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However, there is no natural food in the river that looks like a big ball of yarn, or of eggs. I, however, was not going to argue with a guide. That proved wise. A big hog—the most vividly colored fish of the day probably from having been longest in the river , and also one of the two biggest. Not half an hour later, I hooked up with one of a couple fish pushing thirty-eight inches and eighteen pounds: a male sporting dark red flanks and a steely red head against a bright green back with hints of gold. It put up a tremendous fight, refusing to be netted for several minutes. When I landed my third fish—a silvery female—without losing one, I started to feel smug.

I then lost the next two hookups, illustrating the old adage that pride does go before a fall. I started asking Ryan questions about the river, the impressive log jams along the shore, and the bald eagle sitting on a big dead tree. Ever couple years, however, after a good hard rain hammers the mountains, the river floods out at 40, cfs.

The impact of the scouring from that volume of water, and the routine dramatic shifts the channel takes in those floods, was evident along the wide gravel plane on both sides. After lunch, the fishing picked up again. In the afternoon, I hooked four more fish and managed to land two bright chrome steelhead fresh from saltwater. Though the river does have a fall run of hatchery steelhead, all the fish in the river in late winter are wild steelhead.

When I put my hand into the water to release them, I felt how cold it was from the melting glaciers upriver. As the. Birches line the shoreline, and downed trees show the power of the occasional floods. But Ryan expressed even more concern for the warming ocean waters that are bringing to the north Pacific a whole new set of species that are both competing with, and preying upon, the steelhead and salmon.

By the end of the day, my arms were tired from fighting so many big fish and from casting a salmon rod all day. Another chrome bright fish, fresh from saltwater on a rainy Washington day.

Winter Steelhead Flies That Work

I had just finished my best ever day of steelhead fishing and I was in the pickup truck with my guide Ryan driving back to town. I was already trying to figure out when and how I might get back to that river, and I knew that Rain Coast Guides had already nearly booked most of the March of more than a year in advance. Ryan laughed. I can provide more information on dining and lodging options during the booking process to find the best option for you.

A full day of fishing. Book your trip today. Great for couples or friends. Having a good spey or skagit cast is key to being a successful steelhead angler. When I started it was very frustrating spending more time on the river teaching myself to cast rather than actually fishing. If you are a beginner or expert I can help you dial in your cast to get you to more fish. I start every lesson by getting down to the basic fundamentals, then progressing from there to fit your skill set.

I can meet you at your local water and help you to start hunting not casting. When do you want to go fishing? Fill out the form with dates you would like to go and I'll get back to you with my availability. Skip to content. Book A Trip. My experience is here for you Jim Dickinson 5 out of 5 stars. Brian Shea 5 out of 5 stars. Andy Latterner 5 out of 5 stars. Kuzi Hsue 5 out of 5 stars.

Places to go for fly-fishing heaven | The Seattle Times

Where I fish My steelhead season begins in October and ends at the end of April. Enjoy a day on the river Book a trip. Catch some fish. Have some fun. Gallery Peek into my world. May You and the Nice Silver on a Spring M The River Ahead The flyfishing still life A beautiful view over the Damp or dry fingers when Dubbing.

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Removing hair from a stacker. Exploring an Epic River. Claus Eriksen. Contribute Submit pattern Copyright policy Author list Author bios. Published Mar 8.

Bibliography of fly fishing

Dean Endress. Ebb Fly Pattern type:. Mustad , sizes 6 thru Peacock herl, medium to full. Red bucktail over equal amount of white bucktail.

The wing should be almost 2 times shank length. Black Wag Pattern type:. Mustad A or Daiichi , sizes 6 thru Danville 70 denier Flymaster plus, black waxed.

Pacific Northwest Streamer Conversions

Fine or medium black chenille, depending on hook size. Black saddle, 4 turns. Black marabou plume, body length. Pass Lake Pattern type:. Mustad A or Daiichi , sizes 4 thru Danville 70 denier Flymaster plus, Fl. Fire orange , waxed. Yellow hackle fibers.

Flat silver tinsel, fine or small. Yellow saddle hackle, 4 turns. White marabou, full plume. American Lake Pattern type:. Danville 70 denier Flymaster Plus, Black, waxed. Red hackle fibers. Peacock herl , with a red floss center a la "Royal Coachman". White saddle hackle, 2 each side.

Featured Projects

Yellow saddle, 4 turns, fibers longer than normal. Peacock Streamer Pattern type:. Mustad , sizes 4 thru Danville 70 denier Flymaster Plus, black, waxed. Brown hackle fibers. Peacock herl, medium size. Brown saddle, 4 to 5 turns. Peacock sword, fibers tied over back. Black Demon Pattern type:. Mustad A or Daiichi , 4 thru Golden pheasant tippet fibers. Hot orange saddle, turns. Black bucktail or black squirrel. Jungle cock. Dorris Special Pattern type:. Black saddle, palmered over body. Flat gold tinsel, medium or small depending on hook size. Natural brown bucktail. Little John Pattern type:.

Danville 70 denier Flymaster plus, black, waxed. Medium or small flat gold tinsel. Red squirrel tail. Jungle cock not called for in the book, but I like them. Yellow Hammer Pattern type:. Danville 70 denier Flymaster Plus, yellow, waxed. Flat silver tinsel. Yellow chenille, fine or medium.

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Red hackle, 4 wraps.