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  1. The U.S. Was Trying to Stop Japan’s Global Expansion
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Hexagonal Counters? Posted by Michael Tan. Which counter style do you prefer? I strongly prefer the square design I slightly prefer the square design No preference I slightly prefer the hexagonal design I strongly prefer the hexagonal design.

The U.S. Was Trying to Stop Japan’s Global Expansion

Poll created by m3tan. What the heck is Mahlzeit Stellung??? Bye bye Blocks What really happened with the original War Stories Which installment would you like to see next in the War Stories series?

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Rate you interest level in the following system enhancements, understanding that they generally increase the fun factor but sometimes shift in the game system focus or may introduce balance issues. Sturm Europa! Tan Dirk Knemeyer. The snowflake Posted by Michael Tan. Subscribe RSS Subscribe. Much of it appears to be organic, a reflection of the politically polarizing nature of some of the candidates. Using proprietary tools that measured the discussion surrounding the candidates in the Democratic field, Guardians.

Black Team War Stories: 12in1

This is the same core group of accounts the company first identified last year in a study as anchoring a wide-scale influence campaign in the elections. Over a recent day period, between 2 percent and 15 percent of all Twitter mentions of the four candidates emanated in some way from within that cluster of accounts, according to the Guardians. In that time frame, all four candidates collectively had 6. According to the Guardians. She was also among the most targeted. That tweet — and subsequent retweets and mentions tied to it — made 8.

The Twitter profile of the user where it originated indicates the account was created in May , but it had authored just one tweet since then — in January, when the account announced it had breaking news about the former Texas congressman leaving a message using racist language on an answering machine in the s.

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That tweet garnered 1. A separate Guardians.

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That cluster of accounts was the driving force behind an effort to aggressively advance conspiracy theories in the midterms, ranging from misinformation about voter fraud to narratives involving a caravan coming to the United States, and even advocacy of violence. Horvath asserts that the activity surrounding the cluster represents an evolution of misinformation and amplification tactics that began in mid-to-late The initial phase that began in was marked by the creation of thousands of accounts that were more easily detected as bots or as coordinated activity.

Some of the accounts are believed to be highly sophisticated synthetic accounts operated by people attempting to influence conversations, while others are coordinated in some way by actors who have identified real individuals already tweeting out a desired message. Tens of thousands of other accounts then work in concert to amplify the core group through mentions and retweets to drive what appears, on the surface, to be organic virality.

Target of Opportunity & Other War Stories

Operatives with digital firms, political campaigns and other social media monitoring groups also report seeing a recent surge in false narratives or negative memes against candidates. Fringe news websites and social media platforms, Storyful found, played a significant role in spreading anti-Warren sentiment in the days after she announced her candidacy on Dece. Kelly Jones, a researcher with Storyful who tracked suspicious activity in the three days after the campaign announcements of Harris, Warren, Rep.

Tulsi Gabbard D-Hawaii , and Sen. Cory Booker D-N. Among the fringe platforms Storyful identified were 4Chan and 8Chan, where messages appeared calling on commenters to quietly wreak havoc against Warren on social media or in the comments section under news stories.

An official with the Harris campaign said they suspect bad actors pushing misinformation and false narratives about the California Democrat are trying to divide African Americans, or to get the media to pay outsized attention to criticism designed to foster divisions among the Democratic primary electorate.

Researchers and others interviewed for this story say they cannot conclusively point to the actors behind the coordinated activity.