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Life and work

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In fact, he even tried to claim his own noble roots by accidentially changing the Van a meaningless title to Von a title of nobility. His compositions during this period consisted mainly of works for his main instrament, the piano.

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Beethoven's hearing was also beginning to deteriotate at this point, however, he went to great lengths to hide this fact from those around him. A picture of the apparatus used by Beethoven to hear is pictured below. Beethoven is a transistion figure in the history of western music. He is generally known as the father of the Romantic era. However, during the first period most of his compositions were classical ie Hadyn and Mozart in nature.

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Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

However, in Beethoven is reported to have turned his friend Krumpholz and said, "I am not very well satisfied with the work I have thus far done. From this day on I shall take a new way. Beethoven abandoned the classical forms of the previous century and set out for a more expressive Romantic musical voice. His musical imagination began to grow beyond that of the piano.

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This period, which later became known as the Heroic Period because of the larger than life nature that his compositions took on, saw the creations of such masterpieces as the Tempest Sonata, Op. Some say that this middle period was Beethoven's greatest. It certainly was his most productive. In about a decade Beethoven produced countless masterpieces in every genre. In , however, his musical output began to drop, possibly in connection to his declining health and mental state. Around the famous Immortal Beloved affair occured which left Beethoven in deep depression and contemplating suicide.

Beethoven's output was mostly null until At this point he was completely deaf and slightly mad. Also his brother died leaving Beethoven's only nephew, Karl, in the guardianship of his mother. Now Beethoven felt that she was not fit to raise Karl, so he entered into a vicious lawsuit over custody of the child.

For the most part he was able to use his influence with the aristocracy to win the battle. Unfortunately Beethoven was not a fit father and his relationship with Karl was quite poor, driving him to an suicide attempt a few years later.

Beethoven: Background

Beethoven loved Karl dearly, and the pain of his failed attempts to teach Karl music must have been devestating for Beethoven. Nikolaus Johann moves to Vienna. Beethoven travels with Prince Lichnowsky to Prague, where he gives a concert. He goes on to Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin. In Berlin he composes the Cello Sonatas op.

Beethoven gives the first performance of Quintet op. In the summer of this year he falls seriously ill. It is possibly typhus and could mark the beginning of his deafness. In an extraordinary burst of creativity at the start of the year, Beethoven completes the Piano Sonatas op.

Later in the year he begins work on the Septet op.

Ludwig van Beethoven Biography

Beethoven meets the double bass virtuoso Domenico Dragonetti, performing a cello! Beethoven composes his first String Quartets op. Beethoven defeats the celebrated Prussian piano virtuoso Daniel Steibelt in an improvisation contest at the palace of Prince Lobkowitz, and is never again asked to take part in an improvisation contest. His position as Vienna's greatest piano virtuoso is secure and remains unchallenged for the rest of his life. He premieres the Septet and the First Symphony, and performs one of his two completed Piano Concertos. He also improvises on the piano. At the concert he meets Archduke Rudolph, accompanied by his mother, Empress Theresia.

Beethoven begins work on Symphony no.

Education and Musical Training

Beethoven composes music for The Creatures of Prometheus. Beethoven's great friend from his childhood in Bonn, Stephan von Breuning, moves to Vienna. Beethoven subsequently changes the dedication of his First Symphony to Baron van Swieten. Beethoven welcomes him and takes him on as secretary. Beethoven falls in love with Countess Giulietta Guicciardi , and dedicates the Sonata quasi una Fantasia to her. Many years later, after his death, it acquires the nickname Moonlight Sonata. Baron Braun refuses Beethoven his anticipated benefit concert.

A Brief History of Ludwig van Beethoven

April: Beethoven moves to Heiligenstadt north of Vienna for the summer to relieve his hearing. In Heiligenstadt he composes the Prometheus Eroica Variations op. He completes Symphony no.

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