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Crossing Borders Language Center of Texas gives you the opportunity to learn a second language with native teachers in an encouraging and diverse environment.

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Whether you are looking to learn a second language for work, for an upcoming trip, or are simply wishing to expand your language learning skills, you can learn a new language today! At Crossing Borders, we strive to provide small language classes with an average of ten students per class.

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This allows for more personalized instruction and an intimate classroom environment that facilitates the development of conversational skills. To travel into Mexico you must now have a passport or passport card. See updated info under the FAQ link. On December , , Crossing Borders completed our 18th mission trip into Mexico in the past nine years. There were more people involved in this trip compared to previous trips, which created opportunity for new involvement for all concerned. How were more people involved? First, there were more people participating in preparing for the trip.

When we began taking shoebox gifts into Mexico several years ago, we had three or four churches involved, donating about shoeboxes. Swipe Photo Fullscreen People of multiple generations are filled with uncertainty and determination for the next stage of their journey, to reach Northern Europe. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Refugees walking through a recently harvested cornfield in Serbia on their way to Northern Europe.

They just received a bag of necessary supplies. It took them a month to reach Croatia. Swipe Photo Fullscreen A family from Afghanistan just arrived to the Opatovac camp where they must first enter a registration tent. They submit personal identification to officers who collect fingerprints, take a photograph, and give each person an ID number. Some police officers wear masks to protect against the flu or diseases. After registration, they get blankets, food, and other supplies.

Here, in Rigonce, a town that lies just inside Slovenia's border, the main street is barely wide enough for two cars to pass. Residents witness more than , migrants and refugees walk through the small town.

Crossing Borders : Documentary Campus e.V.

Swipe Photo Fullscreen Marija watches from her home as migrants walk through Rigonce on their way to a field on the outskirts of town. Refugees and migrants passed through daily for two weeks. Overnight, a town of people became host to over , visitors. At times, they had to walk for 3 hours. In the night, they were guided to the end of the village Rigonce. On some days, more than 10, refugees arrived, a huge challenge for the small country of Slovenia with limited resources. Swipe Photo Fullscreen An estimated , migrants and refugees—mostly fleeing war and violence in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq—crossed over a bridge from Croatia into Rigonce on their way to Germany and Austria after Hungary closed its borders.

Many have spent weeks traveling by boat, train, and foot before reaching this small village of residents. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Slovenia struggled to manage the crisis in the first few weeks, when thousands of refugees and migrants arrived, due to a lack of communication and organization with other countries.

Swipe Photo Fullscreen Migrants and refugees try to keep warm, sitting by fires fueled with found items, such as trash and discarded clothing.

Swipe Photo Fullscreen As temperatures drop, people sleep on the ground after arriving in Rigonce at night. People are cold, hungry, tired and less patient as they wait to continue their journey to Austria or Germany.


Swipe Photo Fullscreen Syrian parents try to calm their 3-month-old baby. Thousands of refugees wait in the cold without food, water, or blankets.

Crossing Borders on a Sail Boat

Over 12, refugees entered in a single day, setting a new record. An estimated 40, have entered the country in just four days. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Refugees and migrants sleep on the cold ground after arriving in the night. A train brings migrants across Croatia and stops near the border. Migrants are ordered to walk the last couple of miles toward Slovenia. One evening, some refugees missed the road and had to swim across the cold river.

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Swipe Photo Fullscreen Thousands of refugees wait in a field in Rigonce. The following day, the Slovenian government made an agreement with Croatia to start taking refugees to Slovenia by train, so the migrants no longer had to walk. Swipe Photo Fullscreen A group of newly arrived migrants play soccer in the early morning, despite the cold and foggy weather in Rigonce. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Shortly after entering Slovenia from Croatia, refugees burn plastic, textiles, and abandoned belongings to stay warm in the early morning in a field in Rigonce.

Residents in Rigonce are concerned that burning plastic will affect people's health.

Crossing Borders

Thousands here await the word of a transfer from here to another camp to bring them further along their journey. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Some young Syrian refugees play and run around despite the difficult times and the long, exhausting journey from their homelands. Swipe Photo Fullscreen Morning food supplies are offered in Dobova, Slovenia, while refugees wait to be taken to the Austrian border by bus or train.

It takes between 2 and 3 hours to make the journey. Some families needed more time and were exhausted at the end. A father is happy to see the camp after the long walk.