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  1. Teddy bears: Adults on their stuffed toy companions
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As a child, it was probably one of my deepest secrets. I thought that if any of my friends found out about my Teddy dependence, I would not be able to show my face at school again. I feel badly now that I believed I had to unceremoniously stuff Teddy into the back of my closet every time my friends would come over to hang out. I was afraid of ridicule for both my phobia and my Teddy.

But come nightfall, Teddy would be out again, comforting and protecting me from whatever went bump in the night even if it was only in my head and quietly listening as I spoke to him, keeping all my deepest and darkest secrets between us.

Teddy bears: Adults on their stuffed toy companions

I asked some friends share their Teddy bear and security blanket stories. It seems that everyone has a story. Everyone had a blanket or bear. And more than a few of us were afraid of something as a kid and never shared it until now. One friend had a giant bear from as long as he can remember. It was about 3 to 4 feet tall and just sat in the corner.

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Another had a collection of bears, including Teddy, and Paddington, but she mostly favored the tiny little Beanie Babies which I had little or no connection to. To me, a Teddy bear had to be big enough to cuddle but not too big to drag around. I found that when asking around, there were some who had a bear, others who had a blanket and some who had both or collections of both.

Michael had an Afghan blanket that his grandmother knitted for him as a baby. Kernighan, B. Pike The Practice of Programming. Reading, Massachusetts, Addison-Wesley. When I do TDD my teddy bear help me figure out which are the next steps. I talk with him continuously, explaining what I do now, and what are the design choices I make. After all in the teddy bear world they have heavyweight IDE as well.

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Your teddy bear will help you with basically anything. You just need to verbalize your problems and ideas. It just makes magic!

My Teddy Bear - Super Simple Songs

I told my colleagues at Mozaic Works about this idea, and as a result the following Open Agile conference they ordered teddy-bears for all the attendees. Another name for teddy bear paring is the Rubber Duckling idea. Special thanks to Aimee Rivers for tweeting about this and giving me the awesome idea of teddy bear pair-programming. This 3-day advanced workshop is aimed to improve the knowledge of experienced programmers on how to evolve a software system.

My Teddy Bear Lyrics Poster

It is a practical workshop, with coding exercises and discussions around design options. Evolutionary Design is the practice of growing a system in a natural way, by adding the minimum amount of code to satisfy the business needs in an iterative and incremental approach. When done right, the code structure changes continuously to optimize for change, thus allowing a constant speed of development for longer periods of time. First Name.

Bear Poems at Teddy Bear Pages

Last Name. Email address:. Pingback: A short pairing story Flavius Stef. Have seen it work countless times.

A Beacon of Hope

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Teddy bear pair programming December 12, , 3 Comments , Adrian Bolboaca.

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