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    The Japanese enjoy their sushi at all price points and in a variety of restaurants, from very casual izakaya to refined sushi restaurants. Sushi has a rich and delicious history. The history of sushi starts in the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta. Farmers would ferment fish with salt and rice and then discard the rice. This practice of making what is now called narezushi made its way over to Japan around B.

    After about 1, years of discarding the rice, a clever chef in Osaka had the excellent idea of eating the rice as opposed to discarding it. The introduction of rice vinegar greatly sped up the process of fermenting the fish and the rice remained edible afterwards. Thus, oshizushi was born. Three hundred years later, Edo, now Tokyo, had become a booming city with over a million inhabitants.

    Entrepreneurial chefs of this time developed hayazushi, literally, fast sushi. They would place various garnishes such as egg or raw fish onto vinegared rice balls that could be eaten together. This style of sushi took Japan by storm and spread across the entire country.

    As it spread across the country, chefs would integrate the best of local produce and seafood to create entirely new varieties of sushi. The rapid expansion of the dish combined with the regional dining styles of Japan gave rise to the ever-expanding variety of dishes the world now knows as sushi. Japan is rich in regional differences that have created a variety of sushi styles. Here are ten of the most well-known:. Enjoy sushi as nigirizushi or makizushi. Nigirizushi is the most iconic. It consists of a hand molded mound of specially prepared rice with the neta sushi topping draped over it.

    Another well-known variety is makizushi. The chef places neta on a bed of rice and then tightly rolls it up with a bamboo mat to produce the distinctive shape. Temakizushi is similar to makizushi. The ingredients are placed on nori and rolled by hand into a cone shape. One end of the cone is closed while the neta spills out the other. Temakizushi is a fun way to enjoy your sushi or chirashizushi can be shared by a few.

    Names of shellfish and inkfish

    Chirashizushi is neta served over a bowl of rice as opposed to rolled in nori. Edomae sushi typically involves a counter where customers sit. The chef forms the nigiri and slices the fish after the customer has ordered and serves it immediately. Hakozushi is a type of sushi where the rice is laid in a box with neta on top and then compressed with a bamboo mold.

    Download Sushi Pocket Guide & Quiz 1.0 for iPhone OS

    Battera mackerel sushi is the most famous type of hakozushi. Funazushi is a modern term for narezushi, the oldest type of sushi.

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    Funazushi is made by fermenting fish with salt and rice. The California roll, nearly unknown in Japan but wildly popular abroad, is a reversed makizushi called ura-makizushi. The rice is on the outside and the seaweed on the inside. A tofu pocket stuffed with rice. Inarizushi is sushi in a deep-fried tofu pocket that is stuffed with rice and regional ingredients, usually vegetables. There are also several traditional forms of vegetarian sushi such as umeshiso maki, which is a makizushi filled with perilla and salted plum paste.

    Sashimi, while often associated with sushi and served at sushi restaurants, is not sushi. Sashimi platters include the freshest raw fish without rice, in order to allow the flavor of the produce speak for itself.

    Names of fish toppings

    Kaitenzushi is fun and wallet-friendly. You can eat sushi at a variety of price points. You can walk into any supermarket in Japan and pick up fresh makizushi for under yen.

    Seafood Watch Sushi Pocket Guide | Multimedia | Monterey Bay Aquarium Newsroom

    Sushi pieces such as unagi eel and those with sauce already on top should not be dipped. Happy InternationalSushiDay pic.

    How to Make INARI SUSHI (Tofu Pouch Sushi Recipe) いなり寿司

    It takes decades to make a master sushi chef, so interact with respect. Traditional sushi chefs will reward your interest and trust in his recommendations with extra care. If a chef inadvertently scrapes one with a knife while preparing sashimi, he could potential kill his own customer. And yes, there have been deaths during the final exams.

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    If you offer to buy the chef a shot of sake pronounced sah-keh , and he accepts, you should have one with him. If he declines your offer, simply bow respectfully. Never attempt to had money to the chef: they work with food all day and should never attempt to touch money. Besides, tipping is rare in Japanese custom and can be offensive. Check out our user submitted recipes. Log In Register.