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  2. Tonight's TV: Shades of Guilt and Unreported World
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Plains was guilty on nine charges. One was a felony.

Shades of Guilt.

Plains, in its public statements, has made much of the fact that nine is a lot smaller than the 46 criminal charges in the original grand jury indictment handed down two years ago amid all the political showboating inevitable in a county famous for not taking kindly to massive oil spills. And by the time the case went to trial, 46 counts had been winnowed down to Of those, three were felonies.

Plains will no doubt appeal.


Big pipeline companies are fined and sued all the time. Even rarer still are they criminally convicted. That, I suspect, will make it unique among all pipeline companies in the world. That pales in comparison to what the company could be forced pay in civil damages. Let it be acknowledged the trial was excruciating.

Tonight's TV: Shades of Guilt and Unreported World

The jurors should receive special hardship pay. Judge Jim Herman frequently admonished counsel not to put jurors to sleep. The pipe in question was 89 percent eroded. There had been weird fluctuations in pipeline pressure earlier that morning.

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The stories deal with interesting — sometimes disturbing — topics, including murder, sexual fantasies, domestic violence, rape, and more. The Shades of Guilt team resists the temptation to sensationalize and instead focuses on natural human tendencies and reactions.

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What would we, the viewer, do in each situation? How guilty are the victims in these crime stories? The series starts with an episode about sex.

More episodes

OK, maybe there is a bit of sensationalizing. A particular kink or fantasy is explored.

One of the participants gets hooked on the act. The other goes along, and unintended consequences result.

Shades of Guilt Series and Episode Guides | TV from RadioTimes

As lawyers get involved, we meet Friedrich Kronberg, a defense attorney. This thought-provoking German legal thriller takes a while to establish itself but is worth the wait. The judge wants to make sense of the crime. You will, too.

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With subtitles. Mike Bradley. Seyi Rhodes enters the terrifying hidden world of illegal gold miners in South Africa, who bribe their way into disused mines guarded by gangsters in pursuit of unfound deposits. Turns out it is tough crossing the Thames estuary but tougher still getting on with one another.