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Testo So Bright (Stand Up)
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  2. At a Tumultuous Time for Comedy, Ray Romano’s Looking on the Bright Side
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  4. The best floor lamps you can buy

The nice thing about the shade is that it sends bright light straight up and down while emitting a soft glow through the shade. This LED lamp boasts a simple, classic shape with wood and metallic accents to fit in with just about any decorating style. A simple torchiere lamp is classic and versatile — and often much less expensive than other lamp styles. In a space like a dorm room or a guest room or living room of your first home, an inexpensive torchiere lamp is just the ticket to add a comfortable layer of light.

This floor lamp has a soft, black finish and a light-diffusing plastic shade and includes a built-in, warm-light LED light bulb that will last for decades. This lamp can be adjusted by more than a foot in height to get it to just the right spot. In the living room, a floor lamp can serve dual purposes. This first is, of course, to add more light to the room!

Testo So Bright (Stand Up) Superchick

The other role floor lamps play in the living room is a decorative one, and a lamp with an interesting shade can help frame a couch or liven up a dull corner of the living room. A shaded lamp will diffuse the light at eye level while projecting light upward and downward as well.

So Bright (Stand Up)

This lamp has a popular tripod-inspired base, making it both a stylish conversation piece and helpful for illumination. If you have high ceilings, a small-scale lamp can end up looking downright puny! High ceilings demand a tall lamp to match up in terms of scale and drama. And especially in a living room, where furniture pieces like sofas and coffee tables are fairly low to the ground, a tall, arching lamp can beautifully fill the space in between the furniture and the floor, making everything look more proportional.

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This lamp has a casual rice-paper shade on a soft-black base, making it a subtle addition to any room.

At a Tumultuous Time for Comedy, Ray Romano’s Looking on the Bright Side

Naturally, the rhythm will come back. I have to do a speed-through, to make sure I remember everything. If I jump around, then I forget things. The audience, percent, did not know I was going on. We had cameras set up and everything, but the audience was told that the Cellar was just filming a promo, and we used that same line for both clubs. For the first show, we knew I was going to go on after the third comedian, so I knew what time I had to be there.

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I just pop in, and the energy from those moments is something that I wanted to try and get on camera. You poke fun at the millennial crowd in your special.

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As for sitting down and watching a movie, or a TV show, I think there is a major difference. They know stand-up, and are into it, and I think they appreciate it even more now. What worries me is if movies will become obsolete. I never witnessed it, and no one I hung out with ever had an issue with that. Was there discrimination when it came to hiring woman? Are your wife and kids your toughest crowd? Do you ever workshop material on them? My boys are my biggest fans. I have to take it with a grain of salt.

The best floor lamps you can buy

When Everybody Loves Raymond became a hit, did your fellow comedians resent your success? Everybody has their own experience, and it depends on the person who becomes successful. I did my share of getting drunk with my friends.