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Nice shop with vintage chocolate display. It was very hot outside and the perfect place to get my chocolate fix. Don't miss it. Chocolate lovers unite. Nice people, very good deserts made of the best chocolate and passion by the lovely owners!! The energy of this place is calm, you can feel the effort of the owners to make what they really love! My husband and I had dessert at The Chocolate Room.


He enjoyed his ice creams, and I thought the chocolate mousse dome was a masterpiece, not just in appearance, but in creativity and taste. I loved every moment of eating it! I love this place and keep on coming back. The fondue is my favorite, but do also try the layer cake and the almond cake. Delicious and full of flavor.

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Staff is super nice and always so happy and friendly. You also get a complimentary spoon of chocolate sorbet when you sit down at a table. This place also stays open late, so it's a great place to come for dessert after dinner or on a night when you feel like coffee and cake instead of a bar. If you guys open on my street I will never ever have a boyfriend. I will just be in a healthy monogamous relationship with your menu Yes, there is such a magical eating establishment named The Chocolate Room.

Yes, it is in Brooklyn. Yes, they sell chocolate, lots of it, too. Yes, I have pictures.

Chocolate Me!

Yes, it was delicious. Yes, it was reasonably priced. Yes, they have dessert wine. Yes, yes and yes. Oh and yes? They have that too! I had the Hot Chocolate with a squared piece of Marshmallow. It was rich, creamy and sweet! I also had the Black bottom butterscotch and it was to die for Everything just looked so pretty and tasted of nothing less than the highest of quality. Honestly, I got all my chocolate cravings taken care of and did not feel guilty afterwards.

I'd take a small group of friends here or even a date. The environment is very intimate. The space is fairly small and the lights are dimmed. Great customer service. Budget friendly and they serve you a chocolate sample before you order. On one side I feel this is a great book for children who are dark skinned. It does teach them everyone is different and you should love yourself. On the other side, I feel this book can be considered racist. I did show this to a friend of mine who is African American.

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She said she does see where this can be a good book, however it does have racial slurs in it. If a child has never heard these before, why put it in their heads? She also said she would never let her niece rea I am torn on this book. She also said she would never let her niece read it. Nov 05, Anthony rated it it was amazing. Daring, fun, and hard-hitting.

I adored this picture book more than I possibly imagined going in! Sep 24, Sierra rated it did not like it. Honestly I would never give a book such low ratings but I felt as though this book was racist which I did not appreciate. When reading the first couple of pages I was taken back by the message I thought I was reading and thought that the book would get better but to my disappointed I believe that the message got worse. The majority of the pages in this book depict the ways that other kids make fun of the African American main character.

For example, "Your skin is brown like dirt. Does it hurt to Honestly I would never give a book such low ratings but I felt as though this book was racist which I did not appreciate. Does it hurt to wash off? The ending of it was better and actually said "It felt so good, I could tast it. The illustrations by Shane W. Evans are cute, well colored and show the detail in the storyline. I enjoyed how some pages have more illustrations and details then others depending on what the current message is on the page.

Overall, I will not have this book in my future classroom but I don't think it is terrible just a different form in which the book was written and I interpreted it as. Another issue that bugged me a bit was the use of grammar and words such as "fro" were used which I believe can be discriminating to African Americans and others.

Not a terrible book but there are things in which I would have written the book differntly and reconsidered some words and sentences that were used. View 1 comment. Jun 07, Samantha added it Shelves: multicultural.

Evolve Chocolate + Café – Read. Eat. Repeat.

I went to a private school but rode a bus with mostly public school kids on it. I had to wear a uniform and sit in a specific part of the bus because I was also younger than most of the other kids on the bus. There were times when kids would make fun of me and make comments about the way I was dressed and how I must be snooty because I went to private school. This made me sad and feel bad about myself. Luckily, like the character in this book, I had mom that helped me see it was okay to be a little different than other kids. Remembering: Name two things that made the main character different from the other characters in the book.

Understanding: Explain why the story has the title "Chocolate Me! Analyzing: What do you think the author's message of the story was? How do you know this? Evaluating: Do you agree with the children that made comments about the main character's appearance? Is it okay to do this? Why or why not? Creating: What inferences can you make about the mom in this book?

School Library Journal. Oct 04, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-books. I didn't know Taye Diggs had a children's book out I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in my local library. I struggle to find children's books that feature characters that look like my children so seeing this book made me giddy Chocolate is Sweet!

Chocolate is Smooth! Chocolate is beautiful and delicious Chocolate is Me! Feb 15, Rani Simpson rated it it was amazing. It is a wonderful book and I was able to relate to it's story. Everyone is different! It's our differences that make us special! May 20, C. Lovely book about accepting the skin you are in. Beautiful illustrations also. My son loved this book.

Oct 26, Ashli Harper added it Shelves: african-american-boys-text-set. I actually recommend this be a part of everyone's classroom library. It's a fictional story about a dark skin boy who gets picked on because of the color of his skin, the texture of his hair, and how big some of the physical features of his face are. He starts to feel uncomfortable in the skin he's in until his mother helps the beauty in his chocolate skin. This book is so refreshing and uplifting for people of color. The author is also a dark skin male s Chocolate Me! The author is also a dark skin male so he could related to all aspects of the book.

The illustrations were bright and beautiful. Every page was well drawn out. The text was easy to read for all grade levels especially the younger kids. Jun 03, Yaritza rated it liked it. A book about race and how other children bullied him for his differences. It teaches children to accept everyone no matter how different they are. It took the boy to see and accept his differences in order to teach others he is just like them. Aug 15, June rated it really liked it Recommends it for: young self acceptance for African American children.

Recommended to June by: Edward Sullivan. Shelves: self-esteem , picture-book , african-american-characters. A fun self acceptance book. Who doesn't like chocolate? Sep 06, Nikki Lajoy Kolored Rayn Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , poc , black-authors , children-s-books , social-situations , standalone-novel , middle-grade , diversity , black-lives-matter-reading-list , powerful-black-lit.

Chocolate Me is a great children's book that teaches kids of color to love their skin and features they were born with. I loved the artwork every page was colorful. I even enjoyed the shade of brown used for the main character. I have a son who is 5 years old who I think will learn a lot from the book.

I'm teaching my son even though you may look different you are just as smart as all the other children.

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I want my son to grow up loving his brown skin and where he came from. But overall I really Chocolate Me is a great children's book that teaches kids of color to love their skin and features they were born with. But overall I really enjoyed this story and the message behind the story. Feb 16, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-picture-books. I personally loved this book because it deals with such a big issue but makes it lighthearted enough for kids to read and even possibly relate to. I love how Diggs writes this and is able to show that the little boy is clea Chocolate Me!

This is a wonderful book to use when teaching about not only race, but things every child, no matter the age, deals with, such as wanting to fit in, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. I would read this aloud to students and make it an obvious point while doing so that they are all unique, and that their differences should not make them feel ashamed or embarrassed, but instead be something they embrace and like.

Sep 03, Carissa rated it it was amazing. I'm a preschool teacher and I chose to read this book to my class because we were having some issues with excluding children based on the color of their skin. I had one child who didn't even want to wear clothing that was brown because she told her mother that she didn't want it to make her look like she had brown skin. Is the language used in this book a little harsh? But it's also realistic. I love that Taye Diggs didn't sugar coat anything.

Obviously I'm not speaking from experience, but I'm a preschool teacher and I chose to read this book to my class because we were having some issues with excluding children based on the color of their skin. Obviously I'm not speaking from experience, but I have witnessed things like this being said first hand by children as young as 3 years old. That's why this story is so important.

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The lesson here is to treat everyone equally. As long as you are pointing out that the things being said in this book are not okay, then your child will pick up on that and they will learn the proper way to treat others, no matter the color of their skin or the style of their hair. Jun 22, Alexandra rated it it was amazing. This is a great book, while many think it's racist by the words it is not.

Quite honestly it speaks the harsh truth about African American children who grow up around children of different ethnicities. Growing up there a family who lived next to us, our mothers were friends, and one day I asked my mother why he was so dark, she told me that's the way he was he had dark skin like chocolate. I understood and still played with him and never really asked him questions. I was amused with him though, This is a great book, while many think it's racist by the words it is not.

I was amused with him though, his hair was different and he knew it was so he had no problem with letting someone feel it. He was happy he was different. That's what this book teaches children, to love yourself. Yes it may not be for a classroom filled with Caucasian or Hispanic children but if there are African American children in the class or having issues with their ethnicity then this is the book to read to them. Apr 12, Brandi Smith rated it liked it Shelves: childrens-literature. This is a picturebook about a dark skinned boy who begins to feel badly because he does not look like any of his peers.

When he asks his mother why, she encourages him to appreciate the things that make him unique. It is intended for children ages P. I gave this book 3 stars. The illustrator does an excellent job of conveying the contents of the text using bold acrylics. The author's decision to leave the main character unnamed makes it easy for any child to insert himself into the story.

Al This is a picturebook about a dark skinned boy who begins to feel badly because he does not look like any of his peers. Although I fully understand that it does not reflect his own opinion, I think that some of the language that the author uses in reference to dark skin is offensive. While I agree that children should learn to appreciate diversity at an early age, I would probably not use this particular book as a teaching tool.

This book is available in print. Dec 06, Bree rated it it was amazing. It is a must need on every child's bookshelf. Especially for any child who feels made fun of for the way they look. I first heard that Taye Diggs had wrote his own children's book on Ellen. After hearing about it I knew it was one all the little kids I knew would need. This book is all about accepting yourself.

This is a lesson I think we all can understand. No matter your race, gender, or body type we are all at one point put in a situation were we have to choose not to listen I love this book. No matter your race, gender, or body type we are all at one point put in a situation were we have to choose not to listen to the people around us and just listen to ourselves.

Because acceptance starts from within. Thank you for writing this book and I can't wait to see what else you do! Mar 19, Faith Tydings rated it really liked it. This is such a great book on so many levels - loving the uniqueness of one's self, loving the differences in others and finding the commonality as well as the unique differences in everything.

This book makes me want not only to be chocolate but to read more by Taye Diggs Mar 02, K. Absolutely loved this book and it's message. A lot of African American kids grow up in neighborhoods where they are singled out and made to feel different and are teased about the color of their skin. Chocolate Me teaches those children that no matter how anyone else feels about the color of their skin, they are still beautiful! Jan 30, Earl rated it it was ok. I wanted to read this before I read Mixed Me! I'm glad there's a book like this, though.

I would recommend it to older kids though not because younger kids shouldn't read about this but the tone seems better for the former. And I liked the details in the illustrations- particularly all the sayings on the boy's shirt. Nov 03, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: childrens , african-american , read-in , people-of-color.