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The New World Order or NWO is claimed to be an emerging clandestine totalitarian world government by various conspiracy theories. The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states —and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history's progress.

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Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been purported to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial policies , at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination. Before the early s, New World Order conspiracism was limited to two American countercultures, primarily the militantly anti-government right and secondarily that part of fundamentalist Christianity concerned with the end-time emergence of the Antichrist.

During the 20th century, political figures such as Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill used the term " new world order " to refer to a new period of history characterised by a dramatic change in world political thought and in the global balance of power after World War I and World War II.

Such collective initiatives manifested in the formation of intergovernmental organizations such as the League of Nations in , the United Nations UN in , and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO in , along with international regimes such as the Bretton Woods system and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT , implemented to maintain a cooperative balance of power and facilitate reconciliation between nations to prevent the prospect of another global conflict.

These cosmopolitan efforts to instill liberal internationalism were regularly criticized and opposed by American paleoconservative business nationalists from the s on. Progressives welcomed international organizations and regimes such as the United Nations in the aftermath of the two World Wars, but argued that these initiatives suffered from a democratic deficit and were therefore inadequate not only to prevent another world war but to foster global justice , as the UN was chartered to be a free association of sovereign nation-states rather than a transition to democratic world government.

Thus, cosmopolitan activists around the globe, perceiving the IGOs as too ineffectual for global change, formed a world federalist movement. British writer and futurist H. Wells went further than progressives in the s, by appropriating and redefining the term "new world order" as a synonym for the establishment of a technocratic world state and of a planned economy , garnering popularity in state socialist circles.

During the Second Red Scare , both secular and religious right American agitators, largely influenced by the work of Canadian conspiracy theorist William Guy Carr , increasingly embraced and spread dubious fears of Freemasons , Illuminati and Jews as the alleged driving forces behind an " international communist conspiracy". The threat of "Godless communism", in the form of an atheistic , bureaucratic collectivist world government, demonized as the "Red Menace", became the focus of apocalyptic millenarian conspiracism. Right-wing populist advocacy groups with a paleoconservative world-view, such as the John Birch Society , disseminated a multitude of conspiracy theories in the s claiming that the governments of both the United States and the Soviet Union were controlled by a cabal of corporate internationalists , "greedy" bankers and corrupt politicians who were intent on using the UN as the vehicle to create a "One World Government".

This anti-globalist conspiracism fueled the campaign for U. American writer Mary M. Federal Reserve in by international bankers, whom she claimed later formed the Council on Foreign Relations in as a shadow government. At the time the booklet was published, many readers would have interpreted "international bankers" as a reference to a postulated "international Jewish banking conspiracy" masterminded by the Rothschild family.

After the fall of communism in the early s, the de facto subject of New World Order conspiracism shifted from crypto-communists , perceived to be plotting to establish an atheistic world communist government, to globalists, perceived to be plotting to generally implement a collectivist, unified world government ultimately controlled by an untouchable oligarchy of international bankers, corrupt politicians, and corporatists , or alternatively, the United Nations itself.

The shift in perception was inspired by growing opposition to corporate internationalism on the American right in the s. Bush described his objectives for post-Cold War global governance in cooperation with post-Soviet states. He stated:. Until now, the world we've known has been a world divided—a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war.

Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a "world order" in which "the principles of justice and fair play A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations.

The New York Times observed that progressives were denouncing this new world order as a rationalization of American imperial ambitions in the Middle East at the time, while conservatives rejected any new security arrangements altogether and fulminated about any possibility of a UN revival. Fundamentalist Christian groups interpreted Bush's words as signaling the End Times , while more secular theorists approached it from an anti-communist and anti-collectivist standpoint and feared for a hegemony over all countries by the United Nations.

American televangelist Pat Robertson , with his best-selling book The New World Order , became the most prominent Christian disseminator of conspiracy theories about recent American history. He describes a scenario where Wall Street , the Federal Reserve System, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission control the flow of events from behind the scenes, nudging people constantly and covertly in the direction of world government for the Antichrist.

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It was observed that, throughout the s, the galvanizing language used by conspiracy theorists such as Linda Thompson , Mark Koernke and Robert K. Spear led to militancy and the rise of the militia movement. This led to the substantial growth of New World Order conspiracism, with it retroactively finding its way into the previously apolitical literature of numerous Kennedy assassinologists , ufologists , lost land theorists and — partially inspired by fears surrounding the "Satanic panic" — occultists.

From the mid—s onward, the amorphous appeal of those subcultures transmitted New World Order conspiracism to a larger audience of seekers of stigmatized knowledge , with the common characteristic of disillusionment of political efficacy. From the mids to the early s, Hollywood conspiracy-thriller television shows and films also played a role in introducing a general audience to various fringe and esoteric theories related to New World Order conspiracism — which by that point had developed to include black helicopters , FEMA " concentration camps ", etc.

Following the start of the 21st century, and specifically during the lates financial crisis , many politicians and pundits, such as Gordon Brown [19] and Henry Kissinger , [20] used the term " new world order " in their advocacy for a comprehensive reform of the global financial system and their calls for a "New Bretton Woods" taking into account emerging markets such as China and India.

These public declarations reinvigorated New World Order conspiracism, culminating in talk-show host Sean Hannity stating on his Fox News Channel program Hannity that the "conspiracy theorists were right". In , American film directors Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel released New World Order , a critically acclaimed documentary film which explores the world of conspiracy theorists — such as American radio host Alex Jones — who consistently expose and vigorously oppose what they perceive as an emerging New World Order.

There are numerous systemic conspiracy theories through which the concept of a New World Order is viewed. The following is a list of the major ones in roughly chronological order: [26]. Since the 19th century, many apocalyptic millennial Christian eschatologists , starting with John Nelson Darby , have predicted a globalist conspiracy to impose a tyrannical New World Order governing structure as the fulfillment of prophecies about the " end time " in the Bible , specifically in the Book of Ezekiel , the Book of Daniel , the Olivet discourse found in the Synoptic Gospels and the Book of Revelation.

New World Order (conspiracy theory)

In many contemporary Christian conspiracy theories, the False Prophet will be either the last pope of the Catholic Church groomed and installed by an Alta Vendita or Jesuit conspiracy , a guru from the New Age movement , or even the leader of an elite fundamentalist Christian organization like the Fellowship , while the Antichrist will be either the President of the European Union , the Secretary-General of the United Nations , or even the Caliph of a pan-Islamic state. Some of the most vocal critics of end-time conspiracy theories come from within Christianity.

Hughes argues that "New World Order" rhetoric libels the Christian faith, since the "New World Order" as defined by Christian conspiracy theorists has no basis in the Bible whatsoever. Furthermore, he argues that not only is this idea unbiblical, it is positively anti-biblical and fundamentally anti-Christian , because by misinterpreting key passages in the Book of Revelation, it turns a comforting message about the coming kingdom of God into one of fear, panic and despair in the face of an allegedly approaching one-world government.

Gomes , caution Christian fundamentalists that a " spirit of fear " can distort scripture and history through dangerously combining biblical literalism , apocalyptic timetables , demonization and oppressive prejudices, [29] [30] while Camp warns of the "very real danger that Christians could pick up some extra spiritual baggage" by credulously embracing conspiracy theories. Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest secular fraternal organizations and arose during late 16th—early 17th century Britain.

Over the years a number of allegations and conspiracy theories have been directed towards Freemasonry, including the allegation that Freemasons have a hidden political agenda and are conspiring to bring about a New World Order, a world government organized according to Masonic principles or governed only by Freemasons.

The esoteric nature of Masonic symbolism and rites led to Freemasons first being accused of secretly practising Satanism in the late 18th century. Despite the fact that Taxil admitted that his claims were all a hoax , they were and still are believed and repeated by numerous conspiracy theorists and had a huge influence on subsequent anti-Masonic claims about Freemasonry. Some conspiracy theorists eventually speculated that some Founding Fathers of the United States , such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin , were having Masonic sacred geometric designs interwoven into American society, particularly in the Great Seal of the United States , the United States one-dollar bill , the architecture of National Mall landmarks and the streets and highways of Washington, D.

Freemasons rebut these claims of a Masonic conspiracy. Freemasonry, which promotes rationalism , places no power in occult symbols themselves, and it is not a part of its principles to view the drawing of symbols, no matter how large, as an act of consolidating or controlling power. Although the European continental branch of Freemasonry has organizations that allow political discussion within their Masonic Lodges, Masonic researcher Trevor W.

McKeown argues that the accusations ignore several facts. Firstly, the many Grand Lodges are independent and sovereign, meaning they act on their own and do not have a common agenda. The points of belief of the various lodges often differ. Secondly, famous individual Freemasons have always held views that span the political spectrum and show no particular pattern or preference.

As such, the term "Masonic government" is erroneous; there is no consensus among Freemasons about what an ideal government would look like. The movement consisted of advocates of freethought , secularism , liberalism , republicanism , and gender equality , recruited from the German Masonic Lodges , who sought to teach rationalism through mystery schools.

In , the order was infiltrated, broken up and suppressed by the government agents of Charles Theodore, Elector of Bavaria , in his preemptive campaign to neutralize the threat of secret societies ever becoming hotbeds of conspiracies to overthrow the Bavarian monarchy and its state religion , Roman Catholicism.

In the late 18th century, reactionary conspiracy theorists, such as Scottish physicist John Robison and French Jesuit priest Augustin Barruel , began speculating that the Illuminati had survived their suppression and become the masterminds behind the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. The Illuminati were accused of being subversives who were attempting to secretly orchestrate a revolutionary wave in Europe and the rest of the world in order to spread the most radical ideas and movements of the Enlightenment— anti-clericalism , anti-monarchism , and anti-patriarchalism —and to create a world noocracy and cult of reason.

During the 19th century, fear of an Illuminati conspiracy was a real concern of the European ruling classes , and their oppressive reactions to this unfounded fear provoked in the very revolutions they sought to prevent. During the interwar period of the 20th century, fascist propagandists, such as British revisionist historian Nesta Helen Webster and American socialite Edith Starr Miller , not only popularized the myth of an Illuminati conspiracy but claimed that it was a subversive secret society which served the Jewish elites that supposedly propped up both finance capitalism and Soviet communism in order to divide and rule the world.

American evangelist Gerald Burton Winrod and other conspiracy theorists within the fundamentalist Christian movement in the United States—which emerged in the s as a backlash against the principles of Enlightenment secular humanism , modernism , and liberalism—became the main channel of dissemination of Illuminati conspiracy theories in the U.

Right-wing populists , such as members of the John Birch Society , subsequently began speculating that some collegiate fraternities Skull and Bones , gentlemen's clubs Bohemian Club , and think tanks Council on Foreign Relations , Trilateral Commission of the American upper class are front organizations of the Illuminati, which they accuse of plotting to create a New World Order through a one-world government.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an antisemitic canard , originally published in Russian in , alleging a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy to achieve world domination. The text purports to be the minutes of the secret meetings of a cabal of Jewish masterminds, which has co-opted Freemasonry and is plotting to rule the world on behalf of all Jews because they believe themselves to be the chosen people of God.

The Protocols reflect themes similar to more general critiques of Enlightenment liberalism by conservative aristocrats who support monarchies and state religions. The interpretation intended by the publication of The Protocols is that if one peels away the layers of the Masonic conspiracy , past the Illuminati , one finds the rotten Jewish core. Numerous polemicists, such as Irish journalist Philip Graves in a article in The Times , and British academic Norman Cohn in his book Warrant for Genocide , have proven The Protocols to be both a hoax and a clear case of plagiarism.

There is general agreement that Russian-French writer and political activist Matvei Golovinski fabricated the text for Okhrana , the secret police of the Russian Empire , as a work of counter-revolutionary propaganda prior to the Russian Revolution , by plagiarizing, almost word for word in some passages, from The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu , a 19th-century satire against Napoleon III of France written by French political satirist and Legitimist militant Maurice Joly.

Responsible for feeding many antisemitic and anti-Masonic mass hysterias of the 20th century, The Protocols has been influential in the development of some conspiracy theories, including some New World Order theories, and appears repeatedly in certain contemporary conspiracy literature. They speculated that this secret society was working behind the scenes to establish a theocratic " United States of Europe ".

Politically and religiously unified through the imperial cult of a Merovingian Great Monarch —supposedly descended from a Jesus bloodline —who occupies both the throne of Europe and the Holy See , this "Holy European Empire" would become the hyperpower of the 21st century. Skeptics argue that the current gambit of contemporary conspiracy theorists who use The Protocols is to claim that they "really" come from some group other than the Jews, such as fallen angels or alien invaders.

Although it is hard to determine whether the conspiracy-minded actually believe this or are simply trying to sanitize a discredited text, skeptics argue that it does not make much difference, since they leave the actual, antisemitic text unchanged. The result is to give The Protocols credibility and circulation. During the second half of Britain's "imperial century" between and , English-born South African businessman, mining magnate and politician Cecil Rhodes advocated the British Empire reannexing the United States of America and reforming itself into an " Imperial Federation " to bring about a hyperpower and lasting world peace.

In his first will, written in at the age of 23, he expressed his wish to fund a secret society known as the Society of the Elect that would advance this goal:. In , thirteen years after "his now famous will," Rhodes elaborated on the same idea: establishment of "England everywhere," which would "ultimately lead to the cessation of all wars, and one language throughout the world.

Dream Illuminati

Rhodes also concentrated on the Rhodes Scholarship , which had British statesman Alfred Milner as one of its trustees. Established in , the original goal of the trust fund was to foster peace among the great powers by creating a sense of fraternity and a shared world view among future British, American, and German leaders by having enabled them to study for free at the University of Oxford. Milner and British official Lionel George Curtis were the architects of the Round Table movement , a network of organizations promoting closer union between Britain and its self-governing colonies.

To this end, Curtis founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs in June and, with his book The Commonwealth of God , began advocating for the creation of an imperial federation that eventually reannexes the U. The Council on Foreign Relations began in with a group of New York academics who were asked by President Woodrow Wilson to offer options for the foreign policy of the United States in the interwar period.

Originally envisioned as a group of American and British scholars and diplomats, some of whom belonging to the Round Table movement, it was a subsequent group of New York financiers, manufacturers and international lawyers organized in June by Nobel Peace Prize recipient and U. It is a private organization established to foster closer cooperation among the United States, Europe and Japan.

In the s, right-wing populist individuals and groups with a paleoconservative worldview, such as members of the John Birch Society , were the first to combine and spread a business nationalist critique of corporate internationalists networked through think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations with a grand conspiracy theory casting them as front organizations for the Round Table of the "Anglo-American Establishment ", which are financed by an "international banking cabal" that has supposedly been plotting from the late 19th century on to impose an oligarchic new world order through a global financial system.

Anti- globalist conspiracy theorists therefore fear that international bankers are planning to eventually subvert the independence of the U. The research findings of historian Carroll Quigley , author of the book Tragedy and Hope , are taken by both conspiracy theorists of the American Old Right W. Cleon Skousen and New Left Carl Oglesby to substantiate this view, even though Quigley argued that the Establishment is not involved in a plot to implement a one-world government but rather British and American benevolent imperialism driven by the mutual interests of economic elites in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Quigley also argued that, although the Round Table still exists today , its position in influencing the policies of world leaders has been much reduced from its heyday during World War I and slowly waned after the end of World War II and the Suez Crisis. Today the Round Table is largely a ginger group , designed to consider and gradually influence the policies of the Commonwealth of Nations , but faces strong opposition. Furthermore, in American society after , the problem, according to Quigley, was that no elite was in charge and acting responsibly. Larry McDonald , the second president of the John Birch Society and a conservative Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives who represented the 7th congressional district of Georgia , wrote a foreword for Allen 's book The Rockefeller File , wherein he claimed that the Rockefellers and their allies were driven by a desire to create a one-world government that combined "super- capitalism " with communism and would be fully under their control.

He saw a conspiracy plot that was "international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent. For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will.

If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. Barkun argues that this statement is partly facetious the claim of "conspiracy" and " treason " and partly serious—the desire to encourage trilateral cooperation among the U. The statement, however, is taken at face value and widely cited by conspiracy theorists as proof that the Council on Foreign Relations uses its role as the brain trust of American presidents, senators and representatives to manipulate them into supporting a New World Order in the form of a one-world government. In a 13 November interview with Canadian journalist Benjamin Fulford, Rockefeller countered that he felt no need for a world government and wished for the governments of the world to work together and collaborate.

He also stated that it seemed neither likely nor desirable to have only one elected government rule the whole world. He criticized accusations of him being "ruler of the world" as nonsensical. Some American social critics , such as Laurence H. Shoup, argue that the Council on Foreign Relations is an " imperial brain trust" which has, for decades, played a central behind-the-scenes role in shaping U.

William Domhoff , argue that it is in fact a mere policy discussion forum [55] which provides the business input to U. All the council does is sponsor discussion groups, debates and speakers. As far as being secretive, it issues annual reports and allows access to its historical archives. Wells promoted cosmopolitanism and offered blueprints for a world revolution and world brain to establish a technocratic world state and planned economy.

Gentlemen prefer blondes, hipsters prefer not to wash, and conservatives prefer not to use adjectives. The researchers looked at political speech from the U. What they discovered is that liberal politicians like to use the word "optimistic," while conservatives prefer to say "an optimist. You might wonder why this difference exists. The big brains suggest that nouns represent tradition and stability, while adjectives toss in a sense of, who knows, creativity and flightiness. But does this really matter? Are conservative people more moved by those who speak in nouns, not merely in tongues?

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