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Nicolson UK , H. Norsworthy Can , C. Peterson USA , J. Sample UK , J. Schloesing Fr , D. Seaton UK , R. Vasatko Cz , R. Watts NZ , E. Wells NZ , V. Wheeler UK , W. Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Despite a short production run of only airframes, the Mk.

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Griffon motor. The Mk. XIV would be powered by Griffons. The former between April and October , whereas 91 Squadron, which became operational on type during June , was to relinquish it earlier in favour of the Mk. XIV during early Although seen by both Supermarine and the RAF as an interim version, the Spitfire Mk XII when flown by the two Squadrons - managed to establish itself as a worthy opponent to the Luftwaffe as well as to both the Wehrmacht and Reichsbahn. Fws, Ju88s, trucks, trains, armoured vehicles, an unfortunate balloon and eventually V1s would all fall prey to the roaming Spitfire XIIs of 41 and 91 Squadrons.

In the first half of the booklet, the author outlines the operations flown by both squadrons, first 41 and then 91, listing missions with victories attained and losses sustained. Numerous photographs show aircraft being flown by both units. The second half of the book is given over to the operational record, listing and totalling all sorties flown by both squadrons. Then follows a table displaying all the units which flew the Mk XII, during and after it had passed from active service. Six pages list the many claims made by pilots.

Four pages cover the service lives of known airframes - the final page is the Roll of Honour - naming the 19 young pilots of six nationalities who made the ultimate sacrifice whilst flying Spitfire Mk XIIs. This volume contains the biography of 52 pilots: D. Andrews Aus , R. Bary NZ , F.

Beamish Ire , M. Beytagh UK , M. Blake NZ , E. Bocock UK , A. Boyd UK , R. Brooker UK , J. Browne USA , L. Chadburn Can , J. Checketts NZ , W. Christie Nor , M. Clube, UK , P. Davout Can , A. Donaldson UK , E. Donaldson UK , J. Donaldson UK , L. Gaunce Can , L. Geerts Bel , A. Gowers UK , R. Green UK , N. Harrison NZ , B. Howard Aus , F. Howell UK , H. Hrbacek Cz , S. Janus Pol , I. Kennedy Can , J. Lacey UK , F. Lister UK , J.

Marchelidon Fr , R. Marples UK , P. Meagher Ire , I. Ormston Can , M. Osler SA , J. Peel UK , W. Pentland Can , H. Pinfold UK , A. Roscoe USA , W. Satchell UK , R. Sheward UK , G. Sinclair UK , T. Smart UK , L. Spence Aus , B. Stapleton SA , J.

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Storrar UK , S vB. Theron SA , P. Tripe Can , P. Turnbull Aus , M. Vanderpump NZ , C. Waddy Aus , S. The Fortress Mk. II and Mk.

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I was only used in small numbers 20 , but, for the British, it was the first step leading to the large scale introduction of the Fortress to Bomber Command. But that never happened and all the orders were consequently cancelled after the experiment of the Fortress Mk I. Indeed in the meantime, trials of the Fortress in Coastal Command proved satisfactory and, as this Command was looking for long-range land-based patrol aircraft, the Fortress was requested to equiq some Coastal Command squadrons.

Later in the war, the Fortress would return in the Bomber Command acting as an ECM aircraft from until the end of the war, while some others would be used by the Meteorological squadrons by The unexpected usage of the Fortress of the RCAF between and is also included in this study. The French were the first to express interest in this fighter and ordered large quantities before and during the first months of WW2.

When the French ask for an armistice, all of the contracts were taken over by the British and the balance of the Curtiss H still to be delivered were shipped out to the UK where they became the Mohawk.

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The Mitchell was one of the major medium bombers of the Second World War. It was operated by many air forces during the war including the RAF. This book covers in 44 pages, about 30 photos and 7 colour profiles, the operational usage of the Mitchell by those three squadrons with the usual details on losses.

The Gloster Meteor F. For the Meteor, the main issue was to find the right engines and the development of these took more time than initially planned and proved more complicated than originally thought but eventually the first Meteor F. Is were ready to enter service in the summer Their first action took place soon after in the hunt of the V-1 launched against England. Then the Meteor was deployed on the Continent in its F. This study covers the wartime era and stopps in September This book is illustred with 30 photos 5 in colours and five colour profiles.

It was declined in various marks, and this book is devoted to the intruder version, the B. This is mainly a pictorial study of this mark in over photographs, many in colour, and seven colour profiles. The full RAF register is included and a photo or more of each aircraft is published as far as possible, describing in the same time the evolution of the camouflage and markings. A short chapter on the exports is also included. This volume contains the biography of 52 pilots: P. Archer UK , H. Armstrong Aus , R.

Bannock Can , E. Barwell UK , P. Barwell UK , T. Brannagan Can , J. Cox Aus , J. Cranstone NZ , M. Czernin UK , J. Dolezal Cz , P. Dunn UK , R. Easby UK , Y. Ezanno Fr , D. Fairbanks USA , J. Falkowski Pol , B. Gale Aus , J. Gaynor SA , E. Glaser UK , F. Grant Can , F. Green Can , W. Harper UK , J. Hill UK , J. Holmes UK , A. Houle Can , R. Hudson Aus , B. Ingham UK , J. Kilmartin Ire , R. Lallemant Bel , D. Loftus SA , A. Malan SA , I. Matthew UK , H. Mayers Aus , G. McGregor Can , A. Miller UK , M. Nash Aus , J. Nelson USA , J.

Niven UK , G. Piltinsgrud Nor , W. Retinger Pol , C. Saunders UK , D. Scott NZ , J. Seccombe SA , G. Sharp NZ , G. Stephenson UK , E. Thomas UK , J. Thompson UK , A. Trumble UK , R. Turkington UK , L. Westernra NZ , C. A pictorial study of the USN aircraft between and This third volume contains 52 names: H.

Allen UK , B. Arct Pol , J. Baldwin UK , R. Balfour NZ , D. Boitel-Gill UK , O. Bull Nor , C. Caldwell Aus , N. Cameron UK , E. Charles Can , H. Clarke SA , R. Coffey USA , M. Cotton Aus , A. Deere NZ , M. Donnet Bel , H. Dundas UK , H. Eeles UK , F. Fajtl Cz , J. Foster UK , H. Gonay Bel , W. Green UK , P. Halahan Ire , H. Hood UK , M. Ingram NZ , C. Jefferies UK , A. Johnstone UK , G. Keefer Can , D. Kelly UK , J. Lambert Can , P. Lucas UK , K. Macdonald NZ , I.

Maskill NZ , O. Massart Fr , D. McCormack Aus , A. McDowell UK , J. More UK , A. Nesbitt Can , P. Olver UK , M. Pattle SA , S. Peacock-Edwards Rho , J. Plagis Gr , T. Pugh UK , C. Robertson Aus , M. Robinson UK , J. Rose UK , P. Townsend UK , T. Trimble Aus , F. Weber Cz , W. Whitamore UK , L. Wilmot SA , S. Witorzenc Pol , J. Wray UK , H. Zary USA. This first volume contains 52 names: J. Aitken UK , R.

R Atcherley UK , J. Bartle Aus , R. Berg Nor , J. Berry UK , K. Birksted Dan , N. Bretz Can , E. Brough NZ , G. Brown UK , A. Conway UK , J. Cunningham UK , J-F. Demozay Fr , J. Dewar UK , A. Esau Aus , A. Eyre UK , B. Finucane Ire , J. Frost SA , I. Gleed UK , A. Glowacki Pol , E. Gracie UK , C. Green Rho , D. Guillaume Bel , K. Hampshire Aus , L. Hawkins UK , G. Hill Can , J. Human SA , P. Hunter UK , J.

Film Collection Online: RAAF PR - The Canberra bomber in peace and war

Johnson UK , O. Kallio USA , M. Knight NZ , K. Kuhlmann SA , B. Lane UK , G. Le Mesurier SA , D. Leroy du Vivier Bel , E. Mackie NZ , J. Munro UK , J. Orzechowski Pol , J. Plamondon Can , J. Ratten Aus , B. Russel Can , A. Sager Can , S. Skalski Pol , O. Smik Cz , L. Smith UK , R. Stevens Aus , W. Straight UK , F. Thorsager Nor , A. Umbers NZ , B. Vybiral Cz , G. Warnes UK. Includes over photos and 5 colour profiles. F Squadron Listemann, Phil H. This book describes the war fought by County of Gloucester Squadron. It comprises pages packed full of information.

The book is well illustrated, presenting many interesting photographs as well as 9 splendid high-quality colour side profiles of selected aircraft flown. The appendices make up two-thirds of the book. There is so much information crammed into these pages that perusal soon establishes that this volume is a 'must buy' for any enthusiast or historian interested in the subject. Westland Whirlwind Mk.

I Listemann, Phil H. The final page is the Roll of Honour naming the 46 pilots who lost their lives flying the Westland Whirlwind one should recall that only examples entered service. Squadron Listemann, Phil H. Includes diary of sorties, squadron bases, claim list, aircraft lost, squadron roster and roll of honour. This book covers the wartime history of R. Squadron, in the two theatres in which it operated, the Far East flying Brewster Buffalo fighters and then after reforming in the UK : N.

Europe operating four successive marks of Supermarine Spitfires. Almost sixty pages of appendices present, in the usual fashion, tables and lists showing sorties flown on each aircraft type, first and last missions flown, RAF command structures, individual code letters matched to specific aircraft serial numbers, maps showing bases flown from, in the Far East, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Then follows the daily operational diary for the N. W Europe campaign only as all official records were lost for the earlier Far Eastern campaign , with monthly totals. Tables showing a total of A list of the 7 POWs is also presented. The last forty pages of appendices present the names, careers and in many cases photographs of all the aircrew who flew with the squadron in both theatres of war. As usual with P. This, the eighth booklet of P. It concentrates on the unique deployment of the Defiant as a purely turret-equipped fighter, through initial successes during the Battle of France period, and the later disappointing and costly missions flown during the Battle of Britain.

Subsequent use of the aircraft as a night-fighter, a target-tug or an air-sea-rescue aircraft is not within the scope of this book. The basic airframe of the Defiant was good - but lacking fixed forward-firing armament and when fitted with the turret - it could fulfil neither the expectations of the designers nor those of the RAF when flown under the combat conditions prevailing in the summer and autumn of In the usual 'Allied Wings' style units and their operational histories are described in sequence.

Twenty pages cover the ops flown as daylight fighter units by and Squadrons. A further page of text lists the second-line units which flew the Defiant during and is followed by the operational diary listing sortie totals of both Squadrons. Four pages of colour artwork by Malcolm Laird present three side-profiles and varieties of fuselage roundel. Edges of covers have superficial wear. Edges of pages are lightly browned. Size: 10"" Tall. Previous owner's name in ink. Amelia Earhart: The Mystery Solved. Long, Elgen M. The authors have used long-lost radio messages, and spent 25 years researching her disappearance.

This book simultaneously reveals the authors findings, and brings to life the primitive conditions under which earlier aviators flew. Early Edition. Size: Octavo standard book size. Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact, but spine is slightly cocked. No foxing in this copy. Dust Jacket worn at edges, small chips and tears. Dust Jacket un-clipped. Edges browned slightly. Inventory No: RB Size: 9"- 10" Tall. This publication describes the history and development of the low-level and high-altitude variants of the Ta , one of the ultimate and finest German fighters of WWII.

It brings to the reader the most up-to-date information and research available, including operational and post-war history, a technical description and camouflage and markings details. A comprehensive set of colour profiles and a photographic section are included. Popeye Lucas. Queenstown Lucas, F. Wellington: A. Reed, Signed by author. This book provides the reader with a wealth of information of RAF aircraft during the Battle of Britian during It covers the development of camouflage schemes, the development of identification markings, paint shades, exceptions to the rules, and materials used.

The book covers fighter, night fighters, bombers, seaplanes and reconnaissance aircraft. This book covers the immediate post war years and details the reasons behind the decisions and timescale to the changeover from the dull wartime camouflage schemes and national markings in to the 'silver' schemes and revised national markings. Book clean and square. Spine firm, bright gilt title there-on. Boards undamaged. Leaves clean. Illustrated, loose-plastic protected dustjacket near fine. Conceived as a private venture by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in , the Bulldog was one of the best of the silver biplanes to fly with the Royal Air Force.

Gives a detailed account of the Bulldog's conception and design, construction, engines and modifications.

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  • Decadent Poetics: Literature and Form at the British Fin de Siècle (Palgrave Studies in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture).
  • Contents include: Prelims. Book weight approx. The War in the Air, Internally clean. You are there on the flightdeck as 18 major airline accidents unfold in concise and spellbinding detail. Why these airliners crashed and the valuable lessons learnt are fully revealed. Illustrator: Juanita Franzi. The fourth volume in the series Vol. Includes investigative reports and the conclusions of examiners, and explains how the accidents produced significant changes in civil aviation and routine safety procedures. Edgewear and creasing to covers. The picture story of the men women and machines which first conquered space Quantity Available: 1.

    Category: Aviation; Inventory No: The iconic design of the legendary British fighter underwent steady upgrades and development before and during World War II, as evidenced by the numerous Marks of Spitfire that were produced. Displayed in extensive detail are the external and internal workings of the aircraft that played a key role Britain's defense.

    Illustrated with over photographs and detailed line drawings. The De Havilland Mosquito was a fast, light warplane that could out run and out climb enemy aircraft, and therefore could dispense with heavy armament. The Mosquito made its debut as a fast, high-altitude photo reconnaissance PR aircraft, a job it continued to perform until the end of WWII. Mosquitos dropped 4,pound 'Cookie' bombs in lightning raids inside the German homeland, in a de-facto pay back for the German Blitz, and Mosquito Fighter Bombers FB carried out strikes on German security points and U-Boats.

    Illustrated with more than photographs, two dozen of them in color, plus a table, color profiles, and detailed line drawings. The entered the war as a medium bomber, supporting Wehrmacht ground campaigns. After the tide in the conflict had turned against the Reich, and air superiority had been achieved by Allies, the aircraft was largely relegated to transport functions. This iconic warplane had its origins as a cutting-edge civil airliner in the mids. But war was looming and it was adapted for use as a bomber.

    Although produced in large numbers and exported to many countries before and during the war, few examples survive today. Illustrated with photos, detailed line drawings and color profiles. Good in whole aged dj. Prior bookseller's sticker. Large tear and fading to spine board. Minor edgewear and water damage to boards. Text marked occasionally by pen. Gift inscription , neat to preliminary pages. Fair Condition Price: Illustrated with photographs. Here are 15 riveting accounts of air disasters in which passengers tell intheir own words how they faced the ultimate test of survival.

    Book is in good condition with mild general wear and tear and mild page discolouration throughout. Book is a remainder and shows the associated black texta mark to the bottom of page edges. There is also a small sticker mark on the front cover, otherwise no other pre-loved markings. Includes detailed appendices containing statistical performance data and a record of all the raids on England and the fates of the various airships.

    A work little known but seen by all in times of crisis, performed by highly specialized people: pilots, technicians, rescuers, doctors; all of who are trained to work in a team. You will discover the means, facilities, men and women belonging to military organizations, including State Services and civilian operators, all united by one mission; to bring professional rescue and medical assistance where there is an emergency. Their office is anytime, any place, anywhere; from a snow-capped peak to a busy motorway. Regardless of weather conditions; come rain or shine their soul focus is saving lives days a year.

    This is what helicopter rescue entails. The intense training that they experience gives the team the ability to handle delicate, life threatening situations in extreme conditions. The images depict these missions, but what is more difficult to relate is the emotion of the teams involved. However, the reader will understand the gratification that this work gives and that all of the people involved are united by the same passion and a spirit of solidarity.

    This book takes a concise look at the history of aviation in the United Kingdom through the many types of aircraft that have een preserved in museums, collections and in the hands of private individuals. Book clean, square. Spine firm, gilt title there-on. Surface scratch on front board, otherwise fine.

    Pictorially-illustrated, loose-plastic protected dustjacket nominally edgeworn and has a clean, closed cut, across the middle, at the front. More than photographs, many air-to-air shots, pay tribute to fifty years of NATO. Please email for quote. Text in English and Italian. Comprising air and ground crews from Australia, Britain, Canada and across the empire, Squadron had a short, but eventful, life in the European Theatre of World War 2.

    Re-equipped with Mosquitoes in mid their speciality was low level intruder and precision bombing attacks. Blue cloth with title stamped in red on spine. Tipped on Colour frontis, excellent copy in new condition. Size: Quarto. Dust Jacket is fully intact, no tears or chips, but carries signs of wear to top and bottom edges, corners etc. Previous owner's signature in ink. All edges clean, neat and free of foxing. Dewey Code: Edition Unstated. Shipped Weight: Under grams. Mainly from the camera of one dedicated Lightning enthusiast and accomplished photographer. With the exception of a few illustrations included to set Fred Martins unique pictures in context, none of these photographs have been published in book form before.

    We have deliberately chosen a fairly large format for this publication to allow us to do full justice to the high quality photographs and to enable the reader to study in detail many of the aircrafts various features and paint schemes. Accurate illustrations of the squadron badges have also been included along with the badges of the training and target facilities flights.

    The introductions and captions to each squadron are a detailed account of its history whilst operating the Lightning. Even today some seventeen years after the type was retired from frontline RAF service it still engenders great affection with aviation enthusiasts around the world. We are sure that all of those who admire the Lightning will enjoy studying these remarkable pictures and take themselves back to a time when they can remember seeing and hearing this type in the air. For those too young to recall this great aircraft these pages will provide superb visual reference and inspiration.

    Later Edition. Dust Jacket is in very good condition, without tears or chips or other damage. Inventory No: X The I, I and I fighters were the world's first mass-produced fighters. A total of 17, Polikarpov fighters had been manufactured by the time their series production was terminated in Aircraft of the first series successfully operated in Spain with the Republicans during the civil war , in Chinese hands against the Japanese , and then with the Soviet Red Air Force again against the Japanese in Mongolia during the Nomonhan Incident Russian-flown fighter also saw action against the Finns in during the Winter War.

    By the time the Wehrmacht launched its surprise attack on the USSR on 22 June , more than 20 Soviet pilots had made ace in Polikarpov fighters during these various conflicts. Still more aces were created in the first months of the German invasion, although losses suffered by the Soviet Air Force's five borderline military district units equipped with some Ibis, Is, and Is were astronomical.

    Many future aces started their combat careers in Polikarpov fighters, and newly-winged pilots continued to train on the I UTI-4 two-seater until Is and Is actively participated in campaigns throughout and, in certain sectors of the frontline, into Amazingly, a handful of Polikarpov fighters remained in service through to This is an important title that helps tell the story of fighter evolution 'between the wars', as the Polikarpov family of aircraft effectively bridged the gap between the biplane fighters of WW1 and the monoplane fighters of WW2.

    They also saw combat in all of the 'smaller' conflicts of the s leading up to WW2. This book also features a significant chunk of Spanish Civil War material, as well as operations against the Japanese in the late s - both areas are very popular with aviation historians and hobbyists alike. Each entry includes a colour illustration of the aircraft, a biography of the pilot and technical data on the aircraft.

    Second Printing. Luftwaffe Aircraft Mason, Francis K. Spine firm. Art-illustrated Richard Ward card wrapper lightly edgeworn only. Primarily pictorial text by Francis K. Mason , this stand-alone volume in the Osprey Publications 'Aircam Aviation' series reviews the Hawker Hunter, the first phototype of which flew skyward on July 20, In service , and in operational decline for a further five years. Postage charge will be reduced as this item will post under g. The best and most complete guide to this topic ever produced.

    During that time it wore a great many colour schemes, official and unofficial, and was adorned with many unit and individual markings. For the first time, the evolution and details of all these colour schemes and markings is described and illustrated. The colours of this elegant aircraft changed with its roles and the changes in official thinking with regard to camouflage; the infamous Aussie sense of humour added some striking and unusual markings to Mirages over the years too! The authors have researched this topic in great depth, helped by access to official and private photo collections and the memories of Mirage pilots and ground crew.

    The manufacturers, Dassault, have also helped with information and photos of the very first Australian Mirages. Many of these photos are being published for the very first time, and they provide a striking visual record of the many colours carried by this much-loved French Lady.

    The MiG was the most widely used jet fighter in the world in the late s and in the s. It was designed for the air superiority role and it first entered operational service with the Soviet Air Force in The early Fishbed variant, the MiGF, epitomized a simple, lightweight and cheapest to buy fighter. These aircraft were the backbone of the Eastern Bloc fighter air forces, while licence manufacture was undertaken in Czechoslovakia.

    Copies were also produced in China, with further variants coming from this source, equipping many Asian and African air forces. This book covers: Type history and technical description ; Production overview; 4 pages colour camouflage profiles; Interior and undercarriage drawings etc. No English text, French text only. This stipulated a VTOL aircraft with separate engines for lift and for horizontal flight. This employed eight RB.

    The Balzac V was not an entirely new aircraft. Mounting the vertical lift engines in the airframe was the first problem the project faced, and this was solved by Rolls Royce engineers. The lift engines were mounted two by two in four compartments of the aircraft on either side of the air duct of the Orpheus 3 engine, and were supplied with air via four intakes situated above the fuselage. Their exhaust pipes were situated in apertures with blanking caps, which would be closed during normal rapid flight.

    The half-cone intakes of the propulsion engine were on each side of the cockpit. It used hydraulic-powered aerodynamic control surfaces elevons and rudder for conventional flight. For control in the vertical mode, when the speed would be less than the normal minimum flight speed, it used air jets puffers located under the nose, tail and wings. The air, drawn from special lift motors, was distributed by a control valve which the pilot could manipulate using the joystick, as on a conventional aircraft.

    Eurofighters may also replace the F-5s and various aircraft in Norway and Greece and a number of other countries. The way for such an outstanding achievement was paved by a little-heralded and now seldom-remembered aircraft: the Experimental Aircraft Programme EAP demonstrator, from which Eurofighter is derived. Initiated as a private venture by BAe now BAE Systems with the British Government only belatedly putting in substantial amounts of money, EAP and its Eurofighter offspring survived extremely cost-conscious politicians, indifferent sometimes hostile decision-makers and a tug-of-war with Dassault, a company fully-backed by the French government.

    The Trident, of mixed rocket and jet propulsion, was one of the most famous French prototype aircraft of the s. It was a glaring example of the impressive rebirth of French aviation industry after the ravages of World War II. It demonstrated outstanding performance and achieved some aviation records which still stand to this day. The Trident came close to consolidating in France the new concept of mixed propulsion the eight prototypes built logged more than flights including on rocket power. Unfortunately, it was axed in its prime.

    Had it survived, it could have well become the stepping stone to hypersonic and orbital spaceplanes, the way the X-1, X-2 and X paved the way for the US space shuttle. This book traces the history of the Trident project, from inception to flight development. Readers of English should find it particularly revealing, as the Trident and other fascinating French X-Planes have had scant coverage in the English aviation library. The pictures are out of this world and include a stunning spread of a Trident-II in rocket flight.

    It makes use of exclusive material provided by the late Godfrey Auty, exclusive pictures and recollections by former project personnel. This book, like most of our publications, is the only available book about its subject aircraft. Prelude to Concord: HP.

    Its flying career spanned eleven years, more than a thousand flights, and flying hours. Read all about it, with exclusive pictures from the RAE and from very rare footage shot in by pilot John Farley himself. Polish pilots flown Huricanes, Spitfires nad Mustangs. It includes listings of losses and of officially credited victories.

    There are over photographs about half of which have not been published before and about 30 colour profiles plus top and bottom views for two representative aircraft. There are over photographs about half of which have not been published before and 31 colour profiles plus top and bottom views for two representative aircraft. There are nearly photographs about half of which have not been published before and about 30 colour profiles plus top and bottom views for one representative aircraft.

    The Wright Brothers. McCullough, David. This is the dramatic story of the two courageous American brothers who pioneered manned flight. The author draws on the immense riches of the Wright Papers, including personal diaries, note-books, and more than a thousand letters from private family correspondence, to tell the human side of a profoundly American story.

    Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/World War II task force

    This book details the Hawker Hunter fighter aircraft that entered service in Contents good. Near Fine. A pictorial tribute to the de Havilland Tiger Moth, which was first test-flown in October After the end of the war, although a great number of Tiger Moths retained their status as military training aircraft, many others were allocated new roles. In Australia and New Zealand they were used for crop dusting, as aerial advertisers worldwide and in the re-establishment of civil flying schools.

    McKenzie, Maisie. The legendary Fred McKay lived his life against the background of the vast continent of Australia. His area of responsibility covered over 3 million square kilometres, and probably he knew that whole great expanse of country, and the people within it, more intimately than any other human being. This is a documentary history of one of the most famous fighters ever built during a historically almost unrecognized was.

    Flown by four air forces in support of the United Nations, the F Mustang dropped more napalm and fired more rockets than any other aircraft during that conflict - and in the process suffered the highest number of losses. Told is the story of the bravery of the fighter bomber pilots in the serious air-to-mud war against horrendous anti-aircraft fire, and also the first swirling air battles against the vaunted Mig Price: 8.

    Creasing to covers. Lightly tanned pages. Spine is faded. Good Price: 6. First Edition Thus. Colour illustrated card cover with black and blue coloured titles to the front panel and blue and white coloured titles to the backstrip. The biography of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith. One of Australia and the world's outstanding pioneer aviators. Creasing to the book corners and rubbing to the book panels with a stain to the rear book panel.

    Browning of the textblock edges and of the internal pages. Size: 8"-9" Tall. Previous owner's name ink-stamped. Brandenburg D. I Meindl, Karl; Scheeder, W. This high quality publication is a highly detailed study of the Brandenburg D. The Yak-1 entered Soviet service in , one of three modern types of aircraft accepted for production just prior to the German invasion of the USSR. Despite initial shortcomings, it soon proved to be the thoroughbred of the Soviet Airforce. Indeed, it remained in production until the end of the war, modernized but fundamentally recognizable.

    By VE-day about 33, Yakovlev fighters had been built. Virtually all Soviet fighter regiments flew at least one variety of Yak for a time, including those which gained their fame identified with other aircraft, and consequently many pilots known as Airacobra or Lavochkin aces also scored victories with the Yak. With most of our articles assessed as Stub- or Start-Class, there's a lot of work to be done.

    However, we also have a number of good , A-Class , and featured articles, which have been assessed as amongst the best Wikipedia has to offer. These article serve as a yardstick for what can be achieved and should be aimed for, and can provide ideas about how to write an article and what sources to consult; they are listed below:.

    Especially the Eastern Front. Bodley Niels Bohr John F. Patton George S. McCain Jr. Main page. A-Class review. Core work areas. Resources Guidelines Content. Templates Infoboxes.