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You got this bacterial infection and a tiger chasing you, who cares about the infection? Simple reason. As Luis said if the tiger catches you, the bacterial infection is not your problem anymore. Your immune system is shutdown. Stress initiates with the belief and the power of belief system is really strong. I said hot out, cool the body down, cold out, and warm the body up. Adjust everything to benefit from the power of belief system in a more positive way. This is how strong the power of belief system is.

investigated the power of imagination

The power of belief can be destructive or constructive. The genes are simply blueprints that are controlled by the environment and in this case of humans, very much influenced by your perception of the environments. Separating environment from perception because our perceptions could be right but our perceptions could be wrong. To the cells, they just see the perceptions right or wrong. The power of belief system is incredible. I grew up in a third world country. My mother was murdered and I was adopted.

There was a whole belief system that I had formed around that. The power of belief system was so influential. I was just so young, I was 8 years old. I feel like to some degree because people told me I was bad what happened and stuff. The power of belief growth mindset is huge.

How you perceive the past, how you perceive the future, how you perceive the present. Is your perception and the power of belief system in alignment? In fact the power of belief system is built around your perception. Some of your perceptions are accurate and some are not. This is relevant because the cells cannot distinguish an accurate from inaccurate perception. They just see the perception. When I say genetic control, it simply means controlled by genes. When I say epigenetic control, the first thing is epi means above. So when I say, epigenetic control, I am literally saying control above the genes.

The new science takes the control out of the genes and puts it into the nervous system because the action of the chemistry from the nervous system is above and controls the genes. The power of belief system is ahead of your genetic composition. Well then, the mind is the device that controls not just your genetics and behaviors on the inside, but it also controls your behavior and how you interact on the outside.

Mind is the powerhouse that controls the power of belief system. I would love all these things. The personal responsibility thing is coming to us now. When I say the mind, there are actually two minds. There are two different minds that have different functions and they learn in different ways and this is where the problems in our life come from. The two minds are the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the power of belief of each varies from the other. So I have two minds. Conscious mind, the newest part is the mind associated with imagination. So your spirit location and who you are as a unique individual is pretty much associated with that frontal piece, the prefrontal cortex.

Somewhere between the stimulus and creating the response, the conscious mind can create whatever kind of response at once. So the conscious mind is this great opportunity to expand on our behavior and all these things. This is what makes humans so powerful in the world because our imagination and our ability to put things together.

The power of belief system strengthens your conscious mind. Conscious mind is creative. The subconscious mind does not live in the past or the future. Everything is always at the same present moment. The subconscious mind is called the Habit Mind. The subconscious mind is a Habit mind.

It learns a program and once the program is in there, you push the button and it plays the program. I learned how to walk when I was an infant. Do I have to learn how to walk again? Okay yes. Is it in your head? The whole point about that question is where the answer is coming from. The answer is not coming from outside. You have to think about it.

You got the hands on the wheel. Is the conscious mind at this moment paying attention to the walking on the street or did it go inside your head and look for the answer? But what does that mean? When my conscious mind is in thought, my subconscious by default becomes autopilot. Walk to here. Ninety-five percent of the behavior during the day is programmed and managed by the subconscious.

The point is You are the conscious mind that also forms the power of belief system. I want to buy a new iPod. I control the system creatively with a touchscreen. The touchscreen is equivalent to the conscious mind. It can make a playlist and adjusted however you want. Here we are back at the store. I buy the brand new iPod. I ripple. Open the box. I take out the iPod and I push on the touchscreen play and nothing happens.

The brain is operating from subconscious. The baby looks around at us and imagine it could speak. Just imagine. Tell us something! I just got here. The point about is what? So nature creates the first set 7 years of your life where consciousness is not a predominant activity of your nervous system. A child being born is like a brand new iPod coming out of the factory.

Before the consciousness can have a creative playlist, you got to download programs. So the system is designed 7 years, no consciousness as predominant behavior. Just download. You observe the community around you. You brain operating in theta is like a video recorder. But the programs in the subconscious were installed in the first 7 years. This idea is not new at all. This awareness has been known for years, since then the power of belief system is valued. Exactly, what they were telling.

They knew that. That fact about controlling your life for the first 7 years of programming did not get lost in years. I really want to jump in for a moment. Take Luis for example, first 8 years of his life. Is that what I am hearing? I want to help people on this for a moment because what we have concluded at this moment is your life is not controlled by the conscious mind which is wishes and desires. This is just a mindset and the power of belief system builds around your mindset.

Cancer runs in the family not because of genes but because of the power of belief system. Cancer runs in the family because of programs that take us out of harmony. If we have programs that are not supporting our harmony, then we will manifest illnesses related to those programs specifically.

Now, the issue about this is very clear to us that my life as suggested by the Jesuits is really coming from my programs and not from my wishes and desires. You download them anyway. You got them. The programming of your subconscious started in the last trimester of pregnancy and was intensified from 00, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and by 7 starts the programming as last. So the first 7 years of programming. But how do I know that the programs are? Take your conscious mind and try to look in your subconscious and tell you what the programs are.

Imagine your subconscious mind as a library of Congress and your conscious mind is You. I knew eventually we would come out of this inception thing that you were doing. You looked at your life and you say the things that worked are good. I have programs to support them. Anything you work hard at, anything you put a lot of effort into, anything you sweat over to make it happen, the question is, why are you working so hard? All of a sudden life is easy. Your problem is an issue with relationships. Now, you can start to reprogram your mind, to build the power of belief on the basis of relationship vs.

Relationship changing will not affect that maybe. And then I give this story in my lectures and people laugh which encourage me to tell the same story because so many people experienced and it goes like this;. One day, you see that your friend has the exact same behavior as her parent. For you, this is a very exciting moment. Bill goes totally ballistic. This is the most profound story. What is it? Everybody else can see that Bill behaves like his dad. When does he play it? Back to the Jesuits again and then we go back to the opening line if you can remember when we started this a long time ago was about being in love.

Processing thinking is essential to have the power of belief system. You stay present. You keep our conscious mind in the front and in control. You stop thinking. Why would you not pay attention to that and go into thought? Because everything you wanted is here. You stay conscious. You stay mindful. How do you think you created the honeymoon? The honeymoon was an expression of wishes and desires. You created your life with your conscious mind.

You got out of the program and you manifested heaven on earth. I knew you were going to come to the Matrix. It is. We have all been programmed to have the power of belief system. That is the fact of life.

How to Reprogram Subconscious Beliefs - Marina Healthcare

Everybody through age 7 has been programmed. And then in the movie, we say we could take the red pill or the blue pill. Every day the life just the way as it is. If you take the red pill, you get out of the program but they never really say what the consequence was. What happened when you fell in love and for that moment, stop playing the program? No matter how crappy your life was up to that moment, from that moment on for the next period of time, the honeymoon, you have a whole new life. The honeymoon means now, every decision I make is based on wishes and desires and aspirations.

It is beautiful! You got a life. Well, you still got a job. You got chores. You got a rent to pay. You got to fix the car. Life all of a sudden gets busy and I start thinking about the job. Yes, program. Well, look. All of the behavior you have played in this beginning part is essentially behavior that you would like to be, wishes and desires. And then you have all this love. Wishes and desires manifest from you but all of a sudden you start to get busy. Where did that come from?! Now, this is where the honeymoon starts to come to the end. My partner up until this moment has never seen the negative bad side but now she comes up ask me a question and my conscious mind is engaged in thoughts.

And she sees not me. She just saw me do this behavior. It came from the subconscious. This is not making honeymoon right here.

YOU ARE THE CREATOR - Warning: This might shake up your belief system! Morgan Freeman and Wayne Dyer

This is garbage now. My partner has to reconsider the relationship to build the power of belief system around that. At some point, maybe there are too many compromises. All of a sudden, all these negative behaviors showing up all of a sudden completely washed out the relationship and a couple that was formerly so super in love, separates. Oh God! So the issue is our lives are not being run by our conscious creative minds because by default, our lives are run by subconscious programming which by definition primarily came from other people in expressing their behaviors which are usually misbehaviors and we download them and become them.

And then, we walk forward thinking, how did all this stuff happen in my life when I had just positive thoughts about health, happiness, love, and all that? How did I end up with this? All you see is the consequences. We are personally responsible and so this becomes very important for this; what happens if I change or rewrite my subconscious? First, the most important thing is of course you can do it.

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What is the consequence? Think about it this way.

Introducing EFT-X

What if you took all the negative behaviors that are interfering with your life and rewrote them with very positive behaviors, with wishes and desires that are the same as the conscious mind so that either the conscious mind or the subconscious mind are both operating from wishes and desires, that helps in building the power of belief positively. In other words, you can have a honeymoon life the rest of your every day. The only reason you lost the honeymoon is because you went back and got caught up in playing the old tapes and sacrificing and sabotaging yourself without even you seeing it.

Then the honeymoon ends. Your behavior on both situations would always lead you to the full happiness of a honeymoon experience as the way of life every day of your life. And this is important because most people have touched the honeymoon experience. This is why I directed that book toward that because if you touched that once, you can refer back.

It was an actual fundamental reality that created that. So, we look at our lives. We have wishes and desires conscious mind. This is the bigger monkey wrench in the system. And that is, we had started off with the fundamental belief that the conscious and the subconscious were just the unity of a single mind. Conscious mind being creative can learn in a creative fashion. I should do it this way and my life could be really good if I understood this.

Or you can listen to the Thriving Launch Podcast with Bruce Lipton, who master the power of belief system. Just from simple as that. Read the book and learn. What about subconscious? Well, how do you create a habit? Reading the book once is not a habit. You have the same behavior you had before you read the book, after you read the book because conscious mind learns by reading the book.

So the conscious mind and subconscious mind learn in different ways. How can I teach the subconscious mind? Many of us talk to ourselves. I love donuts. I kept talking to myself not to eat the donut, why did I eat the donut? The conscious mind, yes. Why is it relevant? Put in the machine. Push play and it plays the program. Make something more fun and something I would like better than this program.

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Please change the program. I asked you to change the program. Tell it to play something different. Just talk to it. The vibration of theta is low vibrations below consciousness which is alpha and the higher vibration than alpha is beta which is like school room studying work mind, work consciousness.

This helps you build the power of belief in the strongest way. So every night, putting on the earphones and playing a program of behavior that you want procreate in your life, repetition of that, every night, will then manifest that experience. I say, you want to learn ABC. Next one is F! Made a habit out of it. You can just call it up. So repetition. You find that your behaviors are not supporting you, generated behavior that represents supporting you and repeated just like a play on a sporting team. Go out and do the practice. Your subconscious will take that program and then use it to manifest life from it.

So you start out. I control my health. The repetition habituation occurs. A function of the mind is to create coherence between your programs and your reality. It is responsible for the power of belief system. The function of the mind is to adjust the biology so it manifests the expression of the program. Positive thinking. I can heal myself. If you want to have an effect, put in the subconscious. Make a program. So the two fundamental ways right now of learning are the two fundamental ways that we acquired the subconscious programs.

How did you drive a car? You practiced and you experienced all of the aspects of driving. So now, you get in the car. All these now is automatic subconscious programming. And you can turn any aspect of life into that automatic subconscious program. Being in love can be a subconscious program.

Therefore, you will always be seeking love and never find it. Conscious mind — wishes and desires. I want that love. No one loves me. It started with you. No one else can love you. We have been programmed and a vast majority of the programs are negative and disempowering so the vast majority of people on this planet are having that negative experience as well. The power of your mindset and the power of belief is huge. That is spectacular in every way, shape, and form Bruce. I was seeking all the time love and that thing I wanted and pushing it away unconsciously end up rewriting the program.

This is heaven because this is where you came to create. The power of belief system directs you to take instant action. I can make any decision I want with this response but when your mind is preoccupied, the decision is already made based on the power of belief. And this is why being mindful is the whole secret and then rewriting the ones that have kept you away from your destination. Every day, I experience the joy and excitement of waking up in this beautiful planet.

I live in a completely different world, same planet but through different consciousness. The power of belief system is massive. I wanted to say from the deepest part of my heart, thank you so much for coming on the show and for blessing all of our listeners with this incredible information and transformation. Your views about the power of belief system are incredible. I really want to thank you Luis and Kamala for providing this opportunities to talk to your audience about the power of belief system. I then want also want to especially thank your audience because they represent the cultural creative in this world.

There are the people that are looking for answers outside of the conventional box. These are the people that are seeking the new evolution. Thank you for listening. This information especially the power of belief system, if you use it when you create heaven around you, it also makes heaven around me. So I encourage that and I appreciate it. Thank you all. Secret of Success — Jack Canfield. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Power of Belief — Bruce Lipton.

When a person is in love, the body feels pleasure and the power of belief is strengthened because the mind interprets loves as a perception and then love is correlated with the release of dopamine which is pleasure. The chemicals released by the brain in fear shut down the growth of the body and shut down the immune system. Effects of stress and the power of belief system One cause of illness is stress hormones inhibiting the replacement of cells.

The other cause is the immune system using a lot of energy.

Both are not good keeping in view the power of belief system Stress hormones conserve energy from the immune system by inhibiting the immune system function. The doctors give the patients stress hormones before an organ transplant so that when the foreign tissue is transplanted, the immune system is being inhibited and will not attack it. A strong mindset and the power of belief system is not build around that The mind is the device that controls not just your genetics and behaviors on the inside, but it also controls your behavior and how you interact on the outside.

It can create whatever kind of response at once. This is what makes human so powerful in the world while building the power of belief system in strongest way possible. So you stay conscious and mindful without having a long story while building the power of belief system The honeymoon was an expression of wishes and desires, to express the power of belief that is already prevailing. You integrate new positive beliefs and thinking patterns into your subconscious mind in these 12 key life categories:.

At some level most people have learned to believe that change is hard, difficult and painful. Whilst sometimes change can be hard — as in a relationship breakup, making personal changes in your attitude, self-belief and ability to achieve your goals is easier than ever before. In a world changing as fast as ours, if we want to be healthy, happy and successful, being able to flow and thrive with change is essential. This starts by having empowering subconscious beliefs and thinking patterns about your ability to change. Self esteem and confidence is the foundation for a successful life.

High self-esteem and unstoppable confidence feels good. You feel deep in your gut that you can achieve and create your life the way that you want it no matter what happens. You can speak with anyone, anywhere and feel mentally and emotional balanced with a lightness and joy in your body. Core beliefs are the bedrock of who you think you are, what you think is possible and how you think the world works and what you can achieve in it.

They are the fundamental beliefs that drive your thoughts, feelings and actions every minute of every day. Updating your Core Beliefs can be transformational in awakening the next stage of your potential. The reality is that most people fall short on achieving their goals. We set a goal with motivation and positive thinking only to find that sometime later, we lose that motivation, drive and focus. New years resolutions are a prime example. The biggest reason goals do not happen is a simple a lack of belief, especially when things take some work and effort.

To make your goals a reality, you need unstoppable belief in yourself and your abilities and have your subconscious mind working for you not against you. Money gives us more choices and a better lifestyle. So many people have limiting beliefs about having more money, deserving more money, being able to create more money and so on. Integrating these beliefs changes your relationship to money and you see it more as another form of energy without any negative associations. This is the first step to having more money in your life and having the improved lifestyle that it brings.

With new empowering belief systems your relationships can be fun, exciting, creative, nurturing, passionate, deeply fulfilling and make you feel really alive. What are beliefs anyway? You could say they are software programs of potential. But software programs do not run themselves, they need someone to push the right buttons — to take action. You need powerful beliefs about taking action because procrastination kills achievement and success. You need empowering beliefs to be motivated to take the necessary action to create your life the way that you want it.

There are many factors to optimal health including food, hydration, exercise etc. One of the most powerful things that influences your health on all levels are the subconscious beliefs you have about health and healing. Your bodies fundamental program is self healing and by integrating new health empowering beliefs and thinking patterns you are maximising your ability to create abundant energy and vitality and have a heightened sense of well being.

The majority of our verbal and non verbal communication is run from your subconscious system. We would all benefit from updating these vey early programs to maximise our ability to communicate with clarity and confidence with anyone anywhere personally and professionally.

Reprogram Your Mind: The Power of Belief Systems

Integrating the beliefs and thinking patterns of highly successful people gives you a shortcut to success. Having these flowing through your mind and body allow you to think, feel and act at a higher level creating new ideas and allowing you to think of new opportunities and make them happen like successful people do.

Most of us today are overwhelmed with information and it can be hard to stay focused, yet if we are to be successful staying focused and completing what we set out to do whilst staying balanced and in flow is essential. These sessions align your subconscious to make focus and flow easy and natural for you. Real Happiness means that you realise at the core of your being happiness is your natural state. Happiness becomes your baseline state.

In the Gamma Free-Flow module you are guided into the Gamma Mindset where you integrate your goal specific beliefs into your subconscious mind. It is very ineffective to aim to find solutions to your problems and answers to your questions with your day to day state of consciousness. Using the Gamma Mindset, you activate a peak brain signature which gives you direct access to the quantum field where all possibilities are available to you. It is here you can find solutions to your problems and get clarity and insight on what is best for you.

Section 2. He is one of the most experienced EFT practitioners in the world. Chris has done over x sessions over the last 20 years. These are very limiting reactions that need to be cleared if you want to thrive in a world where change is faster than ever before. Maintaining balance and being able to flow with change is crucial if you want to be successful in todays world. Clearing the self doubting emotional reactions — that empty feeling in your gut — those negative inner voices that create self doubt throughout your body is a must if you want to be successful and in flow.

Using this process you can eliminate self doubt and lack of confidence in any area of your life allowing your potential to expand and show yourself and your abilities to the world at a whole new level. Many people, perhaps all of us at some level have a fear of failure. This guided video session allows you to clear both in minutes. It is hard work trying to make your goals happen when you have your subconscious mind working against you.

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

I have seen multi-millionaires on my couch that still have blocks to making more money! This is the most effective cure for anxiety available today! You cannot be anxious when your stress response is switched off and you do this in less than 90 seconds with the Gamma Mindset. This session allows you to clear any specific fears, self-doubt, feeling of not being able, feeling of not being good enough or worthy enough, smart enough etc Becoming free of your autopilot emotional stressful reactions is probably one of the greatest gifts you can do for yourself.

Not only do you access more brain power, the energy that was being used for a stress response is now used for higher awareness and an expansion of your potential. You get special access to performance psychologist Chris Walton MSc. He lectures on the MBA programme at the University of Westminster Business School and has coached in over 25 blue chip companies over the last 20 years. The Gamma techniques and principles Chris will coach you through are scientifically validated and life changing.

They change the way your brain and mind works and allow you to access a whole new stage of your potential. Chris uses these techniques in his performance psychology practice every week and teaches them in workshops around the world. Now you get the chance to learn, apply and receive the huge benefits these techniques bring to your life in your own time, in your own privacy at your own pace. Tens of thousands of people from all walks of life have made spectacular life changes using them!

I use it personally everyday and after using it in our workshops, seminars and with personal clients, we received more testimonials about change than ever before. I feel this is a leading-edge program that will soon be incorporated into every self-development program around the globe.

If anyone wants to free themselves from the limiting beliefs that hold them back, then this technique is a must, because not only does it work but it works quickly. Award Winning Film Producer. I highly recommend it. Get Started! First payment charged immediately. This product is available via private members area and digital download. No physical products shipped. Once your payment has been completed you will be redirected to the registration page where you can complete your account registration to access the members area.

If for some reason you are unable to complete your registration then after 24hrs you will automatically receive a registration reminder with a link to complete your registration. You can contact support by emailing support gammamindset. That's not a problem. You can just access the training and carry on with the next module when you have time. Support Members.

From the desk of Chris Walton MSc Performance Psychology Practice, Bristol, England Dear Friend We are at a unique time in human history, where scientific insights provide us with a deeper understanding of the mind—body relationship. The thing is, do you know what you believe? I want to create a great business or get that high flying job.