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Musical Instruments Sporting Goods Stamps Antiques 9. Everything Else 3. Coins 3. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Buy it now. Brand see all Brand. Clarks Gildan Mimi Holliday Unbranded China Italy Nepal Poland United Kingdom 2, Condition see all Condition. New with tags 4, New without tags New with defects Used Not specified 2. When the priest is killed, the townspeople mistakenly believe that the outlaw is the priest. And Now They catch up with him and agree to help him get revenge against his old partners who betrayed him.

This is a direct sequel to God Forgives A mute gunfighter Jean-Louis Trintignant faces a group of outlaws pursued by bounty killers while stranded in the Great Blizzard of If One Is Born a Swine Rafael Romero Marchent. As bounty hunting partners Fred Anthony Steffen and Johnny Mark Damon try to make a living, they disturb the machinations of the local boss. A drifter Charles Bronson with a score to settle and an outlaw Jason Robards join forces against a vicious gunman Henry Fonda hired by the railroad to run a woman Claudia Cardinale off her home.

Johnny Moon William Shatner is frequently mistaken for his twin brother, who leads Comanche raids. Johnny challenges him to a fight to the death and also gets involved in conflicts in a Western town. Shadow of Sartana The Randall brothers kill a judge by throwing a knife from a church tower and commit other hideous crimes. The authorities see no other solution but to send for Sartana Jeff Cameron , who "only kills to protect from thieves, gunmen and murderers" which he does for the remainder of the movie. Shanda Spela Rozin is charged with murder, raped by lawmen and left to die in the desert.

She is nursed to health by outlaw Black Talisman John Ericson , who sets out to clear her name. Quintana vincenzo Musolini. Garringo Rafael Romero Marchent. How hard can it be? Gianfranco Parolini. He returns the loot but proceeds to blackmail the instigators, landowner Stengel Franco Ressel and his associates. Gunfighter Banjo William Berger plays both sides. A mercenary Peter Graves gathers a small group of bandits to rob a train carrying a large gold shipment being guarded by the Mexican Army. Co-written by Dario Argento and Marc Richards. Sebastian Leonard Mann learns that he is the son of a Mexican officer who was murdered by his wife Luciana Paluzzi and her lover Alberto de Mendoza.

Based on the Greek myth of Orestes. After thirteen years, Django Anthony Steffen returns for vengeance against the three officers who betrayed his unit and caused its massacre during the Civil War. He puts crosses with each traitor's name on them in the middle of the street before killing them, and no one is sure whether Django is flesh and blood or an avenging spirit. Bounty killer Sartana Gianni Garko has a price put on his head when someone disguised as him leads a bank robbery.

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He sets out to find the real robbers, but must also fight off other bounty killers. Renowned gunfighter Bret Dixon Johnny Hallyday returns to his hometown when his brother is killed by a lynch mob.

Army deserter John Warner George Hilton forms an outlaw band, and eventually gets even with landowner Sandoval Ernest Borgnine , who is responsible for the death of Warner's child with Sandoval's daughter. In a story closely resembling the JFK assassination , Bill Willer Giuliano Gemma seeks evidence to bring to justice those who assassinated the president and who also killed Bill's father. He crosses paths with presidential aide MacDonald Warren Vanders , who wants to use that evidence for political purposes.

Former partners Cat Terence Hill and Hutch Bud Spencer reunite and join with former gunfighter Thomas Woody Strode and his circus colleagues to help a mining community threatened by a mining boss and his hired guns. This film is a direct sequel to Ace High. Amnesiac Chuck Moll Leonard Mann escapes from an asylum and arrives to a town where everybody seems to be afraid of him. The innocent brother of Django Tony Kendall is lynched. At first Django suspects Sartana George Ardisson , but after a fight they join forces to root out the real villain, a banker.

Gary Hamilton Klaus Kinski takes revenge on the men that framed him. Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue Demofilo Fidani. La diligencia de los condenados Juan Bosch. The gang of Sartana Fernando Sancho holds some stage passengers prisoner at a relay station. They learn too late that the station master Richard Harrison is a former gunfighter. Based on a novel by Lou Carrigan.

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Sartana's Here Bounty hunter Sartana George Hilton discovers that town boss Spencer Piero Lulli collects the miner's gold, and then stashes it away for himself and has bandits "rob" the transports. Several other parties are also interested in that gold, among them gunfighter Sorrow Charles Southwood.

However, both parties have hidden agendas. Danish production. Featuring Danish comedian Dirch Passer. Followed by Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie. Un par de asesinos Rafael Romero Marchent. There is actually no character called Sartana in this story of several parties fighting, and dying, over robbery loot.

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Sabata Yul Brynner called "Indio Black" in the Italian version helps Mexican revolutionaries steal a wagon load of gold. Have a Good Funeral, My Friend A prospector is murdered and Sartana Gianni Garko , who witnessed the murder and killed the killers, protects his niece and heir Daniela Giordano from those that want to take advantage of her West German production. A man called 'Kid' Marquard Bohm wanders through the desert exhausted, he carries a suitcase. His arm is bleeding from a gunshot. Finally passing out from the heat and blood loss, he lays prone until Charles Dump Mario Adorf , a loner living in the shell of an abandoned mining camp, finds him passed out in the middle of nowhere.

Dump checks the man's luggage and finds it filled with millions of dollars Cesare Canevari. Some outlaws hang around in a ghost town. Then arrives a stranger Lou Castel armed with boomerangs. Outlaw Luther Sledge James Garner is enlisted to steal a gold shipment held in a prison. Django and Sartana Are Coming Robber Burt Kelly Gordon Mitchell holds a young girl hostage, while he stays in a shack in the wilderness playing cards with his own mirror image.

Bounty killer Django Chet Davies and independent crime-fighter Sartana Hunt Powers both go after him and take turns saving each other's lives. In the end, Sartana leaves all the bodies to Django to collect for bounty. I cadaveri non fanno ombra! Wanted Sabata Roberto Mauri. Hired by land owners to kill a labor organizer during a strike among agricultural workers, Marco Terence Hill begins to question his mission. The story takes place in an unspecified Spanish-speaking country. None of the characters is called Trinity.

Army deserter Kaleb Bekim Fehmiu is set to train and lead an ad hoc group of military specialists on an irregular raid against an Apache camp across the Mexican border. Joe Clifford Anthony Steffen , a traveling actor and part-time hired gunman, inherits a gold mine from his uncle.

Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson Franco Nero and a Mexican bandit-revolutionary Tomas Milian are forced into partnership to free an idealistic revolutionary leader who knows the combination to a safe. They are hunted by Peterson's former business partner Jack Palance. Hey Amigo! A very influential comedy-western, where an outlaw Bud Spencer masquerading as a sheriff finds his plans upset by the arrival of his brother Terence Hill , a wandering drifter. Light the Fuse Un grido di morte During a shoot-out, a large sum of gold disappears and is hidden somewhere in the town of Mansfield.

In the hunt for this treasure, many people kill each other, and the last man standing is Sartana Gianni Garko. Kill Django Vamos a matar Gino Mangini. Jack Forest Donal O'Brien is out to get the men who killed his father. Those men — a banker, a sheriff and a saloon owner — employ gunfighter Chris Gordon Mitchell to protect them. Bad move, as he turns out to be Jack's brother. Dig Your Grave Friend Juan Bosch.

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A young man Richard Harrison decides to avenge the death of his father at the hands of a local land baron. Enlisting the aid of a notorious, yet good-natured, bandit Fernando Sancho , they are faced with the land baron's hired gun, Sabata. Mi chiamano Alleluja Giuliano Carnimeo.

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During the struggle against Maximilian I of Mexico , several parties vie for an elusive shipment of diamonds. He is aided by a fellow gunfighter Gengher Gatti and a bank employee John Desmont to help rescue his girl and recover the money. In retaliation, King's brother is killed and his sister-in-law is raped. Osceola Konrad Petzold. Carranza Fernando Sancho , another Wells Fargo man, tries to beat him to it. Jim Bridger Leonard Mann kills Indians to avenge his family.

When he learns that the real culprit is Judge Perkins Ivan Rassimov he joins Perkin's organization in order to destroy him. Webb — whose father has been killed by Hogan — hides the loot and makes the gang members kill each other. In the end he returns the gold to the Mexican miners that it originally belonged to. Sequel to Tough Guys of the Prairie. Western comedy featuring the Filipino comedian Chiquito.

An avenger Ty Hardin seeks out the malefactors and confronts them with a toy drummer before killing them. President Ulysses S. A gunfighter Gianni Garko is hired to prove the innocence of outlaw Chester Conway Klaus Kinski , who is to hang for a murder. Ranchers are terrorised by a gang of extortionists led by a masked man. Camposanto Gianni Garko and Duke William Berger , two gunfighters who respect each other, find themselves on opposing sides in the conflict.

With the help of a horse thief Stelio Candelli , Django Anthony Steffen tracks down and kills one by one the men who murdered his wife. Sequel to They Call Me Trinity. The brothers Trinity Terence Hill and Bambino Bud Spencer make a promise to their dying father to become successful outlaws. However, they are distracted into helping a farmer family that they had previously tried to hold up.

Awards: Goldene Leinwand in Hannie Caulder Burt Kennedy. Blindman Ferdinando Baldi. A gunfighter known as the Blindman Tony Anthony and others are hired to escort fifty mail order brides to a mining camp. His partners instead sell the women to a Mexican bandit, and the Blindman goes into Mexico after them. After his brother is killed after witnessing the murder of a tavern owner, Sam Wallach Robert Woods goes after the bandit leader responsible. My Name is Mallory His Name was Pot Black Killer Carlo Croccolo.

However, they also have a secret agreement. Acquasanta Joe Mario Gariazzo. Raise Your Hands, Dead Man Con artist Orlowsky Franco Nero and bandit Lozoya Eli Wallace want to lay their hands on a treasure, while the journalist Mary Lynn Redgrave wants to get the revolution going. Rancher Nick Barton Michael Forrest enlists the help of Whistler Ray O'Conner , a silent bounty hunter, to go after the outlaw gang who murdered his family. Vente a ligar al Oeste Pedro Lazaga.

However, they both have hidden agendas. Manuel Esteba. Spirito Santo Gianni Garko wins half of a Mexican goldmine but must lend support to a revolution in order to get to the gold. Chato's Land Michael Winner. Mario Bianchi.

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Lester wants to build a church while Jesse wants to build a brothel. Roberto Mauri. Emilio Miraglia. Mario Siciliano. Horse thief Trinity Harry Baird and gun-fighter Sartana Robert Widmark attempt some robberies, which bring them into brawls with the men of local boss Burton Stelio Candelli.

Trinity gives away the booty to beautiful farmer girl Martha Daniela Giordani. Watch Out Gringo! God in heaven Tecumseh Hans Kratzert. US Cavalrymen are killed while escorting group of convicts to prison. However, other parties, like the bandit Firmin Rojas Fernando Sancho , have the same idea. The West Is Tough, Amigo The free spirited young man is soon forced to defend himself against local gunman Morton Clayton Riccardo Pizzuti who becomes jealous over the developing romance with a local rancher's daughter, Candida Austin Yanti Somer.

During the American Civil War an ex-colonel James Coburn is given a handful of war criminals otherwise condemned to die by hanging to get back the fort he once surrendered. Army lt. Robert Donovan, also called the Holy Ghost Vassili Karis is sent on a mission to recover missing gold. Among others, he confronts a strange gang of outlaws. Life's Tough, Eh Providence? Bounty hunter Provvidenza Tomas Milian collects bounty over and over again for Hurricane Kid Gregg Palmer because each time he helps him escape and then catches him again.

Go Away! Sometimes accredited as the first film directed by former cinematographer Joe D'Amato. The soundtrack is composed by Giancarlo Chiaramello. Visconti's The Earth Trembles was shot on location in a Sicilian fishing village, and utilized local non-professional actors. Giuseppe De Santis , on other hand, used actors such as Silvana Mangano and Vittorio Gassman in his film, Bitter Rice , which is set in the Po Valley during rice-harvesting season. Poetry and cruelty of life were harmonically combined in the works that Vittorio De Sica wrote and directed together with screenwriter Cesare Zavattini : among them, Shoeshine , The Bicycle Thief and Miracle in Milan The film Umberto D.

This work is perhaps De Sica's masterpiece and one of the most important works in Italian cinema. It was not a commercial success and since then it has been shown on Italian television only a few times. Yet it is perhaps the most violent attack, in the apparent quietness of the action, against the rules of the new economy, the new mentality, the new values, and it embodies both a conservative and a progressive view.

Although Umberto D. Director Pier Paolo Pasolini 's first film, Accattone , shows a strong neorealist influence. The Neorealist period is often simply referred to as "The Golden Age" of Italian Cinema by critics, filmmakers, and scholars. It has been said that after Umberto D. Possibly because of this, neorealism effectively ended with that film; subsequent works turned toward lighter atmospheres, perhaps more coherent with the improving conditions of the country, and this genre has been called pink neorealism.

Soon pink neorealism, such as Pane, amore e gelosia , released in the US as Frisky with Vittorio DeSica and Gina Lollobrigida , was replaced by the Commedia all'italiana , a unique genre that, born on an ideally humouristic line, talked instead very seriously about important social themes. His films often with Peppino De Filippo and almost always with Mario Castellani expressed a sort of neorealistic satire, in the means of a guitto a "hammy" actor as well as with the art of the great dramatic actor he also was.

A "film-machine" who produced dozens of titles per year, his repertoire was frequently repeated. His personal story a prince born in the poorest rione section of the city of Naples , his unique twisted face, his special mimic expressions and his gestures created an inimitable personage and made him one of the most beloved Italians of the s. For a long time this definition was used with a derogatory intention.

Vittorio Gassman , Marcello Mastroianni , Ugo Tognazzi , Alberto Sordi , Claudia Cardinale , Monica Vitti and Nino Manfredi were among the stars of these movies, that described the years of the economical reprise and investigated Italian customs, a sort of self-ethnological research. A series of black-and-white films based on Don Camillo character created by the Italian writer and journalist Giovannino Guareschi were made between and Mario Camerini began filming the film Don Camillo e i giovani d'oggi but had to stop filming due to Fernandel's falling ill, which resulted in his untimely death.

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Colin Blakely performed Peppone in one of his last film roles. In the late s, Hollywood studios began to shift production abroad to Europe. Italy was, along with Britain, one of the major destinations for American film companies. The heyday of what was dubbed '"Hollywood on the Tiber" was between and , during which time many of the most famous names in world cinema made films in Italy.

With the release of 's Hercules , starring American bodybuilder Steve Reeves , the Italian film industry gained entree to the American film market. Besides the many films starring a variety of muscle men as Hercules, heroes such as Samson and Italian fictional hero Maciste were common. Sometimes dismissed as low-quality escapist fare, the Peplums allowed newer directors such as Sergio Leone and Mario Bava a means of breaking into the film industry.

As the genre matured, budgets sometimes increased, as evidenced in 's I sette gladiatori The Seven Gladiators in US release , a wide-screen epic with impressive sets and matte-painting work. Most Peplum films were in color , whereas previous Italian efforts had often been black and white. Bartolomeo Pagano as Maciste. Kirk Douglas and Silvana Mangano in a pause during the shootings of Ulysses On the heels of the Peplum craze, a related genre, the Spaghetti Western arose and was popular both in Italy and elsewhere. These films differed from traditional westerns by being filmed in Europe on limited budgets, but featured vivid cinematography.

Franco Nero as Django in the film of the same name. During the s and 70s, Italian filmmakers Mario Bava , Riccardo Freda , Antonio Margheriti and Dario Argento developed giallo horror films that become classics and influenced the genre in other countries.


Due to the success of the James Bond film series the Italian film industry made large amounts of imitations and spoofs in the Eurospy genre from Following the s boom of shockumentary " Mondo films " such as Gualtiero Jacopetti 's Mondo Cane , during the late s and early s, Italian cinema became internationally synonymous with violent horror films. These films were primarily produced for the video market and were credited with fueling the " video nasty " era in the United Kingdom.

Some of their films faced legal challenges in the United Kingdom ; after the Video Recordings Act of , it became a legal offense to sell a copy of such films as Cannibal Holocaust and SS Experiment Camp. Italian films of this period are usually grouped together as exploitation films. Several countries charged Italian studios with exceeding the boundaries of acceptability with their lates Nazi exploitation films, inspired by American movies such as Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.

These films showed, in great detail, sexual crimes against prisoners at concentration camps. These films may still be banned in the United Kingdom and other countries. Barbara Steele in Black Sunday A scene from Blood and Black Lace Giuliana Calandra in a famous scene from Deep Red They are also known as polizieschi, Italo-crime, Euro-crime or simply Italian crime films. Between the late s and mid s, Italian cinema was in crisis; "art films" became increasingly isolated, separating from the mainstream Italian cinema.