is not at or near a public use airport? There must be no more than one beacon signal transmitting in the same band from the same station location. Which of the following must be true before amateur stations may provide communications to broadcasters for dissemination to the public?

The communications must directly relate to the immediate safety of human life or protection of property and there must be no other means of communication reasonably available before or at the time of the event. The communications must be approved by a local emergency preparedness official and conducted on officially designated frequencies. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Personal Growth. Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Charles Pascal, the author of this manual has been a licensed amateur operator for 53 years.

This manual is designed to help you pass the FCC general license exam. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Test your knowledge: G1A01 C [ All of these choices are correct G1A11 B [ The lower frequency end B. The upper frequency end C. Amateur stations must record the call sign of the primary service station before operating on a frequency assigned to that station B.

Amateur stations are allowed to use the band only during emergencies C. Amateur stations are allowed to use the band only if they do not cause harmful interference to primary users D.

Amateur stations may only operate during specific hours of the day, while primary users are permitted 24 hour use of the band G1A13 D [ Increase your transmitter's power to overcome the interference C. Attempt to contact the station and request that it stop the interference D. Move to a clear frequency or stop transmitting G1A14 B [ Region 1 B. Region 2 C. Region 3 D. All three regions G1B - Antenna structure limitations; good engineering and good amateur practice; beacon operation; prohibited transmissions; retransmitting radio signals If you enjoy large antennas and high towers, the maximum height above ground for your antenna is feet without notifying the FAA or FCC.

Follow generally accepted band plans agreed to by the Amateur Radio community. Monitor the frequency before transmitting. Test your knowledge: G1B01 C [ A beacon station may not use automatic control B.