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Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. A substantial life-and-times novel. Review Posted Online: Oct. Email address:. Please provide an email address. Categories of Interest: Select All. Environmentalists are hypocrites, right? They condemn all sorts of behaviours like driving cars or taking plane flights in which they themselves indulge, and they want to deny poor people the right to the same luxuries by saying that the economic growth which promises to widen access to such luxuries is unsustainable.

I want to address these criticisms partly because they fit neatly into the present narrative arc of this blog. But also because, rather than just trying to absolve myself as a guilty environmentalist, I want to try to turn that familiar critique on its head and go somewhere more useful with it. Of course, I could choose to take a stand and not use a computer, or a car, or aeroplanes. What difference has it made to the future of the world?

Virtually none. In a ubiquitously motorised society, weigh up the personal costs of not driving against the benefits it delivers to the world at large, throw in the question of how much personal complicity affects the truth that motor vehicles are environmentally problematic, and go figure. The problem is structural, not individual. Do I use a washing machine? See, that was pretty easy.

But, no, I think it would be great if everyone had access to a washing machine. I also think it would be great if nobody was threatened by climate change. In practice, virtually all of these people live in China or a handful of other Asian countries. The elephant graph suggests that the world may be a slightly less unequal place than it was 30 years ago the global Gini coefficient was Eventually, however, inequality starts declining through worker organisation, trade unionism, state welfarism and the like.

I say this as someone who is in favor of abortions in some circumstances. No one has moral certainty. This is NOT a criminal case, and criminal standards are irrelevant as they should have been for Brett Kavanaugh.

Free Thought Lives

Each of these constituencies has every right to call for his resignation if they believe he is problematic. The Dems in particular seem to be trying to establish much higher standards witness Al Franken for themselves, at least sometimes. Are you kidding me? There is no other institution in America more responsible for the negative conditions afflicting African Americans. Hey, love your local psychopath as he cuts your throat. Accept him for what he is and celebrate difference. This guy is nuts.

Genuine People vs Hypocritical People - Difference

I was thinking of pedophiles. Like animals? And ironically, this news is particularly horrific because Northam ran a smear campaign against Ed Gillespie in , and won the Virginia governor race after tarring Gillespie as a white nationalist. Quote for the day. I was enjoying the read until I hit this sentence. You can disagree with the conservative view that those, especially repeat offenders of violent crimes, need to be dealt with in a more harsh manner than a first time offense or an offense that does not involve violence.

To say that the right enjoys punishment is beyond stupid. Few enjoy punishing their fellow man, but we can disagree on how much someone should be punished if they are violent and a clear threat to society and they keep repeating that violence. I think not. I think I have the answer. Perhaps the deep-dive of oppo research, all the way back to high school and beyond as per Kavanaugh, is the spear that finally kills the popularity of social media.

Even in your own home, thanks to Google and Alexa. Wait around! Why is everyone freaking out NOW? I am getting a kick out of the fact you sound like a Calvinist preacher here. Northam is finished. The optics of the yearbook photo are bad for the Democratic brand. If there is a desire on the left to reform and rehabilitate black convicted criminals, that same spirit of clemency will never manifest in a second chance for Northam or anyone else white.

Excuse me, but am I missing something here? It was his yearbook page, right? He chose what went in, right? More, he was in medical school. I mean it is a professional school and he must have thought of himself as an adult professional, right? Spot on, Drunk. Who is left to make all these lofty moral determinations I wonder? Why does he deserve no forgiveness?

You get more of what you reward, less of what you punish. Fuck that shitweasel. Cook his ass. He can seek forgiveness at his church after he changes professions and goes and gets an actual job doing something productive. We forgive if and when a trespass has been acknowledged and expiated to our satisfaction, which cannot occur without the assumption of guilt on the part of the accused.

That assumption in turn is meaningless without the notion of a capacity to choose. If we were destined to offend neither punishment nor forgiveness would have a function. The only requirement for the acceptance of free will the ability to affect outcomes by making decisions is that we might have acted differently.

The fact that it is possible to resist temptation, impulse, and need, even to the point of starving oneself to death, supports the existence of resolving oneself to a course of action qua intentional-teleological state. The ability to monitor and map the neurological correlates of decision making foresight, deferral of gratification, the binding of impulse, etc. The explanatory language of neurobiology is not meant to displace the courts of law and public opinion. It is misguided to imagine understanding causes could trump the enforcement of mores and laws.

Enforcement establishes the authority of the state through its judicial manifestation. Rehabilitation may be the humane end of the penal system, but no mere ability to explain behavior is going to make retributive justice obsolete so long as decision-making represents the fulcrum of individual accountability, dignity, and respectability. The whole zero-tolerance policy being collectively adopted usurps our responsibility to judge when a trespass lies beyond the pale.

As such it represents a totalitarian constraint on individual conscience. The totalitarian state, like the invasive parent and the puritanical community, respects no limits to its meddling. This in turn aids and abets the belief that being offended is so debilitating an injury that it cries out to be criminalized, therewith promoting the avoidance of hurt over the freedom of self-expression. In the process we enshrine the fragility of the victim as one incapable of coping with his resentment, further infantilizing the space of public opinion. So are you saying that our free will is something beyond the reach of any explanation for behavior that could be offered by some future synthesis in biochemistry or neurobiology?

Maybe not ultimate satisfaction or explanation, though. I am disgusted by Dr. Horrible to contemplate now, but stress can make you do odd things. There is nothing more pitiable than a fight where only one of the combatants is aware of it. The pleas for forgiveness are legion, but are only ever entered in one direction. While nicely parsed that the forgiveness should arise from the liberal camp, no such plea has ever or will ever be offered were a conservative to have transgressed in such a manner. Hence Robert Byrd can be both forgiven and eulogised, but a smiling teenager in a MAGA hat will continue to be hated even when the accusations against him are proven false.

Northam ran his election on a campaign of hate, toward his opponent and his opponents supporters. Perhaps if he and his fellow liberals apologised for that, the right might take pleas for forgiveness as honest, rather that mere posturing. This has nothing to do with political correctness. It has to do with holding Republicans, Democrats and even Aliens from outer space accountable. Say bye, bye Gov. We have a focus on those that suffer for our sins The Oppressed , a monastic class diversity and sensitivity consultants that will convert money into a form of absolution, social capital gained when a family can devote a child to the Order SJW or LGBTQA identification which may allow entry to the monastic class , and excommunication of the insufficiently Woke.

Kindly enlighten me, fellow readers. To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity. If the spring of popular government in time of peace is virtue, the springs of popular government in revolution are at once virtue and terror: virtue, without which terror is fatal; terror, without which virtue is powerless.

How many non-males — who have been outed as committers of year-old transgressions — have the deploring left summarily sentenced to excommunication — regardless of political affiliation? The target is not republican or democrat, not straight or gay, not old or young, not Christian or Muslim or Druid. NewSpeak is upon us. Big Brother is GoogAzonBook.

There is a marriage, and therefore legitimate family unit, and therefore childhood crisis in its infancy here. And this will only provide strong motivation for the male side of that equation to abstain from the negotiation of that deal in the next generation, and the next. Theirs are just the stories that get published. No acceptance of his apology, no credence given his expiation, no homeostatic adjustment or forgiveness on our part is possible. The only policy allowed to govern the moral arbitration of public figures, the only acceptable form of justice, is that of zero-tolerance.

What, mercy?! Mercy is what Northam should ask for from God; whether he keeps his job as Governor has nothing to do with mercy, but solely whether he is qualified to represent, as executive, the entire state of Virginia. And the man behind that mask is not. We should all beware of this trap and deny the left the joy of seeing Conservatives joining the chorus of those demanding a pound of flesh for pictures taken 35 years ago.

If we sanction the destruction of careers and lives based on the application of puritan post-modern value norms to events when those norms did not exist, we allow them the ultimate weapon to destroy our heroes and our roots by condemning our entire history. For Americans — this would mean that you will sanction their attack on your Founding Fathers and ultimately on your Constitution and Republic. The answer must be morally clear and strong, even if the target happens to be an imbecile arguing for legal infanticide. It does not matter who the target it, if you sanction the method.

Say no and lough in the their faces for their obvious hypocrisy in believing in rehabilitation for any sins but their pet intersectionality targets of hatred. Constantin, will said! Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — Peakgossip. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — The Deplorable Patriots.

Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — American News. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — Smart way to compare. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive International American Council. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — The Conservative Insider. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive K News. Pingback: Liberal journalist: Northam case shows the left is unable to forgive — Washington Insider.

But the DemoRat party has bigger fish to fry than the deaths of a few hundred thousand…? Any possibility DNC Inc. Passing unnoticed is that for the first time in American history a Governor-level Office has explicitly authorized infanticide. It was common in the culture in which Christianity was born. Assume Christianity is true. Clue: He has done it before.

So race-based dress code. So it seems the young woman who famously scolded the professor at Yale was in the right, taking a righteous stand against racism, ie, Halloween without racial dress codes. I grew up in this same area of Virginia, Accomack County, and never once did I entertain the idea of putting on blackface or a Hooded moron outfit. This ignorant redneck has embarrassed his entire family and now his own state.

You can twist things all you want but I can never think of a time when it would be acceptable to wear those outfits. Northam at that period of his life had no problem presenting himself to his peers with those pictures so why should he be sorry for it now? We know why. James, at odds with your claims is the fact that there are three other men in the same yearbook in blackface.

They dressed up as The Supremes for Halloween. On top of that, another Virginia politician just said he committed blackface, confessing apparentlyy to forestall it blowing up in his face someday. My claim had to do with Accomack County where Northam is from. I only heard about Herring this morning and tonight Tommy Norment has been found to have worn blackface too. Neither of which are from Accomack County. Are the other men in blackface in the yearbook from Accomack County?

The author implied the area where Northam is from is racist. He seems like a relatively conventional establishment Democrat to me and not the progressive stalwart Jilani makes him out to be. I believe that both situations deserve mercy and forgiveness. Why is there so little mercy and forgiveness for offensive things said and done that were clearly a part of acting out? Do we really want to set a precedent in which people can lose their jobs for something offensive said or done in the past? Should we have to pay for the same mistake repeatedly? Of course, blackface is racist and offensive, but a lot of things are offensive.

In a perfect world, people would be perfectly mindful of everything they say and do and its impact on others. Unfortunately, people are not perfect. They disappoint and fall short…repeatedly. They were hurtful, and I deeply regret them. They are not representative of the person I am today. People make mistakes. We need to bring back an ethic of mercy and forgiveness. He deserves no mercy because those are the new rules. People can be condemned for any action or statement in their past that would be politically incorrect today, or for being white males.

Democrats set these rules, most prominently in the Kavanaugh hearings, and all of a sudden they are being asked to live by them. Saul Alinsky is turning over in his grave. Share this: Pocket.

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Hypocrites in His Midst: A Story about Flawed Human Beings - Donnell Wilson - Google книги

TarsTarkas says. Cooper says. Quillette et al. Ray Andrews the dolphin says. Jack B. Nimble says. Num num says. Avi says. Hub says. Rick says. Doctor Locketopus says. Dava Bergeron says. Stephanie says. Cooper Very well said. Marie Zureick says. Bob says. Jett Rucker says. Lydia says. Eluzaneth says. Anita says. Another case of the left destroying themselves.

NickG says. Thylacine says. Kent says. Baloo says. Also in the present. North Korea comes immediately to mind. Lert says. John Dautovic says. I get it. Makes sense. Heike says. Olson says. Erle S Bowman says. Gamba Two things: 1 All I can say is, thanks! Julia says. Authoritarianism requires authority. We need to regain some sense of proportions in our civil discourse.

Nakatomi Plaza says. Barney Doran says. So, no. Karen G. Craig WIllms says. Ray Andrews Threshold of outright infanticide? Cooper I agree. But surely what comrade Northam proposes is outright infanticide? Lightning Rose says. K says. Farris says. Red Pill Saturday says.

Kevin Herman says. Grant says.

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It really is just this simple unless of course the tide is changing? Vincent says. Different results. Zarko Cabarkapa says. Zarko The free will argument will never be settled, therefore meaningless outside of some deep theoretical conversation. Aylwin says. Alexander Allan says. Snoggle says. Leigh Smart says. David says. Daniel says. Everything about this brouhaha is a hypocritical mess. Just a mess. Ye gods, what a mess.

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Ike says. Suggested headline: Democrats seek to abort Ralph Northam. No longer viable.

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Steve Beck says. Bear says. Preach it, brother William Barber! IainC of The Ponds says. Brilliant stuff too. I would like to believe that. Shame on Quillette for giving you space. Carson Sims says. AJ says. EK says. Indeed, and your point about substituting total depravity with total goodness is well-taken.

C Young says.

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Shot a rival while dealing drugs? No problem, no autonomy. D Hyde says. Christina Arasmo Beymer says. Morgan Foster says. BioEmeritus says. Rupert Stubbs says. Even on Quillette, there are certain subjects that trigger an immediate rush to judgement. Some conservative pundits have had the picture for a while and did not use it. ChrisH says. F says. GregWA says. Michael Stewart says. Frank says. Shane Mage says. Northern Observer says. Peter Kriens says.